babes all of them all of them are just beautiful

To all my babes with birth marks that make them feel insecure: you are so beautiful. That birth mark right there? That’s just where the angels kissed you! What’s that? Got birth marks all over? You got showered in kisses!! Don’t feel bad about your angel kisses. don’t you know??? Angel kisses show up differently on our skin! Having them just means the angels thought you were pretty and smooched you all over as a baby 💕

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I feel really bad right now because my friends and I are going to get our hair colored today but I'm a bit insecure because I have dark skin and people say dark skin and colored hair looks ghetto. I feel like I'm going to cry Della.

First off, let me just say that, that is one of the oldest stereotypes and it’s one of the dumbest ones out there. Your skin color does not make anything look ghetto, babe. That’s a stereotype aimed to make you feel insecure, when in reality, anything that you wear is automatically enhanced with your melanin. 

All I see is a bunch of bad bitches with beautiful hair. All of them look classy. All of them look beautiful as fuck. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do based on your skin color, babe. You go in there and get the brightest fuckin color you can find and wear the hell out of it. ❤️

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Hi! I really like your blog!! I, uh...I'm in a bit of a tough spot right now with myself. I've been working out to lose weight, but I moved recently for college. I haven't been able to work out/eat healthy since my dad doesn't agree with my diet. Since then, I gained all the pounds I lost back. I was wondering if you could write headcannons for the Paldins, Allura, Coran, & Lotor with an s/o who fluctuates unhealthy through weight, & has a hard time loving themselves because of it? Thank you!!

- TBH I feel like he’d be the one out of all of them to love your curves
- He understands that you want to lose weight but he doesn’t think you need to
- 110% supports you through anything
- “If you wanna lose weight that’s fine babe, BUT DAMN YOUR CURVES ARE HOT”
- All in all just loves you for you and not your body

- He’d be the one to go on a diet with you
- Make meals for the team, but healthier alternatives for you and him
- Will wig out if you miss a meal, he doesn’t want you to get sick
- “No matter what cupcake, we are in this together”
- Also losing weight to impress you so???

- If you’re feeling self conscious he will talk too you about it.
- If you want to lose weight because you think you’re fat he will absolutely tell you otherwise
- If you want to lose weight to get healthier he will read all the books and stuff
- Compliments you a lot on your body

- Will be your personal trainer
- Sometimes pushes you to go to his gym sessions every time
- And I mean EVERY time
- “Babe I don’t think you need to be self conscious. I need to be more self conscious at the way people stare at all of your beauty”
- Secretly grabs your butt in the hallways when no ones looking ;)

- Pidge would kind of just be like… Oh okay… well stop that
- “Oh my god you’re not fat you are the most curvascious and beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on”
- Compliments you non stop.
- She wont change her diet or exercise besides the normal training but if you do, she’ll be your cheerleader

- Doesn’t understand why you are working so hard to change your body
- “Your body is so nice, why are you looking for a new one?” “Allura no that’s not what I meant”
- You have to explain everything because Altean’s have a pretty constant weight for most of their adult lives
- Thinks that its lovely that you want to help yourself.
- Gladly joins you any time you ask

- 99% sure he will have his ladies talk to you for training and meal advice
- TBH I headcanon him as so awkward around all girls besides his warriors
- “Well erm… I heard you feel unhappy with your body… A-And I’m here to tell you that… I will crush those feelings like I crushed Commander Throk in the ring of gladiators.”
- Pats your head whenever you walk past him to go train.
- Leaves the alien equivalent of an apple and a glass of water on your desk for after your day of training

- 10000000% dad mode
- “Who said you were fat? You’re absolutely not fat! You are my beautiful daughter and anyone can fight me!”
- “Coran I’m not your actual kid”
- Helps you by throwing out hunks junk food, much to Hunks dismay.
- Will THROW DOWN with anyone who so much as thinks about calling you fat.

(Sorry if these aren’t too good, I’m not to familiar with writing lotor yet. And also I personally don’t write coran romantically so. Hope you enjoy this anyways! And don’t even worry about your weight in college. When I first moved in I felt self conscious as well, and I found some friends who wanted to help me, and we all work out together now! No matter what, you can do this)

"SORRY" Bts Imagine

Bts imagine

Group; BTS,

Genre; so fluffy you might die, tiny angst, family au, X reader

Words; 1324

Requested; nada.

Notes; ages have been changed. Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook are younger than you. Enjoy!

More Notes; one of my more fun and lighthearted ones, even though there is angst! I honestly don’t know what this is. Enjoy!


Summary; Yoongi and Hoseok got into a fight, unbeknownst to them, their younger brothers had been watching the whole time. What happens when the older boys go to far and end up scaring the littles?


You could not even begin to explain how sensitive your younger brothers were. Yes, the older boys needed love too, but the littler ones were so needy, and so emotional at this stage. Of course, you didn’t mind the need for love, considering you got a lot of it, but sometimes, it just seemed like one severe emotion after the other.

Right now, you were practically running home. Right as you got off work, at 8 PM, you got that magical text from your brother, Jin, saying there was an emergency at your house. Jin has always been one of the more dramatic ones, but it was better to be safe then sorry, and that is why you were speed walking home.

As soon as you got to the door, your heart sunk when you heard shouts. Recognizing your older brothers Yoongi and Hoseok’s voices, you sighed. These two didn’t get into fights that often, but when they did, it was hell.

You unlocked the door, and your heart swelled nervously. You could clearly hear the upset tone in both of the boy’s shouts. This tone was the pitch they always used when they were stressed, and just needed to cry. But both boys were stubborn, they wouldn’t let their emotions out when the other was around.

You rubbed your temples in frustration. You hated when any of your brothers were like this.

You hung your bag and coat on the rack that was next to the back door, taking off your shoes and placing them on the dirtied mat as you listened to each harsh word the boys would say. Usually, the other siblings would force them to make up, but sometimes it took days for them to be normal again.

You peeked around the corner to see exactly where they were, and saw them by the kitchen. Whilst Jin and Namjoon were probably fighting with them too, out of the corner of your eye, you saw three shaking figures by the stairs.

“You’re always so stubborn! I literally hate you when you’re like this!”

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a crybaby, I wouldn’t have to deal with you!”

You must admit, their taunts and comebacks were pretty weak, but you knew if they went too far, they could actually cause some damage.

Suddenly, their shouts got louder, and Yoongi stepped forward, pushing Hoseok back as Jin and Namjoon reacted before they could start throwing punches. Yoongi and Hoseok both stared at each other in doubtful rage, edging each other on with their gazes, tempting the other to continue the fight.

As you heard soft whimpers from the stairway, you decided enough was enough. You forced yourself to look away from the littles, and strode out to your brothers, grabbing both Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s ear. You led them to the secluded room which was the dining area, and away from the others.

