babe you are hero

  • Lena: “looks suspicious” Kara where's my potstickers? I swear god one seconds ago they laying in my plate!!!
  • Kara: I promise you Lena Luthor I will always protect you! (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • Lena: O'RLY?
  • Kara: They was too hot for you babe(ᵔᴥᵔ)
  • Lena: “sighs heavily” You are my hero Kara Danvers


    if you play ANY sort of villainous character - from a pick-pocket to a full-scale serial killer - and i follow you, please know that i’ve come into this FULL WELL what i’m signing up for. i don’t expect you to soften your character for me, i’m not going to complain when they aren’t nice to my characters, and i honestly probably love watching them do what they do. not all characters are going to be the “good guys”, or the type of villain that can be redeemed. not everyone has a tragic backstory that makes them do the things they do - some people enjoy it, others just do it because they can, and for some it’s all they know. yes, there are villains with a soft spot or two - this doesn’t mean they need to change everything. our characters become friends/lovers even though my character is a “good guy”? you keep doin’ you. keep stealing those purses, killing those people, burning those villages to the ground. 

        tl;dr - I DIDN’T FOLLOW YOU BECAUSE I WANTED SOMETHING SOFT AND EASY - you keep bein’ a villain, babe, cause you’re  just as excellent as the heroes.


Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.


Stiles Stilinski x reader
Word Count; 1K
A/N; gosh I love me some Stiles, I hope you guys like it!

You were only human. That’s all Stiles could focus on. You wouldn’t heal like Scott or Malia, and you couldn’t defend yourself like Allison. You were fragile, and small, and scared out of your goddamn mind. But you had put up your hand anyway to fight, because the Alpha pack were a threat and you couldn’t just sit by and watch as your friends risked their lives. The others protested, none more than Stiles, the boy who loved you more than life itself, but you went anyway. 

He wished you hadn’t.

‘Mum, help.’ Scott yelled as he carried you into the hospital, the gang hot on his tail. Melissa turned harshly to Scott before calling for help. Doctors pulled you out of his arms and rushed you into the emergency room, your limp body covered in blood and bruises. 

‘Scott what happened?’ she yelled frantically pulling the gang along behind you as you were lowered onto a gurney. 

‘They got her, I don’t know how it happened. It was so fast and they grabbed her and…’ he couldn’t continue though. Not when Stiles’ face came into view. His eyes were bloodshot as he ran along beside the doctors, grasping onto your hand. 

‘Melissa, please get them into the waiting wing, she needs to be treated.’ one of the doctors stated, but Stiles wouldn’t budge, not while you lay there bleeding out in front of him. 

Scott attempted to pull him away, but Stiles would not move. ‘Don’t touch me Scott.’ he screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks as he gripped onto you harder. Each time Scott tried, Stiles would resist. It took both Scott and Isaac to pull him away, kicking and screaming as he tried to get back to you. But before he could get away, the doors shut in front of him. He smashed his fist against them harshly as he cried. Lydia placed a hand on his back comfortingly, but he shrugged it off, turning towards the rest of the group who had scattered around the small waiting area. 

‘Why?’ was all he could manage, barely in a whisper. 

‘She’ll be okay Stiles.’ Allison tried soothingly, but he simply ignored her, turning to face Scott. 

‘Why did you let her go?’ he grew angrier by the second, his mind flashing back to the fight. With Kali and Ennis surrounding you, picking you up off your feet and crashing you back down on the floor, breaking every bone in your body, ripping you apart with their claws while the pack could only stare on, unable to help. Stiles’ fists clamped shut as he charged towards his best friend, shaking uncontrollably. ‘You should have told her no!’ he screamed, ‘you should have kept her safe.’ His face was wet and his voice was hoarse as he took a swing at Scott, who caught his fist in his hand. He kept trying, thrashing against the alpha until he lost all strength, crumbling to the floor. The others stood in shock as Scott bent down, wrapping his harms around Stiles. 

