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Dating Mark Tuan Would Include...

Im Jaebum | Jackson Wang | Park Jinyoung | Kim Yugyeom

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  • Having a lot of the female population envy you because you’re dating this babe.
  • Jackson being both the number one fan and the number one opposer of your relationship. Like one day he’ll be all “OH MY GOD YOU TWO, STOP BEING SO CUTE. YOU’RE FUCKING ADORABLE OML” and then the next he’s going like “BITCH WTF? Y/N GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY MAN. I LOVE MARKIE POOH TOO.”
  • Mark blushing when Jackson does the former and yelling back when he does the latter.
  • Being a smug lil bitch when Mark chooses you over Jackson.
  • But being a pouting ball of aegyo when he chooses Jackson over you.
  • “Fine well I’ll just go play with the one and only Kunpimook Bhuwakul!”
  • Okay but think about this: Cuddles with Mark Tuan.
  • Is there really any other reason needed to want to date him? This kid would be a cuddle master, I swear.
  • Like he’s mastered the balance between intimacy and playfulness, so cuddles are always lighthearted and cute but you can also tell how much he cares about you.
  • And they would happen so often because he just loves holding you in his arms, your body fitted against his, smelling that lotion you always use, and unable to stop smiling because godDAMN does he feel like a lucky bastard.
  • Borrowing his sweaters and then just drowning in them. He likes to wear his sweaters big because it’s comfortable plus sweater paws, which he always activates when shy, so imagine how big they would be on you. He’d eventually tell you to stop, giving you t-shirts instead because the collar dipped just a little too low for him to handle at 10 in the morning.
  • Shamelessly returning the clothes he gives you and explaining that the smell wore off so he has to wear them again.
  • Him being both thoroughly embarrassed and absolutely amazed by your adorableness at the same time.
  • Having civil discussions rather than fights. Whenever you two began to get heated, there was an unwritten rule that one of you would leave the room so you could both cool down, resuming the discussion once everyone was feeling better.
  • But occasionally that wouldn’t work, and the fights would get out of hand. But Mark would never yell. No matter how angry or hurt or heartbroken he was, he wouldn’t yell at you.
  • They’d always work out though, even if it took a few awkward weeks of living together but not speaking before everything was resolved. When it was over, Mark would always take you out on a date to make you feel better and remind you both how happy you were together.
  • Speaking of dates, at first most of them would be to normal places like cafes, small but atmospheric restaurants, going to the movies, but he’d make them a lot more fun than you would have expected.
  • Like you’ll both look over the menu and choose one thing you would both like and one thing you’ve both never tried before, sharing them both and playing food critic. He’d bring you to whatever the worst movie playing was, and you two would just giggle and crack jokes at it in a completely empty theatre because EVERYONE knows that movie is terrible.
  • But later on, dates would kinda stop happening because he would prefer to just hang out at your place or even an empty dorm, playing video games, cooking together, or even just talking. He’d open up so much and you’d learn so much more about him from these dates.
  • It will even take a lot of persuasion and aegyo on your part to drag him out on a proper date, but he’ll always do it. It’ll usually be to places like the aquarium or a music store, just somewhere with a good atmosphere that isn’t too crowded.
  • Youngjae getting mad because you two will dognap Coco and as Coco’s mother he gets very worried.
  • Okay but think about this: Sex with Mark Tuan. You were probably thinking about it already tbh. Perv.
  • It wouldn’t be a frequent occurrence, but he’d be such a romantic about it. Always setting the mood first. It was a really intimate thing with him, Mark being the type to prefer ‘Making Love’ over ‘Sex’.  Because of that, you would never have it often, but when you did it was so fucking euphoric oH MY GOD.
  • He’d want it to be a very fair and mutual thing. Like he’d be really giving, but he would expect to receive as well. It’s just be super pleasurable for the two of you.
  • He’s a definite top, by the way, though he’ll sometimes bottom, hands really tight on your hips, because he thinks you’re actually the more gorgeous thing in the world.
  • Moving On….He’d be a shy little cutie when around other people, except for the members.
  • In front of the members he just doesn’t give a shit and will make out with you if he wants too.
  • Because he really really loves you and as much as he trusts the boys to keep a healthy distance away, he can’t help but notice they sometimes go a little too close for comfort and these passionate kisses remind them that your boyfriend is MARK FUCKING TUAN.
  • But it still isn’t gonna stop Jackson’s hand from ‘accidentally’ touching your ass on a semi-regular basis because damn girl you fine. (He also does it on purpose to tease Mark because Mark’s just like ‘HEY THAT’S MINE. HER BOOTY IS FOR ME ONLY’ but he can’t actually say it without blushing.)
  • Wearing couple bracelets that start rumors but neither of you ever take them off because it’s precious.
  • Calling each other ‘Babe’ because he thinks it’s hella cute.
  • Though really, he thinks everything you do is cute. You make a sandwich? Cute. You trip over your own feet and fall on your face? Cute. You take a shit? Cute.
  • Lots of hand holding because your hands fit so well with his and he has such pretty hands.
  • “Why do you love me, Mark?”
  • “Well, I love everything about you.”
  • “Okay cute, but really, why do you actually love me?”
  • “I already said everything.”
  • Mark would stop taking you over to the dorm after you hit your 2 year anniversary because the rest of the guys are asking when he’s gonna marry you which makes you feel awkward and shy and it makes Mark wait for the peaceful release of death.
  • He wants to marry you someday, but he wants to give it enough time so that you’re both 100% sure.
  • Lots and lots of forehead kisses. He likes your lips too, but there’s just something about kissing your forehead that shows his affection and protectiveness, washing you in warmth.
  • Getting a really nice apartment together. Modern and minimalist with lots of natural lighting and an open concept and SO MUCH WHITE but it’s just #aesthetic and you both L-O-V-E it.
  • He’d be such a chill boyfriend though. Like he wouldn’t get jealous a lot or be too possessive, letting you be an independent and responsible person. He’d be your true love and your BFF and life would just be so nice with him. Please love him. This baby deserves the affection. 
The Shirt

