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It would be so cute if Harry had to take the baby to the office because he was home alone while Elle is running errands and Niall calls him with some kind of emergency and when he walks in with a baby carrier Niall is like "Is today bring a cute baby to work day and I didn't get the memo?" And he just takes the carrier from Harry "come on Styles junior, let's get this mess sorted out" and Harry is like "Niall I want my baby back!" "Nope!" "Elle will hunt you down and go all mumma bear on you"

Oh my goodness that’s the cutest thing!!!

Harry’s rocking the baby with his foot as he sits at his desk, trying to get things done so he can leave the office early for once and just spend a lazy afternoon with the his baby girl. He looks down at her as she makes a few baby noises, her bright eyes staring up at him as her hands reach up and play with the dangling baby toys that keep her occupied 9 times out of 10. The door to the office creeks open and Niall steps in quietly his eyes noticing the small baby carrier as his lips stay purses, unsure of whether the baby is asleep or not.

“She’s awake, come on in.” Harry gestures with his hand and Niall steps closer,

“Aww, did I miss the memo on being cute babies to work?” Niall grins, placing a stack of papers on the desk,

“Were you going to bring a cute baby too?” Harry chuckles, reaching over for the papers, “mate, I’m meant to leave in a few minutes. I can’t handle this meeting, I have my baby,” harry sighs and Niall shakes his head,

“Come on Styles Junior, let’s sort this out and have a meeting, ey?” Niall presses his hand around the handle of the baby carrier, picking it up and stepping away.

“Niall, give me back my baby,” harry chuckles, rolling his eyes,

“No can do. We gotta get this done. Come on Daddy Styles, don’t make me hijack the meeting and your baby.” Niall smiles, placing the carrier on the desk and carefully pulling the little girl out, “hey little styles, are you okay with Niall holdin’ yeh through the meeting for your Daddy?” Niall smiles, settling the baby in his arms comfortably.

“Elle will hunt you down and go all mummy bear on you.”

“Ill be right beside you,” Niall smiles, “I can’t do it on my own unless you want me to fuck up.”

“Little ears Niall,” harry scolds, “but fine, we can’t tell Elle, she made me promise to call her if anything came up.. I don’t want to bug her, so as far as she knows, this meeting never happened.” Harry stands to his feet and adjusting his tie before taking his little girl back into his arms, “one last cuddle before you’re stuck with this one for a while,” harry playfully nudges Niall, “now, you have to be really good and watch Niall for me, he can get off track in meetings sometimes, especially if there’s something as pretty as you in the room,” Harry coos, cuddling his little one while he walks out of the office, Niall sighing heavily, trying not to laugh at Harry’s sense of humour.



Sebastian Stan playing table football in The Covenant


I did an exfoliant foot peel and turned my feel into BABY FEET. O_O

LOLLIPOP || request

anonymous said: GIRL!!! imma need you to write something about jungkook teasing a girl with a popsickle and making her suck it (bc idk he might have seen her w one a few moments before) then getting it off of her mouth and slowly making her get down on her knees and put the popsickle right new to his crotch AND U KNOW WHAT TO WRITE AFTER THAT!!! PEACE!!! Keep this message even if you wont use this idea it okeeee (i just pictured taehyung doing it im so gone bye!!!!!!!

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word count: 1.9k
genre: smut [oral]

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You know you're tickling trash when...

…your mind is constantly fixated on how many ways you could be tickled (lees), tickle others (lers) or both (switches) and you have little to no way to sate that interest you. Just. C r a v e.

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'Oh no I'm suddenly responsible for this small creature/baby' au?

hahaha this clearly happens to Finn and Rey all the time. They both have hearts that account for ninety per cent of their bodyweight; they are starved for love, and yet only what to give it out – they were hurt and hurt and hurt and their response was not I am in pain thus everyone else should be but I am in pain and no one else should be ever again. Finn helped Slip up every time he fell; Rey was willing to risk starvation rather than trade an innocent droid in for scrap. And so these two orphan angels will take in strays of any species or form. 

So, do you remember that post which theorises that human beings are best known for having really messy pack-bonding instincts that get absolutely everywhere and lead to them forming attachments to dangerous predators, inanimate objects and droids with knives typed to them? I believe that wholeheartedly. Poe epitomizes it completely: he will make friends with everything and everyone. Finn & Rey, on the other hand, will take it to An Entirely New Level. Because they will see anything – absolutely anything – that is Small and Vulnerable and announce that Yes this is Their Child now and They Will Care For It. 

what do you mean Poe why can I not keep this small and helpless rathtar look its mummy is dead and I must care for it and Poe is trying not to have hysterics as a three-foot baby rathtar curls around Finn’s shoulder, nuzzling at his nape and making soft cooing vocalisations that translate, roughly, to new mummy strange mummy soft mummy. And when they find Stormtroopers being prepared for training Rey just scoops up five astonished toddlers in her arms, catches the rest behind her with her with the Force (they trail and bounce and giggle in delight) and announces that these are her little ones now yes she is a parent

Poe manages to get the children into Resistance Daycare (hey, there are a lot of working parents in the Resistance, and of course they have proper facilities) but Rey still visits them every day. And he gets Finn to agree that Cuddles (the rathtar, who is now six foot and growing) should not sleep on the bed. But he can’t do anything about the three puppies Finn brings back from a mission (snuggling, cuddly things named Bodhi, Baze and Chirrut.) And he doesn’t want to, to be honest, because they are so god damn cute. And Rey comes back from a mission to a scrap-yard moon with two broken-down droids, patches them up. “Look at my darlings,” she says, “they are so Good and Cute and we shall make sure that they will always have friends.” (Luke looks at this girl, this strange desert girl who does not a family, mending droids like she’s been born to it, giving them names – Evie and Wallie if anyone is interested – with her bright eyes, and sparkling Force presence, and he thinks that she is very familiar, very familiar indeed.)

Merthur AU

Arthur loves giving Merlin a foot rub (and Merlin is addicted to Arthur’s touch). In fact, their fascination with each other’s feet started a long time ago & they have no intention of giving up on it.

Baby’s Bratty When She’s Horny {Kim Seokjin} ~ceasefire~

Prompt:  Daddy Jin where you tease him and he like calls you kitten and princess while touching you.

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warning: Spanking, Dom!Seokjin, ~could be ambw~

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