‘I’m sorry.’ he spoke softly. ‘She’ll be okay Stiles, she’ll be okay.’ Stiles cried into his friends shoulder until his eyes went dry, before the two moved to the seats to wait, followed by the others. Hours passed in uncomfortable silence, they waited into the night until their eyes grew lazy. Everyone slept uncomfortably in their chairs, accept for Stiles, whose eyes were glued on the door to the patients area. Eventually, Melissa emerged, looking tired as she cleared her throat, waking up the pack. Stiles jolted up immediately, moving towards her. 

‘She’s okay,’ she claimed with a smile, ‘sore, but she’ll heal with time.’ 

‘Can I see her?’ he begged, ‘Please, I need to see her.’ 

‘Only you Stiles, the rest of you kids, go home. See her tomorrow.’ there were a few mumbled complaints as they all filtered out of the hospital, hugging Stiles goodbye as he stood restlessly. After their departure, Melissa led Stiles through the hallways, him quick on her heels. 

‘She’s been asking for you.’ she consoled, stopping at your door and opening it softly. ‘You can stay here, just for tonight. And you don’t tell anyone I let you in okay?’ He nodded abruptly. She patted him on the shoulder and smiled before walking away. Stiles felt a lump in his throat as he walked into your room. His eyes strained as he scanned the darkness. You lay asleep on the bed, covered with tubes poking into your skin, bandages wrapped around your tiny body and bruises littering your skin. His eyes watered as he moved towards you, barely able to breathe. You stirred, opening your eyes weakly. 

‘Stiles?’ you asked searching the dark room. He twitched at the sound of his name, moving quickly to your side, grasping your hand in his.

‘It’s me love, I’m here.’ It hurt him so much seeing you like this. You were the person he loved most in the world, he’d sworn to keep you safe, and he’d let you down. Before he knew it, he was sobbing again. 

‘Shhh.’ you cooed, lifting your other hand and placing it on his cheek, wiping away his tears. 

‘I’m so sorry y/n. I couldn’t save you. I…’ You placed your hand over his lips gently, silently asking him to stop. 

‘Don’t you say that.’ you insisted. ‘This was not your fault. I wanted to help. I got myself in this mess. Don’t you dare blame yourself.’

‘But I do.’ he stammered, trying to control his breathing. ‘I love you and it’s my job to protect you. I failed.’ He rested his forehead on your hand, crying quieter now. ‘I’m not strong like the others. I’m not a hero. I’m just human.’

‘Babe,’ you whispered, ‘you’re my hero.’ You said with a small smile, brushing your hand through his hair. He lifted his head back up, kissing your knuckles gently. He smiled at you, wondering how he could be so lucky to be loved by someone like you. You were an angel, his angel, and he worshiped you.

‘How can I help? What can I do?’ he pleaded, desperate to ease your pain. You simply lifted up your blanket, moving slightly to the side. 

‘Just stay with me.’ you whispered, feeling weak as your arm struggled to stay up. He nodded and climbed in beside you, tucking you gently under his arm as he stroked your hair gently, kissing your forehead. 

‘I love you y/n. I won’t leave you.’ he whispered, lifting your chin up to kiss you. His soft lips caressed your own, easing you as you snuggled closer to him, finally feeling safe again. In his arms, all the horror went away. There was nothing left but you and Stiles. He hummed gently until you fell asleep. He finally felt calm, knowing that you were safe in his arms. It was then he decided he would never let go of you again.

Tom Holland Imagine:

Warnings: Panic attacks and cringe writing

Gasping for air, I sit up straight in the bed and open my eyes. When I come to my senses, I see that I’m still in bed beside Tom and it’s two in the morning. I blink and try to steady my hands or my breathing as I slowly crawl out of Tom’s arms. My feet instinctively move to the window and I crack it open before siting on the ground in the corner. I rock back and forth as I try to shake away the nightmare and quickly rising panic in my chest. Tears slip out of the corners of my eyes so I bite my lip to muffle my sobs.

