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What is one of your favorite prompts that you haven't done? Could you maybe do it? (Sorry I love your writings!)

Aww, you’re so sweet for this! So here’s something we’ve thought up after several hours at a baby shower xD 

RFA + Saeran and a pregnant!MC with weird cravings


  • It wasn’t so much weird cravings as it was you were easily impressionable
  • You two watched movies and tv a lot while you were pregnant
  • And if a food popped up on the screen, it was likely you were craving it
  • One time, a commercial for fries came up and you suddenly had a craving
  • So Zen runs out to get it for you
  • He’s just pulling into the fast food drive when he gets a call from you
  • Apparently, the characters on the show were sharing a milkshake…
  • And you wanted one too now
  • Zen is wise and gets both…and good thing because you call ten minutes later craving fries again
  • You’re so grateful for him


  • You were craving a lot of meat and cheese
  • A lot
  • Grocery shopping consisted of some fruits and veggies, scattered snacks, and a whole basket of meats
  • Unfortunately, when you got your cravings bad, you didn’t smell so good
  • Think of all that cheese and meat marinating around you and in your mouth
  • You ask him for a kiss after one of these sessions and one time he blatantly says no
  • Until your hormones kick in and you start crying, “You think I stink!”
  • He swallows his pride and a little bit of throw up and kisses you
  • So glad when your cravings switch to something sweeter


  • No surprise, you were craving coffee
  • But that’s the one thing you really couldn’t have
  • Jaehee tried to make you some decaf from time to time
  • But you swore you knew the difference and you wanted to taste “real” coffee
  • So Jaehee had to get creative
  • She started making difference desserts that could mimic the taste of it
  • Or at least have a minimal amount of coffee to decrease risks
  • It didn’t alleviate the cravings completely
  • But you did appreciate all the effort she was putting in
  • Cue hormonal waterworks


  • You were craving salty things, but you weren’t sure what
  • Luckily, Jumin had a chef that could make a lot of things
  • But it still wasn’t satisfying that one craving and you couldn’t figure out what it was
  • Until one night…at like 2AM
  • You were craving fast food…greasy, salty fast food burgers and fries
  • Jumin was in mild shock but he got up and called a driver
  • Driver Kim was paid overtime many a nights for your sake
  • You were sure to give him a personal thank you
  • You were also unspeakably grateful to Jumin
  • There were so many times he got up in the middle of the night for your cravings only to have you throw them up soon after
  • But he was still there for you and never complained, even with his work
  • You weren’t sure how you got so lucky with him


  • This guy did so much research when he first found out you were pregnant
  • He read about weird cravings…and he was prepared
  • One day you tell him, “I’m craving something salty…but also sweet. Actually can I have some ice cream?”
  • He smirks and when he comes back, your vanilla ice cream was covered in sardines
  • Yeah…you didn’t want that…and he was actually shocked that you didn’t
  • He kept doing this though
  • Watermelon? He also brought pickles
  • French fries? He put syrup on it…which was actually pretty good
  • After awhile, he just surrendered to the fact that you had normal cravings
  • Then one night at 3am, you wake up and tell him you’re craving something
  • He expects the typical ice cream or burger, but…
  • “I want ramen…with syrup and pocky sprinkled on top.”
  • Poor guy is about to scream


  • You were craving a lot of pizza
  • But for the most part it was pretty normal
  • One day, you seemed a little shy about asking
  • So he made a joke
  • “You’re not going to ask for a weird topping like pineapple, right?”
  • You scrunched your nose and shook your head vehemently
  • “Of course not…but, um, eggplant.”
  • He doesn’t say anything
  • He angrily puts his hat on and goes to pick up what you want
  • But he refuses to kiss you until you brush your teeth
  • You started gagging while doing that, so you know the kiss isn’t happening till morning


  • He didn’t think you would have weird cravings
  • You were fine for most of the pregnancy
  • You had a good hunger for sweets, but nothing weird
  • So it was no surprise when you were baking cinnamon rolls
  • Only the powder you were adding was too red to be cinnamon
  • Turns out it was paprika and V starts panicking
  • “Dear, that’s not cinnamon! You made a mistake.”
  • You smile sweetly, “it’s not a mistake.”
  • He watched in horror as you consumed the…Paprika Buns icing and all

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Baby GTOP killin’ it

Affaires Douées (M)

word count: 7.4k

genre: smut; CEO!minhyuk

pairing: reader/minhyuk

summary: you’re fashion CEO lee minhyuk’s personal assistant, and in deep denial about your well-reasoned attraction to said man. when he reveals he’s had issues taking care of himself, paired with you seeing him lose his temper in front of everyone, it leads you two to take your business relationship to a more personal level.

a/n: this was inspired by this lovely video which had a yelling minhyuk that had me hot and bothered within seconds. please, suffer with me.


