babies ugh why are they all so cute

Looks™ by Even

lets start off with mr. hot and movie star even, just casually sitting there with his feet propped up on the table like nbd and don’t be fooled, he actually is this flawless 

imma just take a moment to now mention joint-tucked-behind-my-ear even, its crucial to show how extra even really is

and just for the aesthetic, imma add the oh so famous remake of the talk show host scene where even is a literal movie star figure and he just HAS to bring out the shades because he’s that guy

we got some lounging!even w his hood up, no shoes, chilling on the floor action going on. theres more hoodie up action coming up, stay tuned 

now this is just put in here because even is just so effortlessly beautiful but this is even tryna act cool and collected but secretly his heart is beating super fast

now for one of my personal favorites, the time where even got us ALL shook with his extra ass self, with the whole jean jacket shoulder thing going on. honestly, he’s too extra, why is he like dis


next we got wet hair and wet body and wet shirt and just WET even with his shoulders just there being all broad and hot and ugh wow what a look (shook)

hey we got another example of this hood up cute look by even. what a puppy. what a lil baby. isaks lil baby. so cute wow, PLUS he’s wearing our favorite shirt thats been passed around

now we got “hey we just had a magical day which included lots of great conversations and cuddling and i slept over but i snuck out in the morning and haven’t spoken to you in like 2 days but hey im back and imma fuck around and hook up with sonja in 2 days but i look good” look. honestly what even is that scarf

another personal favorite, frat boy, super chill and laid back even. honestly, ill be very offended if i don’t see this kind of guy in frat parties next year when im off at university. that is all.

ok now my heart is breaking at this one but here is “i just broke your heart and my own heart but im just going to watch over you by a distance and hope you’re out and sneak drawings into your locker and pocket and ill still love and wait for you and maybe purposely run into you in the shop” look

heres a lil sad puppy whose terribly in love and just wants to b loved and saved in return and is sorry for leaving but is also really horny and wants to fuck

and now we got even being the flawless being that he is and rocking the whole white shirt thing with isaks grey sweatpants. “mr. cooking in the kitchen the morning after. mr. i didn’t leave this time, im here, i love you. mr. I LOVE GABRIELLE. mr. say im the man of your dreams” look with his signature lil hair piece flopping on his forehead

self explanatory. we can’t forget even’s pale ass getting mAC DONAldSS

bringing back another personal fav: the look where even is terrified and super in love but he’s also really ill and just needs someone to save him and be there for him. protect this boy at all costs please

here we have cuddly and sleepy and ill even but not to worry! isak is there for him, saving him right back. how adorable is he

this look is actual proof that even bech naesheim is the literal sun and he’s very beautiful and deserves all the love and support from the world. isaks grey sweatpants are making a comeback!!! and also the reused hoodie

and to finish off with another one of my favorites, the happy!even look. so cute and happy and disgustingly in love with his lover and its the perfect look to finish off the season and hopefully that look was proof he’s season 4 main LMAO IM OUT

The Wedding Planner (Part 6)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Word Count: 2,211. (yikes long part)

A/N: Honestly this gif just breaks my heart, but it’s basically the mood for the whole part. Shit is starting to go downhill now in the series. As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special Thank You to @spidweeb for proof reading/editing this part out for me! You the real one, fam.

The Wedding Planner Masterlist

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Daddy A-Z: Taeil

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
Gotta love the old man. Taeil is more on the quieter side, he’s not one to want to have some grand announcement. Telling him is just that; telling him. Nothing spectacular, just ‘hey babe, I’m pregnant! Have a nice day at work~!’ type of thing. Telling family and friends is likely just during a huge get together, and he just drops the ball. “Ha, lame jokes as always Johnny. Did I tell you we’re expecting? Oh, well I did now.”

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
Taeil’s a smart ass guy, don’t try and act like he isn’t. If he doesn’t have a strong grasp on the concept of raising kids already, he’s 100% going to be on Google 24/7 and renting out the parenthood section at the library. 

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
Taeil is such a cuddly dad, he’s attached to his baby front bay one. 9/10 if you look at Taeil after the birth of his baby, he’s cuddling the little bundle of joy. Takes a lot of bribing to get him to hand over the babe willingly. 

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

I can imagine Taeil being kind of really shy and bashful the first thime he’s called Daddy and it fully setting in that he really is going to be a dad. Taeil’s going to get so blushy and hide his face or brush off whoever said it, telling them to shut up while his cheeks are flaming and he can’t hide the smile on his face. It’s a moment of shy happiness. 

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
I can imagine Taeil being one of the dads that’s determined to make his spouse completely comfortable; he’s firm on that he’ll do all the work, just rest. So, Taeil probably detaches himself from the babe and sprints to the store when supplies are low.

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Taeil usually leaves feeding time to you, letting you have your bonding time with the babe but he’s always present. He’s standing by with a rag for burping time, he fixes the bottles, or cleans up the spills.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 

While he’s clingy with the baby, I imagine Taeil being a bit more clueless with emotions involving the baby. He can bathe, dress, and feed the baby, but when it comes to a fussy baby, Taeil is lost. He’ll probably get frustrated when he can’t get the baby to calm down. Might even cry himself, lol. Fussy baby is your job, he’s getting an F in that department.

