babies just babies

Cute Host Headcanons

  • Sweetest cuddle buddy
  • Is on both sides of the coffee vs tea war, loves both
  • He has extra bandages inside his trench coat
  • He also has bandaids and little knick-knacks in his pockets
  • Loves being read to more than reading Braille
  • Used to have a service dog, before he could use his narration powers to help guide him
  • Doesn’t always need to narrate the events around him but it’s a nervous tick when he’s nervous, flustered, or if it’s too quiet
  • Or he does it to piss off the other egos
  • He could spend days in a libary, no joke
  • Support friend all the way, will listen to you for hours if you need it
  • (Will also bring your comfort foods)
  • Probably a pun master but in subtle way so no one really catches on except Google
  • But he also says corny shit like “we’re all the main characters in our own stories” but it’s cute so it’s okay
  • S A R C A S M
  • Will literally be that person that could spend an entire day doing next to nothing and call it productive and honestly? It really felt like it was?
  • Depending on who he’s around, he is the Cursing King™
  • Is actually a really good cook? Like really good? He just doesn’t cook often because the other egos don’t leave the kitchen the same way as when they leave it
  • The most protective motherfucker ever
  • Has an amazing fashion sense, probably helped choose clothes for the other egos except for Dark, the man is fucking suave.
  • Despite being arguably one of the most powerful of the egos, he’s a sweet cuddly boy
  • Don’t underestimate him though, he can and will destroy you
  • While looking fabulous

is it……… it the only reason you can think of…… it rly

A visual representation of me continuing to love and protect SHINee…despite all the bs from the haters.

hello from the other side

Somehow this photo captures Thanksgiving with your fam SO well…

There’s your one uncle swanning around bragging about his new Tesla, basically borderline trolling everyone else’s financially strapped asses…

There’s your uncle by marriage who was dragged to “the yearly shitshow” by your aunt and is barely keeping his rage and hatred of his in-laws under wraps…

And then there’s you dreading that someone at the table can tell you just blazed/masturbated/ate two packs of the King’s Hawaiian rolls everyone’s been looking forward to…

Hansol Appreciation Post
  • soooo,,,
  • in korean time it’s the birthday of this king
  • I actually wrote this quite late, lmao
  • I should have post this like two hours ago
  • aND in argentinian time is the bday of yours truly ;)
  • fgdhsjkalñ man can y’all believe that we’re birthday bros??!!!
  • for like 12 hs lmao but idk I find it so exciting, lmao
  • bUt anyways,,, it’s finally the bd of my babe!!
  • ugh, y’all seriously don’t understand how important this angel is to me
  • I swear I’ve been drooling over him since the first second I saw him lmao
  • I mean, how could I not tHIS BOI IS DAMN FINE
  • literally, I saw his face and I literally went blank like,,,, woah
  • who’s this angel and what have I done to deserve him
  • he has such beautiful features, I love his deep dark eyes so much and ugh his lips are so nice???? he’s so pretty ;-;
  • can y’all imagine a confused me watching nct life in Bangkok (back to those times when I wasn’t an nctzen) and suddenly getting like ???? when this beauty cames out of noWhere
  • I swear I started to make a research on him to know who tf he was bc he was so cute and handsome and I was just shocked w his visuals
  • he has always been really important to me, and I always felt really,,, idk close to him???
  • our personalities and the way we act are really similar so idk, I’ve always liked him
  • he’s always so caring and sweet w the members, especially with the dreamies aw
  • I swear my life spam increases when I see a picture of hansol and one of the dreamies, bonus 2 points if jaemin is also in the picture
  • ok no but he’s seriously such an angel, all the members are probably super grateful to him
  • and I am too, he was such an important part of nct’s story
  • I'm really proud of him for following his dreams and for taking such an important decision when he was so used to the members and the fans
  • but nowadays he seems so bright and happy, and lots of people finally started to recognize his talent and value
  • and that’s such an incredible thing, this man is a 100% aware of his talent and now he’s out there getting the recognition that he deserves
  • and he did everything by himself, I just can’t be more proud I swear
  • I'll always by his side, protecting him and supporting him every second, okay?
  • I just can’t let him go, he’s too special for me <3
  • anyways, hansol, my baby, my birthday bro, happy birthday sweetheart
  • I'll never get tired of talking about how much I love you and how grateful I am to you
  • you’re precious, baby
  • okay, that was it
  • tomorrow my finals start and,,, ugh I’m not ready aT ALL
  • but it’s okay, I’ll go study now
  • rip me, hopefully my geography is going to be nice with me
  • but I don’t think so, lmao anyways byeee

Kinda amused at all the “Tomstar is NEW canon” like sweeties he’s introduced as her ex I’m pretty sure that made them canon from the get-go. So I guess friendly reminder that Tomstar has always been canon. It’s not exactly a new ship - we’ve just been biding our time.

amethysts-snapback replied to your post: one day I thought to myself “all the muppet movies…

think about the scene where piggy punches constantine and he’s like “what a woman…” and kermit says “yeah. MY woman.” imagine that with fuckin rowlf in piggy’s place    

oh my god I was just thinking about that

rowlf manages to free himself and pushes constantine out of the way and into the control panel before he can knock kermit off, constantine shakes his head and looks up towards rowlf who’s cracking his knuckles and proceeds to beat the shit outta him

after which constantine’s like “what a man…” because that honestly was pretty hot, then kermit says “yeah. MY man.” and gives the final blow by slapping the fake mole on him


While we were waiting for Carnation to show up, a cute townie walked past, so I had Light run talk to him. His name is Rachid Yassine.

Light: I thought I already had a donor lined up?

Well, yes, but after him, I only have 2 donors planned. I’m relying on nice townies to spawn here. Make friends.