anonymous requested:  “ Can you do a Calum imagine where you wear his shirt to bed and he gets extremely horny so he has to drop your kid off at grandmas and well you know what happens next. ;D”

But I honestly have no idea how to write smut so yeah…

“Babe, you have got to stop doing that,” Calum groaned while shoving the nearest pillow into his face.

“What the hell are you talking about. I’m literally doing nothing,” you questioned while bending over to pick up Calum’s pants that he carelessly threw on the ground moments before getting into the California King sized bed.

“That! That right there! Stop it! You know what happened last time,” he rambled while aimlessly waving his hands at your body. You looked down at your attire and smirked, knowing exactly what he was getting at; his grey State Champs t-shirt you were wearing to sleep in. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe,” you smirked while purposely reaching down again, making sure Calum could see that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the rather large shirt. He groaned again, throwing the pillow at you, clearly not appreciating your actions. You giggled as you noticed the growing bulge in your husband’s briefs.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” he groaned again.

“I still to this day don’t understand why me wearing your clothes turns you on so much,” you teased while climbing on top of him and straddling his lap. “We’ve been together eight years and a piece of fabric on me that you usually wear on stage is what gets you horny,” you laughed as you trailed your fingers over his chest along the fresh tattoo of three lions on left peck. You were shocked when he came home with it after what you thought was a day at the studio. You vividly remember the smile on his face as he told you that the three lions represented his pride; his family; you and Alani. He distracted you from your thoughts as he pulled you down to connect your lips.

“Well one, we haven’t had sex in over three days, that’s a new record for us. And two, It’s not my fault my shirt only covers half of your ass. You look like a damn goddess every time you wear my clothes,” he grinned causing you to laugh and lightly smack his arm.

“Whatever you say, Hood.”

“You know I’m right, Also Hood.”

You leaned back down to kiss him once more but one simple peck led to a fully heated make-out as Calum began to run his hands all over your body. “Cal, Alani is here.”


“She can walk in here at any moment because of a nightmare and she’s already been emotionally scarred enough by the stupid shit Michael and Luke do, I don’t think she needs to add seeing her parents have sex to the list.”

“Fair enough, I’ll just drop her off at my sisters,” he suggested.

“She’s in London,” you sighed.

Calum immediately got out of bed and began dialing a number. “Babe, who are you calling at eleven at night?” He ignored you before walking out the bedroom door and down the hall towards your three year old daughter’s room while mumbling quietly on the phone. Moments later you child ran past your room and downstairs. Calum peeked his head back into the room before smirking, “I’m dropping her off at my mom’s. You better be naked and on your knees by the time I get back, you’re in for a long weekend.”

“Weekend?” I questioned while raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Weekend. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

You laughed at how desperate your husband was to get you alone, something that occurred often after the two of you decided to have Alani. 

The sound of the front door opening and shutting only made you more anxious for your husband. You quickly discarded the shirt and sat on your knees waiting for him to walk through the doors.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he whispered more to himself as he stood frozen in the doorframe.

“Cal, are you gonna do anything or should I put your shirt back on and go to sleep,” you teased.

Without a hesitation he ran towards the bed and pushed you back while climbing on top of you. “God I missed this,” he moaned out in between kisses, “I can’t wait to do this all weekend long.”

His hands were all over your body, trying to feel every inch of you. No matter how long you had been together, every time he touched you felt like the first time back in high school.

He quickly stripped of his clothing and you pushed him back lowering your mouth to his now fully erect member. “Babe, no. As much as I love it when you do, I’m not gonna last. I need to be in you now,” he breathed out before flipping the two of you over. 