Within seconds, the fear turns into panic and I’m shaking miserably as tears stream down my face. Suddenly, Tom sits up in the bed and whisper-shouts, “Y/n? Babe? Where are you?” I gulp before trying to speak only to let out a few whimpers instead. Tom doesn’t need more than that before he springs into action and is crouched in front of me. His curly hair is a soft-looking mess and his eyes, though tired, are filled with concern. Slowly, he creeps forward until he’s sitting beside me, a majority of our bodies touching.

“I’m here, Babe, don’t worry. Deep breaths.” His voice is steady and quiet so I force my breathing to slow and gain some form of a pattern. Tom gives me a small smile and nods, “Good. You’re doing amazing, Babe. Do you want to play the game?” I bite my lip and try to stay focused on breathing, but nod anyways. His smile grows and he starts with, “Okay, what are five things you see?”

Looking around, I think for a second and Tom gives me the time I need. Finally, I lick my chapped lips and shakily whisper, “I-I see… I see lights. And you. I see your messy hair and your smile. And I see the alarm clock.” He gives me a big smile and lets me hold his hand as he tells me, “Good, but don’t focus on the alarm clock. It doesn’t matter what time it is. You’re the only thing that matters. Okay?” I swallow harshly and nod, despite my eyes flicking over to the bright red letters.

When Tom decides that I’m ready for the next question, he asks me, “What are four things you feel?” I consider telling him about the way it feels like my own thoughts are strangling me and how I feel like my body is on autopilot and driving straight off a cliff. But then I decide not to focus on that and tell him what I can touch. Staring into his eyes, I announce, “I feel the wooden floors. They’re cold.” Tom laughs and the sound puts me slightly at more ease as he nods, “Yes, what else?” I look at my hands and see his holding mine, “You’re hands. They’re really soft and warm. I feel the wind that is coming from the window. It’s smooth and calming. And I feel my heart beating like crazy in my chest.” The last one slipped out, but Tom doesn’t point it out as he continues the game instantly.

“Y/n, you’re doing great. You’re really good at this game. Babe, what are three things you hear?” I blink and immediately tell him, “Your voice. It’s really steady and it helps me focus. And I hear your heart beating. It’s really slow and calm and like a lullaby. And I hear some people walking out on the streets.” He smiles brightly at me and squeezes my hand slightly, “You’re almost done, Babe. Just stay focussed. Okay, what are two things you can smell right now?”

I let my eyes close as I focus and closely pay attention. Words slip out of my mouth without me realizing it and I’m suddenly telling him, “Your cologne. It smells like home and safe and happy. It makes me feel like maybe everything isn’t caving in on me. And I smell coffee. It smells like when we met and beginnings and fresh. It makes me feel hopeful that what I’m feeling will be over soon and there will be a new feeling.” Tom is smiling and I hear it in his voice as he praises me, “Yes, Babe, you’re almost done. Just one more. What’s one thing you can taste?”

I open my eyes and his smile is slightly bigger than I expected. Without thinking about it, I lean forward and kiss the corner of his mouth. He sits in confusion as I tell him, “Home. Safety. Happy. You.” Tom blinks in confusion, but doesn’t think too long about it as I lean forward again and kiss his lips directly this time.

When I pull away for a breather, I let my forehead rest against his and smile at him, “What would I do without you Thomas Stanley Holland?” He shrugs and I can see his cheeks are tinted a pink color, “I’m just doing my job, Babe.” I shake my head and stare into his eyes, “Yeah, but you go above and beyond what normal boyfriends do. You help me through panic attacks and nightmares and scary streets. And you take me to empty beaches and peaceful parks and cute coffee shops. You are literally everything I could ask for and more. Tom, you’re my hero.”

His cheeks are a vibrant red and he shakes his head, “Y/n, don’t say it like I saved you. I helped you, yeah. But you’re your own hero, Babe. You never needed me to save you. You just needed me to help you focus.” I sigh and run my fingers through his hair, “You always downplay yourself and it can’t be healthy how much you do it. I probably would have still been in a full on panic attack for the next three hours if it hadn’t been for you. Tommy, please just admit that you have a major role in saving me?” He chuckles and reminds, “Fine. But only because I can’t say no to you when you look that cute.”

