babes of radness

i just hit 400 followers

and i want to say thank you?? so freaking much?? oh my god i feel so happy and loved. idk why all of you follow me but you did and that means the world to me. thank you so so much. i seriously have the best followers in the world no lie.

i wanna take a second to appreciate some of my favorite people on this hellsite for making my days better

@twinkjeremyheere - you’re so amazing and i love you and your blog and i can’t wait until we go gay tripping to all our favorite fast food places

@her-biness - i can’t wait to fight you and tease bean plant with you. ur the penis butter to my jelly. no but seriously you’re hilarious and so freaking talented and i love you my bisexual babe. ur so rad words can’t describe.

@protect-evanmurphy - BITCH. i love you and your face and everything about you and i wanna tell you this every day and seriously these past three years have been the best three years of my life. thank you for everything.

@surviving-twist-and-shout - i love youuuuu ohh my god we haven’t really talked too much but when we do i get so happy and when i see your username in my activity i get so excited omgomg

@adventuresofchlocaine - girllllllllllll you’re the funniest?? and you’re the sweetest?? and we have planned to get married and watch the office together so i’m pretty frickin excited for that also you make me feel really good about myself and that means the world to me. thank you. 

@cafulur - we haven’t talked too much but you’re always so nice about my writing and it makes me feel so good and much more confident to share my writing and you’re a huge part in the reason i’m gonna continue to write on here so thank you so much for that. seriously.

@aggrevating-adolescent - YOU DREW ME??? AND I’M GOING TO PRINT IT OUT AND HANG IT ON THE WALL LIKE THE NARCISSISTIC ASSHOLE THAT I AM BUT you are so sweet and you’re always so active on my op posts and i love talking to you omg


@connor-can-finish-my-milk - you’re one of the first people who really talked to me on this hellsite and you started out by sending me a picture of mike faist and i’m forever grateful

@tatertottyss - you’re the nicest and you enjoy my headcanons and we freak out about boyf riends together and you’re such an amazing cosplayer and i’m way too lame to be your friend and aghhhh i love youuu get into my messages asap my dude

i know i’m 100% forgetting people but i made this post in 5 minutes and i’m freaking out so please don’t get mad at me if i forgot you ahhh i love you all seriously all 400+ of you have a special place in my heart. take care, and stay gay, and stay warm, and my inbox and ask box are always open for you. 

dadmom appreciates everything xx