Originally posted by bstdw

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Birthday Boy
| © spiderlingy |

“Happy Birthday, Parker.” you whispered from behind Peter’s ear, causing him to turn around from his school locker to face you with a radiant smile. You rose onto your toes to leave a red-lipstick print on his cheek, soon satisfied with his giggles.

     You brought the bouquet of lavish roses that were hidden from behind your back. “These are for you, birthday boy.

     Peter reached for the bouquet in your hands and brought it to his face, the heavy fragrant scent filling his nostrils.

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How many kids would EXO have

This is all speculation and all based on my thoughts and what I see and doesn’t mean it’s real. This is just how I imagine it. xoxo, Ara~

  • Chanyeol: Lowkey think he would have twins. Idk why I see him with twins. If not, he would have two. 
  • Kris: I have two theories. He would have one because he’s an only kid and idk why the people I know that don’t have siblings, only want one kid. Or he would have two or three, because he doesn’t want his kids to be alone.
  • Sehun: Hmmm I don’t know why I see him with one kid. One he would spoil so much. But like… I lowkey think he would love having a boy and a girl. So maybe two.. hmmmm
  • Tao: Probably like three. I kinda think he would love to have a big family of pandas xD 
  • Kai: Aww Kai baby… hmmm I lowkey think he wants like lots of girls and one boy. Just like him xD So maybe two girls and one boy. Or three girls and one boy xD who knows. 
  • Xiumin: One, he seems like the dad who would love his only child so so so so so so much and be so proud and never stop talking about him/her.
  • Baekhyun: Millions xD jk jk Two. I know it’s like the “standard” but.. I don’t imagine him with more.. like the house would be already a mess. 
  • Luhan: I think Lu would love to have girls. Maybe not twins, but girls. And then have a boy, like out of nowhere the boy comes and changes his world and ahh.. Lu would be such a nice dad. 
  • Chen: He would definitely have lots of kids. 4 maybe. Yeah I see him as the father of a numerous family.
  • Kyungsoo: Kyungy… babe we are having two xD jk k. But yes I think he would have two. Like it’s not too much and not too litte so.. yes. Enough to have a calm life like he says he wants.
  • Lay: I think Lay is like Kris. Or he has one, or many xD (not that many though) Maybe two boys and one girl. one boy, one girl. I don’t know. Either way, they would be soooooooo lucky on having him as a father tbh.
  • Suho: He already has 11 kids! jk jk. Hm.. I’m not sure.. I don’t think he would have that many. specially because his family is big already (yes the boys are his family) so maybe.. like maximum 3. 
Come Home to Me


Request: Hey!! I love your writing I was wondering if u can write one about Y/N being a famous actor and being away filming a movie and Shawn calling her and telling her how much he misses her??

Word Count: 1,175

Come Home to Me

“And cut” the director yelled at you.

“That was amazing, y/n. The scene turned out beautifully. Such a pleasure working with such a talent” his kind words made you blush, but you smiled happily back at him.

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“I know girls like the bad boys, erm, girls, but did you seriously have to fall for a fucking assassin, Y/N?” Tony said.

Natasha smirked. “C’mon, Tony,” she said. “You know you love me.”

Tony rolled his eyes dramatically. “Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled. “But I don’t love you dating my daughter. I don’t like the idea of you two… fondling each other.”

“We’ve been dating for a year, dad. We’ve been ‘fondling-’”

“Nope!” Tony said, walking away. “Don’t want any details.”

“She could’ve done a lot worse, Stark,” Natasha replied.

“I know,” Tony replied. “You’re… a good person, Natasha. But I still don’t like my baby girl dating everyone.”

“Aww,” you responded, placing a kiss on your dad’s cheek, then walked over and placed a kiss on your girlfriend’s.

Long Distance // Grayson Dolan



REQUESTED: @infamous-666girl

and btw I wondered if you could do an imagine about how you have long distance relationship with G and he comes and surprises you?

A/N: I always see imagines in major cities so for all of my imagines I’m going to try and show off the states that don’t get lots of attention in Imagines. We people living in small states need to feel appreciated to! 

Also gonna start to try and post every day at 10 am eastern time. 

The sun was high up in the sky and the clouds were scattered about revealing the blue hidden by them for so long. This was the first sunny day in weeks that your city has had. 

It was also summer so you didn’t understand why your weather was acting up but then again you lived in Indiana. The state with the most bipolar weather. Despite it being a beautiful day you stayed cooped up in your room watching your boyfriend and his twin brothers youtube videos. Grayson and you have been in a long distance relationship for about six months now. The two of you have thought of visiting one another but never actually set a solid date for it to happen. You two met through twitter when you dm’d him your number but you never thought that in a million years he would call you. 

“Y/N!” Your mom yelled from downstairs. Groaning you put their video on pause and went to walk down the stairs. 