Glancing at the alarm clock behind him, I frown and announce, “It’s three in the morning, Tommy.” He smiles at me before picking me up bridal style and informing me, “Well, that just won’t work. I can’t have my princess missing her beauty sleep.” Setting me gently on the bed in my normal spot, I giggle and roll my eyes at him, “Gosh, I love you, Tommy.”

*SOOOO… This was my first ever imagine I did and it’s crap, but I’m gonna post it anyways. Please don’t hate on it.*

  • Mon-El: You guys help my mothers forcing me to marry Lena!
  • Maggie: Oh nooo, you have to marry a hot billionaire CEO with a sexy accent, beautiful eyes, a body to die for-
  • Kara: Ok, ok I'll take one for the team guys and marry Lena in place of Manguel.
  • Mon-El: Mon-El babe.
  • Kara: No Lena.
  • Alex: *rolls eyes* Wow Supergirl you truly are an American hero.
  • Kara: Thank you Alex happy to be of service.
EXO Reaction when they find a girl hiding behind their car (from some bad guys)

Well… forget  my nap. I’ll do this first :D Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Badass Chanyeol* “Come, get in! I won’t leave you here, alone… I’ll help you, you don’t need to worry now that I’m here”


“there’s nothing to worry about babe… you don’t need to cry anymore. You’r hero just arrived” *Super badass galaxy*


“Are you really trying to pick up a fight? Do you know who I am? Ever try to hurt her… and you’ll meet me and my friends…fists” *Would never let someone hurt a girl*


“We have two options… stay here and wait for them to leave… or you get in the car and I’ll fight them! I’ll teach them a lesson” *Martial arts mode on*


“Tell me where you want to go, and you’ll be there in less than a second… you don’t need to worry about them anymore” *Super powers are back on*


*Tries to have the situation under control* “look… you come behind me, I’ll help you get in my car before they see you… I’ll take you home safely okay? but we have to act quickly”


“Are you okay? Were they following you? You don’t need to worry anymore… I took care of it. Come, take my hand, I’ll take you home” *Baekkie is a hero*


“This is what we’ll do, I’ll distract them while you run to the other side okay? Don’t worry about me, I don’t want them to do anything to you. Here’s my number, call me when you get home okay?”


“Hush… just get in the car before they see you. If we are lucky they won’t follow… I’ll stay by your side though, so don’t worry”


*Thinking what to do* “I don’t understand how boys can be like that… someone should stop them. Come, I won’t let you stay here alone, do you mind if I take you home? I don’t think I’ll be able to leave knowing you are here, alone in the dark” 


*Trying to distract you* “Look what I found.. such a pretty girl! You know, I would love to take you out tonight, come… I’ll buy you some ice cream and make sure you arrive home safe!” *Guardian Angel*


“Oh babe! There you are! Sorry to keep you waiting.. what a terrible boyfriend. Come, let me give you a hug!” *Pretending to be your boyfriend so they would just give up and leave you alone*

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College Visit [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by Anon: “Can you do a Jason x reader where Jason meets the reader’s college friends for the first time and he’s really nervous they’re going to hate him”

A/N: Honestly when I first saw this request, I got super excited. I love this idea! So thank you and I hope you like it my lovely anon!! <3

Warning: Pretty fluffy, sweaing


College college college. The stress, the parties, the classes… all very overwhelming. If it weren’t for Jason’s daily calls you wouldn’t make it.

You hated being so far from him, but a scholarship to Coast City University wasn’t something you could pass up. When you first told Jason you were moving across the country, he wasn’t thrilled.

Though he got over it and supports your studies. Most of the time he’s on missions with Roy and Kori anyways. But he still called you every night, and tonight was no different.

“I hate school” you groaned into the phone while spinning in your desk chair.

“You say that every time we talk” he chuckled on the other end.

