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I'm going to need a moment or two to collect my jaw from off the floor. You are already so generous with your time and talents, and I am both stunned and flattered by the banner you made for "Come On Baby, Light My Fire." It is absolutely gorgeous and completely unexpected, which makes it special beyond belief! Thank you so much! Literally cannot wait to use it. A ton of love and hugs being sent your way! <3 Tracy

Aww Tracy! You don’t know how much your appreciation means to me! And I’m just so happy you liked the banner, it’s all on @peetabreadgirl, not only for having involved me in this project but also because if it wasn’t for her I would have missed your AMAZING story. 

I blame the fact that I’m hardly on tumblr and I always miss so much (unless I’m tagged), but thankfully I could read your story, which is one of the most beautiful thing ever! And I am the one who needs to thank you for the masterpiece you gave us! (I’ve sent you a message about it, but tumblr doesn’t love me and maybe it got lost?) 

So it was my honour to make that banner, it’s not even nearly enough for the perfection of “come on baby light my fire” but still, I’m very happy you like it :)

Thank you for your talent and all the amazing stories you give us! Really! Hugs back to you darling ♥︎

things i hate about straight culture
  • 30, flirty and fun ;)
  • night out with the girlies !!
  • making hating your spouse a cultural norm
  • i love the gays :)) gay bars are sO fun
  • i’m not homophobic, i have one (1) gay friend 
  • my girlfriend…….i mean my friend who’s a girl..
  • so do your parents accept u
  • tell us your coming out story!!!!
  • ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’
  • ur so brave xx 
  • being mistakenly perceived as gay is the worst possible insult 
  • ‘girl on girl/guy on guy action’
  • wine moms
  • idk i thought 50 shades of grey was good :)
  • ‘i’m not gay, but…’ 
  • missionary position
  • *two babies sitting next to each other* aww they’re in love!!! i can hear the wedding bells!!!!
  • murdering ppl for being lgbt

Baby GTOP killin’ it

Affaires Douées (M)

word count: 7.4k

genre: smut; CEO!minhyuk

pairing: reader/minhyuk

summary: you’re fashion CEO lee minhyuk’s personal assistant, and in deep denial about your well-reasoned attraction to said man. when he reveals he’s had issues taking care of himself, paired with you seeing him lose his temper in front of everyone, it leads you two to take your business relationship to a more personal level.

a/n: this was inspired by this lovely video which had a yelling minhyuk that had me hot and bothered within seconds. please, suffer with me.


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Birthday Boy

PAIRING: Peter Parker x Reader (Female)

(ANONYMOUS) REQUEST PROMPT: Reader spends time with Peter on his birthday.

WRITTEN BY: @spiderlingy / Krystal W.

WARNINGS: Extreme cuteness and fluff overload.




     “Happy Birthday, Parker.” you whispered from behind Peter’s ear, causing him to turn around from his school locker to face you with a radiant smile. You rose onto your toes to leave a red-lipstick print on his cheek, soon satisfied with his giggles.

     You brought the bouquet of lavish roses that were hidden from behind your back. “These are for you, birthday boy.

     Peter reached for the bouquet in your hands and brought it to his face, the heavy fragrant scent filling his nostrils.

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Picky. | minhyuk

Member: Daddy!Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 1,500+
Genre/Warning(s): fluff galore. ♥

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A small, gurgled giggle falls from your eight-month-old son’s lips, which bear a striking resemblance to his father’s, as you carefully place him in his high chair.

“There you go~” you coo, getting him properly situated and straightening out the puppy-themed bib around his neck. He wiggles in his seat and you chuckle quietly at his penchant to fidget. “Let me fix you up first, handsome.”

Being the mini ball of energy that he is, your baby boy releases a string of tiny giggles when your fingers tickle his chest after successfully primping him. The youthful twinkle in his crescent eyes brightens your entire day when he peers up at you, flashing you a show of pink gums and few teeth.

“Is my little star hungry, hmm?” you ask him, tilting your head to the side, running a hand through his head of soft, healthy hair.

Your son emits another cute noise that seems compliant, stubby fingers flailing enthusiastically. His current schedule seems to be working perfectly.

“Is that a yeah?” You nod at him, understanding.

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Come Home to Me


Request: Hey!! I love your writing I was wondering if u can write one about Y/N being a famous actor and being away filming a movie and Shawn calling her and telling her how much he misses her??

Word Count: 1,175

Come Home to Me

“And cut” the director yelled at you.

“That was amazing, y/n. The scene turned out beautifully. Such a pleasure working with such a talent” his kind words made you blush, but you smiled happily back at him.

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“I know girls like the bad boys, erm, girls, but did you seriously have to fall for a fucking assassin, Y/N?” Tony said.

Natasha smirked. “C’mon, Tony,” she said. “You know you love me.”

