• Mina: Momo, please wake up.
  • Momo: [groaning] Babeeeee
  • Mina: We have to be dressed in ten minutes, get up babe.
  • Momo: [sleepily] I-..I love you
  • Mina: [taken back] I love you too...
  • Momo: [eyes opening] Oh hi babe. I was just having this amazing dream about jokbal and-
  • Mina: Straighten your own hair for fucks sake! [storms out]

Braun Strowman/OC: Braun is sick and he doesn’t want to let you out of his sight. Aka Braun is a baby when he’s sick and he can’t be left alone. Fluff fluff fluff

I’ve been on campus for about an hour now and cranked out this Braun fic bc I have zero self control and I love Braun Strowman so much, it’s unreal. Anyways. Enjoy, friends.

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I hope you have the best birthday ever! I don’t think I’ve ever met a more kind, compassionate or optimistic person in my life. You definitely bring a smile to face and brighten my day with your adorable quirkiness. I’m in love with your silly observations, your constant WTF?!?!? moments and your amazing playlists. 

In this last year (has it even been a year?? feels that way babe) you’ve taught me so much about writing and listening to that inner, creative voice. I envy your raw, electric talent (seriously, the literary world crackles in anticipation of your power) – but I’m also humbled by your insight, your advice and your selflessness. You’re a kick ass writer who is definitely leaving a mark on this world, and I’m so thankful I get to call you my friend.


Love you – you are the mystical Eleven in my life, where I’m just a cranky Jim Hopper trying to drink his coffee. Thanks for making magic happen in the best way.

Drunk Martin is Cuddly Martin


Oh god, was your boyfriend drunk again? Maybe he did have too much to drink.

“Martin, what are you doing? Do you need me to pick you up or anything?”

“Babeeeee I’m *hiccup* okay! Antonio is taking good care of meeeeee! Did I ever tell you how beautiful you looked?”  

You blushed at his comment; drunk Martin was always the best. Before Martin could slur more words, you heard the phone being grabbed and Anton’s voice came through the speaker.

“Hello, Y/N? You still there? I don’t know when I became Antonio to him, but he’s had a little too much to drink tonight. I’ll bring him home, okay? Don’t worry,” Anton assured sweetly, causing you to release a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Anton! Sorry if he’s been a pain in the ass; he’s usually not like this when he’s drunk,” you reply back nervously, scratching the back of your neck in embarrassment.

“Haha it’s okay! Well, I’ll see you soon, Y/N! Your very touchy boyfriend will also be there!”


Twenty minutes later, there was a knock at your door, and you immediately knew who it was. You got up from your position on the couch and opened the door, seeing Anton with Martin’s arm over his shoulders.

“Here, I’ll take care of him from here. Thanks again Antonio!”

Anton gave you a death glare and then chuckled, showing his bright and cute smile. You just shook your head playfully before grabbing Martin from him and placing him on the couch, where he would probably fall asleep by the time you get back from the kitchen.

Retrieving the ibuprofen from the cabinet along with a glass of water, you walked back to see Martin passed out on the couch. His arms were wide open for you of course, so you grabbed a blanket and draped it over the two of you. Even if he did reek of alcohol, he was your Martin and nothing could change that.

“I love you Y/N,” he mumbled tiredly in his sleep.

“I love you too, my Martie,” you replied, smiling before falling asleep to his heartbeat.

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To the anon that requested this: sorry it was so late! I didn’t know what to do and this idea popped into my head last minute. Anyways, hope you liked it! I don’t normally write EDM imagines so the Hugo one will be my last one for awhile :((