You whispered harshly, “what do you think you two are doing? Why are you fighting?”

Both boys began to explain their stories at the same time, rushed whisper yells and angry glares were shared, but you couldn’t understand a thing.

“Enough! Enough! Listen, whenever people in this family fight, it always puts the others under a lot of stress, I know you two probably have had your share of frustration with each other today, but fighting is not the right way to take out your anger . You both will talk this out, and then go talk to your brothers. You know how many times I’ve had to tell the littles that this family wasn’t breaking apart just because of an argument?”

You turned towards the stairs again, ignoring Jin’s and Namjoon’s confused looks, and saw three little bodies noisily run up the stairs after being caught.

You looked back at Hobi and Yoongi, seeing their distraught and guilty expressions.

“Maybe you’ll live after I’m done with them, but if you don’t set this right, there will be hell to pay.” You put on your mean act, knowing it was better to scare them now than to have fights later on. You turned and walked towards the stairs, putting your arm out to slightly greet Jin and Nam on the way.

Getting to the top of the stairs, you listened for the voices of your younger brothers, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. Their all shared a room, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them, consider it was always where they hid when they didn’t wanna be seen. Your heart just dropped at the thought of them being sad. You didn’t want any of your brothers to be sad.

But unfortunately, as you neared the door, quiet sobs could be heard, and the shuffling of little feet sounded through the wall and your eyes softened. You gently knocked on the door, wishing not to startle them.

“Babies…?” You called out. you lightly pushed open the door, peering in to see Jimin and Taehyung covering Jungkook with a blanket, trying to comfort him as he was crying the most. But Jimin and Taehyung had their fair share of tears too. Jimin’s face was red, you know he always rubs his face vigorously when he cries.

“Hey, it’s okay.” You shushed them gently, closing the door behind you as you walked to them. Once you were there, you bent down and gathered them into your arms. Luckily their were so small, they all fit comfortably. They all clung to you, obviously needing the comfort. You stayed that way for awhile, just enjoying each other’s presence.

“Y/N…” You heard Taehyung call, so quiet you almost didn’t hear him.

“Yes, Tae?” You responded, lifting your head so you could see him.

He wiped his eyes, lip trembling slightly as he looked up at you, big, beautiful eyes in full display. You smiled, you have always thought your brothers were handsome, no matter how many insecurities they had. You always made time to remind them that you thought they were beautiful.

“Do Yoongi and Hobi hate each other?”

“Of course not! Don’t worry, they’re just taking their emotions out in an irrational and stupid way, babes. No need to fear, it’ll all be okay.” You told them all, rubbing their backs and hugging them tightly.

Speaking of the Devils; a firm knock sounded at the door, and you heard someone clear their throat.

“Can we come in?”

You forced yourself to let go of your brothers, standing up and padding across the room until you opened the door, and glared at your brothers. You had of course, already forgiven them, but they didn’t need to know that.

They bowed their heads and silently walked into the room. Closing the door, you sped walked to your own room, only partially closing the door, as you sat on the floor and waited for them to walk out.

After awhile, you heard small giggles from the little’s room and you almost squealed in victory. Why must it always be you to keep the peace? You swear to God, these boys are nothing but trouble.

A few minutes later, Yoongi and Hobi stepped out, muttering small “good nights” as they closed the door and awkwardly looked at each other.

Yoongi spoke first, “listen-”

But he didn’t have time to speak, because Hoseok immediately pulled him into a tight hug, his shoulders shaking as they had a heart to heart in the middle of the hallway. Yoongi’s arms tighten around his brother as he too, confessed he was sorry.

You didn’t want to intrude on their moment, so you took a few photos, and silently closed the rest of your door, going to bed. Smiling, because you knew, everything was fine again.

Or so you thought.

Dating Finn Wolfhard Includes...
  • Meeting the Stranger Things cast
  • Being extra obsessed with ST
  • Meeting the IT cast
  • Being best friends with Jaeden
  • Calling Jack your “smol child”
  • The IT cast calling you two their “parents”
  • “Meme Wolfhard is my favorite Wolfhard”
  • Counting all the freckles on his face
  • Realizing there’s too many
  • Losing count then starting all over again because you’re mesmerized by his freckles
  • They’re so freaking cute
  • Always staring into his eyes
  • “I love you, you frog”
  • “I’m really feeling the love”
  • Always hanging out with Wyatt so you can play video games with him
  • “But, babe, you never play video games with me”
  • Playing video games with Finn too
  • Knowing every word to IT
  • “Doesn’t smell like caca to me, senor”
  • “I’ll take you to see IT again if you stop quoting it”
  • Having seen IT 10 times already
  • “My Reddie heart!”
  • “As your boyfriend, I’m gonna need for you to not obsess over how ‘freaking attractive this beautiful cast is’ okay?”
  • “Especially Nic and Bill. Stop obsessing over them.”
  • You obsessing over them just to annoy him
  • “I assure you, you’re the only loser I wanna date”
  • You not wanting him to cut his hair
  • Referring to his hair as “beautiful fluff”
  • Always watching his old vines
  • Knowing every word to his weird ice cream commercial
  • “I’m on so much of it, I can’t even believe it”
  • “Babe, stop quoting that video.”
  • him being a human meme 24/7
  • Him making you laugh all the time
  • I love you’s all through the day
  • Really cute good morning and goodnight texts

[Update - 11/7/17]

  • having sleepovers with Millie and Sadie
  • “My Mileven heart!”
  • always recording him doing weird stuff
  • “Do you love me as much as Mike love Eleven”
  • “No, I love you even more than Mike loves Eleven.”
  • “I don’t think that’s possible but, okay.”
  • Millie being your number one shipper
  • calling him “so soft” 24/7
  • him being really confused as to why you keep calling him “so soft”
  • playing Cuphead with him
  • loving him more than anything in the world
  • referring to Noah as your child

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24 jamilton plzzz btw MTB was AMAZING

ackk thank you!!

ask more things here :)

Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

“Babe, where are my glasses?” Alex asked, flipping over newspaper after newspaper on their coffee table.

“Are they on your desk?” Thomas asked, coming into the living room holding two cups of tea. 

“No, I checked… Did you use them?” Alex asked. 

“I don’t think so…” Thomas shrugged, taking a sip from one mug of tea. “Here babe, sit down, have your tea.”

Pouting, Alex plopped down on the couch, and Thomas sat next to him, passing him a mug. 

“I wish I didn’t have to wear glasses,” Alex grumbled. 

“Why?” Thomas asked, wrapping an arm around his soulmate’s shoulders. 

Alex looked up at him incredulously. “Are you kidding? I lose them all the time, and when I do have them… they make my face look all… boxy.” 

“Darling, you look beautiful no matter what,” Thomas assured him, kissing his temple gently. 

