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So many childhood memories!!! (:


Paul Bunyan Road Trip Photos – Part II

All photos by me!  This list explains where they were taken:

1.  Paul Bunyan Statue – Brainerd, Minnesota (at the Visitor’s Center)

2.  Paul Bunyan Statue – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty) [Note: Great family style meals!  Breakfast is awesome!)

3.  Lucette, Paul Bunyan’s Baby Mama – Hackensack, Minnesota [Note:  It says she’s the mother of Paul Bunyan Jr., but it only describes her as Paul’s sweet heart.  LOL!]

4.  Lucette’s Ginormous Ass – Hackensack, Minnesota [Note: A booty of tall tale proportions! Paul likes them big!]

5.  Babe the Blue Ox Statue – Brainerd, Minnesota (at Paul Bunyan Land) [Note: A great retro style amusement park with rare, vintage rides like a haunted coal mine.  This Old Farm, which is connected to it, is great too!]

6.  Babe the Blue Ox Statue – Ossineke, MI [Note: Is near the equally creepy looking Paul Bunyan statue from the last post.]

7.  Babe the Blue Ox Statue – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (at Paul Bunyan’s Northwoods Lumberjack Show)

8.  Blue Ox Grocery Store – Akeley, Minnesota [Note:  I’m not sure if it’s still open.]

9.  Sign in Front of Paul Bunyan’s Animal Land – Bemidji, Minnesota [Note: I did a previous photo post from the deer park here.  Lots of fun!]

10.  Paul Bunyan’s Tombstone – Kelliher, Minnesota (at Paul Bunyan Memorial Park) [Notes: There is a big, long mound behind this tombstone.  This is Paul’s final resting place.  RIP!]

What’s Missing:

I didn’t get to take pictures of the Paul and Babe statues at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce because they were down for repairs when I was there.  Boooo!

What I Left Out to Make Room:

The really cool sign in front of Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, less significant and smaller Babe statues, a water tower shaped like Paul’s giant flash light, another water tower shaped like Paul’s fishing bobber and lots of other junk.  Maybe I’ll make a Part III and IV at some point.  I do want to go back up north again!

Here’s the Link to Part I: