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Colin O'Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison Tease Roles In ‘OUAT’ Season 5.



“She has bought me immense comfort, happiness… and made my first season in doctor who unforgettable”-Peter Capaldi

“No only an amazing actor but an amazing, generous, gracious, extremely funny, extremely clever person. So that for me was a real privilege and joy be by Peter’s side from day one”-Jenna Coleman


I debated a lot on whether or not I should participate in World Breastfeeding Week until I realized that all of the reasons I was not going to post these photos, was the exact reason World Breastfeeding Week exists. This week is NOT designed to shame mother’s who were unable or chose not to breastfeed their children but to help promote the acceptance of breasts being used in a nonsexual way, to educate men and women who may not understand why breastfeeding should be allowed and accepted both in private and in public, and to educate people on the benefits of breastfeeding. Women should not feel ashamed to feed their babies. If these pictures offend anyone, and I’m sure at least one person will report them, I really hope you learn from the following things I’m about to post. 1. If you’re offended by breastfeeding, whether it be in public, in private, or in a media setting you have been staring too long. It’s really just that simple. If it bothers you, walk away, look away, or keep scrolling down your timeline. 2. You either support breastfeeding or you don’t. You cannot say you support breastfeeding mothers followed by the word BUT and legitimately support breastfeeding mothers and their babies. 3. If a woman is breastfeeding in public, with or without a cover, leave her and her child be. Mothers, just like you, have to go grocery shopping, want escape their house and go to the mall, they also like to eat in public places and guess what? Babies get hungry while you’re out. There’s no way to plan to avoid not having to probably feed your child at some point during your errands or night out. So don’t ask her why she didn’t bring a bottle when she knew she was going to be out or why she didn’t plan around their kids feeding times to go out. She didn’t bring a bottle because she didn’t want to. Why does she need to pump, put breastmilk into a bottle, then bring that bottle for the baby to ease YOUR comfort and make YOUR life better? She doesn’t and frankly shouldn’t have to. 4. If you think women should take their children into bathroom stalls in public places, such as restaurants, to feed them you’re out of your mind. Would you eat your meal in a questionably unclean bathroom to make another diner happy or comfortable? Of course not. That’s ludicrous right? So then why in the hell do you expect breastfeeding mothers to?! 5. If you’ve ever seen a mother breastfeeding her baby and wondered to yourself why isn’t she using a cover? First off, she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Secondly, trying to feed a child under a blanket or cover is near impossible for most women and only gets harder to do as their children get older. 6. Women breastfeeding their toddlers is NOT creepy or weird. Just because you personally would not or have not done it does not mean their is an appropriate age to stop breastfeeding your child. Their are sooooooo many benefits of extended breastfeeding. Also, the WORLD average age of breastfed babies weaning off is 4.5 years old. 7. Lastly, and I think my biggest pet peeve of all, is the concept of breasts being strictly sexual objects and it is either sexual to breastfeed your children and that breasts should be only used for pleasure. You have to think, crazy right? People have to know the medical reason women have breasts right? You’d think so but I’ve heard more comments about women trying to be sexual because they are breastfeeding in public then I care to admit. Breasts are MADE for breastfeeding. That is their original design, their original point of being existent. Not to be used for pleasure. Not to sell magazines or products. BUT TO FEED CHILDREN! So when I hear that breastfeeding is somehow sexual in nature it makes me question that person’s well being and judgement, not the innocent mother feeding her child in peace. Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing between a mother and her child. You don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to choose it for your life, but before you pass judgement educate yourself and if it’s still upsetting to you, walk away and ignore it.

i’m really emotional about jason’s enormous capacity for sweetness this morning.
like. i just imagine him and one of the batkids getting into a particularly impossible fight and at the end them just kinda slumping over and smiling at each other and the other person be taken aback by jason smiling at them in this bloody grin that’s equal parts adrenaline & violence and triumph & sweetness and just like. suddenly believing every kind thing he’s ever done for them. (maybe tim’s the best batkid for this scenario)

i get really sappy about jason showing tenderness and people being kinda surprised because he’s usually such a showy asshole and like forgetting about how sensitive and perceptive he is.  which, is kind of a huge part of his character.  like, don’t get me wrong, he’s violent and cynical and he’ll lash out under the right circumstances but he has such a huge capacity for love and his love is so fierce and loyal and wholehearted. 

and i get really emotional about his eyes and how they betray him all them time bc he doesn’t want people to realize how emotional he is, which is why he plays up the theatrics a lot, but you can always see what’s going on through them bc his emotions are just so big and full whatever they may be,  so you get these moments where like, maybe jay is comforting someone and he just has the most soulful look in his eyes and he’s being super gentle with his big, gruff hands and it’s all that kind of kindness that just breaks your heart bc he’s typically so rough around the edges and where did this sweetness come from this mangled, damaged kid.

hold me