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Drabble 7: “I almost lost you”

“I almost lost you” “What’s for dinner babe?” Justin’s tiered voice rang through the speaker as you grabbed a pinch of salt and poured it into the steaming pot. “Chicken Alfredo with some garlic bread and a green salad,” Y/N informs happily. It’s been ages since her and Justin have had dinner together so she wanted to make one of his favorites. “How was the studio?” She asked placing the strained pasta back into a pot with the Alfredo sauce. “It was good, I just had some touch ups to finish.” She could hear the raspiness in his voice indicating that his lack of sleep these past couple of nights have finally caught up to him. “You know babe if you’re tiered I could go pick you up,” Justin had a habit of dozing off no matter where he was and that even included the front wheel if he was exhausted enough. “No, no it’s fine. I’m almost home anyway,” His voice perked up a bit as if to sound more alert and awake. “You worry too much sweetheart, I’ll be home soon. I love-” he was cut off by the screeching of tires and the sound of metal crashing together “Justin? Justin!?” Y/N yelled into the phone desperately only to hear the disconnected beep. She stood there in complete shock. Her heart was pulsing heavily in her chest and her mind felt clouded with thoughts. She shut off the store grabbed her fed keys and ran to her car, revving out the driveway she dashed towards the hospital. ***** Hours later Justin was discharged with two stitches, a couple bruises and a right wrist injury that would heal in a couple days. Y/N wasn’t sure whether to be mad that Justin chose to drive knowing very well how tiered he was or glad that he was alright. She chose the ladder and cuddled him up as one of his body guards drove you both home. **** Even though the accident had occurred almost a week ago Y/N still felt the pitting feeling in her stomach every time Justin reached for his car keys. “Okay what is it?” Justin asked raising the eyebrow without any stitches in it up at her, a hint of annoyance in his voice. She shook her head biting her lip. Justin had been in the most snappy and irritable mood since the accident and she didn’t want to fight with him right before he went somewhere. “What? You don’t want me to go to work? Y/N it’s my job. I have to go,” he looked at her with complete exasperation as if she was trying to keep him from pursuing his career but that wasn’t the case at all. “Look Y/N I don’t know what’s been up with you lately but I have to go or I’m going to be late-” “Don’t you get it?” She finally spoke her voice already cracking getting Justin to stop from turning the door knob and instead turning to her. “Justin, I almost lost you.” “I don’t know if you realize exactly how close you were to dying just a couple days ago,” she explained licking her lips and pausing before continuing. “Every time you reach for your keys I relive that exact moment when it all happened” Just speaking about it made the whole scene flash before her eyes. She began to reach over to wipe a tear from staining her cheek but Justin had already gotten it. “I can still hear the screeching of the tires and the crashing of the metal and the scream from your lips just before the call was cut off. And I totally get why you’re pissed at the world right now, you have a broken wrist and a stitched brow but baby do you not realize how lucky you are that you aren’t dead?” Her voice began to get muffled by her tears but she still continued. “I am just petrified that I’m going to loose you Jay, that’s why I cringe every time you make a move to leave and I call you a ton when you’re gone, I worry and I get that it’s annoying but I need to know that you’re safe,” “I’m sorry baby,” Justin murmured into her neck as he pulled her close. “I didn’t know that the accident had had such a great affect on you,” he kissed her forehead before continuing. “You’re right though, I was so busy being pissed at the fact that I couldn’t use my right hand when I didn’t even realize that I could’ve died back there. I’ve been such a dick and I’m sorry,” “From now on i promise to be a more careful driver okay baby? Now stop crying or you’re going to make me cry,”


Wow I’m finally finished phew. I may fix some lil things later, but here it is!

Sketch by circlejourney and color/lineart by yours truly. It was really fun!! (also i gave Dave freckles bc im trash and all striders/lalondes i draw will eternally have freckles a ha ahaaha)

He Makes You Cry Calum Imagine

Okay first off I just want to say that I haven’t written imagines in a lonngg time, so I’m a bit rusty, but I’ll try my best. 

You sat at home waiting for your boyfriend, Calum, to come home. Calum was out late, again. It was the fifth night that week, that he would come home late, looking like a big mess. The first two nights you brushed it off, understanding his very busy schedule. But when the fifth night rolled around you were a bit annoyed. You called him a few times, but he never replied once. It was around 3am when he came home. You were sprawled out on the couch trying not to fall asleep, but as soon as you heard the front door open, you jumped from your spot. 

“Hey babe.” Calum mumbled as he walked into the living room. He was a mess. His hair was sticking every where and his clothes were all ruffled. 

“Hey. You’re home. I’ve missed you. I tried calling.” You mumbled. 

“That’s great babe.” Calum muttered as he began to head to your shared bedroom. You were a bit disappointed with his response. No hello kiss on the cheek, or I’m home hug.  No“I’ve missed you too”, no “I love you.” no, nothin. Just a “Hey babe, that’s great.” 

“Cal, I haven’t seen you all day, can you at least say something other than ‘that’s great’?” You asked following him up the stairs. 

“Uh…. I’ve missed you too but I’m tiered.” 

“Is that it?” 

Calum stopped and turned around to face you. 

“Babe, I’m super tiered and I just want to go to bed. We can talk and hang out tomorrow okay.” He said and turned back around and continued walking. 

“You’ll probably just blow me off again.” You mumbled. You didn’t think he would hear that but he did. 

“What? You honestly think that I’ve been blowing you off?” Calume turned to face you again. He was beginning to get annoyed. 

“Well yea, we haven’t hung out or even seen each other in a week.” You said flustered. 

“I’ve been busy! You know that. And for gods sake we don’t need to spend every damn day together.” He yelled at you. His words stung and you couldn’t help the tears forming in your eyes. You were about to say something but he continued on. 

“For real though, he fucking live together! I see you all the time. And when you call me a million times a day, it just gets annoying. Seriously stop being so damn clingy!” And at that, you turned around so he couldn’t see you cry. You ran back down to the living room and cried on the couch. It didn’t even take two minutes and Calum was wrapping his arms around you and kissing your forehead. 

“I’m so sorry baby. You’re not clingy one bit. I love you so much and I have missed you. I’ve just been so busy with work and I’m sorry.” He mumbled into your ear. You took a few deep breaths and calmed down. 

“It’s okay Calum. I guess I just over reacted.” 

“Come on babe, let’s get some sleep.” You nodded at his words and he scooped you up and carried you to your room. As soon as you both were in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, all your problems went away and you were both asleep. 

Okay that was really bad, but it’s been soo long since I’ve written imagines lol. I hope you like it :)