“You’re just saying that,” Alex mumbled, looking down. 

Thomas’ brow furrowed. He took Alex’s tea mug out of his hand and put it on the coffee table. Alex shot him a curious look before he was pulled into a warm, tight hug. His small frame relaxed slightly, and Thomas kissed his hair gently. 

“Feel better?” Thomas asked, pulling back from the hug a little. Alex cuddled into his side, not wanting their embrace to end. 

“A bit…” Alex murmured. 

Thomas looked down at his husband and smiled. “Well, you’re about to feel a lot better, because I just found your glasses,” he laughed, pulling them off Alex’s head and handing them to him. 

His face flushed as he took them, quickly shoving them onto his face. “Thanks, T,” he mumbled sheepishly, and was quickly wrapped in another hug. 

The Squssy Squad only some stuff i know and i love them for


  • is an absolute sweetheart and is pretty funny even tho ive never talked to her
  • loves pauls sm
  • can draw rlly good 
  • “This is a fucking family stream”
  • overall seems like a great person and i wish her the best 


  • is an angel and i love her so much 
  • “pet his dicc”
  • can also draw rlly good
  • loves stories
  • loves Julia sm


  • luna is that one onion girl photo
  • i love her sm she is my meme wife also known as my babadook wife
  • basically everyone here can draw and i love lunas art like woahhh
  • like? who? doesnt? love? luna?  she is the best and super cool
  • she loves cocker spaniels like me 


  • another one of my great wives and is great
  • super gay and surprise another one of my wives
  • i would fight people for her
  • a great person who is very funny
  • has a good guinea pig and a bad one


  • another angel (spoiler everyone in squssy squad are angels)
  • the real Mojo Jojo
  • i would live for her
  • also my wife
  • deserves the world


  • guess who is married to this wonderful person (me and i love)
  • Rich and Jake trash (especially rich)
  • such a beautiful person??? TF
  • i am glad she is one of my wives
  • very precious


  • i see them like a sibling and i would anything for them
  • is amazing and supportive i m cryiing
  • our mumdad who tells the some of us to go to bed when they wake up
  • loves Jo as much as Jo love them
  • a cutie who is so loving


  • yet another amazing wife
  • has a beautiful cat who i love
  • “DaD NO”
  • emo ;)  (pls dont kill me) 
  • is also very beautiful


  • A great singer like when she sings so calming
  • i see her as a younger sister who i would protecc
  • loves @smellsliketeentears
  • like there isnt enough good things to say about her
  • the definition of a sweetheart


  • loves @starry-doe
  • she protecc and attacc
  • good writer
  • fought luna over bananas
  • has this one old pet who is cool


  • my kinky wife and daddy who is a great human being 
  • “Robert Downey Jr. is my daddy”
  • i love her singing its so cute
  • she is amazing in every way tbh with you
  • is very beautiful that 2 days ago i cried while eating chicken


  • is very sweet and tries to help
  • cares for how people are and will have them take a break if needed
  • could fuck a person up
  • is also a cutie and i love her
  • funny and i wish i was able to talk to her more


  • our newest member
  • i love her already
  • seems amazing and i am so excited she is gong to join
  • luna loves her sm
  • also seems like she is another sweetheart

now for the one we’ve all have not been waiting for ME 

  • is apparently very good and kind
  • cries bc all her friends in the squssy squad are beautiful ( im just emotional in general)
  • loves everyone and wishes them the best
  • worked on this for 2 hours or so at until 1 am for her friends bc she loves appreciating them
  • ;)))))))))))
Dating Luna would include...

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  • Oooh, where to start with luna
  • You were immediately drawn to her
  • She was so positive and sweet she couldn’t help but stand out for you
  • You were nervous to talk to her because she seemed so confident and you didn’t want to say the wrong thing
  • You caught Luna’s eye too
  • She noticed you the second she walked into the party
  • You were standing up to a guy that was harassing a friend and she liked that you weren’t afraid to speak up
  • So she didn’t understand why you hadn’t gone up and talked to her
  • She’d been making eye contact with you almost the whole night
  • She held your gaze and smiled at you
  • Luna had even winked once
  • but nope, you were still on the other side of the room holding your drink in your hand and looking at the ceiling
  • Luna debated if she should make the first move or not
  • Clearly you were having trouble approaching her so why not?
  • ….but she also wanted you to come to her
  • Listen luna had been in one too many situations where she was way more into someone than they were into her
  • she wanted you to approach her so she could know you were into her too
  • so she waited
  • and waited
  • then suddenly her assistant was telling her it was time to go
  • she sighed and made her way towards the exit
  • you saw her leaving and immediately sprung into action
  • she was about to get into her car when you yelled, “Wait!”
  • Luna stopped and looked at you
  • You ran to her slightly out of breath
  • Luna watched you, trying not laugh. You waited until the very last moment, but you ran all the way to talk to her.
  • Once you caught your breath you looked at her and realized you had no idea what you were going to say
  • Luna stared at you, waiting for you to say something
  • You had the cutest but dumbest look on your face and Luna wanted to kiss you right then and there
  • Seeing as how you were saying anything luna took out a pen from her bag and wrote her number down on your palm
  • “Call me okay?”
  • You nodded. 
  • She smiled then got into the car. As you watched her drive away the words suddenly popped into your head
  • You were going to tell her how lovely she looked…..great job
  • Luna waited anxiously for you to call or text her but three days come and went and nothing
  • You again didn’t know what to say. So you had been avoiding calling her, you didn’t want to sound stupid but you realized the longer you took the faster she would forget who you even were
  • So you called out of the blue, and at the worst time for Luna she was in a meeting
  • She stepped outside because she didn’t recognize the number. When she heard your voice she couldn’t help but laugh. 
  • “You have the worst timing ever, you know that?”
  • You were thankful she couldn’t see you because you were blushing. “Sorry, I just wasn’t sure what to say.”
  • “How about that you’ll meet me at the cafe downtown at 7? I’ll text you the address.”
  • “Okay, I’ll see you there.”
  • You arrived there first. You wanted to be ready. You ordered your favorite coffee and waited for her. 
  • She arrived on time and was happy to see you there already. “Well finally you’re timing is right.” She said as she got to the table you were at.
  • You smiled nervously and offered to get her a coffee. She asked for an iced americano. You got it for her and handed it to her. You fingers brushed up against hers and your brain almost short circuited, her skin was so soft. 
  • Luna also blushed at the contact. She seemed confident but that was to mask how nervous she was too.
  • It was quiet for the first few moments until you spoke up. “So, why were you at the party?”
  • You guys fell into an easy conversation and soon your nerves melted away. You loved to hear her laugh. It was loud and she always apologized afterwards. 
  • “Don’t be sorry you have a wonderful laugh, you whole face lights up. It’s beautiful.”
  • Luna blushed and she couldn’t even talk because she was so flustered by your words. 
  • After a few more dates you guys would have the conversation about being exclusive. 
  • Luna was busy but you two always found time to meet. You knew a great deal about cameras and filming so you helped her out sometimes with her videos. 
  • She’d even call you at like 3am. 
  • “Jagi, youtube messed up again and I don’t know how to fix it. It’s taking so long to upload the video.”
  • So you’d go over to her apartment and fix it. Then she’d convince you to stay the night. 
  • Lots and lots of cuddling and showing affection, both in private and public
  • Luna liked showing the world you were hers, she was proud to be with someone as great as you and wasn’t shy about it
  • Your hand seemed to be permanently attached to hers. 
  • Lots of slow, intimate kisses where you two get lost in each other and only pull away because your lungs are on fire. Even then you’ll take a quick breath and go back at it. You’re obsessed with how supple and warm her lips are and how good of a kisser she is. 
  • But also cute quick pecks on the lips and cheek in public, like when she asks you to get her food and you say yes it’s a quick kiss on the cheek and a sweet “I love you”
  • Luna does get insecure. She hates that part of herself because she knows better but she can’t help it sometimes. 
  • If she sees someone pretty flirting with you she gets jealous and kinda pulls away from you a bit
  • You have to pry it out of her why she’s acting weird. When she tells you she expect you to say that she’s being dumb for being jealous but you don’t. You understand that she has insecurities and you two talk about how to lessen that insecurity. 
  • She only loves you more for it. She loves how understanding and kind you are, and how everyone who even spend one second around you always tells her that you must love her so much because when you look at her your eyes turn into hearts. 
  • Soon she notices that too and she loves it. She loves the way you’ll look at her like she is the only person in the room. 
  • And to you she is, she’s the only person that matters. 
  • You two are one of those couples that’s sickly sweet and everyone loves you guys because you’re so cute together. 
  • You’re her number one fan and would fight anyone who would say otherwise
  • Giving her over the top compliments to make her laugh. 
  • “Lulu I can’t believe you invented dhl, like they didn’t exist before you wore their shirt and put them on the map. Iconic.”
  • “Luna you invented bangs wow babe seriously you look amazing.”
  • “You invented beauty videos on youtube, wow.”
  • She’d roll her eyes at all of them but loved them all the same.
  • Overall luna is the type of girlfriend who always makes you know how much she loves you and she adores you because she knows you’ll do just the same to prove to her she’s your one and only. 