“I know, but it’s just so true. I’m here on a Friday night finishing an essay while Alex and everyone are out at a frat party.” Your roommate Alex was your childhood friend who ended up moving to Coast City your sophomore year. So when she heard of your scholarship she insisted you room together.

Out of all your college friends she’s the only one who knows about Jason, though she’s never met him. And only seen pictures.

“Hey I don’t want you at any frat parties. I don’t trust those college guys” being protective as usual. You rolled your eyes laughing. “Did you just roll your eyes? I know you just rolled your eyes.”

“Damn, how do you always do that?” You stood up from the chair and walked to look out the window.

“I’m a hero babe, it’s what I do” you could hear his smirk over the phone. “Sorry sweetie, I think you mean outlaw.” Correcting his statement.

He chuckled, “And that’s why you’re the one who went to college”

“Where are you at tonight?” you questioned, while still watching out the window.

“Home, no missions as of late. City’s been quiet though, no patrols either. It’s fucking boring here” you could tell he slung his head back by the way his voice faltered. Being over dramatic as usual.

“Why don’t you come visit me? You can meet my friends and I’m sure Bruce will let you use the jet” you proposed.

“I’d love to see you but your friends I don’t think I’m ready” his voice lowered and turned to a mumble on the last few words.

“Are you the great Red Hood afraid of a few college girls?” you teased an amused smile blooming on your face.

“What?! NO! I-I’m just…… Fine I’m afraid they may not like me. They’re your friends what if –?” he started but you cut him off.

“What if I stop loving you because my friends disapprove” you finished his sentence, “Jason that’s preposterous. You know I love you more than anything, no matter what anyone thinks. So come visit.. Please.. For me?”

“But [F/n]” he was unsure of what to do with himself. “Please… I’m pouting by the way so you have to succumb” Making sure your voice sounded as if you were pouting.

“Fine fine, okay. I’ll be there Sunday, but I have to go my brothers just walked into the manor. I love you, see you soon” Hearing the smile in his voice made a beaming grin grow on your lips.

“Bye Jay love you too. Tell everyone I say hi” you finished before hanging up.

You couldn’t help but feel giddy that he was coming to visit you, it’s been so long since you’ve seen him. Sighing happily you fell on your bed.

Though your relaxing was short lived as the door flew open. “[F/n] [F/n] [F/n]! Guess who got three numbers tonight” one of your friends cheered happily as she came in before Alex and your other friend. “That’s great Cara” you chuckled.

“Sam got one too!” she cheered, obviously a little tipsy. You stared at your friend Sam a shocked expression on your face. She was usually shy, this was surprising.

“A bunch of people were asking where you were! I wish you didn’t have to study” she frowned as your other two friends laughed.

“Alright Cara, I think you should sit down.” Alex pushed her desk chair to her. “So, did Jason call tonight?” Alex questioned, drawing the attention of your two other friends.

“Who’s Jason?” Sam asked smirking at you.

“O-Oh, uh. Its my boyfriend” Nervously scratching the back of your neck.

“BOYFRIEND!” Cara yelled. “Shh, do you want to wake up the entire building?” you scolded glaring at her.

“Since when?” she questioned quieter. “Three years” you answered shrugging.

“Why have we never heard of this Jason?” Sam eyed you. “You never asked” meeting her gaze, hoping the excuse would work.

“Anyway he’s coming to visit me Sunday so you guys get to meet him. And you two should head to your dorms, RA will be around soon.” You mentioned, the two immediately hopped up wishing you goodnight.

When they were out of the room Alex turned to you, “Excited?”

“Understatement” you laughed as your beaming smile returned to your face.

“I’m excited to meet this guy, the way you talk about him make me curious” she said before walking to the closet to grab some pajamas.

“You’ll love him, he’s just perfect” Falling back on your pillow. The way you talked, anyone could tell you loved that boy.

“Alright little miss heart eyes, get some sleep. Tomorrow we have to figure out what to do Sunday.” She ordered, of which you happily complied. But you couldn’t sleep at all that night because you were so excited. Who would be able to sleep?

