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  • teenage romance in the movies: saying "I love you" after 2.5 dates maximum, sexsexsexsex, cute domestic shit, sexsexsexsex, drunk mistakes, sexsexsexsex, tragedy, sexsexsexsex, breakups, making up a month later, sexsexsexsex
  • teenage romance according to all my friends who've never had a relationship: literally the best thing ever and will make your life worthwhile and omg i need to get laid and have the most intense love story
  • teenage romance irl: "hey babe look at this lovely picture of your house" *shows pic of a trashcan* "hahaha get it? bc you're fucking trash." "careful or you might be the one who gets dumped." ":O"
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welcome to stuqyblr!

1. all about you

i want to get to know other studyblrs✨ i want to have, you know


if you want to get to know other studyblrs as much as possible and talk about anything under the sun really, send me an ask/chat hmu ;0

2. all about me (based on the #studyblr intro tag)


  • hello i’m ning and i speak english + chinese, learning korean.
  • singaporean
  • i’m a melancholic type istj 
    • istjs = habits, pessimism, salty? can’t relate more it’s the Essence of my Being
  • for music, i listen to all 3 languages!
  • i love memes, books, food, BINGE WATCHING, photography (look at my header!! got a sideblog for it)

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i’m still in secondary school, my subject combination should be bio, chem, physics, geog (all pure)

next year i also take english, chinese, e-math, a-math, philosophy and social studies. i study korean outside of school in hopes to take the TOPIK exams one day

as of 2017

i’m 15, i start the new school term on 3 january, and i’ll be secondary 3. my school is an elite school, though :/.

blogs i love

@muggerene (an irl bae, this one) // @revisicn // @studyign (amazing youtube) // @lycheestudy // @sushi-studies (hello fellow local!! amazing digital notes, amazing) // @eintsein // @briellestudies

non study blogs: @unpopularkpop-opinions // @merrytroyemas & @snowy-suga(both irl babes) // @asian (im a meme freak yall) // @one-time-i-dreamt

tagging @lazeystudies!! idk if you’ve done it but since you’re new!!

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ok so it’s 2017!!! a lot of stuff happened in 2016 like seeing my favourite band live, becoming a slam poet, writing a book, getting a job and working for shadowhunters and on top of all of this, making lots of new and amazing friends!

here’s a lil’ list of people who made last year bearable! and sorry it’s a bit late, I didn’t have wifi until now! 🌤

@amazedphill - ?! you’re so adorable and nice and thank you for being super funny and making me happier 💐

@badbandart - Serena ily thank u for being so kind and funny and talking to me about the panic! blog 🎶

@catpal - you’re honestly so cute and you and iddy have the best friendship and I’m jealous of you both! I hope u have a good year!♥️

@colestellation - my babe & my irl best friend. thank you for sticking with me through a bad year that had good moments!

@emopunk - mills ilysm I miss u loads and I also miss everyone in our old gc! You’re incredibly adorable and I hope we talk soon 🌷

@fade-into-fandoms - Emily! I miss u ! I know I saw you like a week ago and I’ll see u at school but we need to go shopping together and get food soon!

@fireflyphil - I talked you you twice this year maybe? But I remember being very happy when I did talk to you!

@glowinghowell - amazing and good and wow u and Kendra are the cutest and my anxiety has always stopped me from saying hi but heya !

@heartiful - my platonic husband I love u so much ?! you’re the most amazing and beautiful person I’ve ever known, you make me the happiest by just being there for me and I can’t wait to see you in person this year wtf??

@holidaysphil - elodie my fave I didn’t realise you changed urls for the festive season but I love it! I hope you’re doing well and I’ll talk to you soon !

@hotlinehowell - ! you always asked me if I was okay which meant the world to me and you’re super duper amazing thank you ☀️

@internetcultleader - sherry ! I can’t believe we met in 2016 it was a wild time but I’m so happy we saw tatinof together!! I miss you loads and we gotta hang out soon?!

@jash-dun - wow I can’t believe we followed eachother before you transferred to my school but now you switched and I miss u more than ever

@nicolumbia - !!! you’re probably the cutest ever I scream ?! especially when I was reading to u and cole today !!! I rlly hope u have a good year friendo!

@pheppermint - Kendra! You’re super cute and we’ve legit only talked once but you’re a dork and iddy and I cry over kemily together xoxo

@ripdan - !! why are you always so nice to me?!?! I don’t understand you’re so good Charlie?! Tysm u deserve so much! ily!

@rosylester - super duper cute I s2g!? I randomly send things to u because I’m super awkward but I guess you understand the sentiment 💛

@silkseraph - kath! it’s been a while but ur literally so sweet and I love ur snapchat is super good and yeah! ty for a good year !

@themostfuniveverhad - gabby! It was so nice to meet you this year?!?! Your hair, as I always say, is super pretty and thank you for being a significant person for me in 2016!

also, here are some blogs I really like and/or am mutuals with ! :


thank you for making 2016 okay. it means so much! I hope everyone has a good 2017!