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
I can see Taeil being pretty content with two, and probably strives for two. I feel like he’d secretly be hoping for twins, or have another kids soon after the first, so Taeil’s kids are pretty close in age. 

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 

“Why do crabs never give to charity?
Because they’re shellfish.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Taeil is such a raspberry kind of dad, always blowing kisses on his baby’s tummy to make them giggle and wiggle like a worm. It’s just so cute and adorable and makes Taeil all giggly to see his child giggly. Just a bunch of giggles. So precious ugh. 

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

That’s a moment that slaps Taeil across the face like no other. “Holy shit…this is actually happening, I have a kid, it’s in my arms, it’s so small. Fuck.” It’s so surreal for him, and he totally ends up crying. Baby sobs. He’s just standing in the middle of the hospital room with silent tears and staring at the most beautiful thing he’s every seen; his child.

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

Taeil’s a ‘mama’ kind of dad. Mama and Dada kind of route. So much easier to teach a baby too, instead of some wild ‘mother/father’ alternate. 

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

Listen, Taeil will help with almost everything but when it comes to poopie diapers, he’s noping out. He’s standing in the door, handing you baby powder, but actually doing the do, nah. Ain’t happening. 

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
Taeil wears some…not ugly, but just dumb looking clothes sometimes. He’s totally the one to find the ‘cutest onesie you’ll ever see!’ and it just looking like it was found in a trash can from 1896. Keep him away from the baby’s clothes.

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

I feel like Taeil’s a classic dad, and probably calls his babies something almost typical. Like his sunshine, or little angel, or something along those lines. Nothing to wild that makes you need to know the backstory to the nickname or anything.

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

At that time, Taeil is way to focused on you that any question he could possibly have has completely slipped his mind so that’s no help. He probably doesn’t ask the nurse anything, more like he’ll just Google it when he gets home, sort of thing.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

The biggest thing you rely on each other for is probably relaxing each other. The moral support every parent needs that hey, you’re fine. The baby’s fine. You’re not a terrible parent. You’re doing perfect, stop doubting yourself. Little words of encouragement here and there are definitely something that happens constantly when the baby comes. Just calms you both down and takes a lot of the ‘holy fuck i’m the worst parent ever’ nerves off.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

Am I the only one that imagines Taeil being the dad that stays up later/wakes up so he can make the next day’s meals? Like meal prep and shiz, since it’s a lot easier to have everything set and ready when you have a kid, instead of trying to cook for both you and him, while feeding the baby? So typically, Taeil is up later than you/gets up regardless, so 9/10 he’s on sleep duty.

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
Back to Rely, it’s just the basic new parent fear that everything Taeil’s doing is 100% wrong. Even though he’s literally on the phone every 5 minutes, calling his mom for advice, or on Google non stop, he’s just terrified he’s flopping as a dad. But by baby two, he’s calmed down. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
I really imagine Taeil being that ugly, choking kind of crier when he sees the legit proof that fuck….there’s actually something growing. it’s a cute moment, but he’s a blubbering mess lmao.

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

“Don’t eat ice! Daddy almost died once!” Nah I’m kidding. I think with Taeil, with how he had to choose between college or SM, he’d teach the kids the importance of choices and following your heart, to do what you think feels right. 

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Taeil is always on bath duty. It’s a fun bonding moment with daddy and baby. He’s totally the dad that got a dozen bath toys for a baby that literally gets bathed in, since it’s like….a new born….don’t put new borns in a tub, okay. It’s definitely the opportune moment to get cute dad pics and videos with him and the bub.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

I think Taeil would have a pretty chill family, holidays aren’t really insane. I think he’d be another one that has holidays with the extended family and friends at an earlier or later date, and the actually holiday is reserved just for his little family. Break out the camera, and watch a toddler take 15 minutes of open a present. #FamilyMemories

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

I really don’t see Taeil being an angry guy? Not to the point of actually fighting. I think he’s the kind of guy, let alone husband/father than just stews in frowning silence and the ‘fight’ just consists of his calm, snarky comments in reply to you. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
I’d like to say I think the house would be fine…but realistically with mr. chokes on ice here, it’d be a hellhole. With everything set out for the day, there’s literally no room to walk, someone will always scream when they step on a leggo, where did the pacifier go? idk babe, lemme just run a buy a new one. Save them.

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I like whole pet names ideas 😊. What pet names would Suga, Namjoon, and Jackson use.

Oh, 3 guys I know very well! This is a good one! 

Suga: Suga is an introvert, he’s calm and reserved. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion, but he really does care. He wouldn’t call you an endearing name often, but when he does it would be something special. Suga would call you: My love, My heart on extra lovey days and Jagi on the days he was feeling sweet. 