“Yes?” You called from the top of the stairs wondering what errand she was going to send you on. 

“Can you go to the grocery store to get me a few things? Oh and also I need you to go return this because it isn’t the correct one,” your mom instructed while waving for you to come down the stairs. You noticed she had this weird look on her face but you shrugged it off thinking it was just her..well being weird. 

Once your feet planted on the last stair she gave you her long list of groceries and the item she wanted returned. Your mother was taking full advantage of you having your license. 

“Oh I also need you here at exactly four o’clock. Don’t be late.” 

Furrowing your eyebrows you nodded your head and kissed her goodbye. 

Grabbing the car keys you looked at your reflection in the mirror and decided that the shorts and baggy t-shirt you had on was decent enough. You had on no make-up and your hair was up in a messy bun because you were to lazy to actually do anything today. 

Little did you know that the moment you walked in through the doors of your house a special boy would be there. 

Parking your car in your driveway you turned the ignition off your car. Getting out you noticed that your mom had all the curtains closed and the lights were off. 

“That’s weird,” you mumbled to yourself as you began to gather up all the bags. Closing the door with your hip you walked up to your house door and unlocked it. 

Pushing it open with your leg you turned on the light with your elbow and noticed rose petals scatted all over the hall and up the stairs. 

“What the fuck,” you whispered

“Mom!” You yelled hoping that she wasn’t doing something that you didn’t want to see. 

Setting the bags on the dining table you stared at the rose petals and decided to follow them. As you walked up the stairs you noticed a full rose on all eleven steps. Picking them up as you made your way upstairs you furrowed your eyes as the petals ended by your door. 

Titling your head back in confusion you turned the door-knob and pushed your door open. 

“Oh my gosh,” you gasped out while throwing a hand over your mouth in shock. 

“Surprise baby,” Grayson smiled while holding the last of the twelve rose. 

Letting out a sob you ran up to him and pulled him into a tight hug. Feeling his arms wrap around your body you buried your face in his neck and continued to cry. 

“I love you,” you smiled while now staring into his beautiful hazel eyes. 

“I love you too Y/N,” he smiled before pulling your face into a gentle kiss. 

His large hands cupped your face while yours wrapped around his neck messing with his hair. 

“Aww isn’t this cute!” Your mom yelled interrupting the moment you two were having. 

“Mom, how? When?” You asked her knowing now why she was acting weird all day. 

“We planned this out two months ago. Grayson contacted me asking if he could come visit and I said yes. Now he is going to be allowed to stay here but in the guest bedroom I don’t want to be made a grandma anytime soon. I’ll leave you two alone to catch up but leave the door open,” your mom instructed as she walked out. 

Giggling you waited for her walk down the stairs before closing the door leaving it slightly a-jar. 

“Your mom said not to close the door,” Grayson said with wide eyes not wanting to get on your moms bad side. 

“It’s not closed. The door is still open.” You pointed out while showing him how their was a small gap between the door. 

Hearing his laugh you smiled as your heart began to race once again.

“I’m so glad you are here,” you spoke as the two of you were now cuddled up on your bed. The sheet was lazily thrown on top of the two of you as re-runs of an old tv show played in the background. Neither of the two of you were paying attention as you were talking to one another getting to know each other more. 

“I’m glad you are glad I’m here.” He smiled while pressing a kiss to the back of your hand. 

“How long are you staying?” You asked him. 

“About a month,” he responded. 

“A month? What about your videos?” You asked him worried that you might be distracting him from his job. 

“Don’t worry about that. Ethan and I filmed a few videos before I flew out here so we should be set until then. None of the fans know I am here yet.” 

“They also don’t know we are dating,” you stated while playing with the rings adorning Grayson’s tan fingers. 

“Yeah, that too. When do you want to tell them?” He asked me. 

“I don’t know. I mean they know something is going on because you are always flirting with me on twitter or liking my pictures on Instagram,” you teased. 

“I gotta show my girl off in a non-obvious way to the fans. I mean you do have a bomb Instagram theme.” He laughed. Smiling at him you grabbed his phone and set it on his chest. 

“Look your mom took this picture of us,” Grayson smiled as he scrolled through his messages. Looking at the picture you smiled and pressed a kiss onto Grayson’s cheek. 

“Okay let’s tell them, but do it before I chicken out,” you stated. 

Doing as told Grayson logged in onto his Instagram and clicked on the picture. 

GraysonDolan: This girl right here @ y/u/n makes me the happiest guy in the entire world. I had the privilege to surprise her today and it was the best idea I ever had. This picture right here is the first time we met and hugged in person. I love her and don’t plan on leaving her anytime soon. Please be kind to her and don’t send her any type of hate. I promise you guys she is the sweetest and most amazing person ever. 

“Grayson,” you cried when you read the caption of his post. 