Tony rolled his eyes dramatically. “Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled. “But I don’t love you dating my daughter. I don’t like the idea of you two… fondling each other.”

“We’ve been dating for a year, dad. We’ve been ‘fondling-’”

“Nope!” Tony said, walking away. “Don’t want any details.”

“She could’ve done a lot worse, Stark,” Natasha replied.

“I know,” Tony replied. “You’re… a good person, Natasha. But I still don’t like my baby girl dating everyone.”

“Aww,” you responded, placing a kiss on your dad’s cheek, then walked over and placed a kiss on your girlfriend’s.

Giving and Taking (M) // Kim Yugyeom

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Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Yugyeom see’s how stressed you’ve been recently, so he decides to buy you a gift and gives you a massage to help you relax - so you give him something in return ;)

A/N: Please note that this scenario is rated M for mature as it contains smut, daddy/kitten kink, dirty talking, erotic massages and blowjobs (oh my god what have I done)

Also! This is 2 scenario requests joined together as they were both similar Yugyeom smuts ^^ I hope you enjoy!

“Yugyeom…” you whispered quietly upon your boyfriend presenting you with what he had described as a ‘present’ after you had arrived home from a long day of being incredibly worked up and stressed out from studying.

He cracked a tentative side smile, trying to maintain his confidence he’d built up as he watched you palm inside the small, pink box he offered to you. “I know you’ve been so stressed recently, so I thought about something fun we could do so you could wind down, hmm?” he cocked his head, looking at your eyes feast over the items he had bought for you. You had absolutely no idea that your boyfriend even thought about these things before – and it was turning you on a great deal.

Inside the box, you found the most adorable set of black, clip on kitten ears that had little bells attached to them with soft pink fabric on the inside. The faux fur was soft, delicate and smelled like sweet perfume. The box also contained a little black collar, complete with “Kitten” etched on the front from a dangling tag. What surprised you the most however, was the tiny little tail that was at the bottom of the box to match the ears with a small clip at the top –  all making you shiver with nervousness and excitement.

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M/S reactions to their s/o telling them that she is pregnant of twins please.😄

Shu:  *sighs annoyingly*  Seriously…it’s going to be two?  Well there’s nothing we can about it now.  I’ll still love them both…even if they turn out troublesome…God aren’t twins mischievous.  Just know I’m not gonna teach them to play violin if they’re gonna be as annoying as Ayato.

Reiji: Excuse me? Did you just say “two children?” … *sighs* we only went shopping for one child though… Like I expected it to be. I guess we’ll have to go back and get a second set of toys and clothing. How embarrassing. Put on your coat. 

Ayato:  WHAT??? Twins? Jesus that’s gonna suck to push two kids outta your vagina!  Hahaha they better be guys so I can teach them how to play sports and drink like a real man!  If they look alike can we just name them both the same thing? It’d be easier on my brain.

Kanato: …Two kids? Two?? As if one was already enough!! Now there’s gonna be TWO of them to take your attention away from me!!! … *sniffles* I just want you to pay attention to me… *tugs her sleeve* …and not two stupid kids.

Laito: *smile and mouth lightly twitches* Aww…how cute!!! Imagine all the fun we’re gonna have as a family!!! I can’t wait to pick out their clothes and toys! Two times the fun, right Bitch-chan? Imagine the holidays we’re gonna spend together…with two little babies…just a big…happy…family.

Subaru: Oh… Twins? T-tch… Alright I guess… It’ll be twice as much work though… But it’s our children, so we’ll love them no matter what *kisses her* we’ll get through this together. 

Ruki: Did I hear you right Livestock? Twins?  *sighs and rubs his temples*  Call someone so we can have new room built in for the new child.  Then I expect you to go out and get a second set of clothing, books, and toys.  Don’t give me that look.  I’ll do my part as a father if you fulfill your part as a mother.

Kou: Aww, two little M-neko-chans? How adorable! I hope they look just like you! I’ll go tweet this right now, my fangirls are gonna flip out! *pulls out his phone* Smile! Try to show off your baby bump… I can’t wait to meet my little Kou Jr’s! 

Yuma: Hah!? Twins!? Goddammit Sow, why’d you do this!?! …Oh yeah I was the one who didn’t wear protection… Tch! God this is what I would least expect… But there’s nothing we can do about it now… May as well prepare for them… Get in the car, we’ll go get them shit they’ll need.

