imagine den and nor finally stepping into a relationship and once they start kissing each other they cant stop like, serioiusly, and they’re always kissing behind closed doors, behind cars, behind trees, etc and they think they’re being really really subtle but even though iceland always acts annoyed by their relationship he has been taking pictures and giggling mischievously the whole time.  

Dating Derek Hale

Everyone knows that the hunky, bad boy,muscly(countless other things) Derek Hale would be a great boyfriend but what would he do? would he send flowers or always cuddle with you?

Dating Derek Would Include:

-PDA everywhere ( I mean everywhere)

-Derek always being rude to everyone but you

-He SMILES when he’s with you

-Buying you lovely gifts

-Amazing ‘making babies’ sessions

-Arguing about who chooses the movie on movie night

-Derek calling you, “Baby girl”

-Derek being WAY WAY to overprotective towards you

-He’d rip anyones throat out for you

-Watching him workout

-Marking you

-Having weird talks 

-He’d always check if you were okay

-Derek would always stay up for you when you have a nightmare

-He wants to have a few pups to be around with

-He always will say, “baby girl, I love you so much”

-Annoying each other a lot

-Having tickling contests 

-He only liked it when you called him, “Sourwolf”

-Midnight texting sessions

-When you are on your period he’d take the pain away and buy you ice cream and all your favourite snacks and he’s cuddle with you

-He will always be the big spoon

-Wearing his T-shirts everywhere

-The pack being protective over you

-Make out sessions in his kitchen

-You both could talk to each other like best friends

- Derek would always put your needs before his

-Dancing around in his underwear

-Playing music really loudly in the morning

-When you were drunk he’d take care of you

-When you are sick he’d be with you

-Eskimo kisses

-You always asking for a dog

-Derek telling you about his past

-Flirty messages and otherwise

I could go on but then I’d be here all day, Let’s face it being with Derek would be a dream come true and the both of you would be the best couple in town . I want me a Derek.


i imagine our rainy mornings to be like being so lazy that we both don’t wanna get up and just stay and lay in bed for a couple of hours and snuggle up together. or we’ll gonna stay in our balcony sitting on our favorite chair with me sitting on your lap while both sipping our cup of tea with the comfort of the rain and warmth of each other’s embrace. or be like little kids having fun that we’ll gonna go outside not minding the cold raindrops and consequences like possible fever because all we think about is that moment of bliss being with each other and our kisses and hugs and laughs under the rain. maybe, no actually this is not maybe because i’m sure of this happening, that there will be moments of me waking up in the middle of the night because i’m gonna feel like peeing and i have to wake you up because either i just wanna annoy you or as baby as it may sound but maybe i just randomly feel the surrounding as creepy so that will start to make me feel scared and overthink about existence of ghosts. or maybe there will be nights that i feel so hungry that i have to get up because i couldn’t ignore my stomach and gonna grab some food or ice cream and i promise i’ll be as quiet as possible to not wake you up then it’s going to shock me because of all efforts of trying getting out of the bedroom quietly, i have still woken you up then there you’ll gonna go after me and join me eating ice cream and that maybe will end us up watching movies at late nights. and of course maybe we can have donuts too.

and ohh i can’t wait to see your teary eyes because i know you’re too emotional and sensitive that tearjerking and heartbreaking movies will for sure’s gonna make you cry. i can’t wait to kiss that tear-stained face of yours and say how adorable you are because you’re very sensitive. then during Sundays, we’ll gonna go to church to give thanks for all the blessings that we have received and for having each other every waking moment then we’ll gonna rush to get to home after because we’ll gonna prepare your favorite Sunday roast. there might also be mornings that we feel like going to beach to take a walk, breathe some fresh air coming from the ocean and finding some shells or swimming or just making out. when you are cooking i know for sure i’m gonna help you but bugging you and always hugging you will never be out of the scenario. when you are seriously talking and discussing about something or asking me about something and i’m just gonna stare at you like a crazy fan and ask why are you so gwapo and i know you’re gonna stare daggers at me that makes it too cute to resist kissing you. expect raining of kisses baby. and when me being so mad that i might just throw slippers at you or throw them outside our apartment, you have to deal with that. when you are in shower, i’m gonna annoy you by turning off the lights and see if you’re gonna shout or i’m just gonna be hiding your bath towel and ask you so much stuff first and make you promise something first before giving it back to you.

