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what kind of head canons do u have:)????? ( pls fuck me up i`m emo already anyways)

louis paints harry’s nails sometimes. sometimes harry asks for it, sometimes he does it on his own whim. like when he knows harry is kind of :/ about something, he’ll grab a bottle and will take harry’s hand in his and start painting his nails. sometimes harry will talk about what’s bothering him, other times he won’t but he’ll kiss louis on the cheek as thanks you afterwards

on the night before they go MIA for a while they take a bubble bath together. harry is in charge of the candles, louis is in charge of the champagne + roses (bc that’s a thing) and it’s become tradition. just a nice, relaxing way to kick off their week or two together, just flying under the radar. it’s nice.

harry goes to visit louis’s family even when louis isn’t around. he’s their brother in law after all, and they all love him a Lot (and let’s be honest, harry loves being around them too) the noise of a family home is nice and he enjoys his relationships with louis’s siblings so he’ll hang out with them, and babysit the baby twins, and will cook dinner and put them to bed when everyone is gonna be out late. louis does the same with harry’s family because they’re all one big family and it’s pure, and robin’s a riot, and him and gemma are equally matched in the Sass™ department, and anne gives good hugs, so. 

ok so we all know louis likes to buy stuff for harry; that seems to be his big Thing because harry shows up with a new ring every few months, but i think harry’s Thing is just like doing stuff for louis??? like, louis’s in the shower and close to running late? harry will make him a cup of tea. louis’s coming home late from a long, exhausting day? harry will make sure everything is nice and relaxing so they can curl up on the sofa and “watch a movie” (which only lasts for 2 seconds since louis is halfway asleep by the time he’s showered and in comfy clothes. 

louis????? wearing harry’s clothes??? pattering around the house in harry’s sweatpants that pretty much hang off of him, and the fabric catches around his feet???? i’m a sucker for that level of softness honestly. tOO MUCH

helping each other with songwriting. not even in the sense that they write it in the credits of the song, it’s just something they Know. like when harry’s trying to write something and he’s kind of muttering the lyrics out loud because something isn’t right, and he’s got That Frown on his face, and from the kitchen or across the room or whatever where louis is paying attention (because he’s always paying attention to harry, even when he’s doing his own thing) louis’s just like, “hey babe, what about this…” or when louis is playing something, and trying to figure out a tune, harry will suggest a note change that just really makes the song flow and come together. i mean what kind #dreamteam realness.

ugh. i could literally go on i love them so much

bubble bath [M]

word count: 1696

genre: smut and fluff

warning: rough sex, bathtub sex

reader x wonho

note: yooooo im back with another smut and its wonho this time!!! i will have to say it is more intense then the previous smut i did for hyungwon so i hope all of you will like it!!!

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You came back home after a long day from work, tired and weary. As expected, Wonho who was your husband for 2 years wasn’t back home yet and you wanted to prepare a surprise for him. You then removed your tight dress, leaving behind your bra and panties that is black in colour and also took Wonho’s white buttoned shirt from his closet and wore it, folding up the sleeves up till your elbows. It has been a while since the two of you have became intimate with each other due to work commitments. So, you decided to set up a bath for both him and yourself.

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Cry (Out) - Draco Malfoy Smut

thanks for deciding to read my first smut! since i’m a draco girl, the first smut is about him (; enjoy!

word count: 1866

Draco’s fingers pulled lightly at the ends of your ginger locks, his other hand pressing your head towards his chest as he allowed you to cry against him. Sobs wracked your body, and you had a fistful of his robe in each hand.

After a while, you began to calm down and your hands slowly released Draco’s robes. You could feel his piercing grey eyes on the top of your head, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Y/N, babe?”

Your Y/E/C eyes met his grey ones hesitantly. His face showed concern, and he held onto you as if you were porcelain. His hand has moved from the tips of your hair to your lower back, and his fingers were rubbing slow, soothing circles through the fabric.

“What happened?” He questioned, eyebrows knit together in concern.

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath before launching into an explanation for your boyfriend.

You had been reading a book by the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room when your twin, Ron, has stomped over to you with your older brothers, Fred and George, and you little sister Ginny in tow.

“Your face is about as red as your face, Ronald,” you joked, the Charms book seated in your lap beginning to pull your attention once again.

Without replying, Ron had grabbed the book off your lap and closed – more like slammed – it shut, throwing it on the floor behind him.

You shot up angrily, glaring at your brother. “Oi, give me that book back Ronald,” you hissed, placing your hands (now curled into fists) on your hips. “I have a test to study for!” When Ron didn’t move, you shot him a look of hate and reached down to grab your book. Before you could, however, Ron shoved a picture in your face.

Your face paled considerably as you recognized the picture in front of you, taken from your dorm. The picture was of you and Draco, who was holding you with his arms placed securely around your back. You watched picture you throw her head back and laugh, before smiling as Draco kissed her on her red nose.

The picture was taken the night before Christmas break, since you wouldn’t be seeing Draco for a few weeks. In the picture, you were outside on the quidditch pitch, with snow falling gently around you. Draco’s Slytherin scarf was around your neck, and he happily used the ends of it to pull you closer to him so his lips would meet yours.

You loved the picture.

“H-how did you get that?” Your voice cracked as your eyes traveled from your livid twin to the rest of your siblings present. They had finally found out about Draco – but this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.

“Are you dating Malfoy?” Ron asked, completely ignoring what you had just said. His face twisted in disgust as he said your boyfriend’s name. You paused for a moment, considering saying no. But you were done hiding this.

“Yes,” you whispered, letting your hair fall in front of your face like a shield.


You flinched in fear as Ron’s voice rang out across the common room, and you backed away from him slightly. Tears began to fall from your eyes as you watched Ron take the picture of you and Draco and crumple it, letting it slip to the floor.

Slowly, you stood, moving towards your twin. You bent down, about to grab the picture when Ron grabbed you by the upper arms and brought you so you were face to face. Tears fell freely now, sliding down your tan cheeks.

“Him or me.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you stared at Ron. His brown eyes gazed fiercely into your, and his grip on your arms tightened. Before you could stop yourself, your mouth had formed one word;


You looked at Draco and saw him trying to hide the smile forming on his face. Closing your eyes, you let your head fall against his chest and you let out a small whimper.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay. I’m sure the news was just a shock to him, and he reacted badly. He’ll get over it,” Draco said, pulling away from you so that he could see your face better.

You nodded, biting your lip and looking down. You saw Draco’s breathing speed up as you did so, but didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, you let yourself get lost in thought – that was, until you felt Draco’s hand (the one that had been rubbing circles on your back) move slowly towards your hip.

Your head snapped up in shock, only to be greeted by Draco’s face, directly in front of your own. His warm breath hit your lips, and his grey eyes looked as if they were staring into your soul. Your breathing sped up as Draco’s hand began pulling the fabric down, little by little slipping off your skirt until it was on the floor.

Your lips were suddenly pressed up against Draco’s as he kissed you gently. After a few seconds, however, he deepened the kiss and moved his hand back to the spot on your lower back, pulling you closer to him.

His teeth bit your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You gladly opened your mouth, your tongues wrestling for dominance as his fingers began to undo your blouse. After the buttons were undone, he pushed the material off your shoulders, leaving you sitting in front of him – only in your underwear.

Draco’s breath caught in his throat as he stared at you, his gaze memorizing every inch of your body. Seeing this, you looked down, slightly embarrassed. You thought your stomach was too chubby, wished for bigger boobs, and immediately wished you had stopped eating sweets, your thighs were huge.

Draco caught onto what you were doing as he lifted your chin up, running his thumb over your bottom lip. His forehead was pressed against yours and his grey eyes stayed on your Y/E/C ones.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

Your hands wrapped around Draco’s tie, pulling him closer to you. His hands found the sides of your face and was pulling you closer to him. The air was dripping with emotion - lust, anger, sadness - but mostly love.

A new kind of hunger flowed through you as your hands began to unbutton his shirt. His calloused hands roamed your body, feeling over every curve from your legs to your breasts. You finally finished with his buttons and pushed his shirt off as his hands began to play with the bra clapse behind your back.

By the time Draco had let out a frustrated sigh and looked to you for help with the bra clapse, you had unbuckled his belt and had pushed his pants down so that they were pooled around his ankles on the floor.

Removing Draco’s hands from your bra, you slowly undid the clapse yourself. You saw Draco’s eyes darken at how slow you were moving, and the minute you had finally pulled apart the clapse, he ripped your bra from your hands and attacked your neck with rough kisses.

You let your head fall back as Draco’s hands roamed your breasts, his fingers rolling your rippled between his fingers skillfully. You moaned as his lips hit your sweet spot, your nails scratching down your back.

Quickly Draco picked you up and turned you so that your head was resting on the pillows at the head of his bed. With his body over yours, he began kissing you, starting at your mouth and working his way lower and lower slowly.

“I - hate - seeing - you- cry,” he said between kisses on your stomach, moving lower after each word, his eyes locked on your face as he smirked against your skin. “But - I - can’t - wait - to - make - you - cry - out.”

His mouth had reached your core, where his smirk grew once he saw how ready you were for him. He slowly pulled down the fabric, kissing your inner thigh while doing so. Your mouth formed a small “o” at this motion.

He chuckled darkly before taking one finger and running it up and down your dripping folds. He slowly rubbed you until you were begging for him. “Please, Draco,” you cried, trembling.

His eyes seemed to darken even more, if that was possible, when you said that. He brought his mouth over you opening, his breath making you shiver as he spoke.