You wake up to Suga staring at you and ask him: “Oppa, what are you doing?” He answers: “I just can’t help, but to watch you sleep, my love.” *Feels cheesy for saying that and makes a face* 

Namjoon: Rapmon makes looking cool and suave effortless. When he’s around you though, he’s the opposite. Kinda quirky and a little bit of a klutz. We also know he’s really intelligent, and he can be caring in small ways, but he’s also stern when needed. He’s also into black culture and slang, as well as making his own. Rap Monster would call you: Bae, mama, Sexy

“Ok, Namjoon, you think you’re all bad, but you’re just a dork.” He looks back at you. “Okay, whatever you say, Sexy.” 

Jackson: Jackson is carefree, funny, friendly, he’s more than likely a hopeless romantic at heart. He can be very cute, but he also knows how to turn up the heat when needed. Honestly, I think he would come up with a ship name and use it to refer to you guys as a couple. lol. Jackson would choose to call you: baby, honey, and whatever ship name he came up with. 

*Jackson coming up with ship names that you think are all lame.* “baby, these are all good names, how can you not like them?” “Jackson, it’s so cheesy.” “Ugh! There’s no pleasing you! Why is this so hard?! LIFE is so hard!” 

I had fun with this one! 

Happy Hope Day! 2017

In celebration of the birth of our Hope, our Lord and Saviour, I’m going to be dedicating this entire Day to Jung “Hobi” “Perfection” “Rude individual” Hoseok. I don’t have much planned tbh (I’m also going out tonight so …) but I still wanna do something. I seen these beautiful gifs of this beautiful boy and started writing so … hope you enjoy!

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bts reacts; you're ill

Sup, hey, how ya doin!
anon ask; bts reacting to you having a cute sneeze?
anon ask; bts when you’re sick?

so, first of all im gonna apologise for how long it has taken me to upload this shit. I swear you requested this about 9 million years ago. okay, so more like 3 weeks ago but that’s not the point. oh my gwhad, I’m such a terrible person and im honestly so, so sorry about how long it has took.
also, if you don’t mind, im only doing it for the hyung line as im uncreative and could only think of a few ways that people could react to one having a cute sneeze. but anyway, I feel like they’d react in similar ways anyway. and I mixed to together because I thought they went hand in hand and it’d be a bit stupid to do two of pretty much the same ask.
thanks for requesting, and I really hope you like it.
he’d find it so adorable. seriously every time you sneeze he’d just smile at your cuteness, and he’d probably feel the need to remind you of how cute your sneeze is all the time.

“baby, have I said that your sneeze is super cute?”
“yes, yes you have namjoon. about 10 minutes ago, and then 5 before that,”

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Yoongi; he’d tease the fuck out of you, he’d find it so adorable that there was no way he’d couldn’t tease you. every time you sneeze, he’d pretend to sneeze too, forcefully making it more high pitched and girly- just to annoy you. “ugh, yoongi, why are you like this? why do you have to take the piss out of my whilst im sick,”
“ha, I love you too baby,”

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Hoseok; “jesus, y/n. stop being so adorable, how come when you have a cold you’re super cute but when I have a cold I look like im dying from the plague,” he complain, and he’d be annoyed that you’re still cute when you sick. “how? how is that possible?”, but he’d obviously be joking and secretly dying inside because of your adorableness.

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Jin; to be honest, when you have a cold or the flu, it’d be one of his favourite things ever. not because you’re ill, but because he can look after you, cuddle you and he gets to hear you’re cute little sneezes.

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so, hey guys. I hope you enjoyed this and im truly sorry that it has taken me literally forever to write .
anyway, requests are open, so requests as much as you can before I go away again. and here’s my masterlist, so you can look up some of my other works and shit.

thanks for reading!
love ya all!
~ kala
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I really like Rowan. I love his relationship with Aelin because it changes. At first they are really antagonistic to one another because they are going through a lot of crap that neither of them are aware of, they don’t care to find out why they are both being so bitchy all the time. Understandably, why spend the energy on someone you don’t know when you can barely make it through the day yourself? But then when Aelin hits that breaking point and Emrys (I think? I’m horrible with minor characters’ names) tells Rowan to knock his shit off and stop treating her like crap, he realizes the harm he is doing and changes for the better.

I think this is a big thing that a lot of people who criticize their relationship don’t recognize. That Rowan, even if he was closed off and taking his crap out on other people at first, as soon as he recognizes basically that other people exist and that he has a negative effect on them, he makes an effort to be a better person. But he never does it in a way that allows people to walk all over him. He can see when he is causing harm, recognize it for what it is, and then do better, while retaining a sense of self.

(I was thinking about this ask earlier and how at first he might seem like a huge jerk, but actually he is much more emotionally aware than some people *coughTamlincough* and so that makes suuuuuch a huge difference in how we should perceive that relationship.)

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Sexy Exo VS Weird Exo

(Y’all weird exo is going to happen next week when I have time cause school)

His man bun always had me fucked up

Sexy Luhan:









Cold guy aka will choke you out with D.o

this man will always be the death of me I will never understand how he does it to me to the universe

He is cold guy but is he cold in the sheets ;) ima stop




I’ll gladly accept that kiss tbh  who’s coming to the wedding??

I’m bout to snatch exo like all your favs gone cause ima snatch them

I couldn’t like i had to post it


This one goes out to I don’t give a shit or you got me fucked








MY soul is hurt

L I T spells Lit #TaoHun

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Lucien (just to see what you'd say lmao I already know how you feel about him)


anon asked: Lucien Lucien Lucien Lucien!

