babe station

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did u hear the rumor that phil called dan babe at a train station today is it credible did it happen in your opinion

it didnt happen in my opinion. at least not in public. dan and phil are always hyperaware of their surroundings and i doubt they wouldve said something like that in public where a fan could potentially hear them. people have gone to actual lengths to create believable rumors before but at the end of the day theyre still just rumors

Punk Direction

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The weekend was spent nesting with the boys in your family’s empty house with kissing and eating and cuddling. It was like nothing else existed save for the little world the 6 of you all lived in. It was good, was great and you couldn’t imagine anything better. You loved smelling Harry’s cooking in the mornings, Liam liked to rub his stubbly face on you and make you giggle as his hands tickled your sides, Niall sang loudly in the shower (and made all sorts of lovely noises when you joined him in it), Zayn tasted of cigarettes and tea and it was an intoxicating taste, and Louis was always a lovely sight to see-ready to hold you in his arms as he sprawled on the couch or bed.

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Mistletoe (Until Dawn x Reader)

Relationship: Josh Washington x Male or Female Reader

I’ve never done a Until Dawn x Reader before so please be patient with me it’s been a while since i’ve done a fic (three years to be exact). If you want me to continue I will just pop me a message and i’ll consider it though I do already have an idea for part 2. Merry Christmas!~ (Just saying i’d love to see more Josh/Male Reader so this will split off into two versions of itself later if its continued)

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