“Cal, condom,” you gasped out in between your own moans as he began to align himself with your entrance.

“I could put one on, but I think Alani needs a little sibling,” he grinned.

“You really want another kid?” your heart skipping a beat. It had been something you’d wanted to bring up to him but were too scared of what his answer would be.

He nodded, “there’s a reason I left more space on my peck,” he smiled referring to the three lions on his chest, “hopefully it’s a boy this time.” 

Things as my friends have said pt. 2
  • aries: "i dug up from hell to see you babe"
  • taurus: "slayin all dayyyy la la la LAAAAA!!!!"
  • gemini: "nope it was my fault don't fucking lie to me"
  • cancer: "and then BAM! magic happened!"
  • leo: "are you the sun bc ur hot"
  • virgo: "well then i guess you were wrong, you played yourself"
  • libra: "i'm an intimate little fluffy pancake"
  • scorpio: "do i really look that triggered?"
  • sagittarius: "she really knows how to dance!!!"
  • capricorn: "take a load of your feet, you look shook"
  • aquarius: "did you just call me unreal?"
  • pisces: "lies get you nowhere, only cats get you places"
Thanksgiving with the RFA be like..
  • Zen: Hey babe! Do you know what I'm thankful for this year?
  • MC: Is it... Me?
  • Zen: My looks.
  • MC:
  • -
  • Yoosung: Hey MC! What are you seasoning the turkey with?
  • MC: Garlic, Onion, Paprika, and Salt!
  • Yoosung:
  • Yoosung:
  • MC: What?
  • MC:
  • MC: OMG don't say i-
  • Yoosung: Rika!
  • -
  • Jaehee: Happy Thanksgiving MC! Do you want to know what I'm thankful for?
  • MC: Our relationship?
  • Jaehee: Our completely platonic friendship.
  • MC:
  • -
  • Seven: Hey hey hey MC can you pass the salt?
  • MC: Sure!
  • MC: Oh.. I can't find it.
  • Seven: It's somewhere between my feelings for you and my hatred for myself.
  • MC: Huh?
  • Seven: TIARANOL!
  • -
  • Jumin: Hello MC. Would you like to know what I am thankful for this holiday?
  • MC: Does it involve a girl? Maybe a girl with brown hair and ember eyes?
  • Jumin: Elizabeth 3rd.
  • MC:
  • -
  • Seven: NVM I found my salt.
  • Seven: it's by V.
  • Seven: Not surprised he couldn't see it. Lololol
  • MC:
Girls Loving Girls

@underthe-mountain babe i love doing these with you

Lysandra stood at her locker, getting her books out, when a voice came from beside her said, “Hey. Lysandra, right? I got to say,” he said, his eyes raking up and down her, “You are smokin’.

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Seventeen Reaction To Their GF Wearing Lingerie

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by anon

seungcheol: *naked and afraid 2- Embarrassed and turned on*

Jeonghan: Hm Jagi what was that? how do you look? oh you look amazing! *calm*

Joshua: *pin drops the hell outta there*

Jun: hey girl! come ‘ere ;)

Hoshi: is it my birthday? *so happy*

Wonwoo: *thinking dirty things*

Jihoon: You look beautiful jagi, incredible, so amazing now please take it off… *has other plans ;)*

Seokmin: *loves the surprise so much he’s speechless*

Mingyu: *Mingyu approved*

Minghao: Jagi! Don’t surprise me like this! 

Seungkwan: *embarrassed because he is getting hella turned on*

Vernon: You looks so sexy babe~

Dino: *not so innocent Maknae* They look r-really good, like great…

Needing You (M)


REQUEST: This idea got stuck in my mind and its killing me. Could you do a scenario where Jimin comes home on fire (if you know what I mean 😏) and you have a really hot night and when he climaxes he hits the wall behind you. 🔥🔥🔥please add the last detail, I’m dying here!

AUTHORS NOTE: imma go and book my ticket to hell -ally xx

“Hey babe,” Jimin’s voice mail said. “I’m stuck at the studio and I need you so fucking badly right now I don’t think I can handle this I love you so much I’m so sorry I can’t be there right now” you let out a deep sigh, putting the phone down and flicking through snapchat on your mobile you felt like you hadn’t seen Jimin in months, and even though he was home he was still too busy for me. You know that when he came home he was going to be horny and waiting for your touch and you couldn’t find it in you to complain. after all a needy Jimin is the best Jimin.

He didn’t even say ‘Hello’. He just barged in and wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you as close as possible in a tight embrace before hungrily crashing his lips down on yours. You were surprised but it didn’t take you a second to melt into Jimin’s touch. And you brought a hand up to the back of his head and started kissing him back.

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seijouho  asked:

44 with matsuhana is you're willing uwu


44. Caught off-guard kiss

“Ah young love.” Matsukawa sighed dreamily as he looked a little across the way to where Iwaizumi and Oikawa were standing, practically eating each other’s faces in a kiss.