“Oh, darling, you should not have said that.”

In an instant, Draco’s tongue had dipped inside of you and you moaned, grabbing the sheets around you. His tongue moved slowly, and he kept your legs apart with his hands. Every few seconds, he would give your clit a sharp lick, sending you into fits of moans and cursing.

Draco must have felt you tighten around him, because he pulled away after a minute or two. His hair was stuck to his forehead, which was plastered in sweat. His eyes roamed your body as he sexily crawled back over to you, fully naked (you didn’t know what he had undressed himself, but you were sure glad he had).

His cock dangled dangerously near you entrance as Draco placed himself over you, his lips connecting with your collarbone. You felt him suck, nip and bite as he pleased, wanting to claim you as his.

He moved one hand from your side and lined himself up at your entrance, before laying his body back over yours. His teeth nibbled at the skin under your ear as you waited - quite annoyed at the teasing - for him to enter you.

As if Draco had read your mind, he slammed into you without warning, causing you to cry out in pain and pleasure. Your hands scraped his back, leaving new scratch marks every time he pounded into you.

Soon, you were both a moaning mess, and Draco’s thrusts were becoming sloppier. You felt your walls tighten around him, which Draco also seemed to notice. He placed his lips to you ear, whispering a “Release with me, baby,” in his husky voice.

Not even a second later, you released, your eyes rolling back into your head and your back arching towards him. Your nails dug into his back, and you were at a loss for words.

A few seconds later Draco did the same as you, only with more control. After he finished, he pulled out of you gently and laid next to you. Your heart was pounding, and your breathing was spotty - all because of Draco.

You relaxed a little as Draco pulled you closer to him, almost falling asleep in his embrace. Draco must had thought you had fallen asleep, however, because he kissed your head and you could feel him staring at you.

“I’m so glad you chose me, Y/N,” he said, before drifting into sleep himself.

😊Vacation Time (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Could you write something with Ethan and Grayson and y/n going for a walk at night to the beach when the stars are out, gray decided to take pics and sees Ethan and y/n walking off together and something cute happens???? Thank you sm I love your writing :)) 

Warnings: Mild teasing

A/N: Thanks for the request! Requests are open and this is super cute! And thank you for being amazing❤️❤️ Also, I might start posting pictures cause I like them better than gifs but Idk for sure!

They have been my best friends since grade 3. When I went into homeschooling, the boys went into home schooling. Our families went on vacation together quite frequently but this time it was different. We were 18 and decided to go on vacation by ourselves this time. We were in Maui Hawaii and Grayson, Ethan, and I walking around the beach exploring. 

“The stars look so cool out tonight.” I said smiling while Grayson was ahead of Ethan and I a little bit.

“I agree. It’s so beautiful out tonight.” Ethan says as his hand brushes against mine.

“Hey I’m going to take some pictures before we have to leave. I’ll be right back.” Grayson says as he wanders off in front of Ethan and I. Before I could say something, Ethan darts straight to the water. I run after him as we are both giggling. I heard Grayson shout at us but we ran to where we couldn’t be seen. Ethan was swimming around in the shallow while I was on the shoreline with my toes in the water. Ethan had been begging me to swim for awhile now but I didn’t want to go swimming in the dark in the ocean.

“Y/N I’ve been swimming by myself for an hour now! Don’t make me come up there and bring you in here myself!”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I scolded. Ethan then disappeared underwater. I knew what was happening. “ETHAN!” I screamed and stood to my feet to run back to Grayson. But before I got very far Ethan was hot on my trail. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over his shoulder.

“You should know I always get what I want.” Ethan runs back into the ocean and gets waist deep before he drops me in the water. I splash up and stand to me feet. I look around wondering where Ethan went.

“ETHAN!!!!” I screamed as Ethan swam between my legs and placed me on his shoulders. He stood tall and I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“You’re gonna jump! Are you ready?” Ethan asks and I frantically try and fall backwards. “1…” Ethan starts counting. “2…”

“Ethan Grant–”

“3!” And with that Ethan lunged me off his shoulders. I flopped in the water loudly. Ethan paddled towards me but I kicked my feet.

“No Ethan Grant Dolan! Stay back!” I snapped trying to swim away from him and go to the shore.

“Oh babe come on!” Ethan shouts and his words do something to me. They send chills throughout my entire body. I stop swimming in my tracks as Ethan tries to catch up to me. Finally he does and he turns me around. “Why’d you stop?” He asks cocking his head trying to figure out. To be honest, I’ve liked Ethan since our freshman year since we both went into homeschooling. We were with each other all the time and one day we just clicked and for some reason I haven’t forgotten that click. I’ve had countless boyfriends and he’s had countless girlfriends since we’ve been friends but in the end it’s always been us. Even Grayson knows about these feelings and tries and makes something happen. I think that’s why he suggested this trip.

“Babe.” Ethan says and I snap back into reality. He laughed. “So Babe has an effect on you I see.” He says as he moves closer to me. “What if I lean into your ear…” He leaned closer to me. Gently setting his hands in my waist. “And I said…” his warm breath sending shivers throughout my body. I bit my bottom lip and arch my body. Ethan was so incredibly sexy. No man I’ve ever been with had this effect on me at all but with Ethan, it all made sense. He knew what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I wanted, how I felt, everything Ethan knew. He knew what all the other guys did wrong and I knew he would do it all right. “This one is for the boys with the booming system. Top down, AC with the cooling system” Ethan raps gently in my ear. I push him away and splash him with water repeatedly. I was so annoyed with him and honestly I could have drowned him. I started to turn away when he grabs my wrist and pulls me back to him. I avoid making eye contact with him. “Y/N. Y/N look at me.“ I didn’t. I looked up at the sky smiling. "Baby.” Ethan says and I inhale deeply but still stand strong. I stay looking at the stars in the sky as Ethan pulls me closer to him. Our chests our touching and his arms wonder to my lower half. I feel a firm squeeze on my butt and I snap a look at a cheeky Ethan.

“Ethan!” I shouted and he laughs.

“You weren’t looking at me. I needed to do something.” Ethan grins widely.

“What do you want Dolan?” I asked cocking a brow as my hand wanders to the hem of his swim shorts. I feel him inhale deeply. Got him. Before I knew what was happening anymore he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him and my legs wrapped around his waist and his lips hungrily latch to mine. His hands squeeze my butt hard pushing me closer to him. The kiss was wayyyyy overdue. He obviously wanted this as much as I did. He slowly slid his tongue on my bottom lip and I parted my mouth slightly for his tongue to slide in. He picks me up and walks out of the water and he gets to the shore and lies me on my back causing me to get sand all over my back and I felt Ethan start to smile in the kiss.

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“You did that on purpose didn’t you…” I asked lowly and I felt him nod. I pushed him back and wiped my face. “Let’s go back.” I said standing to my feet dusting the sand off my butt. Ethan stands up and runs after me. I hate this game of chase we play.

“Woah woah Y/N hey woah.” He says cutting me off my path. “What’s wrong?”
“Oh I don’t know could be the fact you just kissed me and messed with my feelings and made me look stupid back there for kissing you. I feel like an idiot right now Ethan.” I snapped.

“Wait you think I only kissed you to show your feelings or something? You don’t think I may have feelings for you?” Ethan asks and my breath gets caught in my throat. I don’t say anything. Ethan takes my hand in his. “Y/N Y/L/N I have feelings for you. Since that day you defended me and Gray against those bullies on the bus I knew I liked you. And I always have. You’re so amazing. You don’t care what anyone thinks. You do whatever you can to make everyone happy and honestly that drives me crazy because you always wind up hurt. When guys would break your heart you thought it was a coincidence that I would wind up getting in a fight with them?” Ethan asks me and I shake my head. “I would fight them because they would hurt you. I don’t want anyone to hurt you. I want you.” Ethan says to me and leans in for another kiss. I gently lie my lips on his and this kiss was different. It was softer. Much more sweeter. It’s as if we are taking in each other. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. I liked him and he liked me back. We pulled away and smiled. 

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“I like you Y/N. I like you so much. I always have." Ethan says to me and we start walking back to the house.

"I like you too Ethan.” I said as I lie my head on his shoulder as we walk inside the house and go to his room and just cuddle and we talked about anything and everything.

The next morning we woke up to Grayson on the phone. “I know mom! No I don’t know when but they are asleep in his bed now. I know!” Obviously he was talking about Ethan and I to his mom. I rolled over to see Ethan sleeping heavily. He looks so peaceful. I lean up and kiss his cheek before going into the living room. “Mom gotta go.” Grayson quickly hangs up the phone before turning to me. Well look at the queen herself. So tell me. What all happened?” Grayson asks sitting at the table. I pour myself some juice and sit with Gray. After a few minutes Ethan walks in.
“The bed is cold without you.” He says scratching his bare chest. “I woke up to a phone call from mom. She wanted to know why Y/N and I were in bed together and then tried to give me the talk.” Ethan says and we all laughed.
“Speaking of the talk…” Grayson says looking between E and I. I gulped my juice avoiding eye contact. “What is happening here?” He says referring to us. Ethan looks up at me.
“If Y/N would like to I would be honored to take her on a date when we get back home.” Ethan says as he places some bread in the toaster.
“Yeah that sounds lovely.” I said smiling and Ethan was smiling back at me.
“I’VE GOTTA CALL MOM!” Grayson shouts and runs out of the room. Ethan makes his way over to me and wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him. He places a kiss on my head as he holds me.
“Get ready for 20 questions when we get home.” Ethan says to me causing me to laugh and spill my juice.