I love y’all for enabling my constant desire to scream about my foxy baebling

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My sweet sweet smol Lucien come closer let me love you.

I 110% loathe this sweet summer autumn child why must he do this to my fragile heart is2g he just has to BLINK in canon and I am DEAD on the floor crying he is so good so pure such a good good boy. WHEN HE KNELT IN FRONT OF FEYRE I JUST DIED RIGHT THERE I WAS DEAD I SCREAMED.

Just fyi when he and Feyre had to cuddle for body warmth I ran through a field screaming and punching the air and straight up dropped my kindle it was a bountiful moment that disturbed very many cows #problematic behavior sorry cows. 

He’s going to be dead soon because someone requested the end fo the world shit for a ship with him in it so RIP my sweet sun.

He is such a badass tho I mean if u can put up with Tamlin for most of your life you’re a strong motherfucker to me. Also i feel his pain so keenly I can’t how does he survive sweet child.

MY BABY BOY. is this infantilising? Sorry Lulu but ur so prec I just want you warm and happy and safe *writes a million fics in which he i HORRIBLY SAD OR MISTREATED OR BEDDED* fuck i slipped.

Not gonna lie I have rarely seen fanart that does him justice of my headcanon like in my brain he is THE TWINK and they all make him super broad and muscly like can we have one guy who is not RIPPED k thnx bye.

precious smol boy. Boy who I HATED for about a week after I finished aCOMAF and then I realised he’d been thru so much and I CRY I CRY AND I DIE THAT’S JUST WHAT PEOPLE I DO.

Thoughts of Light throughout Death Note


Before finds Death Note: “Awe. Look at that cutie.”

Starts using Death Note: “Um. You have issues but your intentions are good so…”

Meets L: “Damn son, you better watch out. L’s gonna get your ass.”

Intentionally goes to prison: “Light. What the fuck.”

Loses his memory: “Oh my goodness you are so cute and innocent looking! Please stay like this!”

Punches L in the face: “Awe. L is Light’s best friend!”

Gets his memories back: “Light no!”

Kills L: “… What the actual fuck Light?! Why would you kill your friend?! I don’t like you anymore!”

Cheats on Misa: “Ugh! You are just disgusting!!”


Admits to being Kira: “Finally! Now die you son of a bitch!!!”

Get’s shot: “0_0…. no wait. don’t die..”




They look like such a happy little family. And his house looks so cute. Remember all of those edgy posts that were like “what if lars is like that bc his home life is terrible” “what if lars is an orphan and thats why hes so mean” Nah fam his parents look loving and supportive and my baby Lars is probably just mean because he’s insecure and lashes out and just wants to be a cool kid, but he doesn’t get that the cool kids are like some of the nicest kids in town. Also his mom is rocking that duck dress man. Ugh this ep needs to air now

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Why do I love all of these characters???

My fave thing about Yrene is how generous she is. She offered everything she had to be trained as a healer, I remember a line in ToD about how she would follow the sound of coughing to find people she could heal. So she goes to them of her own will, on her own time, to help people. She has a gift and she thinks of ways to share it with people, rather than thinking about how she can gain something from it for herself.

I also love that she works to train other young women to defend themselves, based on what Aelin taught her. They don’t even live in a country where that would be standard or considered necessary. It’s not like they are in Adarlan or somewhere where healers or young women might likely be victimized, but she still shares what she knows. She’s so giving. :)))))

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An assortment of WonKyu pictures (2/2) from the last two days ~ These two love birds, from Kyuhyun’s sister’s wedding to Incheon airport, were inseparable ❤️‍ And they both seemed to be in a very good mood having each other company ❤️‍ In the last two pics, don’t they look like a couple going on their own honeymoon? 😍

I do not own these pictures. All credit goes to the owners.

