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The Battle of New York was the end of the world. This, now, is the new world. People are different.

For the anon who asked, I literally wrote this in less than an hour, hopefully you like it, if not then im sorry im gonna go hide now!

Malec prompt: Magnus staring at Alec’s abs and Alec getting all blushy.

Alec opened the bathroom door and strutted down the hallway, his bare feet on cold tile as he runs a towel through his wet hair, not paying attention to where he was going. His black pants hung dangerously low and his chest was dangerously ripped and bare.  

He can hear Magnus come to a stop at whatever he was doing in the kitchen and suck in a sharp breath, but Alec pays no mind to it as he walks over to the living room window to get a feel for the weather.  

He hums, considering his clothing options as he finishes drying his hair.  “You think I should wear a jacket with the button down you picked out?  It looks like it’s gonna rain,” he asks thoughtfully.

When he doesn’t hear a peep from Magnus, he turns around.  Magnus is staring at him, well, more like ogling his body, with his hand half raised to pour tea into two cups, his mouth slightly agape.  Alec furrows his brow in confusion, not understanding Magnus’ reaction.

“Darling,” he purrs as he sets down the tea kettle and slowly walks over, adding a little sway to his hips.  “I don’t think you should wear anything, ever again,” he says seductively with a new hunger in his eyes.

Alec catches on and tries to hide his grin by rubbing his fingers over his mouth as he tries to come up with something, anything to say, but this only makes matters worse.  

As Magnus reaches him, his eyes follow Alec’s fingers over his mouth and he smiles mischievously. Alec quickly lowers his hand and brings his behind his back, tightly grasping it as he stutters for words.  His cheeks burn with blush.  

But Magnus is now staring at his beautiful, full lips as they open and close in an attempt to alleviate the sexual tension.  Magnus gives Alec time to come up with something to say as he runs his eyes slowly down his body, taking in his broad shoulders and chest, all the way down to his abs and that perfect v leading down into his low hanging pants.

“F-for our date…would a-uh, um, a black jacket look okay with the blue button down you picked out?” he asks, but knows Magnus isn’t paying attention to a word he is saying. Alec shakes his head and chuckles fondly, looking down to hide his blush.

Magnus reaches forward and gently eases his chin up with one finger.  He steps forward until they are almost nose to nose.

“Even after all these years,” he murmurs, looking into Alec’s wide hazel eyes, “I can still manage to make you blush, I’d say that’s a win,” he says, a sweet smile brought to his face.

Alec huffs and smiles at him but before he can get anything out Magnus’ lips are on him in a soft sweet kiss.  He’s completely hypnotized by the gentleness at which Magnus approaches him.  He reluctantly lets the kiss come to an end, but Magnus turns Alec’s head a fraction as he softly assails his neck with slow mouth kiss.  Alec gives in and closes his eyes, leaning his head to the side.  Magnus teases him with hints of his tongue, he grabs Magnus’ waist and tugs him closer, releasing a shaky breath.  

Magnus runs his hand through his now dry and disheveled hair, he slides his hands down over his broad shoulders, making his way down the hair on Alec’s chest, easing down his abs and finally wrapping around his waist as his kisses begin to follow.

Alec shudders when his hands fleetingly glide over his body and he tightens his hands around Magnus. Magnus is down to his chest, kissing above his heart.

“I love you,” Alec says raggedly, his hands running up Magnus’ strong back and stopping at his shoulders to tug him up.

He brings their mouths a breath away from each other, and Magnus utters, “And I…” he says as he slides his hands back to Alec’s abs, “love your body,” he barely manages to say before releasing a laugh.

Blush brightens Alec’s cheeks as he turns his head away from the almost kiss.  “Wow.  You just love me for my body, I thought we had something special,” he says trying to act offended.

Magnus laughs lightly. “Well, it definitely is a perk,” he says playfully as he leans in for a kiss.

Alec turns his head away again.  “Nope, no kiss for you.  You’ve lost all kissing privileges,” he says as he releases Magnus and walks toward their bedroom to get dressed.  

Magnus pouts but stands his ground.  “Oh please, you know that never works,” he crosses his arms defiantly.

Alec turns around in the door way and raises his brows, giving him a try-me- look.  He wasn’t messing around.  He walks into their room and lets the door begin to close.

“Oh come on!” Magnus pleads before running to catch the door before it closes.  He enters the room and closes the door so Chairman won’t disturb them.

“Alexander I’m sorry-mmf” he says as he turns around and is attacked by Alec’s lips and his hands cradling his face.  Magnus is shocked at first, his eyes close and he sighs in content as he wraps his arms around Alec’s neck, pulling him closer, always closer.