“I don’t know if you could call that love, babe.” Hanamaki snickered when Matsukawa snorted, taking a sip of his drink. Hanamaki was, in fact, a little jealous that Iwaizumi and Oikawa could be so unabashed. He wished, practically yearned, for the shameless PDA they exuded. But Matsukawa wasn’t that kind of guy. And Hanamaki sure as hell wasn’t going to pressure him into doing something he was uncomfortable with.

“What would you call it then?” Matsukawa asked him, turning a curious gaze on him.

Hanamaki tapped his chin in thought. Even from where they were sitting he could see the way Oikawa practically melted under the heat of Iwaizumi’s kiss.

“A sickness, maybe.” Hanamaki grinned, “Love-sickness.”

“You just said it wasn’t love.” Matsukawa’s grin was lopsided and Hanamaki could kiss it. But they were in public.

Hanamaki just shrugged. He wasn’t in the mood for games. He was only a little down though. 

He felt Matsukawa shift next to him, but figured he was just getting more comfortable. He wasn’t expecting the soft press of lips on the corner of his mouth and then when Hanamaki turned, fully against his lips. He also did not expect Matsukawa’s tongue to be thrown into the mix. Hanamaki gripped at Matsukawa’s curls for good measure, pressing into the kiss.

Matsukawa smirked against his lips and pulled him closer until Hanamaki was halfway in his lap. This was what Hanamaki had wanted.

“What the hell was that?” Hanamaki asked, staying in Matsukawa’s lap when they had finished.

“I wanted to try it out.” Matsukawa shrugged and nodded towards to Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

Hanamaki glanced over at their friends and then back at Matsukawa. He grinned, “I bet we can upstage them.”

Matsukawa’s grin was identical. He leaned back in, full lips and a wet tongue. He was never one to back away from a challenge after all.

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The 2p's reaction to them suddenly getting their picture taken


Getting their pictures suddenly taken

2P!America: “oh what? hold up, take another!”

2P!China: “hm? oh babe let’s take one together??” ;))))

2P!England: “goodness gracious, that one must be blurry! here, i’ll pose this time!~”

2P!France: “…the fuck?”

2P!Russia: “delete it”

2P!Italy: “uh, next time… just ask?”

2P!Germany: “…wait i think i blinked”

2P!Japan: “why did you do that?”

2P!Canada: “????”


2P!Austria: *fabulously struts away* “for hell’s sake, i have a paparazzi”

2P!Prussia: “wait… w-who just took a picture of me and why?”

Night before New Year

“Tony? Tony, I am home.”

“What – what the… Steve?!”

“Yeah. Hi babe. I missed you so much.”

“Steve, is it – wait, how I am supposed to know it is you and not the other guy?”

“You have a duck butt.”

“… It is you. Steve…”

”Yeah. Tony, I am sorry–”


“Agh! Tony, come on!! Really?!”

“What else did you expect?! You left me!! You sent me divorce papers!! You fought against me!! You – you!!”

“Okay, okay! I know! Just let me explain! Please!”

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Things I Remember When I’m Sad - GOT7 Edition

