babies quotes

"One Good Scare Ought to Do It!"
  • Candace: Phineas, when Mom sees that you've built a haunted house in the backyard with werewolves and vampires and a giant floating baby head- what's that even about?
  • Inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head: (coos)
  • Candace: Not now!
  • Inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head: Waahh!
  • Candace: And then there was a giant Jack-In-The-Box with a suit of armor that nearly took my head off! And you- you just drive me crazy! When I tell Mom what you're doing, you are going down. Down, down, down.
  • Phineas: Is there any chance that that cured your hiccups?
  • Isabella: (hiccups)