Guess Who's Back - Part 3

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

A/N: Part 3 of my mini series where you are kidnapped along with your boyfriend Bruce Wayne because Jerome has an obsession with you

Tags: @hair-dye-or-nawh

[ Part 1 | Part 2 ]

You woke up you couldn’t see anything but darkness and frankly that terrified you. You shuffled a bit looking around trying to find a source of light but it was no use. You whimpered in fear, scared that you were probably the only one locked up in whatever you were in.

“Y/N?” Someone said. You immediately recognized the voice it was your boyfriend Bruce.

“Bruce babe oh my god I’m so glad to hear you.” You said realized.

A bit of light came through the small windows of where you and Bruce were currently in. Which helped you both figure out where each one of you was. Bruce was across from you so when you both saw each other you embraced in a hug.

“I’m scared baby what are they going to do to us?” You asked as your voice shook in fear.

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Give me au’s where kieran and cristina are best friends and just tag team getting dates together
-mermaid au where they see this hot human guy (mark) and plan to get on land together
-highschool au where they think mark likes the other and try to set the other up without realizing that they themselves are falling in love
-tattoo shop au where they convince mark to get matching tattoos with them while they’re drunk
-flower shop au where they come in and buy flowers and flirt ALL THE TIME and mark gets confused as to why they each need roses every day
-soulmate au where kieran and cristina have known each other since they were kids and have always known that they’re soulmates (since they have two names on their arms) and spend their childhood trying to figure out how they’re both going to date this mark guy whose name they have on their arms

(Feel free to add more on and/or write these if you want)

1D Plus Sized Series // Versace on the Floor- Harry (Requested)

You and Harry have been dating for quite a while and you’ve loved every minute of it. He was far from the typical scum bags you were used to dating. You don’t really know how it happened but he is literally the man of your Dreams. You never thought someone of his status would look at you, none the less tell you he was falling in love with you. Throughout your time dating, he’s taken it slow. It wasn’t like you were inexperienced or anything, you hand your fun in uni. But you could still count the number of guys you’ve had sex with on one hand, but you both agreed that feelings had come faster than the two of you could even imagine, so why rush things. Now the two of you both had your needs, so of course you’ve fooled around plenty of times. Harry even got you to cum two times the night you both said that you love each other. But you both agreed that you wanted to wait to have sex till you knew that you weren’t rushing into things and weren’t letting your feeling cloud your judgment.

You’ve been a bigger girl all your life, and it took some time for you to feel confident in your own body. But your confidence was off the chart now. Of course, you’ve had your moments when you hated yourself, especially when the paps got an unflattering picture of you, or when the fans made rude comments, but you’ve learned to push them down. Your strong self-confidence is something you pride yourself on. Plus, you had that extra boost of confidence whenever Harry sent you those naughty texts when the two of you were away from each other.

You weren’t one to initiate those naughty texts, but you couldn’t help it tonight. You were missing Harry and earlier in the day you stumbled upon the song, “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars and it made you think of him. You were finally ready to have sex with Harry, to give your full self to him. You quickly typed out a text on your phone and sent it without a second thought.

Babe. I miss you so fucking much. How much longer are you going to be gone?

I miss you too. And I’ll be home tomorrow. I’ll be there when you get home from work.

Good. Cause I’m ready.

Ready for what, love?

Suddenly you didn’t know if you could start the naughty texts. You were getting shy. You knew Harry wouldn’t understand what you were hinting at. He was a guy after all, and with guys, you must be blunt and spell it out. But now you felt like you couldn’t say anything. You were trying to talk yourself into figuring out what to say when Harry sent you another few texts.



You weren’t the type of person to hide your feelings from Harry. He made it clear from the very start, that if this relationship was going to work the two of you had to have open communication between each other. But now you were scared to tell him. What if he wasn’t ready? You didn’t want to push him. You decided that you were just going to send him a link to the song. If he didn’t get it, or if he wasn’t ready, then you wouldn’t have the embarrassment of telling him. You quickly sent him the link to the song.

Just listen to this.

You set your phone on the side table by your bed. It had gotten later than you had realized and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t hundred percent sure you wanted to see Harry’s response to the song. Before you knew you the sound of your alarm clock was waking you up. You must have fallen asleep after you send Harry the song. You looked at the time, you had an hour to get ready before you needed to leave for a long day of work. You took a peek at your phone, but you didn’t have any text’s from Harry. You had a mix of emotions, you were happy that he hadn’t said no, but at the same time you would have hoped he would have at least made a cheeky little comment about you sending him something like that.

Your work day seemed to drag on. You were anxious to see your boyfriend. You missed him so much, but you were dying to find out what his reaction was to your confession.

When you pulled up to your small house, Harry’s black Range Rover was in the driveway, and a swarm of butterflies decided to take residence in your stomach. You were being silly, there was no need to be nervous, but you couldn’t help it.
The house was quiet. You figured Harry was taking a nap, exhausted from his day of travel. You kicked off your heals as you made your way into the kitchen. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a glass of red wine, which you happily picked up and took a sip. Placed next to the glass of wine was a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. You brought one of the long-stemmed roses to your nose and inhaled the beautiful scent. Suddenly, you noticed that there was note that had your name on it.

“Y/N. Every single day I am grateful for you. I’ve missed you so much. Come upstairs and find me. I love you. H.”

You quickly set the note down and made your way up to your room. The swarm of butterflies in your stomach were buzzing all over the place. You knew you would be nervous, but you didn’t think that you would be this excited.
When you make it to your room the door is closed, but you could hear Harry moving around from the other side of the door. You took a moment to calm yourself down before you opened the door.
Harry had truly outdone himself. The room was lit by a dozen or so candles, there were flower peddles on the floor, and he was sitting on your bed, sipping his wine while he waited for you.

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i breathe you in with smoke

Authors Note: Okay, so this story has taken me a few weeks, but I finally did finish it. Was super nervous to post it, so let’s see how this goes. I have more ideas, so hopefully I get those up in less time (and with less nerves)

Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader

Warnings: Mature rating for language, sex scenes, oral sex, unprotected sex. I think that is it. Lots of swears tho. I have such a potty mouth. 

———–  ———–  ———–

Biting down on her lip slightly, Y/N twirled the diamond ring around her third finger. It was the little habit she had when she was nervous, and she was about to enter a full on freaking out mood. There wasn’t much about the circular pattern that seemed soothing, but oddly enough it generally worked for her. This wasn’t the usual nerves she generally experienced though. This wasn’t sitting at home and watching her husband fight from backstage, or even hearing him wincing after a fight and believing that he was as okay as he let on. The stubborn man broke his jaw and still tried convincing her he was just fine and not to worry about him. She loved him, and of course she would always worry. The diamond on her ring caught her eye, a rush of memories of their past coming to her. It was almost calming enough to bring a smile to her face.

She remembered the two lines on the stick in her other hand, and suddenly she wasn’t too sure if she was still in the mood to smile. The one stick that cost her $6 at some pharmacy was somehow the source of all of her nerves, leaving her feeling uneasy, nauseous, excited and scared about what came next. The nausea was actually what had started all of this. She had been pretty sick the past few days after waking up. It wasn’t until she got sick to her stomach after smelling someone’s fish lunch that the nagging voice in the back of her mind convinced her that maybe she was pregnant. She was in almost a state of shock as she looked back down at the stick in her hand. It was so strange to think that she was pregnant. There was literally a baby involved now, a life that she and her husband created. As much of a shock as it was, part of her wondered why she was even surprised to begin with.

Dash had been the one who suggested throwing the condoms out ten months after their wedding. Neither of them really talked much about starting a family then, but they both mentioned that one day they wanted a family. Dash had his heart set on at least two kids, so they had a sibling to play with. She loved the idea of a little family with him, but neither of them ever seemed in much of a rush. Once they tossed the protection, they decided that it would just happen when it did. She took sex education in school and knew that having sex without any protection would easily increase the chance of pregnancy, so maybe she shouldn’t be so shocked. But they threw protection out the window a little over four years ago. It wasn’t like they didn’t have a healthy sex life, because they did. Despite being married for over five years, Y/N found that she still struggled to keep her hands off her husband. Dash never complained, probably because he also had a hard time keeping his hands to himself.

They may have tossed the condoms out, but that didn’t mean they talked a lot about of trying to get pregnant. They were still operating under the notion that it would happen when it did, and suddenly now it was here. Y/N couldn’t shake the nerves and doubt that filled her mind. Part of her wondered if this was still something that Dash wanted. They didn’t talk about it, so maybe he changed his way along the way. If she was honest with herself, she didn’t see that happening. She knew she was getting ahead of herself, but she just wanted him to be as excited as she was becoming.

———–  ———–  ———–

A week had passed since she had found out, and Y/N still wasn’t any closer to telling her husband about the pregnancy. She wasn’t trying to avoid the conversation, but it never really seemed like the right time. A huge part of their life was lived on the road, and it made it hard for a conversation like this. She wanted to tell him the right way, but she had yet to find a moment that she could seize. They were either at work, in some arena, and that was hardly the setting to tell him. She didn’t want to tell him while driving in a car, Scott usually sitting in the backseat. By the time, they reached a hotel in whatever city, they were exhausted. Her head barely hit the pillow and she was half asleep.

