babirusa pig

While they are members of the pig family, babirusa are unlike ordinary pigs. The name babirusa means “pig deer” in Malay and refers to the animals’ mixed appearance, with slim, deer-like limbs, and a stocky pig body and snout. They have small litters, the young develop quickly and piglets lack camouflage stripes that are common in other pig species. (photo: Ion Moe)


Repeating skull pattern, with some of my favorite skulls! The first one you can just grab and set as a pattern for fabric or your background and it will repeat forever, the other ones are examples of it. It would be great if you could credit me if you use it!

What we have here is Anzu Weilei (“chicken from hell” dinosaur), Anhanguera blittersdorfi (a flying reptile,) Thylacosmilus (basically, a saber-toothed thylacine,) then a babirusa (pig-like with weird tusks), synthetoceras (slingshot-nose), arsinotherium (rhino with two giant horns), and muntjac (deer with fangs.)