- Youngjae’s laugh first of all
- when Jackson told his parents he wanted to go to Korea to be a singer, his dad told him that if he could win a fencing competition that he could do it…and he did
- Mark’s old ramen hair
- oh man Jinyoung’s pointy fringe hairdo from way back in the Girls Girls Girls days
- how Jaebum’s freckles above his eye look a little like a piercing and it’s cute as hell
- whenever they prank Yugyeom by blaming him and getting ‘angry’ he always takes the blame and apologises even when he didn’t do anything wrong omg babe
- BamBam on ASC “how do you know I’m not I’m big” like son can u please chill
- how Jimin from ASC literally has to prepare herself mentally for these children coming on the show
- how Jackson is friends with like…everyone. Amber from f(x)? yup. Namjoon from BTS? Got it. 
- Yugyeom loves dramas
- Jinyoung evolved from JR to Junior to Jinyoung
- Jackson falling asleep in the hairdressers and waking up with the Stop Stop it hairstyle. bless
- Youngjae spoiling Fly live on v-app bc he got too excited playing with Coco
-legit how well Jinyoung and Youngjae are doing with their English, they don’t have to but they do it and they’re trying so hard
 - “IT’S NOT HARD…it’s not hard”
- Jackson’s giggle that sounds like a pixie or smthn
- Mark’s dad. what a blessing. the most savage
- how they all had a go at writing or composing songs in the new album
-  BamBam “there’s also this hyung - i won’t say his name - but he should stop wearing earrings”
- Jinyoung “what is your point” in english like wOW MARK GET REKT
- “I am jungle. Jungle is me.” - Jackson Wang, everybody
- the excessive amounts of ass-slapping that goes on in this group
- like the time Youngjae slapped BamBam’s ass so hard it made him physically shudder and call out in English
- Jinyoung pulling Mark back down onto his knee and saying “Sit- sit down - I’m your mom.
- “this is youngjae class”
- Yugyeom Hit The Stage
- Jaebum not letting him live: *sign of the cross* “HIP-HOP”
- how supportive they are of each other’s song-writing
- Jinyoung saying that he gave Yugyeom his favourite part to sing in Mayday
- Hard Carry butt wiggle dance
- the members taking the piss out of Jackson’s rap voice
- when they switch roles in their songs
- Mark’s “girl you’re my diamond” in Tic Tic Tok
- Mark’s random dedicated English parts in anything tbh, like in A, Mayday etc
- “eyyy swagger like me” Jackson in U Got Me
- the Home Run dance
- in the Fly dance practice, when BamBam steals Jaebum’s screen time and JB’s just so hurt
- Youngjae’s weird and hilarious dance in the Fly dance practce
- Mark’s face in every Just Right performance
- how Jackson always makes sure that anybody treating him like the leader direct the questions at Jaebum and when they don’t, he turns it around, “Jaebum-hyung, what did we do?”
- speaking of “jaebum-hyung” how offended Jackson is that he makes him call him his hyung when they were born in the same year
- when Jackson was making fun of Jaebum when he wasn’t there, thought he was coming, was so terrified and then got roasted by Jinyoung for the face he made
- how effected they all were by the Playground tribute the fans did for them at their fanmeet
- their Buzzfeed video that got a ton of new int. fans (whatup guys)
- the cola commerical they did
- the pink hair Mark had for like, 2 days
- the time Yugyeom shouted on “Jaebum-ah!” and the entire group was stunned 
- the best high note Jaebum will ever hit in his life in A
- Jackson is constantly run off his feet and met with horrible obstacles (the saesang fan incident with the car accident, being lonely overseas on his own etc) but always managing to be positive no matter what
- Yugyeom constantly grinding on everything
- when they made them all do sexy dances to JB doing an impression of a “sexy” singer on Weekly Idol but he got down at the end and started grinding the floor
- Jinyoung’s eye whiskers, like that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
- BamBam dissing Jaebum in Thai and rolling his R for like 14 seconds straight
- the If You Do dance in 2x
- Jinyoung taking his shoes off in the If You Do 2x dance
- how tall Yugyeom is, like you would need a stepladder to get to his height
- how when they debuted, BamBam was a smol child and now he’s this tall and deep-voiced bias wrecker? like sit ur ass down boi
- Mark literally just disregarding every rule of the kpop world and getting a huge tattoo
- Youngjae possibly (I’m praying he has) getting a tattoo
- how Jaebum’s managed to mellow out in the 2 years since they’ve debuted
- BamBam doing the girl group dances, somehow its funnier than when the other members do it and I have no idea why (like don’t get me wrong, Jaebum and Yugyeom doing it is hilarious)
- after Yugyeom got pranked and he went nuts screaming “GWENCHANA! NA GWENCHANAAAAA!” when everyone was trying to hug him
- Youngjae getting so hurt by Mark calling him “Jackson” (How are you Jackson? I’M NOT JACKSON)
- Youngjae impersonating an otter because Jackson told him to in their GOT2Day
- Markson
- JJ Project being a thing
- that video where Yugyeom is just running behind Jinyoung and Jaebum shouting, “Jinyoung pabo!” “Jaebum pabo!” and then “JJ Project!” and doing the song and dance to tease them
- Jaebum and Jinyoung literally having no idea ho idea how to get him back for that
- how Youngjae is constantly hitting everyone
- the time they threw a plastic cockroach at youngjae and he screeched
- how Youngjae and Jaebum have made multiple dick jokes to each other
- Jinyoung praising Yugyeom like a proud mum and being rewarded with Yug’s r00dness 
- seriously they don’t know what to do with this kid and it’s the best
- the time they went to the zoo and Jackson was shouting at the tigers
- Jackson and Jinyoung on the rollercoaster together and Jackson just screaming “JINYOUNGGGGGGG - JINYOUNG- JINYOOOOOUNNG!”
- BamBam and Yugyeom’s knowing-everything-about-each-other-already-so-they-barely-actually-talk relationship
- BamBam roasting Jackson for his fashion choices “I wish Jackson-hyung would stop wearing baggy trousers-” “I HAVE SHORT AND THICK LEGS WHAT ELSE AM I MEANT TO WEAR?” “I also wish hyung would stop wearing black.”
- Jackson and Eric Nam. “No one asked you, Eric.” “Oh, hey Eric.” “I HATE YOU ERIC”
- Jaebum’s fake snake bites tho…how did we get through that
- whenever Jaebum’s hair is longer
-  when Yugyeom’s hair is darker and not completely covering his forehead
- when Youngjae does sweat paws
- Mark wearing baggy jumpers
- Jackson having blonde hair
- or Jackson having his hair black but longer? oh damn
- Everything about BamBam in Flight Log:Turbulence era
- Mark’s “hard carry hey” I think goes without saying
- the way BamBam says “hungry” and the movement he does in the Hard Carry MV
- Jinyoung wearing stripes
- Youngjae’s smile
- that time Jaebum literally chased Yugyeom around a fanmeet hall 
- when Yugyeom almost peed himself laughing because Mark didn’t catch a ball
- BamBam: Call us Dab7
  Mark: No, you go be Dab7 by yourself.
  Youngjae: *loses his shit*
- during the episode of ASC in the Flight Log: Departure era where the members were constantly just saying “yas” “yaaaas” “yAAAAsss”
- “Markiepooh”
- When Youngjae came out of the trailerand on discovering the rest of them were filming shouted “My name is Youngjae! How are you!” and they were all like “no, stop it Youngjae”
- when Jaebum was cooking and told to speak in English and he literally just kept saying “and then” 
- how Jaebum hates speaking in English (god knows if I didn’t speak English, I’d hate being told to say things in it)
- when Jackson and Namjoon were having a rap battle and Jackson was like “please don’t diss me”
- how Jackson challenged Jooheon to a rap battle, and when Jooheon started realised it was a very bad idea and was like “hey no don’t do it like that you’re making me look bad”
- how GOT7 and BTS are so close (see: their shared stage, how excited Bangtan were when they saw Jinyoung in that elevator, how they all have each other’s numbers, how excited the 97 line are when they meet up)
- when they were on Weekly Idol for Flight Log: Turbulence, they introduced Jinyoung with his new name with a fan vid which included everyone at some point or another screaming his name
- Jinyoung’s savagery 
- Youngjae’s love for videogames
- how when Jackson was asked to speak French, he ended it on “paris baguette”
- how much Jaebum cringes when they bring up Dream High 
- “my dream is to dab with moose”
- “aka browny”
- how Jaebum had to turn his back on Yugyeom during the prank to compose himself because he couldn’t stop laughing before pretending to be really mad at him
- how far they’ve come in 2 years that they’re such a respected and loved group internationally and how peaceful the fanbase is in general

