Lessons I Am Slowly Learning:

1. How to love myself (again and also at all)
2. That my worth is greater than what the people who would dispose of me, and even the people who love and cherish me, could fathom (and that’s okay)
3. That I am beautiful (without exception and with my flaws)
4. That I’m an alien (too weird, too astronomical for this world.)

Ok maybe that last one is a joke (I don’t want to blow a guest spot on the new x-files but…). However, I look damn good (in these photos and maybe some of all of the time) and please acknowledge that.

Dummy Mix 218 // Babe Rainbow | Dummy

I made a mix for Dummy. Please enjoy.


01. John Cage recorded at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London, in 1989
02. Trust Blush (demo)
03. TCF ae3f3c9a1faf1d1f7288d16148703afb8b3e66f0afdf049217e6193b268
04. Andy Stott Dark Details
05. Joane Skyler Foam
06. Lubomyr Melnyk The Eastern Horn (For 2 Pianos And 3 Contrabass) [Excerpt]
07. Wim Mertens Gentlemen of Leisure
08. Arthur Russell In Light Of The Miracle
09. Pender Street Steppers Openin Up
10. Arca Manners (Blend)
11. Konk Your Life
12. Heartbeat(s) Hocus Pocus (feat. Angelina Lucero)
13. Liquid Liquid Locked Groove (In)
14. Brian Eno & Robert Fripp Altair
15. Outkast Da Art Of Storytellin’, Pt. 1
16. Oneohtrix Point Never He She
17. Ricky Eat Acid God puts us all in the swimming pool
18. Avro Pärt My Heart’s In The Highlands
19. Nick Krgovich Constant Craving (k.d. lang cover)
20. Lana Del Ray Born To Die (Clams Casino Remix Instrumental)
21. Ensemble Economique Everything I Have, I Give To You
22. The Microphones Instrumental
23. Dan Mangan & Amy Millan Chances Are (Instrumental)
24. John Cage recorded at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London, in 1989

Who Am I (Prod. by Babe Rainbow)
  • Who Am I (Prod. by Babe Rainbow)
  • Main Attrakionz

Main Attrakionz “Who Am I” (prod. by Babe Rainbow)

BR did great work on this song. The beat is ambient hop – something like if Jel tried to make a Black Milk track sound like it was recorded in an cavernous space crater, and lacks the traditional song structure of most Main Attrakionz records – there’s nothing really resembling a chorus, and verses often trail off into a narcotic nod.

This is the soundtrack to when you find yourself outside the Earth’s atmosphere after a night of heavy partying.


(via Southern Hospitality)


A selection of pop artist Peter Blake’s girls & wrestlers. Check out the BBC4 “What do artists do all day” documentary on Sir Peter Blake on iplayer at the moment for a short synopsis of his work.

image credits in the captions.