babies i stg

casual reminder that in the year 2017 I will fight anyone who comes for Magnus Bane just because he has actual feelings and thoughts and motivations of his own and he’s not just a pretty, glittery wall for Alexander Lightwood to lean on.

casual reminder that in the year 2017 I will also fight you if you infantilize Alexander Lightwood like he isn’t a grown ass man with his own motivations and desires and the ability to make his own decisions and be held accountable for them.


Where does that name come from anyway?


I keep trying to cuddle the baby and it lasts one second and then she’s trying to rip my lips off, or break my glasses, or stepping on my throat. I can’t decide if it’s this age or if I have a particularly un-cuddly baby. I stg it’s somewhere between trying to snuggle a bag of sticks and an angry Tasmanian devil. It only works ok if she’s asleep or on the verge of sleep. And then she seems annoyed by it.