there will be mornings that i’m gonna wake up before you and that will give me the chance to prepare breakfast for us or breakfast in bed for you and take note that no matter how terrible my cooking is you still have to eat it with all love and adoration and tell me it’s the best food you have ever tasted in your entire life then when it’s time to wake you up and you’re too sleepy to get up then i’m gonna be laying on top of you and try hard to make myself so heavy and hug you so tight and give you lots of loud kisses all over your face. i’m gonna make you teas and put sticky notes on it saying how much i adore you or how gwapo you are or leaving notes saying like you have to clean and unload the dishes later or do the laundry or vacuum the carpet. i’m gonna bug you while you are playing your xbox of course and take note, i’m gonna bug you so much and a lot by dancing weird steps in front of you or making dorky silly faces in front of your face to just really distract and annoy you. you know i love annoying you so much! or when we’ll gonna play together you have to let me win because you know what happens when i don’t win. if you’re not gonna give me attention while you are focusing that football match, i’m gonna steal so much kisses from you.

i’ll be so okay when you keep playing like repeatedly playing your favorite ed sheeran or birdy or ariana grande or tinie tempah or eminem’s songs just like what you always do. even if it’s too annoying to hear them songs all the time it’s gonna be fine because i’m gonna sing along so loud with them to the point that you can no longer hear them singing. when you are about to go to work, i’ll be calling you and demanding you to be back because i just wanna say i miss you already and i love you so much. there will be random moments that i’m gonna ask you to play your guitar while i play my invisible drums and we’ll gonna sing at the top of our lungs, dancing, dancing slow dances, dancing dorky dances, dancing whatever dances and just enjoying the moment. when we are having arguments and you need some air to breathe then you are allowed to go outside but please bring your phone because even if how mad i am at you i’d still be worrying about your whereabouts and i might just chase after you. when i’m mad and tell you to go away and tell you to sleep somewhere not near me, don’t ever believe me because i don’t mean it but if you’re too obedient that you’ll gonna really follow my order which is annoying and you’ll gonna sleep on the sofa then don’t laugh if on the later part i’ll be going there and lay beside you because you know i really don’t wanna sleep without you beside me.

hug me when i’m being a bipolar. i have mood swings. frequent mood swings and i’m very short tempered, deal with that. and i cant wait with our putting make up on your gwapo face sessions and taking pictures of you. and no you can’t say no to me when it comes to pictures. and no you can’t hide my camera and no don’t ever hide my camera. we’ll also gonna go out some time when it’s winter, wearing cute onzie panda outfits just like what you said and laying in the snow or making snowman and throwing snowballs at each other. i demand wearing your shirts or sweaters with just my undies at nights and we’ll gonna sleep and i’m gonna throw my leg over you and hug you. and i’m also gonna pillow your chest or your arms. don’t worry because i’m gonna give you much of caressing of your hair or tickling your skin or rubbing your back. we’ll also gonna travel the world together. and we’ll gonna achieve each of our dreams together like staying in Norway for a month when it’s very very cold just to see the northern lights, and of course you’ll gonna bring me to places that has cheery blossoms but not to all and i’m gonna taste the snow and you have to taste it too with me even if you know already how it taste and we’ll gonna go to China just to see and hug a real panda. i’m gonna have a henna tattoo and your name’s gonna be on it.

we’ll gonna go to your expensive Venice dreams and of course my ever amusement parks and museums and castles obsessions and we’ll gonna visit some traditional places in England as you want and so much more in the Philippines. and as you always wanna do to me, you’ll gonna teach me how to swim but i can see it coming that you’ll gonna end up losing your patience because i really don’t know how to float but nah it will end up us kissing underwater which is very very very fine for me. and who would forget about pigging out together and laughing because i eat a lot more than you do? and ohh i know you’ll gonna laugh so much about my lack of knowledge on how to use properly the fork and knife and whatever eating utensils there is that makes eating boring. i know for sure there will be moments that i’m gonna make some food fly because i really suck at using fork. and you’ll gonna laugh and i’m gonna laugh along with you. we’ll also gonna do exercise together and i know you’re gonna control my diet but ended up having me eat my foods that i like because oh well. there are still so much things to write but this is already taking too long so i’m gonna stop for now and know, always know and never ever forget that i love you. you are my man baby. always.

Apparently there are people who think Nora Valkyrie is too annoying and hyper for Lie Ren. 

I will hunt these people down and slap them with a codfish. 

TWD Episode 06 07 Reaction

When the Glenn theory is accurate as fuck and sweet baby Glenn is very alive

Then Enids annoying ass pops up and is being an annoying little bitch

Rick and Carl encouraging Ron’s dumb ass to carry a firearm

Rick and Michonne sitting on the porch gazing in each others eye having a conversation about their status

Spencers stupid ass trying to be Spiderman

When Rick went off on everybody after Spencers shenanigans


When the tower finally collapsed on the fence!!! 


I can’t believe I miss these stupid ass bastards. I can’t believe I miss their stupid ass beautiful faces. Their dumbass gorgeous smiles. I miss when they laugh with each other over the fucking phone. The way they stared at each other when they were in the same room or just on a fucking TV and just loss themselves for a second. The way they sucked the damn life out of each other when they kissed. The idiotic way they looked at and held each other just to collect themselves. The annoying ass prideful smiles (that also says “I am going to screw you on every flat surface I can find as soon as we’re alone”) they had while watching the other being a BAMF.  I MISS WHEN THEY WERE ACTUALLY BAMF!!!! UGH!