Sebastian was waiting outside the classroom, he didn’t even know that well what he was doing there, he just felt that was the place where he was supposed to be. Where he wanted to be. Maybe it didn’t even made that much sense after all, maybe it would have been better if he just went away… he was about to move, when he heard heels clicking behing him. “I knew you’d have come around babe… ” Maple said with her mellow voice, that winning smile still on her face. She got closer, her sweet fragrance all around them. So many memories came back to his mind, and yet they were so far away, as if someone else lived them instead of them. He looked at her, she was still beautiful. Such a beautiful shell for someone so hollow. “My decision is still the same Maple, I’m sorry, but I just can’t look at you in the same way…” she couldn’t believe to his words, her mouth slightly open, she tried to get closer to him but Sebastian dodged her hand, raising his to the forehead. “You beat my sister up. And yesterday you almost made a mess with her best friend too. It’s out of control, you can’t act like that…” “I just wanted… Seb, come on. I know I made mistakes that aren’t easy to forgive, but I also know you’re here for me… you need me…” she continued, her puppy eyes wider on that corrupting face. 

“You got something right, but I’m not here for you…“ he started, his words sunk in her, slowly making sense as Maple put the pieces of the recent events together. “You’re kidding.“ her voice was taut, she couldn’t believe it. Sebastian shook his head, careful not to cross her look. He wasn’t sure he could hold Maple’s stare. 
In that moment the door opened, Brynn waited a while for them to be done, but she couldn’t stay in there for ever and it was better for her to go away soon, before they started eating their faces once again. But against all odds, the athmosphere in the hallway was cold and tense. 

“Well good luck Romeo.“ hissed Maple with a quick, deadly look to Brynn before going away with a pace definetely faster than usual.


The message above is from Emily Poe on Taylor Swift’s 10 year anniversary of her debut album.

In regards to her message, I’d like to point a couple of things out:

From “Long Live:”

Will you take a moment, promise me this That you’ll stand by me forever But if God forbid fate should step in And force us into a goodbye If you have children some day When they point to the picturesPlease tell them my name Tell them how the crowds went wild Tell them how I hope they shine

And from “Superstar:”

This is wrong but I can’t help but feel like There ain’t nothing more right babe Misty morning comes again and I can’t Help but wish I could see your face And I knew from the first note played I’d be breaking all my rules to see you You smile that beautiful smile and All the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like I can’t take my eyes off of you I’m no one special, just another Wide eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar Sweet, sweet superstar, superstar

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Reaction: When you whine about how hard it is to cover the hickeys on your neck


“c’mon stop whining, it’s a proof for our love, isn’t that a beautiful thing?”

Hanbin would have an idiotic smile on his face because he secretly really likes the fact that you have hickeys of the previous night. It just makes him happy because people can see that you obviously belong to him and only him. He even would want people to see them for that reason.


“hey they look… cute”

Bobby would enjoy himself a lot and tease you about it, saying how cute they look in an ironic way (although he thinks they’re really cute) and if no one is there, he’d come close and pretend like he want’s to do something about it just to give you another hickey/kiss on your neck.


“let me fix it for you babe”

Jinhwan would be the most helpful out of all of them and feel a little bad that you have a hard time covering all those hickeys. He would help you and google what helps against hickeys and how you can cover them the best. He really doesn’t want his girlfriend to go around, feeling embarrassed because of some hickeys. After all it’s just between the both of you and Jinhwan is the only one who is allowed to see them.


“it’s not that bad, don’t worry you look beautiful anyway”

Chanwoo would reassure you that they really don’t look as bad as you think and that you don’t need to be embarrassed or anything. He would give you compliments and tell you it’s alright, trying to calm you down.

- moyo

17-reactions  asked:

how would hoshi/woozi/scoups/mingyu react if you could sing and dance fairly well?

S.Coups: Oh my goodness, Seungcheol would love this! I can really see him coming and back hugging you when you’re singing to yourself while making breakfast in the morning. He would snuggle his face into your neck and whisper ‘You’re a beautiful singer, baby’ in his morning voice (please give me a moment to breATHE) I can also see him wanting to practice any new choreography with you because ‘you motivate him’ (but it’s actually just because he loves watching you dance)

Hoshi: He would adore it if you could dance! Whenever he was sorting out the choreography for a new performance, he would come to you for advice on it. He might also make you do some moves he was thinking of adding in. When you did it, he would clap so enthusiastically for you and shower you in compliments like ‘oh my god sweetie you’re better at dancing than i am!!’ (omg he is adorable) He would love having you help him create new dances because you’re his muse!

