babies 1d

Harry Styles:

  • paints his nails
  • prefers roses to guns
  • is soft
  • and vulnerable
  • has a whooole lot of love in his precious soul
  • is a deep thinker
  • a performer
  • is passionate
  • and a feminist
  • speaks slowslowslow but it’s not annoying
  • sings about old 60 year old love even tho he’s only been in a relationship for 7 years
  • is v v strong
  • and funny
  • loves doing what he does 

the guy who the media tries to tell me he is… the one who sleeps around and breaks hearts and disrespects or w/e… that guy is someone i don’t even know tbh. but THIS guy… this guy is someone i love a Lot and i’m so proud of him and of everything he is doing and i hope for nothing but the best for him :’))))