babies are contagious

The Houses based on my friends

• “Hey guys look what I can do”
• dances and sings a lot unconsciously
• has weird hairstyles
• mood swings
• leaves essays until the night before
• mega ultra super nerd

• finds really stupid things funny
• spends lots of time on social media
• says please and thank you all the time
• loves pillows
• amazing eyebrows
• uses a candy wrapper for bookmark

• wears bows in hair everyday
• physically cannot be angry
• tries to scare everyone and fails
• very affectionate
• walks on tip-toes
• blushes uncontrollably 24/7

• salty af 100% of the time
• swears every other word
• killer fashion sense
• carries dog around like a baby
• really contagious laughter
• will challenge anyone at anything

How They React To Their Pregnant GF/Wife Being Grumpy (BIG BANG)

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Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: He would be the only one to get angry back at you. He would tell you that he didn’t deserve all of your mislead anger and tell you he needed to leave while you cooled down. While on his walk he would begin to feel guilty for acting like he did, knowing you were going through the worst of it and how you were probably stressing out more than he was. He would swing by a floral shop and pick up some of your favorite flowers as an apology on his way home, and for the rest of the night he would pamper you.  

DAESUNG: Poor Daesung would be so oblivious to all of your snarky remarks and grumpy sarcasm. So the day you really couldn’t take his stupidity, you let him have it. He still held his dumb smile as you berated him. He would let you finish, and when you were done he would take both your hands and his, and gently hold your stomach. ’Don’t worry, umma is nicer in person.’ He would coo to the baby before laughing his contagious laugh.

TAEYANG: For Taeyang, he would become used to your grumpiness when he came home from a day at the studio. He would do everything he could to make up for his time spent at work and not being able to help you. Although, he couldn’t help but laugh at you when you waddled from your bedroom, yelling at him for doing this to you. Even though you smacked him on the back of the head for doing so, there would be a hint of a smile in the corner of your lips when he gave you his ‘I’m home’ kiss. 

G.D.: He would probably be the most helpful throughout your pregnancy. He would make sure you were always healthy and well taken care of. But once you were hitting your fifth month, it would be more annoying than anything. So when you suddenly screamed 'Leave me alone before my next craving is your head in the wall’ he would have been very surprised. He would recover quickly though, getting that he has been a little too overbearing. He would leave without a word, but in the most dramatic way possible so he could leave you with a smile instead of a frown. 

SEUNGRI: Despite all of your complaints and fits of anger, none of it would faze Seungri. He would know your anger wasn’t directed at him (at least that’s what he would tell himself) and most of the time he would let it go in one ear and out the other. There would be times though where he would excuse himself to the bathroom to calm down and remind himself that he loves you and that you only have a few months left. 

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19 with Johnson cause yeah I can't look at his smile without smile back

“Your smile is my only weakness,” my boyfriend, Jack, says softly kissing me on my nose. I meet his eyes as the sun comes through the big bay windows in our bedroom.

“Well, your smile is contagious baby” I smile up at him and sit up a little in our bed. 

This was one of our perfect mornings. I didn’t have to go into work, Jack was taking a few days off from the studio grind. The windows were open slightly, the sky was blue and my boyfriend was humming some cute song as I rested my head on his chest. 

“How did we get so lucky, Poptart?” He says, playing with my hair. 

“I’m not going to question my blessings, Bunny” I smile up at him. 

“I’m telling you, those pearlies are going to be the death of me” He chuckles. “I’m gonna make you breakfast, what do you want?”

“Surprise me” I giggle as he hops out of our bed. 

“For the rest of your life, beautiful” He snaps and makes finger guns as he heads for the kitchen. 

“Smooth, Babe” I laugh. Life doesn’t really get better. 


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No Tom, keep liking pictures of babies. Lance has baby fever, and it's contagious! I would like them to enjoy being married for a bit, but them with babies will be the end of you, me, and all of us fangirls and fanboys.