Woozi: Jihoon would definitely come to you to check his songs over if he knew you had a singing talent. When writing lyrics, he would make you sing along with him to check that they were perfect (but mainly it was just an excuse to sing with you because he loves your voice) I can also see you recording a cover together!! He would invite you into the studio one day and you would record a cover of your favourite song and he would produce it and everything!! Whenever he is away from you, he would listen to it to remind him of you. (boyfriend goals right here)

Mingyu: So, Mingyu is greasy as hell so he would probably be like ‘Wow, baby, your voice is almost as beautiful as you!’ and you would just internally groan because of how cheesy his comments are. But in all seriousness, he would just love to hear you sing and when you’re just laying around cuddling each other, he would randomly break the silence and be like ‘babe, sing for me’ and he would like mAKE you even if you were embarrassed. and he would be all like ‘our kids are gonna have the most beautiful lullabies sang to them when we have them’ and you would be a blushing mess of couRSE (iM GETTING CARRIED AWAY HERE HOLD ME BACK)

They make the same mistakes
  • Stiles: (to a crying Lydia) you can stay here and just keep crying...
  • Lydia: *gives Stiles an 'are you kidding me?' look*
  • Stiles: ...or not crying
  • Lydia: (to Stiles while he's having a panic attack because his dad was taken) try to think about good things- happy things- friends, family....
  • Stiles: *gives Lydia an 'are you kidding me?' look*
  • Lydia: ...I mean, not family.

emopinocchio-deactivated2016121  asked:

How would Junkrat, 76, Hanzo, McCree, and Zarya react to finding out their s/o is self consious about their legs??

Here you go~ I also noticed your latest ask for Reinhardt as well, so I added him on here! I hope you don’t mind, and please enjoy!!

> Junkrat would jokingly mention that he’s insecure about his legs as well, but if his S/O insisted that they were serious, he’d try his best to comfort them right away. He isn’t someone who minds appearances, and would constantly assure them that they looked great no matter what!

> Soldier 76 gruffly states that they’re perfect the way they are, and besides, he finds their legs as just another body part that he loves from his S/O. Although his reminders are stiff, he’d soften up to let them know that there really is no reason to feel ashamed over such a little thing, in his opinion.

> Hanzo knows a few things about feeling awkward about his own legs, so he would gently reassure his partner that they’re still lovely, and that they shouldn’t worry too much about it. He loves them the way they are, but allows them to vent to him just why they feel what they do; he’s always patient and understanding with them.

> McCree makes sure to show them more love than usual, even going as far as adoring their legs when the chance presents itself. He doesn’t like knowing that they’re upset over their own body, and will gladly take the lead in showing how much he loves their body, no matter how they shyly protest.

> Zarya straight out states that she loves their legs, and that she’s never noticed if they were flawed or not. She also mentions how she loves all of them in general, and won’t allow them to be worried over such a thing with her! So she happily picks her S/O up in her arms and carries them around as if they were a young babe, all while throwing assuring comments of how perfect they are.

> Reinhardt, who’s just as straight-forward, tells his partner of how beautiful they are! To him, they’re handsome, lovely, attractive, and everything in between. He won’t allow them to feel bad any longer, and often treats them to their favorite activities to get their mind off their previous concern.

Jacob Imagine (The Lucky One)

Jacob Imagine

Request: Can you please write a Jacob imagine where you meet him at his meet and greet on tour and then he really likes you so then he asks to keep in contact with you so a cute little relationship stems off of it

Of course you can :) I love these kind of requests they are so simple and adorable.


You were so excited for this very moment. You were currently in New York City standing in line to meet Jacob Whitesides. Yes the Jacob Whitesides. When you saw him at one of the Magcon events you fell in love with him. But then again what girl didn’t fall in love with him.

Every fan thinks they have a chance with their fav no matter how unlikely it might be. That was one thing that made you smile. The fact that these guys could wipe away the insecurity of several girls. Granted some girls were insecure but so many of them secretly felt inside that they would end up with their fav and knowing that girls had self-confidence in themselves made you really happy. You knew it was something most people didn’t think about but you tended to think about random things a lot. It was just a part of who you were.

You had been thinking so much you hadn’t noticed how close you were to meeting Jacob and all of a sudden your heart was beating a thousand miles a minute, you couldn’t breathe, your legs were going weak, and your head was spinning. You knew it was all psychological but Jacob just gave you butterflies.

You observed the girl in front of you as she ran up to Jacob and jumped into his arms. You thought to yourself, Should I do that? Should I run and hug him? Should I jump? Will he catch me? You shook your head trying to loosen up. You were worrying too much and over thinking everything which happened a lot with you.

Everything was quiet.
You were staring into Jacob’s eyes and he hadn’t looked back at you because he was hugging another girl but when he did the world exploded.

Everything was in slow motion and you couldn’t see anything else but him as you ran to him and jumped into his arms.

You mentally patted yourself on the back for successfully jumping into his arms.

“Hey,” He said softly into your ear and you shivered at the sound of his voice.

“Hey,” You said back as he set you down to get a better look at you. You watched as his eyes scanned your body, but not in a violating way. More just to see what you looked like, not like he wanted to eat you. But you wouldn’t have really minded anyway.

“What’s your name?” He asks with a smile.

“y/n,” You say a bit shyly and you could feel a blush rising on your cheeks. Pull yourself together y/n.

“That’s a beautiful name,” He says as he takes the shirt you had been holding and signs it. You smiled as you watched his hands move over the shirt and the pen glided over the material creating his signature. He even added a little heart at the end of his name and your heart beat sped up even more if that was even possible.

You went in for one more hug and he held your head close to his chest so you could hear his heart beating and you hadn’t heard anything that beautiful before. The mere beating of his heart was enough to knock you off your feet. As you stepped back, sad that you were leaving, he handed you a picture of him that had been previously signed and he wrote something on it before he gave it to you with a smile. You smiled back at him and he kissed your cheek.

“I love you y/n, don’t ever forget or doubt that,” He whispered into your ear.

“I love you too Jacob, remember that,” You said back with a smile. As you walked away you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face.

You looked at the picture he had given to you and he had written a bunch of numbers. You stopped dead in your tracks as you realized he had written his phone number. Underneath he had written “call me sometime” with a heart. You jumped up and down excited then quickly looked around to make sure no one was staring and you were immediately thankful that no one had seen you.

You ran to your hotel room and shut the door. You didn’t want to call him right away because he was probably still at the meet and greet but you did add his number to your phone.

You decided to take a shower and call him tomorrow.

