coming home

Five years after the war of the 5 kings, Daenerys takes the throne and the seven kingdoms is at peace. The North is free and Jon Snow now the King. Sansa has been betrothed to prince Aegon and Cersei Lannister is dead. Everything is normal until a girl claiming to be Arya Stark shows up at Kings Landing. She begs the queen for help to reunite her with her family. Sansa, who was at court because of her betrothal , recognizes her sister and Dany sends Aegon to deliver Arya safely to Wintetfell, where her brothers await for her.

Aegon gladly takes the offer, and on their way to Winterfell he can’t stop the feelings he begins to have for Arya. Along their journey, they encounter the Brotherhood without banners and Arya comes face to face with someone she thought to be dead.

This is the first drawing I started and completed, let alone just plain drew for myself in a very very long time. I guess maybe I did learn a thing or two over the past few months.

And as shitty and heartbreaking as this summer was, it was the first summer that I can ever remember actually treating like summer. I spent time outside. I went to barbecues. I walked home drunk in the summer air. I wore shorts (!!!). I bought shoes that weren’t dress shoes or boots so I could actually leave my house in shorts (!!! X2). I made new friends, and met beautiful unattainable women. I watched the sun rise and the sun set. I watched people fall in love and out of love. I watched storms grow on the horizon and got caught in the rain more times than I can count.

And really, I feel like I came out of it worse for wear. More embittered and apathetic than I had started the summer. I think the motto for this summer was “I’ve been through worse.” And really, that’s a pretty shitty summer motto.

So I guess this drawing is kind of an ode to what could have been this summer. An ode to beautiful women, and twin-pops, and nail polish, and azure skies, and laying awake at night in sweaty sheets. An ode to all of the things I am tired of turning my back on.

This fall’s motto? “Life is short. Draw babes. Die happy.”

Twenty-one years ago today, a lil bb was born. Well, several were born. But one was my BFF.

Minnie, from the day that you entered my world and shared a bed and a jar of cookie butter with me in a shitty Motel 6, I knew there was something special about you. I’ve never bonded with someone so instantaneously. There’s some cheesy saying (or maybe it was just a tumblr post; fuck if I know) that circulates about how “soulmates” can come in many forms, and aren’t always romantic partners. You are the closest thing I’ve ever known to a soulmate. I share with you things that I’ll never be able to share with others. I trust you like I trust no one else. Over the last couple years, you’ve played a massive role in bringing out the best of me. I can only hope I’ve brought into your life half the joy that you’ve brought into mine.

I’m so, so proud of you. You’re my role model for perseverance and progress. At twenty-one, you’ve accomplished more than a lot of people do in their whole lives. And I’m not just talking about getting to play a guest role in one of your favorite shows and run into Charlie Hunnam’s arms. I also mean on a deeper, more personal level. You have wisdom and emotional awareness far beyond your years. When I imagine what you’re gonna be like in a few more years, it almost freaks me out. People talk a lot about “potential”. But you are an actualization. I don’t think “wow, minnie is gonna be SOOO impressive if she keeps her mind set toward it!”. You are incredible as is. As far as I’m concerned, any of this extra shit you manage to do is just excessive, and perhaps even intended to make the rest of us feel inadequate. Chill, bitch. (this is where I would put that annoyed side-eye emoji if I were on my phone)

Happy birthday, Minnie. I can’t imagine a better best friend. I hope I get to spend the rest of my life going on pho dates, talking shit, watching Netflix, and celebrating milestones with you. I love you immensely.