What Your Favorite Fallout 4 Companion Says About You
  • Nick Valentine: I just wanna fuck the robot, ok? Everybody wants to fuck the robot. Don't judge.
  • Piper: I'm a kind of person that would fall for Nick, but I only like girls. Plus, Piper's just cute.
  • Danse: Ugh, why the Brotherhood have to make things so complicated? You're still worth it, baby. Thanks for helping me out in the early game hell with that power armor of yours.
  • Coldsworth: Speaking of early gameplay, this guy's a must. Everybody wants a health regeneration factor, and his supply of pure water is the quickest substitute. Thanks, Automatron, for keeping the little guy upgradable and relevant. I could listen to his shitty puns all day.
  • Handcock: Gameplay-wise, I want to help people without skipping out on the chems. Character-wise, it's refreshing to have a companion that doesn't trip over themself when you flirt with them.
  • Curie: I have fucked the robot and she's an amazing wife. Anyone who says that Piper is the cutest girl is a bold-faced liar.
  • Cait: Scottish accents are HAWT.
  • X6-88: Those who say that they're trash for liking Danse have no goddamn idea what they're talking about. In the Fallout game where it's the hardest to be the asshole, I'm the asshole. He loves me for it.
  • Strong: Sure, Strong's hard to work with at first, but as long as I had a place to put him, I could get away with as much 'tinkering' as I wanted to. Eventually, I learned that Strong's best for outdoorsy quests, and as soon as one comes up, I'm already making my way to him.
  • MacCready: So wait, there's a companion that LIKES it when I steal everything that isn't nailed to the ground? Bethesda, you really have thought of everything. Thanks for the complex backstory quest; that's what Nick's holotape scavenger hunt SHOULD'VE been like.
  • Dogmeat: Everybody loves Dogmeat, and Dogmeat loves everybody. I can do ANYTHING and he'll have my back.
  • Ada/Automatron companions: I used to name my pokemon "Dicklord69" as a kid.
  • Deacon: He's funny. He's tragic. He's part of a ragtag bunch of misfits. The whole Commonwealth mistakes him for public nuisance. Forget Handcock, THIS guy's the real Deadpool of the Wasteland.
  • Preston: OK bucko, before you give me another shitty meme, let me explain you a thing. Preston's the best fucking thing to ever happen to the Commonwealth, and everyone knows it. I like being nice, and the game rewards you for being nice. Plus, I can get a quick "Lover's Embrace" perk before I get another Minutemen quest.
  • Maxson: OK bucko, before you say 'Maxson isn't even a companion,' let me explain you a thi
I love everything about you


Warnings: FLUFF, insecure baby Kurt

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   How did Kurt ever get lucky enough to end up with you? Here you were, a literally angel in his eyes; sweet, caring, wonderful, respectful, gorgeous, and all together perfect person and then…well, Kurt was Kurt. Ugly, hideous Kurt. Kurt often found himself thinking things like that. ‘You’re too ugly for someone like (Y/N), I mean look at you. You’re the embodiment of a freak.’ 

   It was no secret that Kurt hated the way he looked but (Y/N) adored him. To his pointed teeth, all the way down to his 2 toed feet. He was absolutely gorgeous in (Y/N)’s eyes, but he never saw that. Now here he was, wallowing in his self hate while everyone else was out having a good time. Besides, why would they want to be seen with someone like him? 

   People would always stare at him in public, making him feel like an even bigger freak than necessary. They would always turn to each other and whisper about how strange he looked, about how he looked like some kind of devil freak. It hurt to say the least. So for the last few weeks he’d refused to go out with the rest of his friends when they offered to take him places. Instead, he’d curl up in bed and think about how hideous he was. So, he did the same thing tonight. 

   Everyone had gone out for an after mission celebration but Kurt had decided to stay at the mansion, as per usual. Of course everyone knew why but they didn’t want to push Kurt to come. Instead they’d give him a sad smile and say “Well, if you feel like coming out, you know where to find us.” But he never did, and probably never would. 

   Kurt sighs as he buries his face in his pillow, wishing to just sleep and forget he ever existed. Sleep was nearly upon him when a soft knock came from his door. Kurt perked his head up in confusion, his tail springing up in curiosity. 

   “Um- come in?” Kurt calls out before maneuvering to sit up. The door creaked open slightly revealing his beloved (Y/N), a small smile on their lips. Kurt’s tail swayed happily behind him and a slight smile broke it’s way onto his face. 

   “Hey,” (Y/N) whispers as they gently close the door behind them. 

   “Hey,” Kurt replied. (Y/N)’s smile faltered slightly as they began to walk towards Kurt. Kurt’s scrunched his eyebrows in confusion as (Y/N) sat beside him, instead of on his lap like they usually did. 

   “Kurt, I need to talk to you.” And there it was. A stone sunk to Kurt’s stomach as fear overwhelmed him. He knew for a fact that “talks” rarely ever ended well. He knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, I mean one of these days they had to have realized how unworthy he was of them. Kurt nodded as he attempted to swallow the lump forming in his throat.

   “Okay, well-” (Y/N) sighed as they gently picked at their nails. 

   “(Y/N), it’s okay, I knew zhis vas going to happen sooner or later.” Confusion etched across (Y/N)’s face as their eyes snapped up to meet Kurt’s. 

   “Wait, what do you think I want to talk about Kurt?” Now it was Kurt’s turn to be confused. 

   “A-Aren’t you, b-breaking up-” 

   “NO!” (Y/N) all but yelled, causing Kurt to flinch backwards. “I mean no,” They reiterate quieter. “Of course not. Never in a million years Kurt. I just wanted to talk to you about why you’ve been hiding in your room 24/7. I miss you- we all miss you.” It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from Kurt’s shoulders, like he could finally breathe easier. 

   “So, you’re not breaking up vith me?” He asks hopefully. 

   “No baby, of course not.” (Y/N) gives him a gentle smile as they gently take his hands in theirs. “Please, you’re too good to give up.” ‘no you’re not. You don’t deserve them’. The voice in his head spoke up. ‘One of these days they’ll realize what a’- “But Kurt,” Their voice stops the tirade of negativity in his head. “Why have you been hiding?” They seemed so genuinely concerned, their eyes bore into his and their hands gave his a reassuring squeeze. Welup, here goes nothing. 