She knew she had to tell him, and soon. It was getting hard to hide the fact she was sick just about every morning and the smell of certain foods made her sick to her stomach. If she was acting strange or something, Dash never mentioned it. She wondered if he even noticed, but shortly decided that he must not have. He was the type that would have mentioned her being sick once, let alone every morning.

 Y/N knew her chance was coming though, as they were returning home for a few days off. The secret she was keeping was always on her mind, and she briefly wondered just how much her life was going to change. She knew that her days of traveling with him would come winding down to an end. If she was able to travel with him in the future, it would have to be briefly and nothing like it was now. She would miss her job with the WWE though. She loved what she did, and had met all of her close friends while traveling. The good news was that she wasn’t too afraid of finding something locally, there had to be some kind of position for a makeup artist. She could easily work locally, and see Dash on the times he returned. The idea left her feeling just a little uneasy—beyond the times he was injured and on hiatus, they never spent much time apart.

It was just another bridge they would have to cross when they came to it. It was hard to make plans about the future involving the both of them when he had no idea what was going on. She was actually feeling almost guilty for keeping from it as long as she had. In their years together, they learned that they worked a lot better with no secrets in the relationship. Both of them were honest, especially with each other. When something was wrong, Dash came to her for advice, support or whatever he needed. She knew that she needed to tell him, and soon. Besides, she had long ago decided that this was good news—she wanted him to know.

“Babe?” She called out, trying to figure out what room he was in. She decided a now or never approach was probably her best idea. She headed towards the bedroom, wondering if he went back to bed. They traveled so much that Y/N thought that they would get used to sleeping on different mattresses every night, but that wasn’t the case at all. She often tossed and turned during the night, only soundly sleeping when Dash got annoyed and crushed her body against his. When they were home though, both of them slept great. It was nice to return home and push the refresh button.

“In the back,” He hollered at her. She took a deep breath, her mind trying to come up with a script. Honestly, she was sure that later she would look back and realize how silly it was to be nervous about this. Opening the bedroom door, she saw him standing there wearing nothing but a grin on his face. She could see his skin was damp, small beads of water rolling down from his hair. It was his semi-hard cock that caught her attention though.

Feeling flustered, she shifted on her feet and almost forgot why she looking for him in the first place. The grin on his face just spread. “See something you like, Hon?” He chuckled as he gripped himself, slowly pumping his hand a few times. She couldn’t stop her tongue from running over her bottom lip as heat filled her. The years never mattered, she would always want him.

“It isn’t anything I haven’t already seen thousands of times.” She teased as she crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes watching each movement of his hands. A loud groan left his lips, causing her to whimper and clench her thighs together in a failed attempt to relieve the ache between her legs. She never knew watching him stroke himself like this would turn her on in such a way, but it did. It really, really, really did.

“Well, would you like to see it up close again?” His breath hitched slightly as he ran his thumb over his tip. She wanted to come up with something clever or sassy to say, but words failed her and instead she just quickly nodded her head. He chuckled before reaching his hand out for her. He pulled her close with one swift movement, and she instantly dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hands replaced his, stroking him lightly as she looked up to see his eyes closed. She ran the tip of her tongue along his tip, grinning at the sounds that came from him. His hands now gripped her hair and she was absolutely in a state of bliss and happiness. Dash was the one that called the shots in the bedroom, but she always felt some kind of control when she had him in her mouth. She got to watch him come undone, bucking against her and pleading for once.

She took him in her mouth now and starting to hum, pleased with the loud groan that left him and the fact that his hands tightened their hold on her hair. She continued to run her tongue over him, humming now and then just because she absolutely adored the sounds he made as a result. She felt his hips moving, signaling that he was getting close to his release. She gripped his thighs, working her tongue over him again, and again and again.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed as he pulled her up by her hair, surprising her. It wasn’t uncommon, as he rarely came in her mouth. It always threw her by surprise though. His eyes were dark, and glossed over with lust. He ran his thumb over her wet bottom lip, chuckling.

“You have a hot little mouth, Hon.” He pressed his lips against hers. “But I’d much rather finish in your pretty little pussy.” Well fuck. When he said it like that. His fingers grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head, tossing it to the ground beside them. She quickly reached down to unbutton her jeans, as he pulled them down her thighs and off her body, leaving them on the ground. “I love these panties.” He whispered, stroking her through the red lace panties she was wearing.

“Dash,” she said in his name in a whimper. His hands went to his hips, lifting her as her legs wrapped around his waist. He took the three steps to the bed, laying her down with ease.

“Get on all fours, Hon.” She gulped, but listened. She felt his hands on her ass, his fingers tracing the outline of her panties. His hand dipped slightly, stroking her through the fabric. “Shit, Y/N. You’re soaking.” He groaned out. She just whimpered, wiggling her hips.

“Please-” She knew she was not above begging. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be in the mood to make her beg for him, as his fingers linked through the hem of her panties pulling them down to her knees. He stroked her again, causing a loud moan to leave her as her head dropped to the mattress, burying her face in the pillows.

“Look at my girl,” he whispered, his index finger stroking her clit and causing another whimper to leave her. “My beautiful, sensitive girl.” Two rough fingers entered her, and she swore she could see stars behind her closed eyes. She wiggled her hips back, growing too impatient to wait for him. “That’s my girl, fucking herself against my fingers.” He said his other hand grabbing her ass, causing a low whine to leave her.

 “Dash, please. More.” She wasn’t able to form coherent thoughts, let alone sentences.

“I got you, Hon.” He said his thumb running gentles circles on her clit, the speed of his fingers increasing. “Come on, Hon, move those hips.” She wasn’t sure if she could keep her hips still, even if he ordered her to. She moved against him, trying to increase the friction. The speed of his thumb increased, and the added stimulation to her clit was all she needed as she came, crying out and bucking against his hand.

“F-fuck.” She heard him chuckling as she turned her head to look over to see him. He had his fingers in his mouth, licking them clean. The sight alone cause a whole new ache to form between her thighs. Fuck. She wondered if he even knew all of the little things he did that turned her on.

“Ready to come again, Y/N?” She just moaned, nodding her head. Keeping her eyes on him, she watched as he gripped himself before positioning himself between her thighs. She felt him stroking her, the tip of his cock teasing her clit.

“Dash,” she whined, wiggling her hips slightly. “Please. Please. Please.” She wasn’t sure if he was looking to have her beg, but he must have been satisfied with her ‘please’ because he slipped inside of her with one movement.

“Fuck.” He grunted, his hips snapping forward causing her to cry out and bury her face in the pillow again. He started a fast pattern, his hands on her hips keeping her steady. She cried out, the sounds mostly muffled into the pillow. She felt one hand leave her hip before his thumb was back on her clit, circling in a fast rhythm.

“Oh god!” She cried out, coming again for the second time that night. Closing her eyes, she focused on her breathing as it felt like fireworks going off. The sounds he was making behind her told her that he was close, just to be pushed over by her clenching around him.

“Fuck.” He groaned out, his hips thrusting against her wildly before he too came. He rolled off of her, and she heard him trying to catch his breath. After several moments, he pulled her into his side, holding her against him. She rested her head against his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

“I love you, Dash.” She whispered against his chest. She looked up to see him yawning.

“I love you too, Babe.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. She closed her eyes, once again trying to form the sentences needed to tell him the news. It should have been easy, honestly. Honey, I’m pregnant. It was three words. That was all she needed to say, just those three words.

“Babe?” Taking a deep breath, she turned to look up at him, ready to tell him. She saw that his eyes were closed, and he looked peaceful. The sound of his light snores started, and she huffed before closing her own eyes. It was just like him to fall asleep when she finally was going to tell him. It was the last thought on her mind before she too fell asleep.

———–  ———–  ———–

“Hey Babe?” As soon as Y/N woke up, she realized she was in bed alone. It took her another moment, another deep breath, and another reminder that it was just three words, but she decided to find him again in the house. That nagging feeling of keeping something from him was back, and she hated it. She had just thrown on a large tee and panties, before heading out to the front of their home.

“In the kitchen.” She leaned against the doorway, watching as he finished drying the dishes. She had honestly meant to get those washed up, but the midafternoon nap had altered a lot of her plans for the day.

“I was going to get to those.” He just shrugged as he set the final mug in the cupboard, closing it.

“I don’t mind. You looked too peaceful to disturb.” He looked at her before raising his eyebrow. “Well, now you don’t look so peaceful. What’s up?”

“I–” She started, taking one final deep breath. She took a few steps closer to him, smiling as he lifted her with ease and set her on the counter. He stood between her legs, his fingers pushing back some of her hair. He was patient with her, not pressing her for more information, letting her take her time. “I’m pregnant, Dash.” She said before closely watching his face for the sign of his reaction.

Just like that she knew she was silly for being so nervous. As he processed those words, his eyes lit up and a wide grin was on his face. “Yeah?” He asked and she quickly nodded her head. “Babe, this is good.” He said pressing his mouth against hers.

“I can’t believe I was nervous to tell you.” She laughed.

“You weren’t.”

“No, I was.” She said with a small shrug. “It sounds so silly, but I was kind of terrified.” He placed his hands on her face, looking at her.

“Babe, this is great.” That grin was still there, melting her heart. “I mean we never talked about when, but we wanted kids.” She nodded her head.

“I guess we just said one day and I was afraid that maybe you weren’t ready, or your career or–”

“Hon.” He cut her off, his thumb stroking her face. “There is never a wrong time for us to start our family. I would have been happy with it being years ago, or even years from now.” One hand was now pressed against her stomach. “The two of you mean the world to me, alright? There is no bad time, no matter my career or anything else. The three of us are going to be a family.” Nodding her head quickly, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Thank you.” She whispered against him. He chuckled lightly.

