The moment Isak signed up…. as Even’s boyfriend.

Okay so me and @eyeloch talked about this AU a lot last night…

There was this idea where Sabine’s parents discover the Bridgers son managed to resist being taken by imperials. But they choose not to help him due to the fact they’re already on thin ice with the empire. But Sabine doesn’t agree. She stands her ground and tries to persuade her parents to help this little kid but they refuse and try to take her away. 

Sabine pulls away and refuses to leave without Ezra. After an argument with Sabine her parents give up; and they leave. Leaving there young daughter behind on Lothal with Ezra. Letting her ‘Make her own mistakes’  (I’m still stuck with the idea that Sabine’s parents (or at least mother) weren’t very good parents from the start) 

So these two babies basically grow up on the streets together for a numerous amount of years learning all kinds of tricks. 

Some details: 

Sabine cuts her long hair herself (Given why it’s quite messy) due to long hair being a target in a fight.

Ezra still collects helmets; while Sabine collects Blasters (Both functional and non)  

Sabine still loves art; but doesn’t get the chance to draw or paint very often as paint is hard to come by living on the streets (Ezra may or may not have stolen some for her once or twice)

Ezra doesn’t know that it was Sabine’s parents that are the reason for his parents capture. And Sabine never tells him; or brings it up.