   “I-it’s just zhat, I don’t vant to embarrass you guys. I know how hard it is to must have to deal vith-” Kurt gestured to his body. “A-and, (Y/N), Meine Liebe, you deserve someone better zhan me.” Kurt sighed shakily as tears threatened to spill over. The room was silent, a silent that nearly scared Kurt half to death. He was honestly too scared to look at (Y/N)’s face, scared of what he might see. He was just about to say something to fill the silence when suddenly two arms wrapped around him in a bone crushing hug. 

   “Kurt Wagner. Don’t you ever say anything like that ever again.” (Y/N) whispered shakily. He could hear the underlying tears in (Y/N)’s voice and that thought alone was enough to break his heart. (Y/N) pulled back slightly so they were able to look Kurt in the face, their beautiful eyes were shining with tears and their bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. “You are not an embarrassment. Never think that. And you are the best goddamn thing to ever happen to me, okay?” Kurt nodded slightly, his own insecurities beginning to ebb away. “I love your blue skin and your cute pointed ears, I love your cute fanged smile and all your scars, I love your tail and the way it wags when you get happy, I love your hands and how they’re big enough to encase mine in a giant blanket of Kurt warmth, I love your cute German accent and they way you say certain words, I love every single thing about you Kurt.” (Y/N)’s voice was shaking so bad by the end of their speech it was enough to send Kurt into his own cry fest. 

   (Y/N) once again wrapped their arms around Kurt, pulling his body to theirs. Their lips ever so gently brushed against his forehead and their soft voice whispered more comforting things to Kurt. “Just because you don’t have boring rounded ears, or a boring skin color does not mean I love you any less. I’d love you in any form Kurt, understand?” Kurt nodded as he wiped away at his nose. “Good,” They whispered  as they pressed a tender kiss to Kurt’s nose. 

   Kurt still wondered how we was able to end up with someone like you. A sweet, caring, wonderful person like you. It honestly baffled him, but he never again thought he wasn’t good enough for you. 

Reasons why G2 is great
  • HAVE. YOU. SEEN. THEIR. COLORS??? Such bold color combos like Miss Painter have never been seen in MLP outside G2! 
  •  Their little eye crystals
  •  Their elegant poses and sweet little round noses
  •  Awesome accessories and playsets!! 
  • Princess Silver Swirl. Enough said.
  •  Actually ALL of the Princesses and Princes. Each and every one had such wonderful bold colors!! 
  •  Have I mentioned Princess Silver Swirl yet? Yes? Okay
  •  The CD-ROM PC game defined many childhoods
  •  The baby ponies OMG they’re so cute ugh  
  • Their little clydesdale feets

G2 is amazing and I seriously don’t understand why it’s the forgotten gen

anonymous asked:

Hi, how are you? I hope your day's going well. May I please get the RFA+V+Saeran and unique/random holiday traditions? (Like my fam and I like to go driving around to look at the christmas lights the week before). Thank you very much!!

i’m actually ripping my hair out because of assignments :))))))) i hope your day is going better haha!

and this is cute *v* we actually have a light show back in my hometown but it only looks pretty when there’s snow LOL. also, possible spoilers for unknown’s name but i’m not going to put it under a read more bc sometimes it doesn’t like to work on mobile?


  • okay but yoosung dressing up in a santa claus outfit
  • and you being mrs. claus
  • just the thought of you two wearing the outfits is priceless to him and makes him happy
  • you two have been doing this for the past 2 years
  • and honestly it never gets old
  • sometimes he thinks it’s hilarious to imitate him and mess with kids
  • “Oh ho ho! If you’re good this year, you might be able to join my LOLOL guild!” yoosung no omg
  • needless to say some of the kids were scared of santa this year
  • another tradition you guys would do is marathon christmas movies while cuddling on the couch!!! with hot cocoa :0
  • lots of snuggles, laughing and kisses
  • so happy and so content
  • it’s cheesy but you guys don’t care
  • i’d also like to think that you’d be wearing ugly sweaters as well
  • there would be a smaller tree in the corner of the room, the lights illuminating the dark room
  • it wasn’t the biggest or best tree
  • but since you both agreed and picked it out together, that’s all that matters!
  • also
  • snowball fights
  • sometimes he’ll invite seven and saeran over so you can have teams
  • but he just disappears into yoosung’s house 5 minutes later lmao
  • with your skilled teamwork with your boyfriend, you somehow manage to defeat seven
  • you guys just high five in victory