Pressing her lips against his for a short sweet kiss you pulled away and cuddled up to his side. 

The rest of the night was spent with the two of you cuddled up, scrolling through the multiple positive comments everyone was posting, and ended off the day with falling asleep in each others arms. 

 Before people fill up Nora/Mizuchi/Hiiro’s tag with silly and pointless hate against her character (if they didn’t already lmao) I want to point out a little something that’s relevant about her, something people often tend to dismiss.

 Nora and Yato share more or less the same ugly experience of child abuse. Yato might have learned here and there about human and society, but Nora has never had that chance.

 Why do I point this out you ask? What does it have to do with the kiss scene?

 I always like to mention about how Yato is an inept with social concepts, most evident in the way he shows his “love” (which is actually just obsession tbh). Nora though, due to her lack of contact with anyone at such a young age, is 1000% worse.

 While yes, there may be some intention behind her confession and kiss other than just a silly sudden show of affection, there’s a high chance she believes to be honest here, just like she believes her words are honest when she says them to Yato. Not saying that she does actually “truly love” Yukine, though. If there’s something she and Yato share is the fact that they don’t really know how to interpret their emotions, thus the reason why both read their obsessions as honest affection for their respective individuals.

 On Nora’s case though, she is obsessed with Yukine just the same way Bishamon was obsessed with Yato. Intense hate creates said sick obsession with the target, and with the knowledge she has about emotions, it’s probable that she took said fixation as some sort of twisted love. A fake love, but she might believe it IS honest.

 The kiss? I don’t think she had a full out bad intention with it. There’s a chance she thought that was the correct way to approach. Could she be trying to manipulate Yukine with her “feelings”? Absolutely. But while I don’t believe she truly feels love for him, I also don’t think she was just sputtering some silly lie.

 tl;dr: Stop hating her for the same reason you “aww” at Yato, thanks.


So please forgive me since I’m just making this up as I go and plus ya homegurl is overwhelmed by all the schnee that just happened this episode, also… I had to redo EVERYTHING cause my damn tumblr lost the one I made yesterday so here we go again henny.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Also, awful screenshots cause yknow, I was streaming and screenshotting all together. Also also, this involves fangirling and over the top reactions that are just too extra and you’ll see why. Also also also? My thought, reactions and basically this is just my take on the episode for those of yall that are new, I have no intention of pissing people of or offend them in any kind of way, these are just my thoughts and reactions so please, ChillTheFOut #CTFO oh yeah, and I don’t tackle all the scenes, just the ones I really liked cause yknow…

So first up:

Look at my little baby boi sun!! Just look at him!

Mah boi Sun is slowly making his way into the Belladonna family and I love it. Look at him, look at them! #BlackSunIsReal

Just look at him, the mah little monkey boi being part of the family. I ship em, momma B ships them, can Papa B ship them too now?

Speaking of ships:

Look at these two, just look at em, Papa and Mama B are giving me small cute girl and big burly guy romance realness. Just imagine how cute these two’s love story would be!

I love em, the Belladonnas are like the cutest family I’ve seen in RWBY so far, look at em they are so cute!

Aww look at mah baby boi supporting his soon to be father in law. How precious. Don’t forget the Sun son!

Let’s all take the time to appreciate each and every one of their facials expressions. Each one telling a different story lol *laughs*

Belladonnas, giving me royal family realness.

Okay, just putting this out here. Ghira is hot. Don’t you look at me like that gurl you know it too. I mean just look at that chest… rawr. //slapped//

Alright, okay alright, can we please appreciate Sun looking oh so adorable fitting in the black and white family? Like look at him here, he sticks out like a sore thumb omg this is priceless #BlackSunIsCanon

Papa B, for president.

Uh oh… Why girl… ugh, I shoulda known this speech wouldn’t be completely peaceful.

I FIND THIS OH SO ADORABLE CAUSE ONE, MAMA B AND TWO, SUN. Mother in law and son in law are just too cute.

I see you creepin up on there little Sunny boy.

I like this frame cause you can tell each of their personalities just by looking at them #BelladonnasAreFamilyGoals

These little fubbernucks are planning something and I know it aint no good.



Jaune: I am having a hard time comprehending how Ozpin turned so cute. (Not gay btw)

Ren: What?


Nora: Yes, this is normal. Cute Ozpin is normal.


Here I present to you Qrow looking hot and drunk at the same time #DrunkleQrow is #DrunkAndHot

Team RNJR’s sudden realization of Ozpin is actually Oscar but in another body but still could probably beat their asses to the ground

Team RNJR decides retreat and strategize


Well looky here, finally a discussion? Alright Nancy Drew.