Saturday went by like lighting. You decided that just meeting in the courtyard/park on campus would be the best option.

You were sitting on a blanket laughing with your friends. Jason was texting you he was on his way.

‘On campus be there in 3 minutes’

Smiling down at your phone, friends catching on immediately. “Is he here?” Alex asked.

“Yeah he said he’s 3 minutes away.” Constantly you kept scanning the area, trying to spot the familiar face. But your eyes immediately caught his blue eyes and white streak.

Immediately upon seeing him you jumped to your feet and ran over to him. “Jaybird!” you yelled before jumping on him. Catching you, he wrapped his arms around you and spun you around.

Pulling away you from the embrace you slipped your hands behind his neck and pulled him down. Eagerly you met his lips with yours. Both smiling into the kiss.

He pulled away looking into your eyes, “Fuck, I missed you.” Completely used to his cursing you didn’t even flinch at the profanity.

“I missed you too. I’m so happy you’re here!” You beamed up at him. He couldn’t help but smile at the grin and sparkle in your [e/c] hues. “Come on, they’re dying to meet you” you took his hand and pulled him toward your friends.

Upon walking up you could feel how stiff he was. “Guys this is Jason. Jay this is Alex, Cara, and Sam” you said pointing to each of your friends.

“Hi it’s nice to meet you” Jason said wrapping an arm around your waist. “It’s great to meet you to Jason. Please sit” Alex spoke up first, the both of you sat next to each other.

Jason’s arm never leaving your side. “You okay?” you whispered upon sitting. “Yeah fine” he answered nodding.

Your friends immediately bombarded the both of you with questions. When exactly did this happen? How did we meet? What does Jason do for a living?

Trying to answer each question as honestly as possible without giving wind of his nightly activities. Your friends seemed to like him. And they expressed it when he had to take a call.

“Oh I got to take this it’s Roy” he said before standing up. “Hey man” you heard him say over the phone while walking away.

“So.. You guys like him?” You smiled at your group of friends

“Consider me jealous” Sam said first while smiling at you.

“Yeah he seems really nice and in tune with you” Alex smiled at you.

“Don’t forget hot” Cara, the ever outspoken one, piped up. Each of you immediately looked at her, shocked at the outburst. Though unsure why exactly you were shocked. Deep down you knew that was coming. “Come on he is! You can tell how ripped he is through his shirt!”

“Oh god” you pinched the bridge of your nose, chuckling.

“You’ve seen him shirtless, exactly how ripped is he?” she questioned as you felt a burning on your cheeks. Your other friends were amused off to the side.

“I-I don’t know” you stammered waving your hands in front of you.

“How can you not know? You’ve done it haven’t you?” she really has no shame. You turned bright red, about the same as Jason’s helmet. “I-I mean yeah but I’m not going to tell you about it” you looked over your shoulder, sighing in relief to see him walking back.

“So ladies what’d I miss?” he dropped next to you. Looking at his face you saw a deviousness in his eyes. Shit, he so heard all of that. Your suspicions were confirmed by the way he pulled you onto his lap. A smirk growing on his face.

Cara shared the same expression. “You know, we have some studying to do in Sam and Cara’s dorm so how about we head out and give you guys some one on one time” Alex said before Cara could tease you. You gave her a thankful look. She nodded before leaving with the other girls.

“You heard it all didn’t you?” not even turning to look at him.

“Oh yeah every word” he confirmed while chuckling.

“At least you know they like you.” Shifting so your head was on his lap and you could look up at him.

“That I do” he traced your features gently. “You’re so beautiful”

“Why thank you, you’re not so bad yourself” you countered, a laugh playing into your voice.

He leaned down and connected his lips with yours softly. Pulling away he began to run his fingers through your hair. You missed this so much, and him being here made all of the stress from school melt away. Sighing you relaxed into him more. Glad to have your Jaybird back.