*Next Morning*

You woke up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes then quickly remembered what had happened last night and you checked the time. It was 10:20am so Jacob should be up. You grabbed your phone quickly and took a deep breath before calling him.

“You got this y/n,” You said to yourself.

Jacob: y/n?

y/n: How did you know?

Jacob: haha, lucky guess and I was hoping you would call.

Y/n: really?

Jacob: Of course, when I saw you last night I couldn’t breathe. You took my breath away.

Y/n: That makes two of us.

Jacob: Haha, glad to know I have a similar effect.

Y/N: Oh you heard that? Haha.

Jacob: I’m not deaf y/n. What are you doing today?
Y/N: Um I didn’t have anything planned but I will be leaving tomorrow.

Jacob: Oh well then did you want to hang out today?

You could hear the hopefulness in his voice and it made your skin tingle with excitement.

Y/N: Sure what time and where?
Jacob: How about right now and I will pick you up.

Y/N: Okay

You gave him the address to your hotel and quickly got dressed.

You picked out some black ripped denim pants, a white tank top and threw a dark green cardigan over it. You grabbed a nice pair of black flats, your brown Michael Khors bag, and put some necklaces on. Before you left you grabbed your DAISY marc jacobs perfume and sprayed a bit on yourself. You then grabbed your phone and left the hotel room, excited to spend the day with Jacob.

*4 months later*

You were now sitting in Jacob’s tour bus just scrolling through your phone on twitter and you couldn’t get past how everything changed for you in just one day.

4 months ago you were just an ordinary girl and now you were the girlfriend of Jacob Whitesides and you had your own fans now. You couldn’t be more thankful for all the opportunities you had been given and all your beautiful fans. You didn’t really do anything you didn’t sing, dance, or make videos so you couldn’t really call them “fans” but what else could you call them?

“Hey babe,” Jacob said coming over to you and kissing the side of your cheek. You smiled as he did.

“Hey,” You say back as you shut your phone off and look up at him. He was just staring at you and you felt a bit uncomfortable and hoped he would avert his gaze but he didn’t.  You shifted under his gaze and looked at him questioningly.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” You ask him.

“I just can’t get over how lucky I am to have you,” He said without hesitation. You blushed and looked into your lap.

“If anyone is lucky its me,” You tell him with so much seriousness in your face. He shakes his head and gets up and sits next to you. He wraps his arms around you and holds you close to him.

“Let’s just agree to disagree,” He whispers into your ear as he kisses your temple and you couldn’t agree with him more.


I hope you liked it. I feel iffy about this one but its up to you guys to let me know whether or not you like my imagines or not :) Happy Thanksgiving to my US fans! I love you guys!

-simplicational’s queen

valadationworld  asked:

Can I get a scenario in which the allies came home to see their s/o and kids on the couch sleeping?

(wAHHH! So cute! I haven’t even started yet, but i’m so excited XD You guys know how to awaken the inner fluff-beast in me with all these cute requests. Okay, straight to the scenario :P oh, btw, my wording is going to make it seem like each of them has like 15 kids with their S/O XD Like 101 Dalmatians, except kids.))

Scenario: *2P’s come home to their S/O and kids sleeping on the couch*

2P!America: “Yo! Guys, i’m back from work!” Allen yells upon entering, not minding that it was past bedtime for the kids; after all, it’s not like they obeyed the time set forth anyway. That’s why when he wasn’t welcomed with excited squeals and hugs, he set down his baseball bat by the door, took off his coat, and rolled up his sleeves. Maybe they were hiding from him, it seems like something they’d do as a part of their game. So, he crept through the halls towards the living room where he saw the TV’s light shining from. He slowly crept up behind the couch with his “claws” up and ready.“I’m gonna get ya….i’m gonna get ya, you better prepare yourselves munchkins-” Before he could surprise the awaiting children, he was shocked to see that they had all fallen asleep, along with their mother who looked to be just as tired as they were. Slowly putting his hands down at his sides, Allen took a moment to marvel upon the sight; the best gifts to his life were all strewn across the couch with little-to-no order, along with his beautiful wife who seemed to be lodged in the middle of all it. A small smile spreading across his face, Allen made his way over to the other couch and joined them in their “sleepover”.

“Sweet dreams, munchkins. You too, babe.” He thought to himself before falling asleep alongside them.

2P!England: Oliver was home late because of 2P! troubles; being the “practical-mother” of them and all. Really, one of the only things that helped him get through the stresses was the idea of coming home to the rest of his family; his S/O and his kids. Sure, the 2P’s were great and all, but there was a different sense of pride that he gained from raising these children alongside you, as opposed to “adopting and raising colonies to become countries and work alongside them as psychopathic killers”. Totally different.
On that note, he wasn’t surprised to find you asleep on the couch; he usually found you that way and would end up carrying you back to you shared room so that you could sleep in more comfort. However, what took his breath away was the sight of all of his children sleeping alongside you, whether it be they were strewn across the couch with you, or they had pillows and blankets on the floor next to the couch. He could only assume that they wanted to accompany you in your late-night quest to try and stay awake for when daddy gets home. This made him smile as he couldn’t resist laying kisses on all of their foreheads before he finally grabbed a pillow and a blanket and set himself up between two of his kids.

“Night night, don’t let the leprechauns bite.” he sang to himself before falling asleep. 

2P!France: Knowing Francois, he came home late because he was caught up in one of the 2P’s random late night endeavors. Seriously, when he has a wife and kids waiting for him at home i’m sure that’s a valid excuse to be an exception. So, when he got home, and found himself to be too tired to go all the way to his room, he internally settled for just sleeping on the couch. 
His eyes widened the slightest bit when he saw that, not only was the couch taken, but it was taken by every other person that lives in the house. All of his family were sleeping on top of each other,with pillows, like fallen dominoes. Now, he wasn’t big on smiling and shit like that, but seeing the sight of his family; the family that no doubt were waiting for him to get home for as long as they could, he couldn’t help but smile and join them, grabbing the smallest one and sitting in their place. He instead placed them on his lap as he got comfortable and found himself falling asleep a lot easier than usual.

“Night guys…” he muttered, knowing full-well that none of them were awake to hear.

2P!Russia: Viktor is home late because of all of the research he was doing. Advancing himself as a country with economic, political, and scientific breakthroughs was tiring and tedious work; so much so that coming home to his family was the greatest stress reliever of all time. Although, it was hard doing that when his “country-time’ cut into his “family-time” and makes him arrive home late.
He’s accustomed to it by now, it’s like a routine nowadays; he comes home, everyone’s asleep,  he goes to sleep, sees them in the morning, leaves for work again. It was almost sad really. As he was thinking that and getting himself depressed, his spirits were immediately lifted when he saw his family scattered all throughout the living room, sleeping. From couches, to floors, to recliners, his children were occupying various spaces throughout that they could use to sleep. To make it better, he looked down and saw his wife cradling his youngest child in her sleep. A smile on his face, he was smart enough to come tot he conclusion that they were waiting for him to come home. So, without hesitation, before he could go to sleep, Viktor called off work the next day so that he could sleep in with his family.
Scooting himself between his wife and the armrest, he brought her head to his chest and kissed her forehead.