Omg Tom and Lance with babies will legit be the end of us, too much cute 😂

Your Secret : Joker x Reader

[Sort of a fluff post. Reader is hiding a disability from J.] Warning: mention of seizures

You have been dating the Joker for nearly 6 months and damn has it been a roller coaster. You made it clear to him you wanted no part in killing. You had helped him with a couple of robberies just for the thrill but each time you had to stop him from waiting some poor soul. So you decided to stop. It probably wasn’t good for your health anyways. Since it has only been six month you haven’t brought up to J that you had health issues. He had been so enamored with you always thinking you were perfect calling you his perfection, his innocent, or his Princess. You hated the thought of him finding out you were damaged goods.

Before he wanted you you saw him go through several young and beautiful woman, getting tired of them and moving onto the next. You hadn’t thought his interest in you would ever lead anywhere but here you are six months later much longer than you had seen him with any other girl, save for Harley, but she was gone now and J had moved on.

You did a great job of hiding the fact you had to take meds from him always slipping away to ‘powder your nose’ or ‘check on that thing’. He hadn’t caught on yet so you were hoping you could keep up the charade’.

“Baby, baby, baby doll how about we go out tonight. Daddy has a little business to take care of at his club but then we can do anything you want. And I promise no killing. ”

He said with a smile crossing his finger over his heart. You couldn’t help yourself around him, he was intoxicating and you just couldn’t say no to that smile. You knew going to his club probably wasn’t the best idea, the lights could aggrieve your condition but god you just couldn’t say no.

“ Sure Daddy, but no killing. ” You scolded gently bopping him on the tip of his nose. He smiled gently before kissing you on the forehead.

———————- later that night————————-

You were ready for your night out with J. You had dolled yourself up in a short black dress that hugged you just right, you wore your black convers like you always did, never heels. You made sure to take your meds a little early to try to minimize the chances of an issue at the club.

“You read?” You heard coming from the other room. You looked in the mirror once more smoothing your dress before you responded. “Yes J Im coming.”
“Hmmm, thats what I like to here.” You heard him growl. You just laughed to yourself a little and headed out to meet him.

He was wearing one of his normal outfits, a half unbuttoned white shirt showing off his many elaborate tattoos onto of that was one of his favorite purple coats that draped perfectly off his body, and a pair of black slacks that hugged his ass too perfect. With a small grown slipping out while taking him in you skip over and kiss him before he leads you to the car.

Arriving at the club you feel fine confident that you took all the precautions to make the a good night. You sat in the corner of J’s Private VIP room playing Solitaire on your phone while J conducted his business. “I promised my baby doll I wouldn’t kill anyone tonight Antonio so you’re lucky. But, but, but, if I see you again and you don’t have the money you owe me.” J’s eyes narrowed and turned to ice as he lifts two of his fingers making a gun with his hand and poking the frightened man’s temple. “Y-y-y-ess sir-r-r Mister J sir.” The man stammered before trying to leave the room. “Thank (y/n) before you leave Antonio since she’s the only reason you’re still breathing.” Antonio stops in front of you bowing slightly and sincerely thanking you before scurrying out of J’s club as fast as possible.

“Come sit on Daddy’s lap suger. ” J purred in your direction. You put your phone away and go to sit in J’s lap when a very fast tempo song comes on and the Club starts flashing rapidly with strobe lights. You’re half way to J when you feel your vision start to tunnel. Shit. You knew what was gonna happen next and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Your face drops and your expression goes blank, you see terror and confusion cross J’s face and he calls out to you before your vision fails, your legs give and you hit the floor.

——————– Joker’s POV———————-

Horror and confusion hits J’s face as he watches (y/n) freeze half way to him. Her face looks blank and she looked like she was staring right through him. He starts to get up not knowing whats going on as her legs give out and she starts to fall to the floor. “Nonononono!” He jumps across the room to catch her still not understanding whats happening to her. Confusion, anger, and fear runs through his head. Was she dieing? What was happening to her? She starts to seize in his arms her whole body shaking and spazming. He steps away not sure what to do, feeling helpless. He yells for Frost his best man for help. The fear in J’s voice showed and Frost rushed in to see what the danger was only to see (y/n) still seizing in the middle of the floor with J stepping into a corner of the room looking like he was killing her. He pointed to her and with a half frantic voice yelled at Frost to help her. Frost knew there really wasn’t much he could do but help her ride it out safely so he sat on the floor pulling (y/n) into his lap and leaning her to one side as he firmly held her so she didn’t injure herself. J started to walk closer still so confused but trying to understand what was happening and trying to take note on what Frost was doing.