“I should be thanking you.” He pressed a kiss to the side of her head, holding her for a moment. Suddenly he started to laugh. She looked up at him, a curious look on her face. “We’re pregnant.” He said as she laughed, nodding her head.

“We’re pregnant.” She confirmed as he kissed her again, before laughing once again. ”What?”

“Just thinking of how you are going to need maternity clothes.” He teased as she pushed his shoulder.

“Ass. I could just borrow your sweats, since there is no way my butt will be that big, bump or not.” She teased as he laughed, wrapping his arms around her again.

“You’re just lucky you are carrying my baby.” She knew he was joking, but there was truth in his words.

“Indeed.” She said reaching up to stroke his cheek before pressing her lips back to his. “I am very lucky.”

———–  ———–  ———–

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Shopping is Fun!

Warnings: the  abuse of Richard Grayson’s name

A/N: I’m ashamed

As Dick Grayson’s significant other you were well aware your boyfriend was unbearably attractive. Sometimes it irritated you, especially since most of the time you couldn’t be with each other. While you both worked during the day, majority of the time you couldn’t spend the nights with each other because Dick having to work a second job. You weren’t sure what he did but you knew it was stressful and it would keep him out to the wee hours of the morning. These late nights led to fleeting ‘good mornings’ and quick kisses before you bother headed your separate ways. On the rare occasions that you both got to spend time with each other you’d spend the time sleeping rather than going on dates or exploring the city. However today was one of the even rarer times where you were spending time together, and it wasn’t going well.

“What is it that we need for the house?” he asks as you both enter the store. You pull out the small list you made and tear it in half.

“You get that half, I’ll get this stuff and then we meet by the ice cream.”

“Deal,” he states as he turns heading to his section of the store.

You smile as you watch his form retreat but then you catch the lingering glance and sly smile that a brunette woman gives as he passes. You’re happy that he didn’t seem to notice her but you feel a green monster start to form on your back. Turning swiftly on your heels you make your way to the laundry section to pick up some detergent and fabric softener.

“Relax,” you whisper to yourself as you push the cart down the aisle. You know that your jealousy is just a result of the lack of time that you two have been spending together.

Huffing as you lift a large tub of detergent into the basket you freeze when you here a giggle and a deep chuckle.

You hurriedly make your way down the aisle and turn the corner only time find Dick and a sales woman laughing softly.

“Thanks for helping me find this, I usually don’t do the shopping” he says kindly blue eyes shining as he smiles.

The young woman twirls a long strand of her lavender streaked blonde hair around her finger as she takes in his form.

“Oh, does your mom do it for you?” she asks in an innocent tone. You flinch at the question as you approach but you can tell the Dick is taking the question in stride.

“No my- oh hey,” he stops in mid-sentence and beckons you over. “Is this the right tea?” he asks as you come to stand next to him.

“Yep,” you state popping the ‘p’ at the end. You take the tea from his hand and throw it into the basket. “Thanks, babe.”

“Oh-h,” the worker starts, “I-is this your-“

“Yes,” you cut her off in a sugary sweet tone. You let a smile curl around your lips, but you know that it doesn’t reach your eyes. The look that you give her seems to startle her and Dick notices.

“Why don’t we finish shopping, babe, there’s still a lot of things to get on the list.” Dick stated as he wrapped his arm around your waist trying to push you and the basket away.

“Of course,” you state turning away from the woman.

You don’t say anything to each other but you both are tense. He can feel your anger and he feels bad. He knows the reason that you feel so jealous is because you barely see him, he’d probably feel the same if he’d seen someone come up to you. He needed to figure out a way to make this better.

“I’m going to go get some cookies and ice cream,” you blurt out taking your hand off the basket. You shove your half of the list at him, “I’ll meet you at the register.”

You walk away quickly, feeling his eyes on you. You huff as you turn the corner finding yourself in front of the freezer section. Looking at the rows and rows of ice creams.

“I have to get over this,” you mutter to yourself. You look in the window of the freezer and rub your face as you try to keep your lips from naturally twisting down in a frown. It doesn’t work. You sigh and grab your favorite ice cream. You make your way to the cookie aisle and grab a box before making your wat back to the check stand.

“Hey,” you say as you squeeze through the line to stand next to him.

“You ok?” he asks murmuring into your ear arm coming to wrap around your waist. You lean into his body and relax feeling silly for your hostility.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.” You close your eyes and inhale releasing your anxiety.

When you open your eyes however, you could feel your spine twitch in anger. The man at the check stand was openly eyeing your boyfriend! Not wanting to make a scene you glare at him and turn your gaze and eye the woman behind you only to feel your eye twitch. She can’t seem to keep her eyes above Dicks’ waistline.

“Do you all want his dick?! What the actual fuck?”

The words were out of your mouth before you knew it. You slapped a hand over your mouth in surprise. A hush fell over the line and the boy next to you turned red in embarrassment as you pointed to him.

“I-I mean, do you a-actually want all of this, Dick?” you stutter out mortified.

Wide blue eyes stare at you in astonishment.

“Y-yes?” he questions, not sure how to respond.

The cashier looks between the two of you flatting his lips into a line as to keep from bursting.

There is more silence as he finishes ringing up the items. When they are all in the cart and the two of you are making your way to the exit, you here the cashier call, “You should give it to her good, Dick!”

It was very likely that you weren’t coming back to this store again.

theabridgedkuriboh  asked:

I don't know if I'm doing this right since I'm on mobile, but for the Domestic Meme thing, maybe Tamakyo. I'm curious.

Yep, totally right! And yaaaay, Tamakyo is probably my fav Ouran pairing, to be perfectly honest.

Shit, this ended up being super long. I’m so sorry-I promise the others will be shorter, I just have a lot of Tamakyo feelings… 

And I’m answering these questions in the context of an aged up Tamaki and Kyoya who live together and are adults in a serious relationship, otherwise a lot of these wouldn’t really make sense.

who cooks normally?:

Um, obviously Kyoya because Tamaki has an amazing tendency to royally fuck things up whenever he gets too excited, especially when fire’s involved. That’s not to say that he’s a bad cook, it’s just that he cares too much about cooking well for his boyfriend and ends up burning something or setting off the smoke alarm.

So Kyoya cooks normal meals and is pretty good at it because he’s good at anything he can learn how to do, but he’s not like, a mindblowing chef. On special occasions he lets Tamaki cook under his or maybe Haruhi’s supervision and sometimes they cook together (but not often because honestly that’s just a headache/minor fight/temper tantrum waiting to happen), and that’s when they eat the best because Tamaki puts ~love~ into his cooking and also cooks rich French food and it’s awesome.

One exception is that Tamaki cooks breakfast. He sticks to simple things that he learned from his mom back when he lived with her in France, because that means there won’t be a cooking emergency. And Kyoya lets him because hell if he’s getting up any earlier than he has to to make breakfast for either of them, but even though he would just skip breakfast on his own, he’s totally gotten spoiled by Tamaki cooking for him.

how often do they fight?:

Ummm, all the time, but not seriously. You know how sometimes couples who are really into each other bicker constantly but obviously don’t mean it? That’s basically their relationship dynamic most of the time, except it’s a little different than most couples because Kyoya is a little more cutting in his remarks than most people, but luckily Tamaki is more dense and forgiving than most, so they complement each other perfectly.

They rarely fight seriously and when they do it’s usually because Kyoya has never quite gotten used to showing the level of emotion that Tamaki is accustomed to, so he either comes off as more callous and hurtful than he intends to and winds up actually hurting Tamaki’s feelings, or he ends up internalizing his insecurities instead of talking it out, which is made worse by the fact that it takes Tamaki a little longer than the average person to figure out when something’s wrong (plus Kyoya’s got an amazing poker face because of the family environment he grew up in).

But whenever something’s seriously wrong, as soon as the person who didn’t notice the other one’s hurting figures it out, they feel awful and try to resolve it pretty immediately, and luckily they’re both pretty forgiving (Tamaki to everyone, and Kyoya to Tamaki, at least).

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Kyoya takes advantage of the quiet time that he rarely ever gets-he uses it to get some alone time and relax, usually by doing something like reading a book or getting ahead on his work, which Tamaki insists doesn’t count as relaxing but Kyoya ignores him.

Tamaki, on the other hand, bounces off the walls without constant social stimulation, so he calls up all of his friends until someone will come play with him. If he can’t get someone to hang out with him, he’ll either go out to a public place and people watch (and maybe talk to strangers) or watch an inordinate amount of children’s tv. 

nicknames for each other?:

Kyoya is totally not the pet name type, so the closest he gets is calling Tamaki mild insults like idiot, moron, imbecile, in a fond way. 

Tamaki, on the other hand, looooooves pet names and cycles through them on a weekly basis. He really likes to try out pet names from different cultures, the sappier the better, so he’ll go from mon amour one day to babe the next to some weird Russian endearment that he found on the internet. Kyoya seems to find this amusing, so he figures he’s doing something right.

