My poor old gecko Ivan died :( he was 6 years old and lived a good enough life as couldve given him. pretty young for a gecko but he has been sick for months and now he kicked it. RIP my lizard baby i will miss u

Winner Winner... (AFTR Pt. 3)

Hahahaha finally… I’ve literally had ZERO time to write soooo… sincerely, my bad. This will probably actually have a part 4, even though I said it would end with a part 3 (of course I also said it would be a one-shot so we already know I’m a liar)

Y’all know how it goes:

Fandom: Marvel-ish

Ship: Tom Holland x Reader (Tommy-boi is back, baby!)

Setting: Unnamed smallish U.S. city from the first part of this

Word Count: 1,210

Warnings: None? Flirting?

Rating: K+ I guess

Background: So I’ve decided that the reader is for sure 19 in this, just to give a nice little age gap. Basically we’re at the point that the reader is having dinner with the boys and the nice fun that ensues. So yeah! Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Yay Jojo! It was Gunther who lost by two votes, yeah? Or is what's his name (commie wannabe?) more popular than I think?

BYE @ commie wannabe. say his name say his name, if no one is around u say baby i love u if u aint running game. and yes gunther lost by 2 votes literally in the last half hour of the poll. here’s the final pie, jojo got 43 votes, gunther 41 and daniel 28:

im still not over the 112 responses, HOW MANY TIMES DID U PPL VOTE. as flattered as i am that u care enough to do this 112 is unreal, i mean someone voted for gunther like sixteen times in the span of a minute?? christ lmao


Jeno lee what re u doing 😂😂
Babies so cuteeee 😍

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