Fuckers. I miss my babies.

Mabel and Ford are sweater buddies

Mable and Stan are goofball buddies

Mabel and Dipper are adventure buddies

Dipper and Stan are annoying-each-other buddies

Dipper and Ford are nerd buddies

Ford and Stan are lonely-old-idiot buddies

Soos is everybody’s dorky buddy

Wendy is everyone’s chill buddy

Everyone being buddies with each other

[Headcanon 2/?] Send me headcanons if you want!

Preference #45: His Favorite Place To Kiss You

Will: Your neck. It was your sweet spot, and he knew that for a fact. Will would kiss your neck whenever he was horny, or just wanted to cuddle. Though Will seemed like a teddy bear, he was big on PDA. Anytime the two of you were in public, he’d grip your waist, pulling you towards him, and nip at your neck.

Cole: Your cheek. Only being a year younger than him, Cole loved babying you. Others might have found it cute, but it annoyed the hell out of you. He knew it annoyed you which made him do it more. At times Cole would pinch your cheeks, and squish your face. He’d bend down and kiss one of the cheeks he was pinching.

Dana: Your Lips. He was simple when it came to kissing you. But Dana loved your lips. His favorite thing about kissing your lips was that you’d wear different flavored lip-gloss. Each time he pecked your lips, his tongue would lightly glaze over it, and he’d mumbled the flavor he tasted making you giggle.

Gabe: Your breast. He was an absolute boob guy. In the summer when it was extremely hot, you’d wear tank-tops that exposed your cleavage. It didn’t take long for Gabe to follow up behind you, and pulling you into a kiss. His lips would trail down until he was peppering kisses over your chest, leaving a few love bites.

David: Your nose. He may not look like it, but David was a total sweetheart when it came to girls. He loved your nose, and would always tease you about it for fun. Whenever you frowned at him, he would pout, and lean down to peck the tip of your nose. It was a cute, and simple gesture always filled with fun.

Okay, but reember how Asami was super annoying and cute when she was with Mako, blowing kisses, and calling him ‘Champ’ and all that?

    And remember how Korra was annoying with Mako, giggling and being fed by Mako and calling each other Sweetie?

    And now we get Korra/Asami, and all I can think of, if we ever get comics after, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see some familiar in our Avatar-relationships. 

Disgusting babies. 

Okay but consider this:

Two-Bit and Soda!!
- Always making jokes and laughing together all of the time
- The best pranks
- Eagerly watching cartoons together every Saturday morning
- Gorging on sugar and junk food together
- So many adventures!! So many!
- Sleepovers! They always stay up really late and have super deep conversations
- Venting to each other and understanding the sadness they keep inside
- Two being able to tolerate Soda’s hyper activity and lack of being able to pay attention without being annoyed
- Two reading stories to Soda since he has a difficult time with it
- Tag team buddies in fights!
- Messing with Steve all the time. All of the time.
- Super cute tea parties/play dates with Two’s younger sister
- Two happily watching over Soda and Pony when Darry is unavailable
- Two’s mom absolutely adoring Soda for being so good to her baby girl (and Two, of course)
- Being able to help one another when they slip into a seriously bad mental state
- Soda helping Two with his addiction to alcohol
- Two getting Soda super cheesy presents (that he totally didn’t steal)
- Baking adventures that end in disaster
- Cute pet names!!
- Being able to cover up their relationship by flirting with women/allowing them to flirt back, but never going beyond that
- The absolute best cuddles
- Kisses all the time
- Late night drives
- Why isn’t this a more popular/talked about ship???
Feel free to add on!


One year ago something magical happened to me. Now, before I get complaints, it’s not my favourite twelfth doctor episode, and no, it’s not perfect, but THIS episode is the one that made me want to write this muse. Considering tomorrow is my anniversary, and because I thought why the heck not,


I will be airing the episode TONIGHT using on my chatroom here in two hours time. 8.00pm UTC + 1 find out more about time here  

Please use your URL’s so we know who each other are and lets have a nice fun time watching the Doc play the Doctor Who theme on his guitar, Missy annoy Clara with her singing, baby Davros being well babyish of course Colony Sarf freaking everyone out a little bit.  

AUs / plots I still need:

The dragons ( or entire HHB ) somehow being found by Yona when she’s already a child and them growing up together and just being dorks.
Yona meeting another child that is royalty and just cute royal babies playing around and forgetting about duties and lessons but also ranting to each other how annoying it can be to be a prince(ss)
?? Smol Yona meeting smol Lili okay?????