How to explain how much i love you, how to describe this feeling inside me? I am so lucky to meet you even if you are in the other side of the world, even if you are so far away from me.. Always be happy, always.. i wanna see your beautiful smile till the end of time, my beautiful baby, my beautiful Hyukjae.. happy birthday my love 💗 #HappyEunhyukDay


eunhyukee44: Quickly get discharged why are you still wearing the army uniform..  Our Hyunho, let’s only walk the discharge path…… #postmen #Shinjuhoo #CorporalShinhyunho #soldier #dontwearyourrubbershoesbackwards #youcantgotoshinchon #celebrityeunhyuk ©

eunhyukee44:  phew i’m tired because of  Aesonggie hyung
zhouzhoumi419: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
kjjzz87: i think I know (what you mean) 
yesung1106:  where are you? Lets talk face to face ~©

Moving in together (headcanon)

requested: “Going house shopping with tom would be the cutest thing ever”


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Moving in together

- I’m not fine at all, ok?
- Tom would be very exigent about it;
- “Babeeeee, we need a bigger house for Tessa and the babies”;
- “Babies?”;
- “Yeah, the ones we’ll have”
- “Tom, I’m still doing my master, you have to wait a little more”
- Tom pouting;
- “And we’re not married” You add;
- “Not yet…”
- Lots of hold hands;
- And forehead kisses;
- “We need another room for Harrison”
- I bet you’d play ‘the adults’;
- Like one day Tom came with a suit and tie because he wanted to look like a businessman;
- But when the estate agent left you alone you could not control yourself anymore and you kissed him many times;
- Soon his new elegant suit reached the floor as well as your clothes;
- “Keep the tie on, Tom”
- Asking you “What do you think of this house, love?”
- “Uhm… I don’t feel at home”;
- “My house is where you are”
- Smiling like crazy because his dream is finally coming true;
- “Ok, there, there, over there, the sofa, the carpet…”
- “Tom, what are you doing?”
- “I’m just selecting the places where I want to have sex with you in this house”
- “What?”
- “I also have some nice ideas where we can hide weed. I saw this in a movie”
- Lots of palm-face;
- After three months, you finally found the right house;
- It was in London;
- And more than five minutes walk from his parents house;
- Tom would be so excited;
- “That’s the house where I want your babies to grow”;
- Taking pictures of everything;
- “Tom where you’re done would you like to help your girlfriend carrying the boxes?”
- Lots of pictures on the wall;
- “Tom, don’t you dare hang that picture on the toilet”
- “But babeeeeee, we look so happy”
- “Yes ok but not my the toilet”
- Throwing a huge party at your new house;
- “We should inaugurate the house, darling” you whispered in his ear;
- But after you would be exhausted;
- The day later you’d stay at home all day and have a ‘fuck marathon’ all day long;
- Having sex everywhere, in every room;
- Also on the balcony when it’s dark outside;
- And nothing… I can’t wait to move with Tom


it鈥檚 ml editor appreciation week, so I have to give shoutout to the server that motivates me every single day to make gifs for the ml fandom~

brace yourself folks it鈥檚 gonna be a long and sappy one

I joined the fandom this time last year and even though I loved making gifs for the show, motivation was hard to come by and that led me to almost deleting this blog. I told myself though that I should stick around for a bit and see if I still wanted to stay.

Soon enough, I was asked to join a discord server where ml gifmakers and editors could talk and interact. I said yes, obviously, because this meant that I could get to know more people and also because I鈥檓 not the type of person to approach people first, so this was a great opportunity to talk to others in the fandom.

What started off as a simple group chat turned into a budding friendship between everyone of us. I鈥檓 so thankful that it turned out like this and you guys means the absolute world to me, I hope you all know that.

You guys are the reason I didn鈥檛 leave, the reason I didn鈥檛 delete this blog. You guys are my source of motivation and the reason I want to improve my editing skills.

There are moments when I talk to you guys and think to myself聽鈥楾hank God I didn鈥檛 deactivate.鈥 because then I wouldn鈥檛 be able to interact with awesome people like you all. From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank you guys for everything聽鈾

I鈥檓 gonna talk about specific people now (below the cut bc it鈥檚 gonna be full of sap ayy)

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170826 Donghae’s IG update ♡