171016, xiao’s “Me and Me” episode

xiao@himself: “in your phone, what did you save the members’ names as?”

  • kuhn = our cool kuhn hyung (xiao: “kuhn hyung saved himself as this, not me…”)
  • jinhoo = jinwookie hyung
  • hwanhee = hwanhee
  • sunyoul = mom sunyoullie hyung
  • gyujin = dad gyujinnie hyung
  • bitto = biahtto changhyunnie hyung
  • wei = sungjunnie hyung
  • kogyeol = beomdeukie hyung

this child really saved sunyoul as “mom” and gyujin as “dad”…

(also he said “sunyoul is mom sunyoullie hyung” and then he said “dad is dad gyujinnie hyung” lmao)

i mean ofc xiao calls sunyoul “mom” all the time but… all this time we were thinking jinhoo or kuhn or even kogyeol was xiao’s dad… turns out it’s gyujin? i guess it does make sense…

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(xiao’s dad holding one of his arms + xiao’s mom kissing his cheek + awkward onlooker wei)

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Could u please do a headcanon where Luke's mum is pestering u guys to have a baby??

Luke Alvez Headcanons, his mum pestering you to have a baby:

  • Luke was usually a total ‘mommy’s boy’, so it would take a lot for him to finally stand up to her meddling.
  • But it would be exasperating to him that she would constantly harangue the two of you about having children.
  • He understood that she wanted to be a grandmother badly – but at the end of the day this was your life and your relationship.
  • If the two of you were happy about how things were going, that’s all that mattered.
  • Still the way she would try to casually mention potential baby names and point out adorable bibs in the shop would be hysterical.
  • She would even resort to bringing out all of Luke’s baby photos in an attempt to show you how ‘beautiful’ your children would be.
  • It wouldn’t convince you – but you would be grateful for the opportunity to send Garcia some of the most embarrassing snaps of Luke toothless and dressed only in a diaper.
  • If the harassment continued, the two of you would end up bringing Roxy to visit her.
  • Despite Luke being completely against dressing up dogs, he would let you place a pink baby hat on Roxy.
  • Because the sight of his mother’s face falling as you revealed your ‘baby’ would be totally worth it.
  • If you never had children, she would learn to accept it. Besides she had a new daughter thanks to your relationship with Luke and she adored that.
  • Ironically (if you and Luke did ever decide to have children), it would be after his mom had stopped pestering the two of you.
  • He would joke that it had been meant to be.
  • Telling her about your pregnancy would result in even more interference – Luke being woken up with phone calls about how he had to start looking for the best crib and how he had best have painted the nursery by the time she visited that weekend.
  • His mom could be a bit full on, but she was still a total sweetheart.
  • She would adore having the nickname of ‘abuela’.

For kids, by kids! 🌻🌼🌻

I just adore baby photos. It’s proof I really did peak at a young age.  So naturally, I went a little extra with this.  Thank you so so so much for tagging me, @fuckjohnny, this is the best tag ever!!!!!

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This adorable baby polar bear.

Video by Goran Visnjic

things i love about Bakugou include:

  • his adorable spiky hair
  • his orange/red eyes
  • his eyes are so pretty??? he’s got long eyelashes and they’re just… so damn pretty…. wtf
  • he’s just so pretty and he looks like a tiny, angrier version of his mom and that’s adorable
  • his adorable baby sideburns
  • how fucking creative he is with his powers?? like?? he’s so good at controlling his explosions and coming up with super creative ways to use them???
  • his adorable little cocky smirks
  • his “i give no fucks except actually i do but i will never fucking admit to it so shut your fucking mouth before i blow your ass up” attitude
  • how he’s an angry crier and super emotional 
  • how he’s actually pretty chill too??? when he’s not pissed off????
  • how he shows kindness by being an aggressive, angry little shit
  • how he’s a little shit in general
  • mr. “only time he smiles is when Deku gets punched in the nuts” 
  • and then he calls the kid cute
  • Bakugou no
  • how he doesn’t wear socks
  • his dumbass baggy pants. child. child pull up your pants. please. 
  • his tanktops
  • how he shows off his teeth when he’s in battle as if he’s trying to intimidate his opponents by showing his teeth like animals do
  • how tiny he looks with sleeves on but then he looks fucking hUGE in tank tops 
  • his dumbass adorable little description for his hero outfit (including KILL WITH MY KNEES and SOMETHING AWESOME!!!)
  • also his shitty little doodles of himself and the how he actually kinda sucks at art when he’s so good at everything else
  • how he’s SUPER SMART but doesn’t know how to friend
  • “how does one show concern? oh, i know, by telling them WATCH YOUR DAMN SELF”
  • how he admires All Might so much and wants to be just like him and has built his entire view of heroes on the person he admires the most b/c in the end he’s still just a kid and still has those pure, child-like admiration and goals ten years later and nothing is going to stop him from reaching those goals 
  • (which sometimes isn’t healthy or good but. still. he’s working on it)
  • how he comes up with dumbass nicknames for people he doesn’t care about b/c he’s too lazy to remember their names unless they catch his attention and earn his respect
  • how he’s slowly growing as a person and how he’s giving out advice to his classmates and doing it willingly and helping when they feel down and he’s slowly making friends even without really knowing how but the rest of the class is noticing that he’s not just an angry little rage machine but he’s slowly getting better and trying and they’re getting inspired by him 
  • i just love everything ok