anonymous asked:

How about a warm cuddly saeran scenario? Just pure fluff and healing please ahhh

- saeran doesn’t know what he’s doing at all
- like at a l l
- where does he put his hands?? do you make eye contact?? help him
- but mc still convinces him to cuddle every now and then
- once he gets comfy wrapped around mc he won’t let them go no matter what
- like dick hard on the butt
-titty in hand
-kiss ya neck
-hell yeah

ok i JUSt realized you wanted a drabble so like, under the cut lol

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Reaction (Monsta X): When you sit on their lap and your ass rubs against their crotch, but you’re in front of the other members

Shownu: “Oh damn, careful baby. Oppa might not be able to control himself.” 

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Jooheon: “Do you like making me like this in front of my members baby? Because I do.”

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Wonho: “I like it when you do that. Don’t stop jagi.” 

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Minhyuk: “I’m just warning you, if you keep that up, I might have to punish you later.” 

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I.M: “What the hell do you think you’re doing girl? Are you trying to get caught?”

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Hyungwon: “Babe please stop. The members are starting to stare.”

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Kihyun: “You know exactly what you’re doing to oppa. Naughty girl.”

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Josh dun Smut update

Warning- daddy kink and smut ahead—

       Okay. You can do this. I sat at the edge of the bed looking down at my hands, we were getting ready to go visit his parents for the holidays. We have been dating for a while and Josh and I decided it was time for me to meet them. I was fucking scared as hell. What if they don’t like me? What was going to happen? What if they hate me and Josh and I have to break up and I become an old cat lady and I DON’T WANT THAT! so many thoughts were swimming through my head right now. I had to calm down. you can do this.
“hey babe, you ready to g- hey what’s wrong?”
“ What if they don’t like me?”
“babe, they will love you. What’s not to love? You have a gorgeous face, gorgeous body-fuck can wejust skip the trip and let me fuck you right here?”
“Josh, we have to go…..”
“It’ll be okay, you are amazing inside and out, I love you baby”
“ And I love you Joshie”
“did you really just call me that”
“….yes…” He smiled and held out his hand, “alright baby, let’s go”
I grabbed his hand and we went to put the shit in the car. After everything was packed, He hopped in the front seat and I hopped in the passenger seat. We started off on our journey and he grabbed my hand, looking over at me with a beautiful smile on his face. He was so fucking sexy.
The rest of the ride(hehe) consisted of us sneaking glances at eachother and faint music playing in the car. I felt so comfortable. He made me feel like his queen and you better believe he was my king. When we got there, I mentally prepared myself for what was in store. I stepped out of the car and we grabbed our bags from the back then began walking towards their home. It was so beautiful, not too big, but not small either. When we got to the door, It opened before we could knock..
“JOSH! OH MY GOD” His mother wrapped her arms around him in a huge embrace and stepped back looking at me.