  • “Who needs a beautiful tree when you have me~?”
  • zen stop
  • okay but imagine if you bought him a sexy santa suit lmao
  • and he just
  • unbuttoned the entire front revealing those oh so delicious abs
  • with the rest of the outfit you swear you hear his fan club screaming in the distance
  • he insists that you get a sexy mrs. claus outfit as well so that you two can show off as the hottest couple~
  • deep down you’re hoping that he’s messing around but no
  • you end up getting it and you swear to god you’re going to get back at him one day
  • once the two of you are in costume, zen can’t stop taking selfies and posting them in the chatroom
  • “Here comes Santa Claus and his smokin’ hot Mrs. Claus~”
  • jaehee secretly saves them but crops you out to add to her fan collection
  • once he’s done taking selfies, you’re like
  • “Now what?”
  • so zen gets an idea
  • and pops in some classy christmas music
  • and you get the hint he wants to dance with you
  • how romantic~
  • “Dance with me, princess?” and he holds out his hand for you to grab
  • honestly you felt weird dancing in such a sexy outfit
  • but it didn’t matter because zen was with you and enjoying his time with you as always
  • finally a slow song comes on and you guys just gradually get inch closer one another until your chest is pressed against his, eyes gazing into his
  • “Zen.”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “Let’s do this every year~” 
  • zen is internally screaming with happiness 
  • he instinctively leans down and smooches you
  • he just loves you so much


  • somehow you managed to convince jumin to let jaehee have a holiday and god b l e s s
  • so instead of just celebrating at home, she invites you to travel with her somewhere else!!
  • somewhere far away from jumin’s cat projects
  • so you suggest town hopping? bc how cool would that be??
  • you tell her that there’s plenty of things to do like window shopping, blowing her paycheck actual shopping, drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee wherever you guys travel~
  • and she wouldn’t oppose because she trusts you and your decision and thinks that it would be a nice change!
  • so both of you go places, you look into the lit windows of busy streets and gaze at all of the holiday decorations, both pretty and cheap
  • the malls are packed, but that doesn’t stop either of you from buying things
  • when she’s busy looking at something, you sneakily check out with a gift for her and hide it in your other bags
  • it’s funny because she’s doing the same for you
  • you guys are so cute
  • after shopping for a bit, jaehee sees a coffee shop and
  • you’ve never seen her move so fast in your life
  • she’s already in line while you’re trying to filter through the sea of people
  • by the time you get there, she’s got two cups in her hand one for her and apparently one for you
  • how sweet of her??? omg
  • “MC, I ordered your usual. I hope that’s okay with you.”
  • you just nod and smile warmly at her, thanking her for ordering so that you didn’t have to keep her waiting 
  • once you’re both done, you decide to call it quits for the day and go back to your hotel room
  • and then you both just snuggle under the covers while a cheesy old christmas movie was playing in the background
  • and jaehee couldn’t be more happier than to be spending the holidays with you


  • he probably didn’t spend much time celebrating it, but he does know the basics
  • so when the time comes around he’s ecstatic about celebrating it with you
  • so when you declare you want to decorate his penthouse with decorations and then snuggle by the fireplace, his first thought is
  • is this what commoners do
  • but of course, he doesn’t object and allows you to do as you please
  • you want him to join you because it’d be boring if it were just you
  • he agrees but teases you in the process
  • “What’s in it for me, dear?” smirky jumin han hehe
  • “My eternal love and loyalty to you?”
  • “…I thought I already have that.”
  • “I’ll help you with your cat projects.”
  • as you’re putting up the lights around his fireplace and walls, jumin is busy studying the other commoner decorations
  • “Jumin, come over here and help me~”
  • he can’t resist that sweet voice of yours
  • so he helps put up decorations that are far out of your reach
  • it’s nice having a tol boyfriend
  • his penthouse is starting to look more festive by the minute and you can’t help but smile !! 
  • he notices you’re excited expression and his heart melts bc he’s like
  • “Wow”
  • when it comes to decorating the tree, he just hands you the ornaments because he enjoys seeing your face light up
  • for the upper part of the tree, he lets you pick where you want the other decorations to go
  • he even lifts you up carefully to place the star at the very top of the tree~
  • you take a few steps back to examine your finished work all around
  • “Everything looks so pretty…!”
  • she thought the decorations were pretty but i thought she was prettier
  • you literally squeal from being overjoyed and run and jump into his open arms
  • and he spins you around while holding you tightly
  • and as he looks into your eyes, you two share a romantic kiss~
  • afterwards, the lights are dimmed and you and jumin are cuddled under a blanket near the fireplace with glasses of wine and cheese
  • Elizabeth the 3rd also joins with you guys
  • and it’s just a very happy night for you both


  • ya’ll are both so goofy
  • like going all matchy matchy with ugly sweaters and santa hats
  • and decorating has never been more enjoyable
  • it’s a unique style, but it doesn’t matter to either of you
  • instead of stringing popcorn, you guys string up photos of Elly all around and some of longcat
  • and instead of having white lights, the tree is literally covered in red lights
  • making you think of someone’s hair color in particular lol
  • while you’re getting out other decorations, he sneaks up behind you and wraps you up in christmas lights
  • Seven what are you doING
  • “It looks like we have another Christmas tree, ahahaha~!” 
  • “Seven, unwrap me right now!”
  • your wish is my command
  • so he does and spins you around to unravel the lights and you’re all dizzy
  • but he catches you before you fall over
  • seven’s smiling and blushing
  • you think he’s gonna kiss you
  • but SIKE
  • “MC, let’s finish decorating, okay~?”
  • goddamnit seven you and your pranks
  • you guys pick and choose what you want out in the apartment, which is some ribbon, garland and little knick knack things
  • as you look back in the storage boxes, you’re confused
  • “Hey, Seven, wasn’t there a mistletoe in here?”
  • there’s no response 
  • “Seven?”
  • a few seconds later he shouts, “I’m in the kitchen~”
  • so you walk to the kitchen and there stands seven in a Santa outfit
  • “Why are you in that suit?”
  • “Why not, meow~?”
  • you giggle and just move closer to him
  • “Where is the–”
  • and he just puts a finger to your lips and motions for you to look up
  • well
  • there it is
  • the missing mistletoe
  • right above you and seven
  • but he’s holding it
  • “Looks like we have to kiss now, right?”
  • goddamnit seven
  • not that you’re against it though
  • and without another word, he pulls you into a passionate kiss and he just holds you tightly
  • he breaks it, giving you a sly smirk
  • “Well?”
  • “You’ll pay for that…”
  • “You gotta catch me~” and with that he’s dashing off into another part of the apartment with you chasing after him


