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Last movie i watched. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Was looking for something to laugh at, and it was pretty funny, plus I like Zac Efron. I kept thinking their sister in the movie is very familiar, but couldn’t understand why, until I realized I think she was Sugar Babe on this radio station, Kiss FM, from the early 2000s in Toronto… yea that was pretty cool! 

Last song i listened to. Candy Shop” by 50 Cent. Started on YouTube, recommended videos karaoke style, thought why not have a throw-back.

Last book I read. Alphabet and the Algorithm by Mario Carpo. Doing my thesis on Design Studio in architecture; trying to bridge positivist epistemology with the world of the dream. In this book, Carpo explores how Alberti’s design method, specifically his representation of notation allows the art of building to become allographic. I was always fascinated by the transfer of information. Here the application is to buildings; but in the world of the Universe, it applies to everything!

Last thing I ate. Cookies/Sweets. Its’ my bad habit.

Where would I want to time travel to? I would travel back to Jan 29, 2016… but with all of my lessons and growth from now to then :P That said, I think maybe I wouldn’t because I’m not the only piece in the great puzzle of co-creative existence.. and this kind of implies like I’m both the fault and the cure.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day. Jughead from Riverdale… yes started to watch that show on Netflix… it’s like ok… I don’t know why I’m drawn to him in particular at the moment; most likely because he seems like he’s got his shit together, despite living completely on his own, and I didn’t see that until episode 4!

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? In my body rather than in my thoughts. 

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