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When you told me to contemplate the world, what did you expect me to picture in my mind? A map? Some floaty cosmic energy? You know what I actually did see? Katara, Sokka and Toph. I saw the Kyoishi Warriors, The White Lotus, the monks who raised me, and I saw Zuko. I don’t know how to “contemplate the world” without first thinking of the people I care about. Including Zuko.

On sundays we draw angels.

then again ive been drawing angel Ethan all week so fuck it,

anonymous asked:

hey! what would kihyun be like during his first time with you. thank you! i really love your blog!

Hello~ Thank you so much!!

Kihyun during your first time

I think Kihyun would never ask you for sex or anything if he knew you were a virgin, he would let it all come down to you and wait for you to be completely ready and comfortable to do it with him. Sure things could get a little heated between you two, but he wouldn’t go far with you at all. Once you were comfortable enough and ready to have sex with Kihyun, he’d be extremely happy to be your first. He would press his lips against yours and cup your face with his hands, kissing you and touching you with such confidence, that you would gain confidence as well. I don’t think he’d be nervous at all, He’d more more excited. He would lead you to the bedroom and lay you down, soon after taking his shirt off and getting in between your legs, his hands on your waist and his lips pecking yours, then kissing down to your neck. He’d be gentle and vanilla, all to make sure you were comfortable and you were feeling good. Kihyun would 100% hold your hand and place kisses on it during sex when it came down to it. He would understand if you were nervous, but he would do everything to make you relax and enjoy it as much as he is. He’d also be really good at Aftercare after the sex, pulling you close to his chest and kissing the top of your head while still holding your hand, wrapping the both of you with the blanket, praising you and telling you how beautiful you are. ♥


In light of the newest trailer

I’m handing in my resignation.
Quitting school.
Ending my job.
Cutting my hair.
Moving to Antarctica,
Where I’m going to live as a polar bear for the rest of my life.

I. Can’t. Handle. This. Shit.


casual reminder that in the year 2017 I will fight anyone who comes for Magnus Bane just because he has actual feelings and thoughts and motivations of his own and he’s not just a pretty, glittery wall for Alexander Lightwood to lean on.

casual reminder that in the year 2017 I will also fight you if you infantilize Alexander Lightwood like he isn’t a grown ass man with his own motivations and desires and the ability to make his own decisions and be held accountable for them.