Azusa:  *was eating cereal and nearly chokes on it* T-twins? ….Oh no….I won’t be able…to tell them apart….They’re gonna hate me….Ah? They won’t?  ….I’ll try my best….to be a good father…and love them…They’re going to be…so cute…

dad!Ponyboy headcanons

- the best dad
- the whole gang are amazing dads

- lots and lots of snuggles
- and kisses

- tea parties with Daddy!! aww

- he works super hard to make sure his kids have a good, stable childhood
- he’s also super duper careful so his kids aren’t orphaned at a young age

- makes the best breakfast

- tells so many dad jokes
- like he needs to stop

- he thinks since he’s a dad now that he’s gotta act like Darry
- so he drinks his coffee and reads the newspaper
- but he hates coffee so he has to suffer through it

- he doesn’t want to stop holding his baby
- but he’ll be like “oh no! he needs a nap” “but I wanna keep holding him” “but he needs a nap”
- he always does what’s best for the baby though

- when his kids are dating, he makes sure that their partners are good for them

- he doesn’t trust Dally to babysit
- only Johnny and Darry
- he thinks Two will drop the baby, Soda’ll forget the kid and Steve will torture ‘em cause he’s Pony’s child
- none of this is true, by the way

- Ponyboy didn’t know what to expect with his first kid
- so he and his wife bought so much baby stuff
- Darry was gonna him the baby stuff he had from his kids but guess who was having another baby!!
- Two and Steve have the most kids okay

- he loves feeding his baby though like aww
- he’ll be like “here comes the plane!”
- he’d call up Darry and be like “what did Dad say to us when he tried to feed us baby food”
- and Darry’ll say something like “he pretended he was a train or something. I don’t know Pony. I’m 30. I don’t remember”
- but Pony would’ve already dropped the phone, leaving it still on, and tell his kid he’s a train and go “chugga chugga choo choo” and he’s just so damn adorable

- his daughter has his hair and eyes and she’s just the CUTEST
- they’re twins and he couldn’t be happier about it
- the freckles and everything ahhh she’s so cute

You’re his idol girlfriend and the two get cute during an interview (GOT7)

JB: -you were sitting beside him while the others were talking, you laid you head on his shoulder before he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer. Neither of you were paying attention when Jaebum was asked something- “what did you ask I wasn’t listening? Sorry”

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Mark: -you were sitting behind him during the interview and you began playing with his hair. Before playing with the collar of his shirt, he was getting slightly annoyed to the point he grabbed one of your hands and almost pulled you out of your chair. The MC jokingly told you to keep your hands to yourselves- “sorry she finds me irresistible” 

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Jackson: -no one seemed to realize you two never behaved when you two were in an interview. You’d poke him, he’d pinch you, you’d steal his hat, and he’d practically tackle you to get it back. Soon enough you guys were being scolded and told to sit on opposite ends of the couch- “why do I have to move she started it and I was just defending myself”

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Jr.: -you were already sitting on him due to lack of room for seating. He could tell you were bored because of the fact you were messing with his hair and he started getting sleepy and laid his head on your shoulder. A loud aww ended the moment- “sorry we got distracted”

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Youngjae: -you were interviewing him actually but Youngjae wouldn’t let you do your job at the moment. He was being cute and in your face making sure you were paying attention to him instead of the others- “love you baby pay more attention to me right now”

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BamBam: -you two were sitting decently far apart and the past 10 minutes making random faces at eachother to the point you were oblivious to the interview. BamBam only realized that he was asked something after he was shoved slightly.- “oh I guess I got asked something” 

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Yugyeom: -you were in the middle of the conversation of how you were telling a story about your comeback when your hand subconsciously made its way into his as he gripped it while listening and the only reason you noticed it was when you were exclaiming with your hands his hand went with yours. You both were slightly confused on how you got to holding hands but went with it- “babe do you remember grabbing my hand because I don’t what so ever”

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Taking the “rigurosum” test to my agriculture class ♡♡

Made this in the break while talk about the grades with other teachers. I dunno how we finish to talk about the fandom hahaha.

Lil’ fast doodles of not so baby f!pal and baby f!goth… and an anon
C'mon!! Fell needs more love!!!! So i give my love! 😚😚😚

*an wild anon wants to pet baby f!goth*

F!pal: Dun cone any closer to my toy! It’s MINE!

Anon: But Goth is not a toy

F!pal: Shut up! U dun know anything! He wive with me his entiwe wife!!

Anon: Entire life? You sure? How do you know?

F!pal: ‘cos I wove him, and I will care of him for ewer!

Anon: Aww! How sweet of you, Palette ♡

F!pal: Now I need to feed my toy *try to take him off* mmh…

Anon: Your toy is too big and heavy for you. Want me to help?

F!pal: Ok, yes pwease, but dun touch too much.

Anon: Ok.

F!pal: Maybe I wwet you to touch my toy more often if u be good with me…

Anon: Aww thanks!