Once he tried out calling Kyoya princess, and that really didn’t end well for him. But honestly, a lot of the time they just use the other’s name, although they’ve kept up the habit from host club days of calling each other Mommy and Daddy.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

They’re both filthy rich, so it honestly doesn’t matter in the end financially. But Tamaki insists on being a gentleman and paying for everything, and Kyoya lets him because after being together for a while they merged their personal assets anyway and let Kyoya manage them, so even though it’s Tamaki who pulls out the credit card, he’s basically paying with both of their money, although Kyoya doesn’t usually remind him of this because he gets sulky and embarrassed. 

who steals the covers at night?:

KYOYA. Kyoya’s so orderly in all of his waking life but he’s a pain in the ass to share a bed with. He sleeps like the dead, is grumpy in the morning, sprawls out and takes most of the space, sometimes kicks or elbows Tamaki in his sleep when Tamaki’s trying to cuddle, AND steals the covers. Luckily Tamaki’s pretty easy-going when it comes to sleep habits, although he does get disappointed sometimes that Kyoya’s so hard to cuddle with.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Oooh, this is a hard one. Well, Tamaki likes trinkets and sentimental stuff so Kyoya tries to find the dumbest and most useless things possible when he goes on business trips and buys them for Tamaki, which means they have a lot of children’s toys, souvenir spoons, and other random junk, but Tamaki loves it.

Kyoya has pretty much no desire for things that aren’t useful to him, so when they were first together Tamaki spent a lot of money on things that Kyoya only liked because they were from Tamaki. Eventually he took pity on Tamaki and told him what things he needed (new suits, household appliances, more pillows or blankets), even though Tamaki said that was boring and unromantic. Eventually Tamaki stopped buying him things and started to write/perform songs for him on the piano and to give him framed pictures of the two of them and their friends, because that’s the kind of thing that Kyoya might not think about doing. These gifts go over much better.

who remembers things?:

Oh, no question, Kyoya. Tamaki remembers random junk like the anniversary of when they started the host club and when every host joined, the voice actor in that one movie he watched two years ago, and whether every girl who ever patronized the host club prefers tea or coffee, but Kyoya remembers everything else more reliably. Neither of them ever forgets an anniversary, birthday, or romantic holiday though.

who cusses more?:

Also Kyoya, although he avoids doing it in public because he is a serious businessman. In private he curses a moderate amount, while Tamaki is more likely to gesticulate, whine, be overdramatic and talk too much when he’s annoyed. Sometimes he’ll use the kind of insults or exclamations that children do because they’re not allowed to curse, which would sound ridiculous if it were anyone else (it still sounds ridiculous but it’s totally in character to him).

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

This is probably one of the only things that could freak Kyoya out enough that he’d lose his cool, but he’d pretty quickly get it under control and call up his private doctor.

On the other hand, if Kyoya was seriously hurt Tamaki would get scarily serious and call an ambulance/doctor ASAP and in the meantime would make sure Kyoya was comfortable as possible and would try to ramble on about something to pretend that he’s not worried so Kyoya doesn’t freak out.

who kissed who first?:

Kyoya, because he’d been aware of his feelings for Tamaki long before Tamaki was, but was not gonna act on them pretty much ever because of his family’s expectations and because Tamaki’s super oblivious and also seemed kinda in love with Haruhi for a while.

But then at some point after Tamaki had realized that he kinda only felt platonic feelings for Haruhi, they were spending the night at one of their houses and Kyoya was tired and stressed out about his family stuff and his future and Tamaki was being incredibly comforting and supportive in the best way he could, and Kyoya kinda just kisses him (just once, quickly) without thinking about it.

who made the first move?:

If you count the kiss, Kyoya, but then afterwards they were both kinda shocked and Tamaki froze and so Kyoya just starting talking about host club profits until Tamaki seemed to forget about it. Then he said that he was tired and pretended to go to sleep when he was really trying to calculate how likely this was to mess up their friendship, but then he felt Tamaki reach over and hold his hand. But they didn’t really talk about it the next morning. So kind of both of them?

who started the relationship?:

Ahh, well even though Kyoya kissed Tamaki first, Tamaki was the one who started the relationship. Because after that time where they kissed, Kyoya came up with a long list of reasons why they needed to ignore that it ever happened, but Tamaki kept asking Kyoya to be his boyfriend because he realized that he likes Kyoya and also likes Kyoya and Kyoya would be such a good boyfriend and isn’t he pretty enough for Kyoya? And the whining and begging kept going on until Kyoya agreed (partially because he was won over, partially because if he didn’t do something it was going to affect host club profits) under the conditions that they’d take things slowly and be discreet for the sake of the host club and their futures.

In the beginning it was hard to find time to actually go out or anything and Kyoya felt super awkward about the whole dating thing and both of them were super clueless about the physical aspect of their relationship, but Tamaki was enthusiastic and caring enough that it became comfortable really quickly because they’d been best friends for years and realized that this wasn’t too terribly different because they’d always been weirdly close for best friends.

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Nine: Something to Lose
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2270 
Warnings: Implied smut.



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Mr & Mrs Smith - Part 7

Dean x Reader

A/N: Thank you to @shortandawkward94 for beta reading this! You’re amazing, girl! @kbrand0 a thank you to you as well for the help this afternoon. You tried, but I failed lol. For the anon who asked about The Winchesters Plus One, I’m working on it right now. I hope to post it soon. Thank you for the patience, I know I’m super slow. 

[Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6]

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“Don’t look, but there’s a camera watching us.”

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Rough Patch


I’m standing in the kitchen, cooking dinner for Niall and I as I wait for him to get home. I’m stirring the pot of pasta sauce when I hear the door open, and footsteps leading inside. “Hey.” Niall says, popping his head into the kitchen, and offering a small smile. “Hi.” You reply. That’s pretty much how we worked these days. “What you making?” He asks, walking in and grabbing a glass of water. “Pasta.” I say, and even I can hear my voice shaking. Honestly, I just wanted Niall back. I heard him stop and turn towards me at the sound of my voice. “What’s wrong Princess?” He asks gently, taking a few steps towards me. Everything. “Nothing.” I lie. I feel him standing next to me, as he takes the spoon from my hand and moves the pot from the element. “Can you look at me please?” He asks, as if he’s talking to a child. I don’t look up, but feel a tear escape my eye, but I quickly wipe it away. I feel Nialls hands on my hips, as he effortlessly lifts me up, placing me on the bench. He stands between my legs, and gently cups my cheek, brushing away tears as the fall. I realise this is probably the closet we’ve been in week, and find tears falling faster. “I miss you, Niall” I say so quietly, I’m not sure I said anything. I hear a sigh leave Niall’s mouth, before he leans down and leans his forehead gently on mine, before his Irish accent comes out in a whisper. “We’ll figure it out babe. I swear. I’m not losing you.”


I walked in the door from a day out with my friends and sighed lightly. I slipped off my shoes, and headed towards the sound of the television. “Hey Hairy” I smiled softly, as Harry turned around and smiled too. My friends had told me I had to try harder to make it through the rough patch we were going through, if I wanted us to make it out the other side. I walk over a sit next to him on the couch, and I think he’s a bit confused, but puts his arm around me, somewhat thankfully, anyway. “How’s your day?” I ask. “Good” He says, before busting into one of his s stories, that I’d missed so much. We hadn’t really talked that much lately. I laughed and offered comments for his story until he finished, when we were both laughing as I lay in his lap. He smiled down at me, a real genuine smile, then leaned down and pressed a kiss on my lips. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.” He mumbles, with sadness in his eyes. “Same.” I admit. After a few seconds of silence I feel his fingers playing with my hair. “You still want to be in this, right? Cause if you don’t, you need to tell me.” He says, looking into my eyes, fearful, I might just get up and go. “I do. Do you?” “More than anything. I just want us again.” He says, sadness again glazing over his eyes. He leant down and placed a gentle kiss on my lips, and I moved my hand to the back of his head, holding him there as he deepened the kiss. “I love you.” He said between kisses. “I love you too” I tell him as he roll on top of me.


“hey baby” Zayn tired voice rings through my computer speakers. “Hey Zayn” I reply. “How was your day?” I ask, after a few seconds of silence. “Good.” He replies, not glancing up from his phone. We sit there quietly for a minute or so before I take a deep breath. “I’m gonna go” I tell him. “Oh, okay” He says, finally looking up from his phone. “I might move back into my flat” I say, refusing to look at him. “Wait, what? Babe, don’t do that” He says. Oh so now you suddenly care, do you? “Please babe. I know we aren’t good right now, but don’t go please.” “It’s not like you’re trying Zayn” I tell him harshly. “It’s hard on tour babe. We can’t see each other all the time.” “I’m here right now, and you’re not trying.” Zayn makes a face of realization, before a guilty expression lays on his features. “This weekend I’ll fly home and we figure this out.” He tells me. “Can you promise me you’ll be there when I get home? Please? If we talk, and you still want to go, you go.” I nod lightly. “We got a deal?” He asks, and I nod again. “I love you baby girl. It’ll get better.”


I’m lay in bed late one night, trying to get to sleep when Liam trys to tiptoe in, and quietly get changed. “I’m awake Li” I say, with my eyes still closed, and he then becomes noisier as he gets ready for bed. After 5 or so minutes, he slips in bed next to me, but quite far away. I sigh, and close my eyes again. I can hear that next to me, Liam was wide awake, and after 10is he minutes, I feel a big hand on my hip. I smile lightly, as Liam pulls me towards him, really cautiously, as if I’m about to yell at him or move away. I feel his hand leave my hip when I’m closer to him. I guess this is my turn to make a move. I wiggle closer, closing the final little gap between us as I feel my back hit his chest. I snuggle into him, and I feel his tense body, relax, before he wraps his arms around my waist, getting comfortable. I interlock my fingers with his, before closing my eyes again with a slight smile on my face. We hadn’t slept like this in weeks. “I love you” I whisper. I fell his lips place a gentle kiss on my neck before I hear him whisper “I love you too. So much.”


