babes i :((((

I had a syndra today who went “good” when I went “fuck” when eve, who i was hovering, was banned. I said “Good, what, syndra?” and they didn’t reply
I’m really bad at p much everyone else in the jg rn so I went WW
She continued to give me grief all game. When I went to do dragon level 4 alone, after scanning it to make sure no one would know, she TPd in and attracted a bunch of enemies and literally said “Are you stupid? I just saved your life you should be grateful and thank me!” As if i would have died to dragon. As Warwick….
Moving on, since she was being so mean and wasn’t near blue, I took it for myself. She pinged missing on me. I went to gank bot and she followed, she or both of us died and she complained “I would have had that if I had blue buff”
At this point i’m super irritated. So I engage and fight an enemy 1v1 knowing shes nearby and would take it from me as she has most of the game, she Q’d for the kill and walked away
“Theres your buff syndra!”
“Um, this is red”
“Oh I’m sorry, I’m colorblind. Being a dog and all :)”

She continued just flaming the entire team and throwing a hissy fit all game and I wanna know what bug crawled up her ass and died so I can give it to my enemies

gendryxaryatrash  asked:

you’re so iconic. like none of our faves could ever, i know i keep blowing up your ask box but i can’t get over how much i admire you.

You know, I think it is a really good thing that I am never planning on having kids… 

Because I would have already used up all my maternal love and devotion on you. You are the absolute sweetest and I adore tf out of you and your cute messages make me want to cry!


some inktober tribute doodles while my tablet was outta commission for a couple days there lol. now let’s see here…

- alya and marinette outfits based on cosplay by @an0riel and @chikara_chan on twitter :D/
- aged up alya based on WDDM designs by @edendaphne and @midnightstarlightwrites
- also i’d be lying if i said my chibis weren’t totally inspired by @mardimari‘s adorable art ;0;/