Suddenly her body stops moving completely and she let out a huge sigh still not regaining consciousness. Frost realizing the worst was over picks (y/n) up off the floor and lays her down on the bench near his boss taking one of the plush pillows and placing it under her feet to keep them elevated. J goes to stand near (y/n) and moves a few stray hairs that had been dislodged during her spazms out of her face. Frost went to retrieve some water for when she regains consciousness and went to shut off the strobes and empty the club. J kneeled down so he could watch (y/n)’s face. Her face seemed to be coming back to life it looked as though she was just resting. J didn’t like this, he didn’t like feeling helpless and he didn’t like that he couldn’t do anything to help his Princess.

———————- (y/n)’s POV————————

Your entire body felt like you had just been hit by a truck. Ugh you had a major head ache and you were only now regaining your vision. As your eyes start to flutter open you see J, his face distorted in confusion staring at you. When he sees your eyes start to open he starts gently tapping your cheeks trying to get your attention. “(Y/ n), (y/ n) what happened?” You can here the desperation in his voice but haven’t come back enough to respond, to reassure his you’ll be fine. Frost walks in and sees you starting to regain your bearings so he moves quickly, slightly pushing J out of the way but making sure not to piss off his already confused and agitated boss. He props you up slightly and props you up on your legs while he helps give you some cold water your hands till to shaky to take control of the cup yourself. The cool water hit your mouth and starts jolting you back to reality.

You blink several times trying to figure out were you were and why Frost was holding you. “Hey Frosty whats up?” You jest your voice hoarse and scratchy. “Are you already mam’ you scared us for a minute there.” Frost said softly still visibly concerned. You try to sit up but get light headed again and lean back on Frost’s shoulder. “ Yeah Im fine. Im sorry for worrying you guys.” You say as you tilt your head to look at J who still had a very concerned look on his face. “Im sorry J I should have told you. I have a seizure disorder.” You said with tears forming in your eyes. “I. I thought if I told you, you wouldn’t want me hanging around anymore.” You start to look away tears starting to roll down your face.

“Move.” J orders Frost with a cold voice. Frost immediately starts to move out of his bosses way still propping you while J replaces him on the bench, then he quickly and quietly exits the room. You avert your eyes from J not wanting to see the disappointment and disapproval you knew were most likely in his eyes. “Look at me doll.” He said sternly gently grabbing your chin and turning your head so he could see your face when all you offer him is a shake of your head. “Open your eyes.” With tears and mascara now running down your face you look into his gorgeous and sad blue eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me.” His voice was cold and you winced at its icy feel. More tears stream down your face. “I was afraid if I told you, you would toss me to the side like all your other toys.” You hiccup with your tears as you talk.

J grabs both sides of your face firmly in his hands and pulls you in for a passionate kiss. “Never doll face.” His voice warming and his features softening as you become more and more yourself. “But you need to tell me things like this. How am I supposed to protect you if I don’t know what I need to protect you from?” He asks softly. “Im sorry J. I should have told you.” Feeling a little more comfortable with his reaction you nuzzle into his bare chest soaking in the comfort of his embrace. “Lets go home baby doll.” J says scooping you up and carrying you to the car to head home.

——————– Later that night——————

J has you curled up on the couch wrapped in a blanket like a kid while he grabs a huge bowl of rocky road from the freezer and two spoons before turning on Doctor Who and settling in next to you. You try to take your first bite of ice cream but your hand still shaky from your fit earlier tosses the ice cream and your spoon halfway across the room. Making you furrow your brow in frustration, that is until you hear J start to crack up next to you. “Nice one baby face!” His laugh is contagious and you start to giggle to before J shoves a nice big scoop of wonder ice cream into your mouth. “If your just gonna keep throwing it I might as well feed you myself.” He jests. And you settle in for the night watching your favorite show as your favorite person feeds you Ice Cream.

