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ONEPIECE Descendants AU: Vinsmoke Remy & Babette

Vinsmoke Remy and Babette, are test tube babies of Sanji and Pudding. After Luffy become a Pirate King, they were discovered and raised by Reiju and Vinsmoke brothers. When Sanji learned of their existences, he went to take his children. Remy inherited Pudding’s third eye so he was quite insecure until Monkey D. Luffy’s twins Ace and Anis accepted him.

Remy has strong passion of cooking and his skills almost reach to his father’s. He inherits Sanji’s flirtatious side but not lecherous. The one who’s lecherous and flirtatious as the same time is his sister Babette. Remy harbours a crush on Luffy’s daughter Anis, who is twin sister of Monkey D. Ace. Babette is also mastered with cookings but she is an expert with sweets such as cookies, cakes, etc. Both Remy and Babette is member of Ace and Anis’ pirate crew (both twins are captains).

This is final concept of Remy (19) and Babette (16).