151224 Hyuk’s military band performed at school festival in wonju and Hyuk was the MC ~~ finally join a band event ^^

★ He performed Sorry Sorry and the reaction from the audience was good.

★ Hyuk sang Uhm Ah Oh Yeah, Sorry Sorry and Goose’s Dream. He was wearing the red uniform.

★ The girl said even though Hyuk’s hair is short, he was still handsome ㅋㅋ and at the end he said “Merry Christmas” . “While he was greeting Merry Christmas, he was so adorable, I almost died” .

★ A fan asked Hyuk if he was eating well, he said yes. The girl asked but why is he thinner, Hyuk answered he doesn’t know. Hyuk also kept on asking why did the girl did not shave her hair ㅋㅋ

★ The girl said “Dalnim, Dalnim” and Hyuk smiled. She said “See you after 566 days” then Hyuk said “Okay”. She also said “Hyukjae, so handsome” and Hyuk was in front of her and she told him sorry for using informal language, Hyuk said it’s okay~ She also held Hyuk’s hand and she said it’s warm. She told Hyuk to not get sick and don’t catch cold then Hyuk said “Merry Christmas”   (c)(c)(c)(c)