How to explain how much i love you, how to describe this feeling inside me? I am so lucky to meet you even if you are in the other side of the world, even if you are so far away from me.. Always be happy, always.. i wanna see your beautiful smile till the end of time, my beautiful baby, my beautiful Hyukjae.. happy birthday my love 💗 #HappyEunhyukDay

EXO WOLF: Reaction to when their mate is in College and there are wolves there too

Xiumin: “This is getting annoying. Just because those wolves didn’t find their mate yet, doesn’t mean they target mine”

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Luhan: *Invites all of the wolves from your school* “So boys, saw you eyeing my mate. Listen here, this is the only time I will be nice to you, so listen carefully. Get away from her”

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Kris: “This guy.. I’m literally standing right here” 

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Suho: “This boy/girl has a deathwish, I swear to god.” 

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Lay: “those wolves are looking at my precious baby girl. They better stop or she will be the last thing they’ll see” 

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Baekhyun: *Waits for the wolves who were eyeing you after school* “So..You were looking at my mate like she’s a piece of meat. I’m about to feed you to my pack.”

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Chen: “Watch your back boi” 

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Chanyeol: “But babeeeee, I didn’t mean to rip their heads off! They were getting on my nerves and they were looking at you!”

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D.O: “Jagiya I love you so much that’s why I killed a lot of the wolves in your school.” 

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Tao: “Better watch out wolves. I have this bat”

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 Kai: “That’s right boys. She’s my mate so don’t even bother glancing at her” 

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Sehun: “They think they can have you. Ugh”

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🌸 I’m back! OMG I miss writing so much and to make this comeback(lol) memorable,  here’s Boyfriend!Taeil for all of you!

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