This season of My Hero Academia is so hype! And what better way to show my love for this tournament arc than by drawing some of my fave gals from the show. Especially Mei! HOLY CRAP, who are you and why do I love you so much, you crazy tech-loving babe!?!

Being a vigilante and dating Lena Luthor would include:

Anon ask: Vigilante!reader dating Lena Luthor would include please :D

Warning: mention of wounds

(A/N): I always wanted to be a vigilante

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Originally posted by awitchpire

  • Lena is always worried about you.she will often help you out to defeat the bad guys
  • and also scold you when you act reckless (which is always)
  • she will patch you up
  • leaving a kiss on your head when she’s done
  • she will do a lot of face gestures while cleaning your wounds
  • “tss sorry babe, I’m almost done ”
  • she always have time for you, so you obviously find time for her
  • she will wait for you when you came home late
  • she had saved your ass so many times

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End of Discourse: Death and Just Stay Dead - My thoughts on the Halo series as of 2017 Part 1

Okay so a couple weeks ago, @the-great-mighty-dick and our friendly Discord group got into a little hassle with some 343i fans over the present direction the Halo series is taking.

On their side, they believe all the new lore is fantastic and 343i are doing a great job at expanding the series.

On our side, we believe that 343i has no idea how to write a good story without ham-fistedly explaining everything in order to justify the lore.

Before we begin, let me say that I’m not going to solely just trash 343i, as I believe that if they actively gave a shit, we could actually have a good series that is a worthy follow up to Bungie’s legendary trilogy (including Reach cause GODDAMN is Reach a fucking amazing game).

So here we go, my two cents on why I believe that Halo should have ended after Reach.

Let’s jump back to the year 2001, Halo Combat Evolved has just been released and whew boy do people love it. I remember loving every moment of it (except the fucking Library), Looking back, I realize now that Halo CE is just Aliens but on a giant space donut, not that that’s a bad thing, Aliens is amazing. The story is concise and simple, but it leaves some mystery to the Forerunners and the rest of the Human/Covenant war.

Move to 2004, Halo 2 comes out and HOLY FUCK is it a broken unfinished mess of a beautiful game. Halo’s story becomes more than just Aliens! Now there’s monkeys and bugs trying to kill you, along with smelly space zombies. Again, and this is a point I stress, the story is concise and doesn’t require extended media knowledge to understand what the fuck is happening (though it does end on one bad cliffhanger).

3 years later, Halo 3 comes out and it’s the end: You’ve broken the covenant, the elites are your buds now, Gravemind is spouting some bullshit, and Truth is a bitch. Basically the best buddy-cop movie ever, Chief and Arbiter go on a rip-snorting adventure and wrap things up nicely, even if the game has one of the weakest character deaths in video game history (*COUGH*MIRANDA*COUGH*), it’s still a solid story with AN END. A DAMN GOOD END. Halo 3′s ending is like some nice frosting on a delicious green cake, it seals things together and leaves you with an upset stomach, but goddamn are you happy you had it. I’m not gonna lie, H3′s ending made me super sad to see Chief just drifting off in space, but it was a perfect circle for the trilogy: Start in a cryotube, end in a cryotube. For those who haven’t seen Halo 3′s final cutscene, take a fuckin look babe:

That’s how you do a powerful ending. The hero doesn’t always have to return. Not every question has to be answered. Mystery is OK!

I’ll skip over ODST, since it’s just a side story.


I’m sorry I just really love Halo Reach, it just feels so much like Bungie’s final love letter to their fans and it’s nearly flawless. Reach started out as extended media over the course of Halo 1-3, and we finally got to see how it all went down, even though we knew how it had to end.