“You must be y/n!! We have heard so much about you!!!!” She practically jumped on me with a huge hug that made me incredibly happy. We went inside and sat down with his family. They were amazingly accepting and I quickly warmed up to them. While Josh was in the room speaking to his dad, I went into the kitchen to help his mother with the food. She felt like my own mother and it was really easy talking to her. I am not really sure why I was so nervous, because they were super incredible people.
Dinner rolled around and I sat next to Josh on one side of the table, he placed his hand on my thigh and of course I didn’t think much of it. Througout the meal, however, his hand slowly went up my thigh. I almost chocked on a spoonfull of mashed potatoes when he gripped my thigh roughly and turned to wink at me. That sly bastard. His hand reached under my skirt and he picked up his glass of water. He then chocked on that water when he realised I had no underwear on. I smirked, of course, and brought my lips to whisper in his ear seductively.
“ Like that babe?”

      His cheeks turned a slight shade of pink and he faced his parents and continued to talk to them. While his mom turned to ask his dad something, Josh whispered back,
“You naughty little girl, daddy is going to have to punish you later” Now it was your turn to blush.
The rest of the night went on, a few board games later, his parents decided it was time for bed.
“You guys probably are exhausted from the trip, we wouldn’t want to keep you up” Joshed smiled his cheeky little smile and we told them goodnight.
We went into the guest room and before I could react, Josh had me pinned against the door. He started leaving kisses on my neck and up my jawline. A slight moan escaped my mouth and his hand was quick to cover my mouth.
“now baby girl, you’ll have to be quiet” I replied in a muffled moan against the palm of his hand. He moved both of his arms down to my ass and continued making out with me. His hands went under my ass and he mumbled" jump" into our shared, sloppy kiss. I did as told, and he brought me to the guest bed, laying me down and climbing over me.
He tugged at the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. We continued until we were both naked and went back to leaving hickeys up and down my neck. I moved up slightly, my lips slightly touching the side of his ear,“ fuck me daddy” He happily agreed and grabbed my wrists, placing them above my head. He left a trail of kisses down my neck and all over my stomache. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt him slowly enter me. I moaned at the sudden feeling of pleasure only to be met by his hand once again. He started to push in and out of me until he picked up a good pace. Thank GOD the bed didn’t squeak. I felt intense pleasure along with his beautiful c-major lips attatched to my neck.
“daddy, I-i’m close”
“me too baby” He hit my spot over and over again and I felt myslef release and him as well. He threw himself on the bed next to me, a panting mess, and giggled slightly.
“what?” I turned to lay on my side and face him, confusion in my face.
“nothing,I am just so lucky to have someone as beautiful and sexy at the same time as you”
“Oh stop it, I am the true lucky one, with someone like you” He smiled and put the blanket over both of us. I felt his arm wrap around my waist and his face nuzzle into my shoulder.
“No one will ever be as lucky as me” He said this while holding me close. How on earth could someone fuck me so hard and then be so sweet afterwards? He was honestly a mystery, but I am so glad that I get to be the one to solve it
fucking cheesy as shit and not really that good, but I wrote this for my fucking amazing baby and she means alot to me. We decided to write each other smut for fun and this is what I came up with, Hope you guys enjoy! It’s 3am don’t judge 

P.S leave me more ideas!!!!

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I don't know if it came through or not, but could you pretty please do one where Kara has lost her powers and gets her first period, EVER. She's in pain and she's pouting all the time. Reader does everything she can to help, including kisses and lots of lots of food.

“I can’t believe you do this every month.”

“I know, babe.”

Kara gazes up at you miserably as you put a heating pad on her stomach and turn it on.  She’s already taken about half of your Midol and while you did feel bad for her, it was relatively amusing to watch her experience this fresh hell for the first time.  

“I didn’t think it would be this bad.  And I’m so hungry.”

“You’re always hungry, Kara.”

“Yeah, but this is worse.”

Her voice rises in pitch and you struggle not to roll your eyes.  Nevertheless, the sad little pout on her face kind of makes you melt, and you kiss her on the forehead.

“I’ll order some pot-stickers.”

Rainy day.

Anon: jaebum fluff please :)

You woke up to the sound of rain dropping onto your apartment roof…You also wake up to the sound of Jaebum’s snoring. 

“Jaebuuum” you whined and kicked him. He jolts up, it takes him to realise what just happened. He starts laughing and apologises.

“Aww babe I’m sorry” He lays back down facing you and gives you a small kiss on the lips. 

