I ate whale meat

Ok, so before you hang me, let me just give some context:

I have been eating whale meat as long as i can remember (about a couple times a year), because it contains a lot of healthy fats and so on (according to my parents). You can literally get several kilos of this off the market.

Until today, i have been doing it guilt-free, under the belief that the whales were killed “for science” every now and then, and that the scientists sold the meat as to not let it go to waste. It sounds really stupid now that i know it’s wrong, but i had such a strong memory of my parents telling me this when i was a child. 

Today i found out it wasn’t like that. Apparently whale hunting is a real business here, and though my mom told me the kind of whale they hunt isn’t endangered, i’m not sure i can trust that.

Anyways, i feel kinda sick now and my parents are definitely going to guilt trip me into eating more (dad gets really disappointed when we don’t eat his food), but i don’t want to contribute to this shit.

Absolutely zero value was gained on you part for reading this rant, but thanks anyway. Hope your evening was nice, mine sure wasn’t, good night fuckers.

I hopped back on for a min to grab some stuff to edit since I need something to do, but I saw one post and cried again. 

If im feeling like this and I’ve never been into SHINee, I cant imagine how shawols must be feeling. 

I’m so sorry for all of you. I hope the world changes from this. 

Its proof that you dont see everything, everyone is fighting their own battles. 

RIP Kim Jonghyun.

I love each and every one of you, if anyone, anyone feels the need to speak up, dont hesitate. If you’re feeling sad, talk about it. If you think no one will listen? I will.

I’m a little nervous about our first trip out tomorrow. I know it’s only up the road to the hospital for a check over but I’m just kinda anxious over if I have to feed/change while we’re out.

I mean, I’d be in the best place if I did, at least. When we brought her home for the first time, she just slept, but she was barely 12hrs old so it was to be expected.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning.

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was all he could really say. He wasn’t a holy man, but Jesus he was shook. He couldn’t even think of some wise comeback.

“I…. I don’t even like salad that much!!”

as a former ugly baby myself, this post reminded me of an incident from my own life. 

so let me tell you, jack zimmermann has absolutely been flipping through a family photo album and had a loose, unlabeled picture of a baby fall out and went “ugh, maman, this is the ugliest baby picture i’ve ever seen, why would you keep this? who is this?” and alicia just starts laughing and then. he realizes. 

listen y’all. even if you know you were an ugly baby. you’re never prepared for the awful reality of the pictures they take in the hospital when you’re only a day old.