“Good night, my sunflower…”

2P!China: Wang was most likely late for less excusable reasons, like wanting to drink at a bar with some friends or something. It’s not like he didn’t love his kids, he did with all his heart, but he didn’t really see much need for him to be home when there were drinks to be had down the street; and his entire family should be asleep anyway. He was a father of quite a few kids, and after so long the stress and the reality of having such a large and overwhelming family was taking a toll on him.
 If anything, he was prepared for you to yell at him as he came in the door, demanding why he came home so late (when even you knew him well enough to know there wasn’t a decent excuse) and you guys would be sent into a whisper-yelling argument to prevent the kids from waking up. It had happened so much during the past few weeks, that he knew how/how much he had to mentally prepare himself to hear it when he walked into his own house.
Although, he was surprised when he didn’t hear it. For once, he didn’t come home to a wife that was so annoyingly concerned about him that she would stay up until the middle of the night to tell him off….and something about that made him a bit upset. He kinda gained a slight unnoticeable pleasure about seeing you so concerned about him and your family, it was one of the reason he fell in love with you.
With this, he guiltily strode into the living room, expecting you to be sitting there with a judging expression on your face. Although, when he did find you there, he was shocked to see that you were fast-asleep, asleep with lightly furrowed brows and your arms still crossed. With this, he knew that you had been waiting for him to show up, but had ended up sleeping in the process. On his way to inspect you, he finally noticed the fact that underneath the blanket on your lap were three of his kids huddled up to one another and to you.
A small smile graced his lips as he slipped off his shoes and walked around the couch, wrapping his arms around your neck lovingly as he rested his chi on the top of you head. Yous stirred a little, but didn’t wake up.

“I’m sorry, 爱人, i’m sorry….i’ll try from here on out…” he promised in a whisper laying a kiss on the top of your head.

((the Chinese word he said means “sweetheart”))

2P!Canada: Matt was most likely home late because of his work, having to work late chopping trees or stay later at a UN meeting because of his stupid responsibilities. He is part of a fraction of the 2P’s that probably complained aloud that he had to get home to his family.
“Yo, Al, can we hurry this up? Unlike you, i got people waiting for me to get back home-”
“Easy there, bro. I know about your family and shit, just stay behind for another 10 minutes~.”
10 minutes turned into another 10 minutes, and then another 20 minutes, and then so on until he had to bail on them so that he could at least say a damn goodnight to his kids. He was a family guy, through and through, but he put on an act in front of the other 2P’s. The second he got home, he was all over his kids so much that it’d be embarrassing to them when they got older. That’s why, when he came into the house and wasn’t greeted by eager little footsteps and various shouts of “daddy” or “pops” or even his youngest daughter, who did stay up late so that she could welcome her dad, running up to him excitedly with her hands on top of her head like a moose, anticipating when he’d do it back. Matt felt his heart sink a few inches, but he tried to shake it off as he walked farther down the hall and saw the flashing of the TV, but no sound. Raising an eyebrow and letting out a confused noise, he walked over to the couch and peered over, immediately noticing his entire family piled up along the couch. You sat directly in the middle, with a few children on either side, and you had your youngest daughter sleeping on your lap, her favorite moose onesie that he had given her last Christmas. Immediately feeling his heart swell back up with affection, he knelt down and stroked her head while leaning over to give his wife a kiss.

“Dammit….i hate not being with you guys, but i love coming home to such a goddamn perfect family.”

She’s Just My Cup of Tea: In which Cam hates coffee, Kirsten finds tea inferior, and the waiter can’t wait for these two lovesick idiots to leave.

Thanks, entirelymyownworld, for the prompt help! It’s a little on the short side, but I’m quite pleased with it!

Cameron groaned, crinkling his nose as Kirsten took another sip of the hot beverage.

“How do you drink that crap, stretch?” He queried, shaking his head.

Kirsten tilted her head (and, no, that wasn’t cute, Cam reminded himself), giving him an amused look. “Coffee?”

“Don’t give it the benefit of having a name.”

Kirsten quirked her eyebrow. “We are still talking about a beverage, correct?”

“I don’t know, buttercup. Does that count as a beverage?” Cameron countered, glaring at her cup.

“You’re a child.” She said, taking a nice, long swig of her warm drink, before giving Cam a satisfied look. “Mm. Delicious.”

Cameron looked at her with disdain, before taking his own sip of tea. “This, cupcake, is what I call a morning drink. That-” he gave the coffee a pointed look, “-is not.”

“Tea?” Kirsten questioned, dubiously. “I hardly think tea is superior to coffee.”

“Of course it is- in literally every way.”

“Well, you’re more than a little biased.” Kirsten pointed out, tapping her fingers on the table.

“And you aren’t?”

“Oh, will the two you quit having a go at each other, and drink your damn drinks?!” The waiter pleaded, annoyed. He’d been cleaning the next table, and was clearly irked.

“He started it.” Kirsten muttered.

“Oh, real mature, babe.” Cameron scoffed, words tumbling out.

Kirsten’s head snapped up, blond hair framing her face. “What did you just call me?”

Cam stiffened, coughing awkwardly. “Um, I just, uh-”

“Babe.” Kirsten echoed. “One of your many ‘terms of endearment?’”

“Yeah, exactly.” Cameron responded, chewing on the inside of his cheek. “O-One of those.”

“Ah, I see.” Kirsten smirked, taking another sip of coffee, and smacking her lips together. “Tasty.”

Cameron rolled his eyes, heavily. “That is all kinds of disgusting.” He whined, finishing his cup of tea.

The blonde let out an uncharacteristic laugh. It was short, but genuine, and Cameron was enthralled. Kirsten looked so at peace when she smiled. The seemingly permanent frown just.. gone.

Her mirth was contagious, and soon Cam was laughing along, the two of them giddy for no particular reason. With all the crap they’d been getting lately- Marta, mainly- letting loose was necessary to the both of them.

Kirsten straightened, a ghost of a smile still evident on her lips, and motioned towards the door. “Come on, babe. Let’s go.” She teased, with one last chuckle.

Beautiful, smart, and witty.

God, Cameron was so screwed.

Currently Accepting Prompts!


Harry’s POV

She stood in front of the wall-length miror, clad in only her bra and underwear, her hair piled messily ontop of her head, as she broke down on the inside. Her hands moved to the places on her body she hated most: her legs, her arms, her hands, her stomach, her chest. She sighed as she poked her cheeks, as she thought they were too chubby.