Okay going on a tangent here, but there are honest to god 343i fans that say Halo Reach is an emotionless game. Excuse me did you fucking play it at all? Each level gives you a glimmer of hope and then snatches it away at the last second, reminding you that no matter what, you’re going to die. George and Six destroy the Super Carrier and hooray, but uh-oh here comes the rest of the fleet which immediately begins bombarding the planet and destroying so much, making George’s sacrifice almost pointless. Oh look you finally regrouped with Noble Team after watching a bunch of civilians die, OOPS THERE GOES KAT. JUN RUNS OFF LIKE A BITCH (yes I know it was his job) AND CARTER DIES IN A BLAZE OF GLORY, AND THEN EMILE GETS SHANKED AND YOU’RE THE LAST ONE LEFT. YOU WATCH YOUR WHOLE TEAM DIE AND YOU’RE POWERLESS TO STOP THE COVENANT.  Then there’s the ending. Then there’s the fucking ending: (i seriously don’t understand how some 343i fans can say Bungie’s Halos have forgettable music)

What do all these games have in common? They have stores that don’t require you to read 3 novels and 5 comics.

This is the problem our Discord group has with Halo 4 and 5: They require too much outside knowledge to understand what the fuck is going on. Novels and comics shouldn’t be required to know why one character is doing what they’re doing, or why one event is happening.

Bungie’s Halo’s were great because it left some mystery to Halo’s universe. Where did the Flood come from, what were the Forerunners like? Who fucking cares? If you’re so curious, come up with your own ideas! That’s the beauty of leaving some questions unanswered, it allows fans to be creative and imagine fantastical things.

One common arguement 343i fans constantly make is that 343i has expanded the Halo universe more than Bungie ever did. While this may be true, you must ask yourself: is taking away every secret and mystery in the series a good thing? Is it right to deprive fans of wonder of what could be? While that’s open to discussion, I firmly believe it isn’t a good thing, and that it stifles creativity.

Really, is the game going to be improved if there’s a lore justification for everything? Can’t somethings just be in the game cause they’re fun? Is your enjoyment of shooting evil robots or aliens going to be ruined if you don’t know just why the mancannon exists?

This whole thing feels really unfocused and messy, but that’s because I’m trying to to rag on 343i, they just make it really hard. Halo was my first video game and the state of what it’s like at the moment is really saddening. I will explain why in Part 2.

Being Daisy’s Girlfriend And Then Turning Into An Inhuman Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • Going through Terrigenesis almost a year after Daisy became an inhuman
  • Being extremely worried/anxious because you know how terribly inhumans are treated in the world
  • Daisy calming you down
  • Her wrapping you up in a hug
  • Daisy going into the quarantine room to visit you, despite the fact that everyone was telling her it was dangerous
  • Daisy telling you comforting stories about when she became an inhuman, and how everything worked out good for her
  • “Look, things are going to be hard at first. I’m not going to lie to you about that. It was really hard for me when I became an inhuman. You know. You were there by my side.”
  • “That would’ve been impossible to go through without you, Y/N. So I’m sure as hell not going to let you go through this alone. Alright? You and me. We’re gonna get through this.”
  • Daisy eventually teaching you how to use your powers
  • The two of you becoming the ultimate power couple
  • Going on missions together
  • Which always end with one of you doing something totally badass, and the other thinking it’s totally hot
  • Daisy being ridiculously proud of you
  • “I’m so proud of you, babe. You’re a hero. We got through this together. I’m so fucking proud of you. I love you.”
  • “I know.”
  • “Did you just Han Solo me?”
Steve Harrington Saves The World

Both inspired by and written for @ghost-grantaire — babe, you’re my hero. This one’s for you (that’s two Ferris Bueller references in one dedication, clearly you’re pretty special). 

Us and them,

After all we’re only ordinary men

In his young life, Steve Harrington’s future was changed in the smallest of ways. It happened like this: hope (I’m gonna be just like you), dissatisfaction (you’re gonna be just like your old man some day), youth (you can do better than that you son of a bitch), realisation (go home), love (how many is a crowd, really), heartbreak (It’s over), and acceptance (I’m exactly fucking like him).

When he was young, his father would look down at him and frown, like he was confused about what species Steve was, and for so long, it mattered. It mattered because all Steve wanted to do was please him, to get his father to understand him. It was everything. Until it wasn’t.

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