“What do you wanna do today?” He asks “Well we really can’t do much can we?” I say getting out of bed and walking to the wardrobe and putting on some (even more comfier) clothes. 

“W could always stay in bed and…you know?” He says looking at you then the bed then you again. “No. Way. In. Hell.” You reply walking to the kitchen Jaebum following closely behind you.

“What do you want to eat?” You ask him looking out at the city, seeing the weather get worst. “You” his voice snaps you back into reality. He picks you up and brings you to your bedroom.

“Babe, I’m seriously not in the mood” You say laying on your bed. “I know, I was thinking we could have a lazy day in bed watching netflix” He says grabbing a spot right next to you.

“Fine.” You huff and lay back down into the position that you were in when you were sleeping. He pulls you into his arms and sways you back and fourth while the show that you and Jaebum were currently binge watching. 

You finished a season and were on to the next. “How could they do that!?” He semi yelled sitting up. “Do what babe?” You ask sitting up with him, “Kill of my favourite character? He was badass” He says sitting back down. His child like actions make you giggle.

“I’m gonna get some water” You say swinging your legs to the side of the bed. You were going to get up until you feel an arm wrap around you waist. “No, i don’t want you to go” Jaebum says pulling you down. You flip the positions so that you’re on top of him. 

“I like this position” He says and you start slapping him playfully while laughing. He grabs your hands before you could slap him more. “I love you Y/n” he says bring your head closer to his, your lips centre meters away from each other.

“I know” You say giggling, he joins in too. You look at the time seeing that it is near to midnight. 

“Whole its midnight already?” you ask getting off of him and falling into your sleeping position.  “yeah I guess so” he says wrapping his arms around you, you two being in a spoon like position.

“I really do love you Y/n”

heathers 1988 - starter sentences

“Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count.”
“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”
“Are we going to prom or to hell?”
“Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”
“I use my grand IQ to decide what lip gloss to wear in the morning and how to hit three keggers before curfew.”
“I can’t believe you did it. I was teasing. I loved you. Of course, I was coming up here to kill you.”
“What’s the up-chuck factor on that?“
“Now that you’re dead, what are you gonna do with your life?”
“You know what I want, babe?”
“You were nothing before you met me.“
“The extreme always seems to make an impression.”
“I just killed my best friend.”
“Chaos is great! Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.”
“Well, it’s just like they’re people I work with and our job is being popular and shit.”
“Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.”
“If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”
“Lick it up, baby. Lick it up.”
“Is this a weak turnout or what? I had at least 70 more people at my funeral.”
“Jesus God in Heaven, why’d you have to kill such hot snatch?”
“What is your damage, ______?”
“It is one thing to want somebody out of your life, it is another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.”
“I say we just grow up, be adults and die.”
“______ why are you pulling my dick?”
“You’re a rebel? You think you’re a rebel? You’re not a rebel you’re fucking psychotic!”
“Why do you have to be such a mega-bitch?”
“You want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly.“
“When teenagers complain that they want to be treated like human beings, it’s usually because they are being treated like human beings.”
“You inherit 5 million dollars the same day aliens land on the earth and say they’re going to blow it up in 2 days. What do you do?”

Apple Pie and Cuddles

My first installment of Holiday fics!! I hope you guys like it omg I’m so eXCCITED. Also, I decided to make this a drabble thing. Most of the Holiday fics will be drabbles.

holiday advent fics masterlist 2016

Your Christmas playlist played quietly in the background, its sweet notes filling the entire apartment. Around you, there were boxes of ornaments, string lights, and wreaths that had to be put around your home. In the oven, gingerbread cookies and apple pie baked, the spicy cinnamon and sweet sugar wafting warmly around the apartment. A small smile on your face, you hopped on the couch, trying to hang a light onto the nail. Soon, the small turned into a grimace as you became impatient.

“Babe?” Bucky’s voice boomed loudly. 

“I’m in the living room!” you grunt as you brave another jump. “Shit!” You shout as you catch yourself from a nasty fall.

“What the hell are you doing? And what the hell is that amazing smell?” Bucky smirks as he steps into the living room, only to be shocked by the utter mess you managed to create in the 30 minutes that he was out.

“Shut up and hang this light for me.” You angrily stepped off the couch and thrusted the lights out for Bucky to take.

Wordlessly, he took it from you and easily hung it on the wall. He turned around to see a chaotic blur of a frazzled you, running around trying to decorate. Bucky  looked around the house, a splatter of red, green, and lights.

“(Y/n), I think you did a good job. You really don’t have to deck out the entire apartment. It’s already so festive.” Bucky pulls you in close from behind, and nuzzles his face into your soft hair. “Let’s just go cuddle in our room…”

Even despite your tired, weary spirit you managed to tease Bucky. “And skip dessert? I made apple pie. A La Mode?”

“Ugh, you know I can’t resist your apple pies.”

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