babies 5ever



Like… Little kisses for no reason at all or idiot flirt every second they are together or little touches in the face before kissing or pull over by the waist… I just need all of this 😭😭
I really need my babies together 5ever and ever 😍😭➰

Felt like drawing some creepery/cute shapeshifter…since it’s my fav monster :D

And another style change because continuity is for the strong only

so i know nobody that follows me cares about agents of shield, but its one in the morning and this is my blog goddammit and i wanna talk about fitzmack

because i think its really important to analyze the sort of narrative that a lot of fanfic writers and fans have where mack finds helping fitz “rewarding” and that mack is the only one that can “fix” fitz. like let me be clear: i love fitzmack. like, i stay up at night thinking about them playing halo. i smiled like an idiot in the middle of a conversation the other day cause i thought of them fighting over skittle colors. they are indesputably my otp of the show, dear to my heart, my babies 5ever blah blah blah. so let me be clear: the “mack is the only one who can fix fitz” shit?

that. is not. their dynamic.

like, normally i would leave this shit alone because its not like different interpretations of characters and relationships is something new, but this mindset regarding their relationship is really, really fuckin toxic. fitz is mentally ill. hes shown signs of autism since his introduction, but disregarding THAT discussion, he is indisputably, undeniably “damaged” from his hypoxia. and fitz is okay with that. his issue in the first few episodes of season 2 wasn’t the illness in and of itself; it was the sudden switch of mindsets (“i dont want things to change”) and, notably, how everyone else treated him. skye? coulson? jemma? they all mentioned multiple times they wanted fitz to go back to how he was before (“sometimes he’s like the same old fitz,” etc). fitz’s whole driving social issue was that he was FINE with the change. he adjusted to himself, and the only other person who accepted him in this new mindset - who tried to adapt to him instead of makin him adapt to them, who validated his abnormal habits and tried to relate and treated him like the person hed become was a valid person - was MACK.

mack and fitz’s relationship is based on mack RESPECTING WHO FITZ IS NOW. when yall turn that into some narrative about how mack is the “only one that can cure him” through tru luv or whatever, you are 1) ignoring that basic respect that is literally the backbone of their relationship, 2) implying that other (neurotypical) people know whats best for fitz more than he does, and 3) implying that fitz’s sole goal should be recovery to elevate him to neurotypicals’ position, thus implying that mentally ill people are somehow lesser than neurotypical people. thats shitty. it needs to stop.

and dont think youre exempt from this shit if youre writing other fitz fics - fitzmack just happens to be the ship whose fics i actually read. ofc this fandom has problems with its relationships to particular characters (hello SWWs), but we need to actively tryto subvert these shitty ableist tropes wherever we can

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The construction around him was always one to cause his senses to overload, and though he had the general idea of the vicinity around him, there was a blank in front of him, in which case he relied on the walking cane that so carefully guided him. That took enough focus out of him that he barely caught the heartbeat and steadied breath of the person approaching, something that he finally pulled closer when he heard them say something. Turning his head, he stopped mid-step and tilted his head slightly, before regaining a sense of what was really around him, aka the uncovered manhole that had plenty of warning for anybody else, but was just steps away from his own fall. Still, he played it off with a short sigh of relief as if he had no idea it was still in front of him. “Was there something you said to me?”