*Ruby giggles* HOLY SHT


*After a few minutes with google* Rose Garden? Yeah fek it you’re cute and I love it omg cute little Oscar AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You best bettah not hide it by saying you’re just excited meet real huntsmen cause boy I know that look of shy awkward I like you looks and honey I approve a hundred percent my gawd you two are the cutest #RoseGardenIsReal plus look at the way he laughed nervously and smiled at Ruby, my gawd #RoseGardenIsCanon

What the fk is going on in here on this day? Ossy is this a possession?

Oh no wait, it’s just Ozzy (not to be confused with Ossy with an ‘s’)

Teamn RNJR: Dafaq?

Kei Knight, she gets the best quality screenshots at the best quality times. Also,

Team RNJR: Yeah, dafaq.

If I were to comment on how I think they think right now it would be:

Jaune: *confused as all fk*

Ren: *gasp* *even more confused as all fk*

Nora: *is tired of your sht*

Ruby: *is also tired of your sht*

*Ozpin takes control* *Oscar silently prays that Oz doesn’t spill his attraction of Ruby out on everybody*

Looking at Oscar here right now he looks so cute trying to look do serious. I love it.

Nora Valkyrie ladies and gentlemen, pointing out what’s obvious. You’d do great at cinema sins darling. Also, confused Nora is cute.

Nora.exe has stopped working. Also, I feel like this is what she’d look like if you stole her pancakes and she’s trying to calm down and is asking for an explanation while contemplating on whether or not she’d break your legs.

Giggling OzCar is also cute. My gawd.

Okay so we move on to- WEISS MY DARLING CHILD!


Poor little Weissy girl, if I could break you outta there I would ran over and smacked all them on their-

*suddenly this girl arrives* *me forgets abouts Weiss and starts fangirling about Spring* (or yknow, possible Spring cause some people might say this may not be her)

So her name is Vernal, we’ll call her that then,

Looks tough as nails in my opinion, but oh well, she’s part of Raven’s crew so I guess she’s been bred.

Oh yeah, definitely the cocky type of girl.


I swear Nora is the cutest thing on this planet. I’m so happy ReNora is getting more screen time. 

Just look at her, she’s just a huge rain of sunshine and-


Ren: Nora, chill.

Nora: *pouts*

I ship them so much.

Okay so here we have the members of team RNJR being told by Ozzy that they need to train to fight better and he’s gonna be the one training them. Reactions?

Jaune: *shocked and fangirling at the same time*

Nora: *Nora is not impressed*

Ruby: *does not know how to feel since little man crush is being controlled and will be teaching her* or maybe *dafaq*

Ren: Uhm..

Cute little Ossy while being controlled by Ozzy is super cute.

Ozzy loses control of Ossy

*Ossy falls absolutely unceremoniously but still cute*

Qrow: *not impressed*


Ren: *places hands behind back and silently judges you*

Alright! Back to Weissypoo! Aw yeah, look at her being able to create her little man friend!

Aw yeah!

I love her smile of hope being regained!

Aw yeah, there’s my sassy attitude little girl’s smirk!

Phew! Alright! This was a little long but trust me henny, I’ve done longer. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode and I hope you did too! This was just a huge dump of whatever I’ve been feeling and hopefully you kinda maybe might have enjoyed it!

These are my thoughts, feel free to reblog or comment and I’ll see you in the next take!

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Part two of laurens ghost :3 ♥!

Phillip: Uncle John, my mommy gave birth to my baby sister yesterday!

Ghost Laurens: Aww that’s great buddy you’re going to be a wonderful big brother.

Phillip: But I don’t want a sister! I wanted a little brother!

Ghost Laurens: Aww come on Phillip, being a big brother to a little sister is a great thing. I was just like you when my mom had my little sister.

Phillip: Were you upset?

Ghost Laurens: A little, but I loved taking care of her as a big brother it was my job to protect her.

Phillip: Oh!

Ghost Laurens: So promise me that you will protect your little sister if anyone is being mean to her.

Phillip: … Okay.

Jersey Adventures

Ethan Dolan x Reader

Summary -  Ethan and you take a little adventure back in Jersey and things turn out better than ever.

A/N - I got bored and wrote this and so you know.. if you have any requests you can send them in because I’m always bored asf. Sorry if this sucks & it’s short.

Originally posted by graysonsbabymomma

       You had just woken up and scrambled out of bed at the sound of a huge pan falling in the kitchen and Ethan yelling. “God Damn it!” You heard his voice as you threw on a pair of sweats and a tank. As you ran down the stairs you could hear Gray’s loud laughs and Ethan groaning. “What the hell is happening in here?” You questioned as you emerged from the stairway. “It was E’s turn to cook breakfast and he said he was the better cook. Obviously that isn’t true.” Grayson said between laughs as he got up and walked into the living room. You were currently in Jersey with the boys as Ethan had convinced you to go although you were nervous about meeting his parents.