Alec teases his bottom lip with his tongue, and as Magnus is about to open up for him, ready for a full on make out, he pulls back.  He grins at Magnus’ pout and chuckles lightly.

He tucks a loose strand of hair behind Magnus’ ear.  “After all these years,” he says softly, “you’re still fun to tease.”

Magnus huffs and pulls him into a quick kiss.  “Go get ready before I change my mind about a romantic date and smother you with love on our bed.”

Alec chuckles and swats at his butt as he passes Magnus, laughing as he gasps exaggeratedly.

Thirty minutes later, both gentlemen dressed and ready for a night on the town with their beautiful significant other, just couldn’t keep it in their pants.  They ended the night laying naked in bed, their nice clothes strewn about the room, hair that was gelled back now pointing in every direction, bodies covered in sweat, sweet bliss in every smile and gentle caress, takeout food boxes laying empty on the end of the bed as they curled up and watched movies.

Magnus rested his hand on Alec’s abs and sighed contentedly.  “I was right, you never should wear anything.”

Alec tried to conceal his blush by kissing Magnus’ forehead, but Magnus knew the effect he had on him and he joined in his light laughter. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’re the Cutest

request: hello i was wondering if you could write a sirius x reader where they’re still in hogwarts and its their 3 year anniversary and its just fluff and cuteness ???

thanks so much for requesting!!! hope u like it! xx

You placed your Divination textbook next to you on the Gryffindor common room couch and ran your hand over your face, relieved that you had finally finished your homework. Yes, learning about looking into the future and astrology was a lot more fun than sedimentary rocks and geometry in muggle school, it was still as stressful.

You had zoned out, staring into the crackling fire and admired it. Everything was peaceful until the door swung open and tons of loud noises erupted in the room. You didn’t even have to turn your head to know who it was, nobody did in fact. You three best friends and your boyfriend sat on the couch with you or the near by chairs.

“How was your day m’lady?” Sirius, your boyfriend, asked you while wrapping his arm around our shoulder. You laid your head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

“Good. School is annoying but what else is new.” You answered, closing your eyes and taking in his wonderful scent, you were meaning to ask him what cologne he uses.

With his free hand, he grabbed yours and started playing with your fingers, intertwining them and such. He ran his hand across your soft smaller ones and lifted it up and brought a kiss to the top of your hand before finishing those kisses on your cheeks and forehead and nose, and wherever else he could put them easily.

“Why are you so touchy-feely today?” You asked him, giggling a little and scrunching your nose up a bit in delight.

“Trust me (Y/N), it wasn’t just you. He started copping up a feel on me in the middle of Defense!” Remus exclaimed, acting serious. Sirius gave him a slight glare before laughing and throwing a pillow his way. “You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Black.”

“Shove off.” Sirius answered, rolling his eyes and flipping him off. “I need time alone with my girl.” In which your heart fluttered when he said “my girl”.

You buried your face in his shoulder and smiled against his neck.

“You’re the cutest. I’m so lucky to have you.” Sirius spoke into your hair after he laid his head on top of yours. You blushed furiously and smiled even bigger.

“Look who’s talking. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect everything.” You responded.  

“We’ll leave you two love bird alone so I can go upstairs and tell Moony and Wormtail how luscious their hair is and how hot their bodies are. So good night!” James joked, walking upstairs and the two other boys laughing behind him but following.

“Just alone time.” Sirius commented, winking at you. You laughing and shook your head.

“Every other Gryffindor is bound to come in at some point and plus, I was enjoying the cuddling.” You said, snuggling more into his side. You felt his body vibrate, indicating that he was laughing.

“Ugh, I love you. Happy three year anniversary babe.” And along with that he pulled out a small necklace with a sterling silver paw print. You smiled and held it carefully in your hand, examining it.

“This is so beautiful Sirius, thank you so much. I love you too.” You responded graciously and handed him your present which was a new watch, which he loved.

Imagine watching the guys play basketball and Hoseok goes up to you doing this: 

Imagine going on a vacation with the guys and taking pictures of them then catching Hoseok doing this:

Imagine being backstage as the guys come off the stage and when Hoseok sees you he does this:

Imagine not seeing Hoseok for a long time because of his schedule so you decide to visit them and when he sees you he does this: 

Imagine laughing at one of Jin’s dad jokes then turning your head to see Hoseok looking at you like this:

Imagine making derp kissy faces with Jungkook and then looking at Hoseok motioning to you like this:

Imagine being asked by one of your friends if you’re going to keep supporting Bangtan for the rest of your life and you going “Of course” and then catching Hoseok’s eye and him going like this:

Just imagine. 

GIFs not mine. Credit to original owners.