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Did f.Freddy try to do it with baby? ((U know when they where alive?))

just one time one day before she was kidnapped XD

the other day me and my friend were doing a freelance job painting a mural at this sports facility when this dad came up and asked for a card for the place. and we were like “oh we dont work here” and he was like “oh doing your homework then? yous guys in high school?” and i legit dropped my pen and stopped what i was doing and he said “college then?” and i was like “youre not going to believe this one buddy but i’m twenty five” but THE MORAL of the story is that this actually explains why teenage girls are always give me dirty looks??? like im not tryna steal yo mans??? or be judged about my fashion choices????? i am 2 old and 2 tired tiny teens. leave me be. 


bringing back a video from their SMROOKIE days in 2013 !

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Can we talk about harry taking care of you when you're really sick? Calling and texting to check up on you, catering to your every need, petting your hair to comfort you, running you a nice bath but then making you take a shower because "you were sitting in your own germs, love" and throwing blankets in the dryer to make them warm, making sure you take medicine, etc etc aka my death. Also let's not forget about u babying him when he's sick

Oh, gosh.

He’d make you stay home from work because of how unwell you were, taking your temperature with the back of his hand and then the actual thermometer once he realizes your forehead is nearly burning. He has to go to meetings that can’t be done over the phone, and he feels awful about it because he wants to stay home with you to make sure you’re okay.

Before he leaves, he sets you up in bed with extra blankets and your favorite hoodie of his to snuggle up in. He gets you a glass of cold water, some orange juice, and a cup of tea, along with tissues and cold medicine on your bedside table. He makes sure you had your phone, the remote control, and the book you’re currently reading within arms reach.

“Call me if you need anything, my love,” he says, kissing the top of your head. “I’ll stop by the shops and get some yummy soup for ye’ before I come home, ‘kay?”

He texts you throughout the day, making sure you’re still alive and have everything you need. He would tell you to run a hot shower for yourself to clear your sinuses and relieve your aches and pains a bit, and you instantly feel better after listening to his advice. He tells you that you can wear anything in his closet - even his Gucci suits - if it means you’ll feel better. That makes you laugh, and you tell him that you’ll be fine, just as long as he comes home with some chicken noodle soup from your favorite deli.

He arrives with much more than necessary - bottles of juice (carbonated and flat), tissues (even though you’d had plenty), cough drops in two different flavors, more medicine, two containers of your soup just in case you want more, saltine crackers to ease your stomach, a book of word searches, and the expensive sorbetto he knows you love. You’re tired, and sick, and feeling a bit worse for wear, so the single pink rose wrapped in plastic he’s bought for you brings tears to your eyes as you smell it.

“Oi!” he screeches, plopping down on the mattress next to you. “No tears! Didn’t mean t’make ye’ cry with my romantic gesture.” He pets your hair back - a bit unruly from allowing it to air-dry out of the shower - and kisses your forehead. “Let’s have a cuddle, yeah? Maybe put on 10 Things I Hate About You? That’ll make ye’ feel better.”