babies quotes


“..I will confess that the law of attraction are somewhat beyond me. In fact, Bridget defies comprehension generally.”

Lunch/Dinner Preferance-Both

Having a lunch or dinner date with the twins would include:

•Them always taking you to your fav restaurants

•Them taking food of your plate when you aren’t looking

•Make you order for them

•Getting jealous at the waiter

• Having minor food fights

•Them always trying to embarrass you

•If you’re staying home, they’ll cook

•Helping each other cook

•Having “cook offs” too se who’s better at it

•making funny snapchat stories

•Making a huge mess

•Telling funny stories while eating

•Making dessert together

•If you are out you’ll share a dessert

•Eating so much you’ll have food babies

•"I won’t be able to eat for the rest of the week"

•"let’s run"

•going home and just sit there

•ice cream

•ice cream

•ice cream

•pancakes at night

• eating junk food all night


supernatural out of context

  • Jughead: *rages about closing of the drive-in*
  • Veronica & Kevin: *try to reason with him*
  • Jughead: *keeps raging*
  • Betty: *says one thing*
  • Jughead: *swoons*

Happy Birthday 카이 // Kim Jongin [ January 14, 1994 ]
I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.” ∞ NYLON Interview