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fangirlartist  asked:

Would you be willing to do Shunk from your fic "All about that Space" for the 3 sentence thing? :)

(I would be DELIGHTED)

“I have no idea how you do this,” Hunk murmured, surveying the damage to his precious kitchen.  “You’re a JPL engineer with two degrees, and you were selected to fly to Mars, but you can’t use a stove.”

“I might be cursed,” Shiro offers, as he presses a candy kiss into Hunk’s hands, and and a regular one to his cheek.

(”I can go to the store and get the usual cookies,” Shiro offers, and Hunk throws up his hands and gives up)


So, it’s been a while since a posted something here xD

Recently I did a new cosplay that I wanted to do since a looong time, Ushio Aotsuki! I love Ushio to Tora and Ushio— AAA my baby <3 
I also did the spear in really few hours! 
I’m really happy of this cosplay, can’t wait to bring it again!

ph: Massimo Photo / Roberto Boni / Felix Martin
Mantova Comics 2017