       You went around the counter top to see E on the ground wiping up what seemed like eggs. “Great going Dolan.” You giggled and leaned down helping him with the mess. “Bet you that they would still taste better than Gray’s!” He screeched and you could hear a loud “Bullshit!” from the living room. You finally got the mess cleaned up and the pan in the sink as Ethan put his strong arms around your waist tightly. “Wanna do something alone today? I know a place..” He whispered and it gave you shivers down your spine.

      Getting E alone was an offer you couldn’t resist as Grayson had always third wheeled - not that you really minded. “Yeah E..” You murmured lightly and he kissed the top of your head walking upstairs. “Put on your bathing suit Y/n..” He said before walking upstairs leaving you to your own devices. You wondered what he was up too but then just shook your head - who cares, it’s alone time with your boyfriend! Sauntering up the stairs into the shared bedroom you grabbed the light purple bathing suit you packed for the trip. Quickly putting it on and applying sunscreen you were ready in no time. 

    “Well doesn’t my baby look good..” Ethan said from the door of the bedroom, wearing the blue swim trunks that definitely fit him well. “Thanks E.. But what about Gray?” You turned as he held towels in his left arm and began strolling to the front door. “Our old friend is coming over and they’re going out to the pizza place down the street. Don’t worry Y/n.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders as you walked to his rental car. “Alright, where are we going?” You opened the door to the burning hot car and sat down as E went around to the drivers side. “Surprise babe.” He smirked and began the car pulling out of the driveway and turning the AC on. 

   It seemed like you were on the road forever and you shifted in and out of sleep. That is until Ethan’s hand lightly shook you awake and told you that you were finally there. Your eyes adjusted to the light and you saw the god that is your boyfriend getting out of the car and grabbing the towels out of the back seat. You got out of the car and stretched peering around. It seemed as if.. You were in the middle of nowhere!? “Where the fuck are we Ethan?” You turned as he approached you. “We are in a forest Y/n. Use your eyes.” He laughed and pulled your confused body along down a dirt path.

   “I love you and every-” You were stunned as you turned a corner to see a huge waterfall and lake. “Wow..” Ethan embraced you, kissing your neck lightly before picking you up and throwing you straight into the freezing water. You emerged screaming profanities as he laughed and joined you in the water. “Aww baby… You look beautiful!” He continued with his laughing and you smirked pushing his body underwater. He came up choking and then it was your turn to laugh. “He then looked straight in your eyes and pulled you close making you gasp. “Oh Y/n… I love you so much.” He closed the space between you two, passionately kissing you. You let out a soft gasp as he gripped your hair. The kiss felt as if your whole life had been leading up to it. You both reluctantly pulled away and stared into eachothers eyes. “I love you too Etee.” You smirked as he groaned. Let it be said that the whole day with Ethan at the lake was quite the success.

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baekhyun and 270 please ❤️❤️❤️❤️

“Why are you up so early?”

The bed felt significantly colder when you woke up. Your hand travelled across the other side of the large bed in search of the warm body that usually lay next to your own, only to meet nothing but the soft bed sheets.

You opened your eyes, squinting a little at the morning light before looking over towards the pillow next to yours to find it unoccupied.

It was unusual that Baekhyun would wake up before you did, and even when that happened, he would always lay next to you until you woke up.

Getting out of bed, you left the bedroom in search of your boyfriend. The smell of food was wafting towards your nose and you followed the scent to the kitchen to find Baekhyun standing over the stove, wearing only his pyjama pants, leaving his bare back open for you to stare at.

He looked cute from your angle, even though he was half naked.

A smile crept across your face as you watched him mutter to himself over frying pan. He let out a little whine before running his hands through his hair that was already standing upright from sleep.

You tip-toed over to him, sneaking your arms around his waist to press your cheek against his back, causing him to jump a little in surprise before relaxing in your hold, leaning a little backwards into you and resting a hand on your arms.

“Why are you up so early?” you ask, peering over to the pan that he had been busy with to find it filled with burnt bacon. In the pan beside it was soggy scrambled eggs.

“I wanted to make you breakfast.” He pouts, turning around to wrap his arms around your waist. “But as you can see, I messed up again.”

Baekhyun had never been one for the kitchen, and unfortunately, it seemed like that was still the case.

“Why did you want to do that?” you ask, picking up the spatula to inspect the bacon.

“You always work so hard, and you always cook such nice food. I wanted to return the favour, but…” he trailed off, the pout stuck firmly onto his face. “I thought I could at least make something nice for you to eat.”

“Aww, baby,” you cooed, “you don’t need to worry about that. You work hard too.”

“But I still wanted to at least make you something to eat so you wouldn’t have to worry about cooking when you wake up.”

Picking up the frying pan with the bacon, you took it over to the counter where two plates were already sat, waiting for food to be dished onto them.

“What are you doing?” Baekhyun asked from behind you.