“You don’t care anymore! You just don’t care about us!” Louis yells at me. “I am constantly trying, I am honestly throwing myself at you and you just shut me down. All. The. Time.” He continues, running his fingers through his hair. He takes a deep breath before turning back to me, a desperate look on his face.“Do you not love me anymore?” He asked quieter, sounding broken. “Louis, don’t say that. I do. I love you more than anything.” I say, and I notice my voice sounds tired. Just tired of working, all he time. Nothing to do with Lou. I guess I had been distant, but when I got home, I just wanted to sleep. And Louis had had enough of it, it seemed. He sighs and walks over to me, linking our fingers together loosely. “What’s going on then (y/n)? Cause I’m watching you drift away from me really quickly.” I bite my lips together and shrug. “I didn’t realize. I’m just stressed from work and stuff.” Louis places his fingers under my chin and tilts my head so he can look into my eyes. “I love you. So much, but I can’t watch you drift away anymore. Your not even yourself anymore.” He tells me. “Do you want to break up?” I whisper, not able to make any louder sound, as a tear slips down my cheek, and Louis moves quickly to whip it away. “No, no. That’s the last thing I want baby. I just want you back.” He whispers back. I open my mouth to respond, but am interrupted by the annoying sound of my work phone. I close my eyes slowly as Louis reaches behind me, before passing me my phone. “Hello?” I say, trying to sound happy, but failing. “Right now?” I ask, after listening to the person. I look up and give Louis an apologetic glance, and he sighs, shaking his head, turning and walking away from me. “Okay. Tell them soon. Bye.” I hang up, and slide my phone back into my bag. “It’s my job Lou.” I say quietly after sitting in silence for a long time. “This is our relationship (y/n)!” He yells, waving his hand between him and eye. “This is what I was talking about. You just don’t care.” He says, more to himself than to me, as he turns and leaves the room. “Have fun at work.” He says before jogging up the stairs. More tears fall from my eyes, and I drop my bag, making a few calls, before going up stairs after Lou. I open our bedroom door and see Louis laying in bed. “You forget something?” He asks in a mumble. I slip off my shoes and my jeans before climbing in next to Louis. He rolls over and looks at me with a small smile. “Just how important we are.” Louis smiles and places a kiss on my nose. “Thank you baby. Thank you.” He says. “I’m sorry.” I mumble. “You’re here now. That’s all that matters.


so like…hi. new year new jeannie except not really and you have no idea wHO THE HELL I AM thats ok

i didn’t want to post fics on my main blog so here i am wowie anyways.

summary: dan breaks off his “thing” with phil and literally regrets it 2 seconds later.
song!fic sorta following the lyrics of fallout by marianas trench oops.

i can’t do summaries.

warnings: swearing??? i guess. also my AMERICANNESS so sorry. and a random OC boyf who literally has no description i just needed a dude’s name sorry. 


an empty room, i’m empty too
and everything reminds me of you


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my favorite stormpilot headcanon is them just broing around together on the resistance base, and accidentally getting into all these super romantic situations as poe –teaches finn how to fly– and they end up almost kissing so many damn times (with a little behind-the-scenes help from rey, bb-8, and the rest of the pilots of course) but every single time they just laugh it off awkwardly

and then one day it comes to a head and they are less than an inch away from each others’ lips and poe doesn’t want to make finn feel awkward so he says “haha it’s a good thing we’re both straight buddy, or this might get weird’ and finn just. looks at him strangely. and says, “i’m not straight” 

and poe’s like “no what you’re definitely straight” and finn goes “dude i was just pretending to be hetero so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable” and poe frowns and is like “wait, i was just pretending to be straight so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable” and they just like. stare at each other for a minute as they try to figure out why they are both so stupid.

and then they make out forever and ever and rey and bb-8 fistbump okay bye

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how would the monsters react to their s/o using a bunch of cheesy pick up lines out of the blue?


He’s pretty thrown for a loop, at the start. Oh, so that’s how you wanna play, huh? Well, prepare yourself for battle, babe, because he’s got pick-up lines out the wazoo. It’s either gonna end with one of you eventually running out of lines to throw at each other (probably you, because he’s just got…so many…), or eventually you both decide to call it a draw. Just depends on how long the “battle” goes on.


Wowie, he was not prepared for this! The dating manual(s) he read while trying to figure out the proper way to court you did mention things like this, but with you just firing line after line at him, he ends up a blushing, stuttering mess. He tries to throw one back at you, but he ends up botching it pretty bad, just out of pure nervousness.


HA, you’re flirting with her, you dork! Actually she’s super into it, though she’s not all that great at telling pick-up lines herself. Eventually she’ll get super flustered, & if you don’t stop she’ll end up noogieing the flirtation out of you. Stop making her BLUSH, punk!


Oooh, goodness. At first, she doesn’t even realize what you’re doing, & she ends up “answering” to the line pretty literally. After the second or third one, though, she’s pretty much a melted little pile of embarrassment. She tries to tell you one back, that she (probably) heard from Mettaton, or from an anime or something, but she gets too flustered to even finish it & just ends up sitting there awkwardly before she tries to run out of the room.

Pregnancy Series #19 ~ Nursery

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall ~ As the first dad-to-be in the band, the boys wanted to help him with everything. They were so proud that their Irish man was becoming a father, and couldn’t wait for their niece of nephew arrive. So Niall invited them all to help him with the nursery. 

The day before, you went out with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was also pregnant, and Lou Teasdale and Lux. Decorating a nursery without knowing the gender was harder than you expected, so you needed a bit of help. Lou had helped you plan what you would do, and you found out Lux had an eye for decorating. 

You brought everything home that you could fit in the car yesterday, and today the truck was arriving with the furniture. Niall decided he wanted to put the furniture together with the help of the boys, so once the delivery men brought everything up the stairs he had them leave. 

While they were upstairs, you were downstairs with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was pregnant (only to the knowledge of you, Niall, and of course, Zayn), talking about what she planned to do for her nursery in hushed voices. You could hear them talking as you drank your lemonades on the balcony since the window to the nursery was open and right below you. As time went by, they became louder.

“I don’t think that goes there,” Zayn said.

“It looks like a side piece, see. Look at the picture, dipshits,” Louis pointed out. You laughed at the frustration in his voice quietly, not wanting them to know you could hear them. As the yelling continued, you guessed they were putting together the changing table/bookshelf. 

“What are these?” Harry asked. 

“Thats the screws for the crib, I think,” Liam said, and you heard the crinkle of paper, signaling he was flipping through the instructions. 

“No, I think we were supposed to put those-” Niall began, but was interrupted by a loud crash. You looked to Zayn’s girlfriend with wide eyes, and rushed your way down the stairs, helping each other, to see what was going on. 

When you got to the doorway, you saw the crib half in the box, a big dent in the wall, and the changing table pieces in a pile. “I’m calling the delivery guys back. This is not working,” you said, pulling out your phone. They all nodded frantically with their eyes wide.

“And call a carpenter, too. That hole is pretty huge,” Liam said. The boys began laughing at each other, and trying to figure out who forgot the screws, when Niall made his way over to you. 

“I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I just wanted to help,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. You handed the phone to Liam, and went downstairs with Niall to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the boys.

After a day of the carpenters and the furniture store delivery men going in and out of you house, and a few days of you and Niall hanging things on the walls carefully, the nursery was finally finished.

Zayn ~ “Y/N? Are you home?” You heard after the door slammed. You turned your music down and wiped your hands off on a rag. 

“Here!” you yelled, and heard his footsteps making their way down the hall. The door opened and a smile instantly bloomed on his lips. 

“It looks amazing in here,” he said, walking over to the oval shaped crib in the middle of the room. He put his hands on the edge of the wooden structure and looked down at the bedding. You stood back, watching him. He reached down and ran his fingertips over the soft blanket his mum had bought lining the mattress. 

“I love that baby,” he whispered, but you heard him over Frank Sinatra playing softly through the radio. You walked over to him and put your bare feet on the cow skin rug that the crib sat on. 

“I know you do. I know you do now,” you said, placing your hand over his on the edge of the crib. He looked over to you and smiled. “I’m almost done in here, but I don’t know what to put on that wall, there.” 

The wall to your right was bare and white. You didn’t know what to put there. You didn’t want furniture because you didn’t want the room to be crowded, but leaving it bare wasn’t an option. 

“Hang on,” he said as he exited the room. While you waited for him to return, you began stocking the changing table with all the diapers you had bought. Trisha said you should buy enough diapers to last the first few months just to make life easier, so you had bought 25 packages from amazon and had them shipped to your flat. 

Zayn came back, carrying a frame turned so you could only see the back and not the contents. “Close you eyes,” he told you, and you did. You heard him shuffling around, and the frame banging the floor multiple times before he said, “Okay, open them.”

You gasped. It was a beautiful painting of a man, no one you knew- but it was beautiful. It matched the room perfectly, like it was made to fit your style. The colors coordinated with the items you already had in the room, and it was big enough to fill the bare wall without crowding the room. 

“I- I love it. Where’d you get it? It’s so- so, so- It’s amazing,” you rambled. Zayn lifted it up and pushed it against the wall to give you an idea of how it would look once it was hung. “I love it.”