  • since he can’t see very well, and the only time the lights look pretty are at night, you’re a bit reluctant to go out because you don’t want him to trip over something
  • but you want to do something with him instead of being holed up in the house
  • you explain to him your suggestion though
  • and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it all
  • so you two carefully venture outside
  • you’re also holding hands with him and you can’t get over how happy you feel being with him
  • and you’re guiding him on the sidewalk
  • after a bit, you guys approach the city and the streets are decorated with so many colorful lights it’s absolutely gorgeous
  • but then you feel bad because V can’t get the full effect…
  • he’s still able to see out of his left eye some, but still
  • “V, if you don’t want to be out here anymore, then we can go back…”
  • “Ah, it’s fine. I know that I can’t see the lights clearly, but being here with you is enough for me.”
  • he is so sweet don’t you ever leave him alone again
  • as you’re strolling down the sidewalk, you’re gazing at all of the light up decorations
  • and you glance back at V, who’s doing the same
  • “They’re so pretty…”
  • “Yes… from my point of view, they look like little soft glowing blobs floating around. Somewhat like fireflies.”
  • you just giggle at his analogy because he’s so damn cute
  • “I bet they illuminate your beautiful facial features as well.” and he smiles down at you lovingly
  • your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest
  • he couldn’t see your face, but by the lack of your reaction, he could guess that you were blushing
  • hard
  • a light chuckle escapes his lips as he brings you closer to him
  • he’s literally radiating warmth and it felt so good in contrast to the rigid weather 
  • his hands travel to your face and hold it gently
  • then he places his lips on yours, kissing you
  • and you kiss him back in an instant
  • the world felt like it was slowing down
  • he breaks it and rests his forehead on yours
  • “Thank you, MC.”
  • you smile at him and steal one more kiss from him


  • what’s a holiday???? tradition?????? what
  • this all so new to him
  • you’re beyond stoked to decorate the apartment with little knick knacks and ribbons and lights and he’s just
  • ??????
  • you and seven were already ready with the ugly christmas sweaters
  • you’re setting up a huge green tree with seven’s help in the living room and saeran just watches from afar, waiting to see what the big deal is
  • mini lights are strung up around the apartment giving off a warm, fuzzy glow
  • red, green, silver and gold ribbons are taped all around as well
  • christmas tunes were playing softly in the background
  • decorating the tree and making it look pretty was your favorite part~
  • you were hanging up your favorite ornaments as well as seven 
  • and he had his favorites too
  • like somehow there’s an ornament of… seven in his maid outfit
  • and a couple of his babies racing cars
  • reaching for another string of lights, you look back at your boyfriend and ask him if he wants to help
  • of course he scoffs
  • “Why should I?”
  • “Because it’s fun~ Come on, Saeran~!” you giggle and grab his hand and tug him towards you 
  • okay how could he resist that cute face of yours
  • so all 3 of you are working together to wrap the lights around the tree in a semi-coordinated manner
  • then you repeat the process with garland
  • seven goes to put away all of the storage boxes
  • last was to put the star at the top *_*
  • you wanted to put it on, and of course you weren’t tall enough, so you get a chair and stand on it and you’re just tall enough to reach it by jumping ever-so-slightly
  • saeran watches you from below, making sure you don’t fall
  • “Be careful, MC.”
  • viola it’s on !!!
  • but as soon as you feet hit the chair again, the chair wOBBLES
  • causes you to lose your balance
  • and then you thought you were going to land hard on your back, but instead a pair of arms catch you
  • saeran to the rescue !!
  • but unfortunately he doesn’t have as much upper arm strength as his brother, so he ends up falling as well
  • your boyfriend ends up on his back and you end up on top of him
  • blushy blushy saeran~~
  • “What did I tell you about being careful?” don’t worry that’s his way of saying “are u ok”
  • you just rub the back of your head sheepishly
  • “Sorry… but it was fun, right?”
  • “The decorating or falling on top of me?”
  • “Both~” you smirk
  • extreme blush mode activated
  • right before you’re about to get off of him, seven’s diabolical scheming laugh is heard OHOHOHOHO
  • “Idiot brother…”
  • all-in-all, decorating for this holiday wasn’t as bad as it seemed, especially if it was with you and seven