“I’m going to eat the breakfast that my lovely boyfriend made for me.” You answer while dishing out the bacon onto the plates along with some toast that was already made.

“Don’t do that, it’s horrible.” He protests, but you ignore him, sitting onto the chair by the counter and eating some of the food.

The bacon was definitely burnt, but you weren’t about to let that get in the way of eating it all.

Baekhyun watched you with a sceptical look on his face, waiting for you to pull your face at the flavour, but you didn’t.

“That was great, thank you Baekhyun.” You smiled at him when you finally finished everything.

“Don’t lie, you didn’t enjoy it. I can tell.”

“I wouldn’t have eaten it if I wasn’t enjoying it.” You pointed out. “You might not believe it, but you are improving. Remember what happened last time you were in the kitchen?” you say, referring to the time he set the pan on fire, causing the fire alarm to go off along with the sprinklers.

“Don’t remind me,” he groaned, covering his face with his hands at the memory.

“I will never let you forget it.” You laugh, standing up to put the dishes into the sink.

Your movements halted when you felt Baekhyun wrap his arms around you from behind and pull you against his chest.

“Thank you.” He murmured.

“For what?”

“Everything. You’re always so nice, even when I burn your breakfast.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s just food.” You say, trying to convince him that it wasn’t such a big deal.

“Okay, but from now on, I think you should stick to making breakfast instead of me.”

Giving and Taking (M) // Kim Yugyeom

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Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Yugyeom see’s how stressed you’ve been recently, so he decides to buy you a gift and gives you a massage to help you relax - so you give him something in return ;)

A/N: Please note that this scenario is rated M for mature as it contains smut, daddy/kitten kink, dirty talking, erotic massages and blowjobs (oh my god what have I done)

Also! This is 2 scenario requests joined together as they were both similar Yugyeom smuts ^^ I hope you enjoy!

“Yugyeom…” you whispered quietly upon your boyfriend presenting you with what he had described as a ‘present’ after you had arrived home from a long day of being incredibly worked up and stressed out from studying.

He cracked a tentative side smile, trying to maintain his confidence he’d built up as he watched you palm inside the small, pink box he offered to you. “I know you’ve been so stressed recently, so I thought about something fun we could do so you could wind down, hmm?” he cocked his head, looking at your eyes feast over the items he had bought for you. You had absolutely no idea that your boyfriend even thought about these things before – and it was turning you on a great deal.

Inside the box, you found the most adorable set of black, clip on kitten ears that had little bells attached to them with soft pink fabric on the inside. The faux fur was soft, delicate and smelled like sweet perfume. The box also contained a little black collar, complete with “Kitten” etched on the front from a dangling tag. What surprised you the most however, was the tiny little tail that was at the bottom of the box to match the ears with a small clip at the top –  all making you shiver with nervousness and excitement.

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hey! how would the exo members react when their gf is waiting for them at the dorm with food she cooked? :)

Suho: He’d be so proud and would compliment you all night

Jagi you are the best

Xiumin: He’d be very thankful and wouldn’t let you wash the dishes!

“Baby thank you so much but you really don’t have to do this you know”

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Lay: This would make him adore you even more, if that’s possible. He’s stay close to you all night.

“Baobei why are you so adorable?

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Baekhyun: This little shit would joke around with you as usual.

“omo jagiya where did you buy this from? it’s yummy” 

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Chanyeol: He would be so excited and happy and would tease the other members of course

“You guys are so lucky my girlfriend is such a great cook”

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Chen: He would love your food and be super excited that he’s dating a girl with such talent for cooking. 

“Aww my baby is so talented and caring”

(you are xiumin)

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D.O: He wouldn’t be surprised at all. You two discussed the menu together the day before. He knows you are just as good as him.

*He would dive right in!* “Hmm.. just as i expected. Amazing like you”

Kai: Kai would be so happy and proud and would want all the food you made.

Yay food! Don’t touch it! It’s all mine!

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Sehun: He’d be cocky after hearing all the compliment you got from the members.

“Pff..please.. What did you expect? She’s my girlfriend.”

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Thank you for requesting :) Hope you liked it!

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*Me ten years from today, lying down next to my love in bed after a long day*

Me: *starts crying*

Them: Aww baby. I know it’s been a long day but you can finally sleep.

Me: *shakes head & still crying* It’s not that.

Them: What is it then?