She shifted her weight from foot to foot as she stared at her reflection with a blank expression. She pinched at the sides of her stomach, cocking her head to the side and frowning.

Then all of a sudden, she finally broke on both the inside and the outside.

Even with her eyes shut tight, tears still flowed through her eyelids effortlessly, as her face twisted in disgust as she looked at herself again.

She thought she was alone in the house; that’s the only reason why she would have done this. If she knew that I got here earlier, she would’ve slid into her clothes the second she heard the front door open and close. She would have locked the bathroom door when I knocked, saying it was occupied, while she was actually putting on makeup and her best fake smile to greet me.

She fell to her knees, sobbing, and soon her face was covered by her hands as she let her whole body fall to the floor, so she was sitting down on her bum. She was shaking uncontrollably, and the string of sobs that escaped her made me feel guilty in a way.

The second I saw her beginning to gasp for more air, due to crying so much, I broke down as well. I soundlessly walked over to her and sitting down on the ground next to her, immediately wrapping my arms around her. She didn’t even look up when our bodies came in contact; that’s how well she knew my touch.

“Shh,” I hushed her, stroking her hair as she buried her face into my sweater, soaking it in her tears.

“I hate myself,” she cries. Her hands desperately clutch my sweater, as if it’s the only thing keeping her aboard the sinking ship that is her life.

“Don’t say that,” I whisper against her bare shoulder.

She was too busy comparing herself to models and the people who were basically anorexic, that when she looked in the mirror she expected to see that perfect bikini body, and when she didn’t, she felt horrible about herself, so she often did this type of thing locked away in our room.

I could see the disappointment in her eyes whenever she tried on a dress at the mall and she thought it didn’t look right on her, even if she tried to hide it. She always ended up buying a longer dress that hid her legs, which I thought were a total turn on.

“Let’s get some clothes on you,” I say.

She lifts her head from my sweater without making eye contact.

“Sorry,” she tries to laugh about the large tear stain.

“It’s alright, babe,” I shake it off. I help her lift herself from the floor and grab her sweatpants and baggy shirt off the bed. I hold them out in front of me and sigh, not handing them to her.

“Are you going to give me my clothes?” She asks.

Without a word, I head over to the closet and grab a pair of jeans that she only bought for my sake.

“Here, put these on,” I hand her the jeans.

The disgust she feels towards the jeans is obvious on her features. “They’re too tight.” She wipes her still-wet cheek with the back of her hand.

“Try them on for me,” I plead. “Please,” I add hopefully.

She reluctantly obliges and slides them on with some trouble, but it’s worth it once I see she’s successfully buttoned them.

“They look perfect on you, babe!” I beam.

She rises from the bed and stands in front of the mirror as she was previously. Loose hair falls from the bun on her head and she instinctively pulls them behind her ear.

“I hate them,” she pouts.

I sigh in frustration. “Why do you hide your body so much? If you could see yourself from my point of view, you’d get what I mean.”

“I’m just so…different from all the other girls you’ve dated before,” she says as she walks over to the bed and plops herself down on her back. “They’re all models and super pretty,” she says flatly.

“But you’re beautiful,” I say. “And that beats pretty any day,” I smile.

She sends me back a smaller smile and I lay down next to her on the bed. She immediately rolls herself on top of me.

“I just want to be as perfect as you are,” she mumbles.

“Why would you want to be less perfect than you already are?”

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She's worth it.

Babe. Baby girl. Beautiful. Sweetheart. Darling. Gorgeous. Hun. All these names I call you. All these words of endearment. All these thoughts of you. But none of them seem quite right. None of them fit just perfect.

The way baby rolls off my tongue is nice, the way beautiful sounds coming out of my mouth is good, but not quite right. Something seems off.

Maybe it’s the miles between us, maybe it’s the static of our phone call or maybe it’s the clicking of the keys on my phone. Maybe it’s the open spot in my bed, or the arm I have open for you. Maybe it’s the empty passenger seat while I drive, or the silence I hear when I’m alone. Maybe it’s the laughter I miss or the smile I can’t see. Maybe it’s the hand I can’t hold or the lips I can’t kiss.

Whatever it is, making those words seem strange to me, it’s only temporary.

When your hand is in mine and my lips are on yours. When my passenger seat has you in it, I hear your laughter everywhere I go, and I see your smile. When you’re laying on my arm in my bed, the only sound I hear is you breathing to the beat of my heart, and our phones are nowhere to be found.

That is when those words sound right. That’s when I can call you beautiful and it is perfect. That’s when I can say babe like it’s your name. That’s when I can call you hun or darling and have you laugh and call me a dork. When you look to me and smile at these, that’s when I know they’re right. That’s when it feels perfect. When I’m with you, everything feels right. I feel complete.

Even when they feel strange to say. Even when something feels off. Even when we’re miles apart and I can’t see your smile or hear your laugh in my ear. You’ll still be my baby girl. You’ll still be beautiful–no–gorgeous actually. You’ll still be my sweetheart, darling, babe, and hun. You’ll still be my girl.

Whether we are miles apart or side by side, I’ll always be yours. Whether I hear your laughter or the static, I’ll always be yours. Whether I have your hand in mine or a wide open bed, I’ll always be yours. Whether it’s today or tomorrow, yesterday or a month ago, I’ll always be yours. Whether I call you babe or beautiful, hun or sweetheart, I’ll always be yours.

I promise you, with all of my heart, I’ll always be yours. Through the smiles and the tears, the laughter and the fears. Through the ups and the downs, all the way around. Through the dark and the light, we’ll always be alright. Through the miles and hours we spend apart, nothing will ever keep you out of my heart.

One day we’ll wake up, in our perfect little house, with our perfect fur babies, and our perfect family on the way. I’ll wake up next to you, lean over and kiss you, and tell you I love you. We’ll laugh about all the good times that we’ve had. We’ll tell stories about the long distance journey we took. I’ll call you baby and we’ll remember that time where it didn’t feel right. We’ll remember the time where we fought to be together. We’ll remember the time where we were hours apart.

We’ll look at each other, in our perfect little house, with our perfect fur babies, and our perfect family on the way and in that moment, we’ll remember why we fought. We’ll remember why the miles were worth it. We’ll remember what we went through to get there. We’ll smile and say “it was all worth it”.

I love you Elizabeth Ann. With all my heart. The distance sucks today, and yes, it’ll still suck tomorrow. But one day we’ll look back and laugh. So for today, even if it’s not quite right, I’ll still call you babe, baby, and hun. I’ll still call you every chance that I get. I’ll still send you those silly little texts. I’ll still lay in my open bed. I’ll still miss you like crazy.

Because one day baby, we won’t have to anymore and it’ll all have been worth it.❤️