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Books Always Everywhere (Jane Blatt)

Summer Reading Day 84: Hey there, friends! Today, we read Books Always Everywhere, written by Jane Blatt and illustrated by Sarah Massini. This is a cute little book of opposites with books and reading as the central theme. It covers a lot of the typical opposites (big/small, stop/start, scary/funny etc) but gives a fun twist to avid readers and book lovers, showing that great books come in all…

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has the rooster ever pooped inside?

when he was a baby he pooped everywhere including on my head once but now hes surprisingly considerate

Derek Hale: Babysitter

In a slightly less dangerous future, the pack leaves their kids in Derek’s capable hands. Except maybe this time he fell asleep, until Stiles came by to wake him up. (He’s used to the kid chewing on his hand, that doesn’t even phase him anymore.)

Choose Your Own OTPs and head canons for the kids’ respective parentages. I have my own ideas, but I would also not be upset by a future in which the McCall pack is relatively free with genetic material and surrogacy. 

okay so i got this new mod for the sims 4 that allows men to get pregnant and i thought “wow neato i’ll make a hannigram biological baby” so i had them do it a couple of times to make sure somebody got knocked up (computer randomizes who gets pregnant)

but then


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Without me having any sort of rose-colored glasses on, I wanted to ask if you thought there would be any physical affection (i.e. actual kissing) in the next two movies? Whether it be between Finn/Rey or Kylo/Rey...


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It is fACT. Ohtze knows.

Her eyes

So I have a pregnant Gency fic waiting on the back burner but I couldn’t get the image of Genji and Angela just holding their new baby girl so here you go dolls!

Also, here’s my headcannons about Gency kids if your interested: Gency Kids

Gency. Fluff. Babies.

In the back of Mercy’s mind, she sees Genji’s brown eyes, and dark hair, on a little face. A baby boy that looks just like his father. Genji doesn’t care either way, he’s just excited to meet his little sakura, no matter if it’s a girl or boy. Secretly, though, he hopes the baby has Mercy’s eyes.

They go in for the ultrasound, and Mercy cries when she finds out it’s a girl. Genji stands stone still, taking in that he’ll have a daughter. They both celebrate that night. Her giant bump receiving constant kisses and rubs from Genji.

When the day finally arrives, Mercy’s terrified. Genji’s her constant rock that she holds onto. No one’s in the delievery room besides Genji and Tracer and of course the doctors and nurses do their best. As the time come, Mercy gets her epidural shot, and the pain relaxes somewhat. Still, Mercy is still stressed, everything bubbling up as the time draws closer.

She grips Genji’s hand so tightly he wonders that if it weren’t metal his bones probably would have been crushed. Tracer’s as light as ever, and constantly reassuring Mercy right along with Genji. Yet, she still fears that she won’t be a good mother. That her daughter will hate her. That she’ll fail as a parent, but Genji quickly quietens these fears. Reassuring her that their baby will love her no matter what.

Genji is just excited, no fear (not yet) and he just wants to see their little baby. He remains calm for Mercy, and she latches onto that. Tracer keeps cheering her on, saying she’s almost there, love!

Then everyone crowds her, and it’s time to push. Mercy does beautifully, and Genji quietly whispers loving things into her ears the whole time. Tracer is nearly jumping up and down, asking where her little niece is.

The nurses quickly clean her and wrap her little body up, and hand her to Genji first while the doctor finishes helping Mercy.

The baby girl is actually quiet, and blinking slowly against her new environment. Genji holds her tiny body in his arms, looking down at her without his face plate. He’s in complete awe, looking at the dark mop of black hair onto of her head. His mouth open in silent wonder that this tiny beautiful thing is his and his angel’s child.

“Hello, little Sakura.” He whispers softly. “I have waited a long time to see your beautiful face.”

As if responding to the familiar sound that had told her stories and tales all through the night, the baby blinks, and finally looks ups at her father.

Ocean blue eyes take Genji away, and he lets out a sound that’s between a sob and a laugh. He leans down and kisses her nose, her little head, her black hair. Laughing gently against his little baby girl.

The doctor finally gives the okay on Mercy. She’s finally ready to meet her daughter. She lifts her head, looking for her baby, Tracer grinning right beside her.

“Genji?” Mercy asks softly, as if looking for a secret.

“Let’s go see your momma,” He coons softly as he walks over to his wife’s bedside. He ever so gently gives her the baby, and Mercy takes her with steady hands. As she rests her in her arms, the tears slip down her cheeks as she stares at her little miracle.

“Hello, Valentine.” Mercy whispers. “I’m your momma, and you’re my little sweetheart.”

Genji presses his lips to Mercy’s hair, before pressing his cheek against hers.

“Look, Genji. She’s our Valentine. Our little baby.” Mercy voice trembles, her fingers gently going over her forehead.

“I know, Angela. She’s perfect.” He breathes. “She has your eyes.”

“She has your hair,” Mercy runs her fingers softly over her daughters black locks. “She is absolutely perfect.”

“Valentine, huh?” Tracer chirps, grinning. “That’s the name you guys finally decided on?”

The naming part had been much more troublesome than anticipated. Angela throwing Swedish names left and right while Genji add his own Japanese names into the mix. They only decided the night before Mercy was due at the hospital. Valentine was Mercy’s picked, but Genji loved it nevertheless. Thinking it would fit the lovely miracle just fine.

“Are you ready for her full name?” Genji asks Tracer, excitement sparkling in his brown eyes.

“I’ve only been waiting for nine months, love! Get on with it!” She cries in exasperation.

Mercy wipes her tears away as she laughs, but doesn’t take her eyes away from her little baby. Genji laughs too, but says with the utmost of pride and happiness their daughter’s full name.

“Valentine Sakura Shimada.” Genji smiles.

Tracer grins right back and asks, “Sakura?”

“It means Cherry Blossom in Japanese.” Genji supplies, looking back at his own little baby.

“Well, she’s beautiful,” Tracer announces, gently rubbing the baby’s cheek with her finger. “Val’s going to love me, I just know it. I already love her.” She grins.

Genji gently wipes the fresh tears from Mercy’s face, softly whispering, “Our baby is perfect, Angela.”

“I know, I know,” Mercy murmured, looking down at her little miracle.

Ich liebe dich,” She whispers softly to Valentine.

Genji grins as he leans in close beside Mercy, his head right over his daughter.

Aishiteru, Sakura.” He speaks as Mercy presses her lips against his cheek.

Mercy holds her baby, while Genji softly coons over his daughter as they both let their happiness lift them and hold them in that moment.

Their little Valentine is finally here.

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what do you think would happen if the troupe found a kurta baby instead

Ohh.. I’m not sure really….! I guess finding a Kurta baby would be a good chance for them to atone for the massacre, but I honestly don’t think they have any guilt at all over that…. I don’t think they’d be interested in the baby’s eyes either, that’s kind of old news.. maybe Kurapika’s doorbell would ring one day and he’d find Kurta babby on his doorstep with a note going something like, “We’re not interested in taking anything more from you.” huhu