You walked over to him as he put the painting down on the floor leaning against the wall. “I love you,” you whispered as you leaned against his chest and looked out the windows. The room had a view of the London Eye and the Thames river. He reached his hand to your face and brushed your hair away from your eyes. You hands found their way to his sides and you pulled him closer so your lips met his. 

It was the first time you kissed in months. You couldn’t help but cherish every second of contact. You couldn’t deny loving him, and the fact that you had finally forgiven him. No, everything wouldn’t be the same as it had been before your pregnancy, but you were closer than yesterday. 

Liam ~ “Uncle Liam?” Jaeda asked. You turned from where you were standing at the changing table and watched as your husband and niece were looking through the baby books. 

“Niece Jaeda?” he answered, making her laugh. She closed her book and put it onto the bookshelf. Liam had been in here night and day preparing for the baby. He did an amazing job putting the furniture together, and found an amazing crib at an antique store. 

“What’s this circle on the rug?” She asked. You smiled as you folded on of the many blankets you had received and stuffed it into the bottom drawer. 

“That’s a compass. It’s what pirates used to find treasure,” he explained. She nodded and stood on top of it, skipping around on the points. She sat down and traced the shapes with her fingers, singing off key absentmindedly. Liam chuckled, and you tossed a blanket at her. 

“Come help me,” you said, and she nodded. In her summer dress, which she wore over a long sleeved tee and leggings, she twirled over to where you stood. She began trying to fold the blue blanket on the floor beside you, and when she was finished she handed it up to you. You tossed some more down to her, and you refolded the one she just gave you. 

Liam began to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, which Jaeda thought looked like fun. She skipped across the room to him, and pulled on his pant leg. “Uncle Liam, can I try?”

He nodded and handed her the hammer. You watched as he hoisted her up onto the table and held the nail for her to hit, surprisingly, she it the nail instead of the walls or her uncle’s fingers. She eventually got bored and began to play under the crib. But then Lia started using a drill to hand up the blinds, and she got scared, so you took her down to watch a movie. 

She picked out Finding Dory, and halfway through, she looked up to you from your lap and said, “Aunty Y/N, why don’t you have the baby in your belly?” 

“Because,” you simply stated, hoping she would forget and turn her attention back to the movie. But she didn’t.

“But why?” 

“I can’t have a baby in my belly. That’s why Uncle Liam and I are adopting. Remember we told you? Someone else has our baby in their stomach, and when he comes out, we’re going to get him,” you explained, tears forming in your eyes. You turned you head away from your niece’s stare and wiped the water away. 

“Are you crying?” she asked, putting her small hand on your cheek leaning in close so that her nose was almost touching yours. 

“Ya, bug, I am crying.”

“Daddy says that when someone is crying that they are sad about something. What are you sad about?” she asked innocently. You laughed lightly, and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sad that I can’t have a baby in my belly,” you told her. She nodded, and turned back to the movie. 

“I think it’s all set! Just need to put- Are you alright, sweetheart?” Liam said as he walked into the room. He saw my tear-stained cheeks and bent down in front of me. 

“It’s nothing, promise. Jaeda cheered me up,” you smiled and hugged him.

Harry ~ “Okay, I’m ready. What can I do?” you said, clapping you hands together. You looked around at the unfinished nursery as Harry rolled out the rug. 

“It’s alright, love, I can handle it,” he stood up and kissed your lips, “You go have a bath and relax. Maybe take a nap. I shouldn’t be here long.” 

He smiled at you and began pushing the crib to where you had planned to. You shook your head, running your fingertips over the walls he had painted two days ago and then to the wood of the crib he had put together this morning. You felt useless and lazy just standing back and watching him do everything. 

“I really want to help, though. Here, I can just get up here- and, uh- if I could reach,” you struggled to reach the curtain rod that need to have the curtains fed onto it. You put your foot onto the side of the crib when Harry wasn’t looking and hoisted yourself up. While you were trying to reach the top of the windows where the curtain rod was, your foot slipped, and you fell back onto the pile of baby clothes. 

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harry exclaimed when he saw you on the floor. He dropped the hammer he was holding and rushed to your side. He put one hand on the small of your back and held onto your hand with the other as he helped you to your feet. He looked over every part of your body for injuries with his hands resting on your arms the whole time, still shaken from the fall.

“I’m fine, I think. The baby didn’t get hurt,” you reassured him, but he still held onto your forearm as you walked to sit down in the rocker.  

“Are you sure? Is the baby moving? Your butt doesn’t hurt?” he rambled, his palms caressing your cheeks. You laughed, but rubbed you elbow, which hit the edge of the crib on your way down. 

“We’re good. Now, can I help you put the changing table together?”

“No, why don’t you go have a lie down?” he suggested. You shook your head and looked down, feeling the tears forming in your eyes.

“Please, Harry,” you whispered, your pregnancy hormones getting the best of you and making you unreasonably upset. 

“Oh, love, I really don’t mind if you don’t help. But- If you really want to help, you can. Uh, let’s see, here! You can help me put the drawers together for the dresser. That sound good?” you sniffled and nodded, walking over to where the wooden pieces were lied out on the floor. Harry dragged the ottoman over so you could sit. 

As you did, Harry asked, “Comfy?”

You returned his smile and rested your hands on the peak of your stomach. Harry kissed the top of your head before handing you a screwdriver and a few screws. 

Louis ~ “Holy…Oh my God, Lou this looks so amazing!” you said, covering your mouth as you walked in and take in the nursery. It was just how you wanted it. You knew the boys wouldn’t be spending much time in their cribs for the first few months, but you knew they would eventually love it.

“I’m glad you like it…I think they did a really good job.” He said softly, leaning in the doorway. You had hired a crew to paint it, put everything together, and decorate it to your liking since Louis was busy on tour. He was only home because he had shows in London. 

“They did amazing,” you said, walking around the room. You and Louis couldn’t decide on a color theme for the nursery, so you chose traditional colors and designed the perfect nursery from there. 

“Oh, and look! They did use the lamps!” You reached up and toyed with the crocheted lampshades Jay had made. She recently learned to crochet, and you had loads of stuff for the boys she made.

“I can’t wait for them to get here,” he said softly. You turned to look at him as he made his way towards you. You sat down in one of the rockers and Louis copied your actions. 

“I’m going to fall asleep in these,” you laughed. He smiled and took your hand in his. 

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he said. You smiled lovingly at him and placed your hand over your bump.

“I love you too. Thank you for this, Lou. It makes it all seem so real,“ you say as you squeeze his hand. You begin tracing your finger over you stomach. 

"So real…” you hear him whisper.

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"Look at me- just breathe, okay?" with polyfrogs?

When Chowder walked in the door, the first thing he saw was Dex hunched over his desk. It wasn’t an unusual sight, so he didn’t think very much of it. Chowder had walked past him and set his bag down on the table before he registered the little sobs Dex was making.

Chowder whirled around and took two long strides over to the desk. Dex had his arms wrapped around his torso and was leaning forward. He was biting his lip, which explained why Chowder hasn’t heard him crying at first, and his eyes were speeded shut.

“Dex? Babe?” Chowder said quietly. He hesitantly put his hands on Dex’s shoulders and when Dex relaxed the slightest bit into it, he started to run his hands over them. Dex didn’t make any moves to speak and Chowder bit his own lip trying to figure out how to comfort Dex.

He settled on crouching down so he was more at level with Dex’s face. He managed to turn the chair so they could face each other and searched Dex’s face for any kind of clue for what had brought this on. His hands were still running Dex’s shoulders and he let out a long breath.

“Dex, look at me- just breathe, okay?” Chowder said, managing to pull Dex out of the wrapped position he’d been in. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I just,” Dex stuttered out. “I’m not sure I’m cut out for this. You guys seem so- so ready to do this and I’m just not.” He said. His voice was still rough and his face tear stained, but he cleared his throat and wiped at his face as if to erase the evidence kept there.

“Why do you mean?” Chowder said gently. He’d known Dex had had some reservations about their relationship, but the three of them had always had a strict talking-it-through policy. That rule normally prevented things like this.

“I feel like you’re going to move on without me.” Dex said, his voice low and guilty sounding. “I’m just so overwhelmed with everything but you guys are just so- so chill.” Chowder couldn’t help but let out a small smile when he heard Dex use that word. Even Dex couldn’t keep the smile off his face for a brief second.

“Dex. I can tell you right now that me and Nursey- especially Nursey- are not chill. We get overwhelmed too. That’s why we’re all in this together- we’re not leaving you behind.” Chowder said seriously. He watched Dex’s face as he nodded to sleep sure he understood.

“Okay.” Dex said quietly. Chowder pulled him close for a hug and held on tight. Dex’s put his face into the crook of Chowder’s neck and sighed.

“I promise you were not going anywhere.” Chowder whispered. He felt Dex nod into this neck and he smiled. “Everything’s okay.”

The Zodiac: Book 3: Pisces - Chapter 93 Part 1


Chapter 93

* Loving and caring*
* Trusting, hospitable, and will help all in distress
* Shy
* Helpful
* Romantic
* Creative
* Mystical
* Gentle and kind
* Compassionate
* Understanding of others



Bree smiled so hard that her cheeks and jaw started to hurt. She sat up in bed as she cradled her cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. “Congratulations. I know you’re happy"she said sweetly. Maurice just called her excitedly because he was just added to the performance lineup for the Grammy’s. She was proud of him. No one deserved to perform more than him. He’s been through enough. He was at the top of his game, fell down, got blacklisted and now he was climbing his way back up to the top again. He worked hard and he was righting his wrongs and she couldnt be more proud of him.

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