themetaphorgirl asked:

So working in theme parks gives me headcanons about little kid modern AUs. Hiccup would be the toddler who wants to ride ALL THE ROLLER COASTERS but gets spooked on Haunted Mansion. Astrid would ride everything but have to muscle through the coasters because she doesn't like drops (until she gets used to them). Snotlout would scream at characters like Mickey and Goofy but chat up the princesses. Fishlegs would ride Small World 20 times in a row. And the twins would have to be on leashes.

It’s not being shown up by Hiccup that gets Astrid on her first rollar coasters.

That “New Baby” Smell

It is a strange phenomena clearly left over from our primitive past but newborn babies emit an aroma from their scalp which has a powerful hypnotic effect on the mother. This is the New Baby Smell. Moms can pick their babies out of a line up blindfolded by scent alone. It is almost like a drug and goes right to the pleasure areas of a woman’s brain. Scientists theorize that its purpose is to provide pleasure to the mother during a time period when the baby doesn’t do much but sleep, nurse and soil their diaper. Later the baby coos and smiles and these are also powerful bonding behaviors.