Me: Ten years ago today, on 14th November 2017, Monsta X had finally received their first ever win after two and a half years of hard work. It’s the best moment of my life. I’m still so happy for them.

boyfriend; hyunbin

“a/n: requested by anon / gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner also love this tol cutie


  • this guy when it comes to something like this 
  • he becomes all shy and it’s cute
  • you realized something different about your ‘best friend’
  • “hey, is there something wrong?”
  • you would sit next to him as all the other models were looking over at hyunbin with a slight smirk on their faces
  • you’d just sit there confused like??
  • “is there something you want to tell me, hyunbin?”
  • “there is.”
  • he’d stand up and get on one knee in front of you
  • you would see a flower bouquet flying over hyunbin his head and it would perfectly land into his hands
  • “i like you ___ more than a friend.”
  • “i like you too.”
  • the moment he heard those words coming out from your mouth, he’d stand up and begin crying so much
  • happy tears of course
  • because he never expected you to like him back
  • but now!! his dream has come true


  • dates with this tall cutie would be …….
  • uh i think he’s probably gonna spoil you like
  • he would tell you ‘go wherever you want, i’ll pay’
  • and if you don’t know where to go, hyunbin would take you to brand shops and expensive as hell restaurants
  • he wouldn’t even realize how many he spend until you checked it 
  • “hyunbin!! we spend too much money today on your card, i’ll pay for the food”
  • “no baby, it’s okay.”
  • “it’s not okay!! what if your boss sees this?”
  • “come on, baby. let’s just go”
  • in the end of the day, the both of you would be at dollar stores
  • trying on the masks and everything 
  • it would be so cute
  • “look baby, i’m your deer from now on.”
  • he’d be wearing a deer mask like uh sure
  • hyunbin would eventually disappear for a few minutes 
  • and come back wearing a cute head band saying ‘i love you’
  • “aww, you’re so cute”
  • “so, do you love me?”
  • “i love you very much, cutie”
  • the store owner would be standing there, dying bc the two of you are so cute


  • hyunbin would be very shy when it comes to kissing you in public
  • his kisses would be short
  • his friends would even tease him about it since it’s weird
  • “hyunbin, why can’t you kiss her for long?? what are you gonna do when you two get married???”
  • “stop it, hyojun. you know our hyunbin is very shy”
  • but when it comes to being alone
  • his kisses would be long and really passionate
  • it’s tres romantic
  • hyunbin would wrap his arms around you as he kisses you
  • while kissing you sometimes
  • he smiles since he can’t believe that’s he able to call someone like you his
  • after the kiss, he even looks at you for a second
  • and it’s so cute
  • like you can really see the love in his eyes 


  • wowowow i bet it would feel so good to hug him
  • since this guy is tall and he’s probably very warm
  • but sometimes hyunbin would be searching for you
  • just because he’s cold and he wants to see you
  • “hyunwoo, have you seen ___?”
  • “oh, yeah. s/he’s there in the dressing room talking to hoorim”
  • “thanks.”
  • he’d run as fast as he can to the dressing room and hug you tight af
  • hoorim would be like “ok” and continue to talk to you about fashion week
  • even when sitting down somewhere
  • he’d still be hugging you, no matter what you are doing
  • “babe, can you like move a bit. i’m trying to make my homework.”
  • “i’m sorry, baby. i cannot.”
  • “you can.”
  • you’d try to push him off but he wouldn’t let go
  • “nooooo, i love you”
  • “i love you too but i need to concentrate.”
  • i can also see him before work, hugging you not even wanting to let go
  • “babe, you’re gonna be late.”
  • “it doesn’t matter, i wanna stay with you.”
  • “babe.”
  • “okay, okay.”
  • and after work expect him to be hugging and kissing you the whole time
  • “i love you, i love you and i love you.”

missing each other:

  • like in produce 101
  • he cried a lot because he wants to be with his mom
  • i think it would go the same when it comes to you
  • hyunbin would be thinking about you
  • the moment he left for some model things
  • “hey, why so sad?”
  • “i miss ____ already. i wanna go back.”
  • “can’t you like call or face time ____?”
  • “i can’t. i think if i do that, i’m gonna miss her/him more.”
  • in the end this cutie would call you while crying
  • even though it’s the first couple of hours that he’s been away from you
  • “i miss you baby.”
  • “i miss you too, look hyunbin the days will go past really fast and then we’ll see each other again.”
  • “i wanna see you now, i don’t wanna wait any more days.”
  • he’d continue to call you, until the both of you see each other again
  • hyunbin would face time you when he’s getting ready to sleep
  • he’d eventually fall asleep while face timing with you 
  • when the two of you see each other again
  • expect him to be crying a river while hugging you tight


  • mornings with hyunbin
  • would always start of with him groaning and mumbling random words 
  • the first time the two of you slept together
  • you thought it was pretty weird but got used to it after a while
  • he always wakes up before you
  • and when he sees you asleep next to him
  • hyunbin would chuckle since he thinks you look really cute & beautiful
  • he’d even kiss your forehead and play with the end of your shirt
  • “you’re so cute, look at you.”
  • “i’m so lucky that i can call you mine.”
  • he’s so sweet towards you nobody can handle it not even you lol
  • even when produce 101 was happening
  • hyunbin actually sneaked you in, so the both of you could sleep together
  • he would always want to wake up next to you