babiest baby

the nickname i give myself is "best female drummer"!

thank you for being our 8th angel, youkyung! though your title’s only a half angel, you’re always a full angel in our hearts! good luck with your future endeavors! 300612—171016

@e-cryptid literally I’m most dysphoric about like very main structural BONE THINGS. plus feeling like a have the babiest baby face.

also I’m like: “wow I feel, like, shitt dysphoria over not having male attributes”
*stranger thinks I’m male, clearly assuming I have some kind of male attribute* “what the FUCK”

Newest baby brother starts wailing in the middle of the night. Pls baby brother, tiny noises, small baby bird. pLS BABIEST OF THE BABY BROTHERS I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AWAKE.

Day 2 Prompts

These are the prompts for the second day of Phan Week (November 16th, 2015). The goal is to create something with either (or both) of these themes - this includes, but is not limited to, artwork, fic, graphics, gifs, etc.

We assembled the 7 most popular SFW and NSFW prompts based on your votes. We’ve placed them in reverse order of popularity, meaning this set of prompts is the 6th most popular, whereas the prompts for Day 7 of Phan Week will be the most popular. We’ll be announcing the rest of the prompts every day this week, so keep checking back so you can plan and prepare for Phan Week!

Without further ado…

Day 2 SFW Prompt: 2009 Phan!

Breaking out the baby phan! Your work must revolve around the babiest of the babies, the tiniest sons who have just met for the first time and are really busy being just plain adorable. Tragic haircuts are necessary. 

Day 2 NSFW Prompt: Rimming!

Would you put your tongue there? Who cares! Dan and Phil will! Your work must involve Dan and/or Phil performing the act of rimming (using one’s tongue on the anal rim of another person in order to gain and/or give sexual pleasure). 

Check back tomorrow for the next set of prompts!

Pssssst, if you have no idea what Phan Week is, or just have some questions, click here!

- Alex and Michelle

me: jokes about arima dying

also me: still cries over it daily, is completely heartbroken, misses him every day, is in physical pain. don’t talk to me about flowers or butterflies. don’t wear glasses around me. don’t say the word “hated”. don’t even look in my direction, or so help me I will drown us both in my horrible Arima Is Finally Free But God It Hurts So Much tears. 

fae elf baby befriends great bear man with his disney princess powers <3