I decided to give Ice Cube a head transplant, because the original embroidery bled a huge blue halo when I painted it. I didn’t mind at first, but then every time I looked at it, it drove me crazy. So I stitched him onto a blue floral print, which I love a million times better anyways. 

You can still see the original pink patterned fabric through his face in some light, but I kind of like that. A lesson learned, and I like it better than the first one.


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(Ice Cube, 10’ hoop - available on Etsy via babesandbooks

I painted this Tyler portrait yesterday and put it in a hoop quick to take a look at how it’s coming together! Still needs to be ironed and some other finishing touches- but I love it in person. After I take a better photo this will be up in my Etsy shop! 

I’m pleased I used the last of this kitten fabric for a good cause. 

(Tyler, the Creator portrait coming soon to Etsy, via babesandbooks)

This is usually what my kitchen table looks like. I need an office. Sweet baby Jesus bless my patient boyfriend for not kicking me and my out-of-control craft and fabric stash out of the house.

I’m going to drink another pot of coffee and start drawing up a pattern for a custom piece a friend commissioned. I think it’s the best request I’ve gotten (so far), and I can’t wait to start it. I’ll post a picture when it’s ready- but all I’ll say is it involves bacon and Tupac. 


Books. I love books. I love reading books. I love buying books. I love hoarding books. I’ll read the same ones over and over, it doesn’t matter how many times- I can’t get enough.

At any given point in time there’s usually at least 2-3 books hidden in my side of the bed. Under pillows, in the blankets- my boyfriend has gotten used to finding me passed out in bed with a book still open in my hands and all the lights on. (As well as always checking for books in the bed before getting in…) 


Reading is sexy. 

(Typewriter embroidery - Sublime Stitching pattern, handmade, painted, and stamped with love.)