F!palette belongs to @angexci
F!goth belongs to @nekophy


Joonas Rask - Children

Originally posted by leksakomarov

I love your Joonas Rask imagines! You always write him so well. Could you do another one where you guys are babysitting Tuukka’s kids and Joonas brings up you two having your own kids, like how he hopes that the kids end up with your hair,etc. With tons of fluff that you could die. Thank you so much ❤❤❤

Author’s Note: Aww thank you love! I love these sweet little messages. Enjoy! -Julianne

Baby fever was the best but also the worst. So, when Tuukka asked you and Joonas to babysit little Rask you jumped at it.

“Aunt Y/N! Uncle Joonas! Our you hear to play with me?” Little Rask asked.

“Of course!” Joonas said as he scooped up the little girl in his arms.

“Okay, we should be back at 12 or earlier.” Tuukka said as he and Jasmiina headed out the door.

“Have fun mommy and daddy!” Little Rask said as she pulled her Uncle to her play room.

You had just gotten down cleaning the playroom, when Joonas walked in from tucking the little girl in. Joonas smiled at you as you kept cleaning. Finally he walked into the room and sat down on one of the bean bags pulling you into his lap.

“How many kids do you want?” Joonas asked as he kissed your neck.

You felt yourself freeze in his lap. You and Joonas have been together forever but you two never talked about kids.

“Umm, four. What about you?”

“I like four…Maybe five. I’ve always wanted a big family.”

“I like that. A little boy with your smile. That would be nice.” You said as you cuddled into his chest more.

“As long as he has your hair, and your eyes. Out daughter can have my eyes, my hair and your wonderful smile and laugh. Then our next daughter can have my looks and your personality, Then our next son can have my personality  and your looks.”

“Where, did this come from?”

“I just saw you with our niece and all I could think was how I want to start a family with you. I hope I didn’t scare you.” He said as he stuffed his face in your hair.

“I would love to start a family with you.” You smiled as you turned in his arms.

“Really?” He smiled.

“Really. In fact we can start when we get home.” You smirked.
“Hmm I like that.” He smiled as he kissed your lips.


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Puppy Pile Talks

Stiles and Derek have a discussion at 3 am about what pup likes what parent better.

On A03. On Fanfiction.

“Ugh, you wolves are so freaking hot. It’s like an oven in here,” Stiles complained. Almost all the wolves were in his and Derek’s bed and he was being cooked at 350. He had woken up at around 3:30 to find Malia, Jackson, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Scott, Lydia and Liam knocked out in the bed. Stiles was currently trapped under Liam, who must have joined the pile last, seeing as how he was on top of everyone else too. He had Erica hugging his legs and Isaac hugging one of his arms. Being crushed into his mate’s chest probably had something to do with the heat too.

Craning his neck to look at the rest of the pile, he saw Lydia was back to back with Derek with Malia in front of her. Scott was somewhere near Isaac. Boyd was on one side Erica and Jackson was at the foot of the bed, curled in a ball.

His moving and whispered complaints must have woken up his mate, who pulled him closer, “Shh…” Derek said, having a hard time finding Stiles’s mouth, trying to physically shush him. “Pups are sleeping. Daddy’s sleeping,” he whispered groggily.

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My reactions on ShikaTema. Feel free to make a post about yours.

Episode 64: “I like this chick! I think she’s gonna be my favorite. Shikamaru, admit you like having fun with this sassy gal. I hope he falls for her.”

Episode 125: “Yess!!! I knew it was her! I knew it! You two, go home now and make lots of babies! Joking…”

Episode 135: “Aww, look at them!!!” And then… “The feels! T.T Don’t cry, Shika!”

Episode 142: “Hehehe See that smile? Now let me quote your father, Shika. Even the roughest girl is tender to the man she loves.”

Episode 218: “Oh, would you look at him saving Temari? Ah, Shika! You wanted this so badly, admit it.”

Episode 220:Girl, you like him! ‘nough said.”

Shippuden 1: “Mhm. Shikamaru and Temari walking side by side… Coincidence? I think not.”

Shippuden 2: “Shut up, you’re dating!”

Shippuden 6-7: “Shikamaru waking up so early for a gal? Must be LOVE!”

Shippuden 234: “I knew Shikamaru will appear! Heh cruelest kunoichi, huh? Stop pretending you two are not into each other!

Shippuden 256: “Yesss!!! They’re in the same division! I love this!”

Shippuden 268: “Ah, they’re just too cute!”

Shippuden 316: “And his name is SHIKAMARU F'in NARA!”

Shippuden 363:Admiring your bf’s dad… Awww, Tema-chan!

Shippuden 379: “Yup, she loves him.”

Manga 678: “So… Temari is in Shikamaru’s dream… Not a big deal… FUCK YEAH!!!”

Manga 700: “Umm… I need a drink.”

Oh and Shippuden 394: "Ah, would you look at them? You two are gonna marry and make that cutie Shikadai! My babies!“

Okay, so that was it with a little bit, maybe a little (more) overreacting XD Well, it sounded different in Romanian (my first language) I’m anxious to see yours now.