Melanie Martinez Unreleased/Covers Masterpost

Unreleased songs (live & studio):

Unreleased snippets (leaked oops):

(there are multiple videos of each so I chose what I personally think is the best one)

The Voice:

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Arai Shou (Aone) on Instagram

I cut my haaaaiir!!

It’s very light now, and it’s a nice new feeling!

I always get my hair-cuts from the same stylist, and they cut my hair the day before my audition for Haikyuu too.  I said, “Tomorrow is a really important day…!!!”

My stylist is very happy for me for landing this role.  

I really do think they helped me out a lot for that.  From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful.  

Please continue to cut my hair from now on.   (>_<)

Translated by @Nimbus-cloud


Enzo Busquets’ baptism | 26.08.2016

Yesterday Elena Galera and Sergio Busquets organise their son’s baptism. After celebration at church, their family and friends went to La Cupula Garraf restaurant to eat special dinner. Among invited were Sergio Busquets’ teammates from FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta with partners and children.