Last night, we were so frustated na ang daming may tawagang “Babe” sa mundo. Well, I know na hindi naman kami ang nagpasimula non. And that was not our first calling name either. It all started when we were just friends by that time he was not yet courting me but I heard he has a huge crush on me. (OMG HA!) We do chat, text and sometimes we even do phone calling. (load niya.)
Then he asked me what do I like him to call me and then I said, “Edi Thea.”And he was like “AH K.” (ang bilis naman kasi e.)So I asked him too, “Ikaw ba?" Gumanti ang lolo mo, and you what he said? "Edi Earl.” HAHA!
Then days went by we became close friends at eto na naman ang tawag. He said he’ll call me “DAGA”kasi daw I’m afraid of rats. And I’ll be calling him “IPIS” daw.And I thought that would be weird. I do not like someone to call me a rat. Who would want that right? LOL.
And so I was reading this book, “Girls of Riyadh” (which was banned in Riyadh.) And then I said to him,“Kabbrah, nalang tatawag ko sayo.”Sabi nya, “Eh! Ang panget! San mo nakuha yan?. ” I answered,“Sa libro. Anyway never mind.”
I really don’t know what’s up with him gusto nya ng may tawagan kami. Gay. Joke!And then after a while, I saw Winnie the Pooh. Well, he was beside me in my bed. And then as I walked by while talking to Earl. I saw a sticker of Pooh in my closet. Then POOH came into my mind. And then I said, “Pooh nalang.” He asked me why. I told him that I have a big winnie the pooh with me in my bed.He then thought na para daw kunwari asa tabi ko siya. YAK KA AH! HAHAHA!
Then he made a status ang nakalagay ay POOH, on that day I guess he save pictures of me in his phone. OMG STALKER! LOL. Okay fast forward. Edi kami na. After nun ang dami namin naging tawagan pero stick to “Pooh” pa rin hanggang sa one time na sanay na kami sa “Babe.”
Last night as I said a while ago, we thought of changing our petnames. Many things crossed our minds but we ended to APEP & OTOII. Why? Loko boyfriend ko e. HAHAHA! Joke.

People, don’t take it seriously or negatively, we were just having fun alright? So don’t judge us.We’re not being filthy here. We just thought that it would be cute and unique in our own way.
Anyway, I love you OTOII! :*