babiessssss ;~;

James Potter’s search history from Late 1979-July 1980 if he had access to Google

  • ‘Why do they call it MORNING sickness if she is sick all the time’
  • 'How to stop pregnant wife from throwing things at you when you tell fantastic jokes’
  • 'What is a doctor’
  • 'Are gynecologists perverts’
  • 'Is it ok for a pregnant lady to eat ice cream tacos’
  • 'Is it ok for a man to eat ice cream tacos’
  • 'What is an ultrasound’
  • 'When can your baby start to hear your voice’
  • 'If your baby’s mummy is mad at you is the baby also mad at you’
  • 'Is it ok to have sex with a pregnant lady’
  • 'Can you get married to the same person twice’
  • 'Baby room decorations’
  • 'How to make a mobile’
  • 'How many baby toys is too many baby toys’
  • 'Birth video’
  • 'Is there anything more disgusting than birth’
  • 'How many times are you are allowed to drop a baby’
  • 'Can babies ride on motorbikes’
  • 'Who would win in a race a baby or a cat’
  • 'When can babies learn sports’
  • 'Will my baby need glasses’
  • 'Will my baby like me’
  • 'Sybill Trelawney seer’
  • 'How to go into hiding' 

28-30/? preseries screencaps

They had been at court together. Companions to Princess Rhaella.

What do I do on Saturday past midnight when I’m a loser with boring friends?

Photoshop this scene

To make it look like Aria’s in labor and Ezra’s being a great husband and bringing her gummy bears (the food that she obvs had been craving during her pregnancy.)

Or…at least I tried my best.