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Loves to be patted; like, tracing your fingers through his hair is Good™ and he will give you the little happy hums
Really likes blankets, although he is embarrased to admit it. He will make himself a nest of blankets if no one is stopping him
Stuffed animals are also a guilty pleasure. He really liked them when he was younger, and he still has a collection of them that he has been meaning to gift to Sayu but somehow hasn’t gotten around to doing so. Sachiko sometimes find him curled up with one of them, but she doesn’t say anything about it
Also enjoys his tum being played with, but only gently. Too much pressure = “blegh!”
Likes to burrow into his bed/curl into the material. Can be found in small, loosely curled position when he’s relaxing
Makes himself into a blanket burrito when he needs extra comfort. Usually used when his dad is away for awhile and he doesnt want to bother his mom
Hates the cold and can’t stand it; always needs to be bundled up in some sort of jacket while outside, and prefers to wear sweaters a lot while indoors
Will act all high and mighty if you try to give him hugs but secretly craves them
Loves his hair to be played with. Finger combing is always good (his mom did this a lot when he was younger)
Longs to be held by someone; like with the blanket burrito, he only feels completely safe when he’s encapsulated by someone’s arms
He’s prone to anxiety attacks, and usually wraps himself in blankets to calm down when he can

Bunny Quinn/aka Quinn is looking at me like this is my baby! mine! she’s mine! no Skyler she is not your’s she is mine! this is my baby! it’s Quinn baby not Skyler baby! I think Quinn is coming home with one more person @pandandpixels

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3 sentence meme: more of that chimera AU please?

“Colonel, please,” she quietly begged, holding the red hood closer to her face. “Just leave… Please.”

But still he refused her request, slowly advancing toward her despite her warning. She gnashed her teeth together as small shockwaves of pain vibrated through her with every step. The unbearable torment she had endured from before slowly seeped back into every crevice of her body, exacerbating the wound she had received from the fall. She stiffened when he crouched down in front of her and lifted his hand, gently hooking his fingers beneath the hood. Riza drew in a sharp breath, knowing that the moments she had tried to prolong were drawing to a close, and braced herself for his inevitable revulsion. 

But when the hood was drawn back, the silence that followed was infinitely worse than what she had anticipated. She flinched when he raised his hand again, keeping her eyes cast downward as he brushed a strand of loose hair from her cheek.


She hesitated, using the building’s shadow to keep as much of her hidden from view as she could. Drawing out those few, precious moments brought a minuscule amount of comfort to her, though it was comfort nonetheless. The thought that he would see what happened, what had been done, was unbearable. But when he spoke her name again, softer than the first, her unshakeable resolve fractured and the sense of longing that had been buried beneath her fear made its way to the surface. This time her eyes slowly lifted and caught his.

Despite the darkness she could see the despair in his eyes, and the utter horror of what had occurred precipitating in them. The remaining bit of fear she felt crumbled when he pulled her close, burying his face into her dirt and blood-tinged hair as hundreds of broken ‘I’m sorries’ poured from his lips.


Spondee Tangerine, Baby #51

Spondee is a friendly little boy who is also very athletic!

Witch: ○                                     Mom’s Ears: ☼                           Dad’s Skin: ☼

Spondee is not eligible for heir.