—————— The End——————

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Imagine hiccstrid playing peek a boo with their baby

Astrid crosses her arms and shifts her weight to one side. “You’ve been playing for hours.”

“But look at his little face!” Hiccup gently pinches Baby Erik’s chubby cheek.

“All right,” she says reluctantly and covers Hiccup’s eyes with her hands again. “Where’s Daddy?” she asks in a higher voice than before.

Erik’s grey eyes widen, like it’s a possibility she’s lost his father.

“Oh-no!” Astrid says, feigning concern. “Daddy’s missing!”

Hiccup pushes her hands away. “Peek-a-boo!”

Erik bursts into adorable baby laughter. It’s contagious enough to make both Hiccup and Astrid laugh along with him.

“You guys are dorks,” Astrid declares, pecking a kiss on the top of both their heads.

They’re such dorks, but she wouldn’t change a thing.

Ooh, baby it’s contagious. It’s contagious
Yeah baby it’s contagious and it’s serious

This is def the happiest song. I promise (◕‿◕✿)

Photo by Joffrey Monnier/MSF

Jannette is the first pregnant woman known to have survived Ebola in Guéckédou, Guinea, during the current outbreak. She arrived seven months pregnant with her sixth child at the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Ebola treatment center in Guéckédou. Her prognosis was not good. Up until then, no pregnant woman had survived Ebola, but Jannette slowly started to recover.

After a few days her baby stopped moving. Medical staff confirmed the fetus was dead. A blood test showed that Jannette was cured and was testing Ebola-negative, but there was a risk that the baby might have been infected. Luckily, there was an obstetrician in the MSF medical team. She tested the amniotic fluid, and the results showed Ebola-positive. Jannette was cured, but her stillborn baby was still contagious.

Considering the risks of contagion linked to an unprotected delivery, the medical team had no choice but to proceed with the delivery inside the Ebola isolation structure. Jannette survived and went on to make a full recovery. Today she is cured and regularly comes to visit the medical team at the Ebola treatment center. Her village, Houdouni, suffered heavy losses due to the disease. Of the 110 official residents, 23 died of Ebola and only five, including Jannette, survived.

What surprises me about the new-generation kids is how they’re all the same age.

What did the rookies do, gather and say, “yep, this is it, this is the year we make babies”. Was it a race? Did they get ‘inspired’? I didn’t realize baby-making was contagious.

Calum Hood

Where do I even start with this boy? Let’s see, he’s the best bassist player I know. His voice is like someone poured gold, majestic, and something Godly, into a blender and fed it to Calum as a baby. He has the most contagious smile and laugh. He just makes me so happy.

It upsets me that people hate on him the most and that he’s underappreciated. I gotta admit and say that Calum is my baby boy. He’s my smol bean and my fave. And I hate it when people say that he has a resting bitch face. So? What if he does? I have a resting bitch face as well, but that doesn’t make me an asshole. I also hate that people find the simplest things to throw hate on him! He RTd something on twitter and suddenly people started going crazy because they said it was sexual harassment. So he unRTd. Also when people found out he was smoking everyone LOST it! Sure, I was upset but its HIS life, HIS choices. Let him be!

But in sounds good feels good, Calum really stood out. His voice, his bass, his everything just made the album BEAUTIFUL. Yes I am proud of the other boys because have you HEARD Ashton’s drumming, cause damn. Calum was just ace on this album. I broke down when he sang in Broken Home. His voice just went so well with the song and it made me emotional. And he really took charge in Invisible and made it his song. Calum said that that song meant a lot to him and it got me thinking. Calum is really overseen in the band, he really poured a lot of emotion in the song.

So please, please, appreciate Calum cause he is an amazing human being and we should treasure him and keep him safe.