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I think a bunch of people really need to look at Sakura’s character better.

I also think people really miss the similarities between Minato and Sakura. Like, I find people hating Sakura so much but loving Minato a lot which makes no sense because both are like the gender-bent version of each other. 

 I mean, let’s look at the facts.

Minato comes from a civilian family with no publicized name. From there, he becomes a genin under a famed shinobi and then is tutored under one of the sannin (also his Sensei but, ya’ know) and becomes stronger. 

Minato soon becomes one of the strongest shinobi out there at that time, going from genin to above kage level. 

Not enough proof? May I also add that both Minato and Sakura are dorks for their lovers. Minato is an absolute dork for Kushina I mean-

-look at his face. LOOK AT HIM. That dork.

Just look. He’s telling her how much she’s changed him, and for the good (Just to point out the obvious) Not enough proof?

This one’s kind of small, but, he’d noticed her because he thought her hair was pretty. Tell me, how many people find their soulmates because they ‘Think their hair is pretty’? (I’m pretty sure that’s sorta what happened to Sasuke and Sakura, which is another connection but, not the point.) That’s just so cute and dorky and asdfghjkl.


-And look, in this dark, chaos-consumed world of the fourth shinobi war, he still thinks of her. Ugh, these two are just..

Anyways, continuing on if it was not obvious enough Sakura is like, the biggest dork for Sasuke like c’mon. How can you not see it.

Continuing on, Sakura is also from a civilian family who are citizen traders, nothing usual. So, Sakura isn’t really that much in the starting.. She’s kind of just.. There. 

Just like Minato - A no named, underrated Shinobi. Hell, Kushina even says it herself!-

But, Sakura (Like Minato) becomes much more. After the chunin exams, Sakura starts training with Tsunade.

Now, some people think Sakura got stronger because of Sasuke, I guess you can say that was motivation because Sakura started  training before he left, meaning she’d still be super awesome with or without Sasuke, but I think Sasuke pushed her to train harder. Probably.

Sakura happens to be the second smartest girl in Academy (It is said that Ino exceeds just a little more than her)-This does not last long however because Sakura is now tied in second place with Shino, Shikamaru obviously being the first. Now, to add on, if you think Sakura focused on Sasuke through-out academy the whole time, you’re wrong.

It has been said Sakura looked up to Tenten and often stayed after to school trying to figure out how to throw a kunai perfectly. She sadly didn’t quite learn then, but now ranges above the average shinobi.

Okay, enough random facts, Continuing on-  Sakura is actually a pretty good for a genin in the beginning. So, after the chunin exams, Sakura becomes an apprentice for Tsunade, being taken under the wing of Tsunade.

Then, Sakura goes on to do many great things (Like Minato). She defeats Sasori (With the help of lady Chiyo), defeats a DISGUISED white Zetsu. 

(It pisses me off how much people are like “A bunch of Shinobi killed a white zetsu, Sakura’s kill doesn’t make a difference!” Wake up, shit-face. This zetsu was disguised as Neji-How many shinobi would realize their teammate wasn’t actually their teammate in such a mind-shaking thing as war? Sakura goes on to defeat Zetsu. Sakura then interrogates the Zetsu about how he was able to get onto the compound undetected. Together with this information and a report Yamato had compiled on Zetsu, she pieces together the Zetsu’s abilities and then leaves the clone in the hands of two shinobi to inform headquarters of this latest discovery. Call that useless, asshole)

Then, Sakura goes on to surpass Tsunade which means she is now above a kage-level shinobi. 

Sakura sure as hell ain’t the Hokage, but guess what? Kishimoto has stated (Or, at least through data books shown us) that Sakura’s power (or, stats) is equivalent to that of Naruto’s. She is now Naruto’s equal. Calling Sakura weak? You’re calling Naruto weak, too.

And not just Naruto. Stats below Sakura include- Shikamaru, Choji, ALL THE GIRLS, Lee, Haku and so MANY MORE. Look at all those characters people blatantly say Sakura is weaker than, but she isn’t and some people need to fucking realize that.  

Minato then becomes a sensei for Kakashi, Obito and Rin- It’s said the most compatible to become a sensei for a genin team out of team 7 would be Sakura. 

Minato and Sakura are so alike it hurts my soul. From the way they grew up, to their lovers, to being able to mentor kids. Look at this. Look at all of this and weep if you don’t like it. But face the facts

To add on (Just some ranting for Sakubae), people think Hinata should’ve taken her place? Who would Sasuke find dependence on? If Sakura wasn’t always there for him, to him, she’d still be an annoying fangirl. Sakura is one of the reasons Sasuke stayed and continues to stay in Konoha, if Sakura wasn’t there Sasuke would probably continue to be a rouge nin. Also Hinata could barely stand being next to Naruto without blushing, freezing or fainting as a genin (Even in shippuden, too!). Getting paired with him would’ve only worsened the teams state.

I dare you to say Hinata should have been on team 7- Give some fucking evidence too not just- “Hinata’s super strong!” Yeah, Hinata is strong. She is a strong, passionate ninja babe but the stats even point out Sakura is stronger, the evidence points to Sasuke return. Sakura accelerates in knowledge too, more than Hinata (I am not calling my babe Hinata dumb, idiot. Sakura’s just smarter)

Sakura is a perfect match. Naruto may have had a crush on Sakura but the need to protect her during missions helped him grow, helped him strengthen. And you can include Sasuke in that, too. 

But sakura was always crying!1!!!1!!!!1! 

Everybody was crying you, idiot. Itachi cried, Naruto cried, Sasuke cried, Shikamaru cried, Neji cried, Hinata cried, Kakashi cried, Obito cried I could go on. They all had a fucking reason to cry, too. Sakura cried when she thought Sasuke died, cried when he was leaving, cried when Naruto nearly died. Sakura was emotional for good reason-Just like everybody else. 

Before you truly hate someone look deeper into their character. 

Saku-babe is a queen that could kick your ass, she is not a weak, useless, worthless, begging, crying-all-the-time-for-no-good-reason slut. She is important, she is beautiful, she is amazing. 

She is Sakura Haruno- One of the best ninja’s around.

And I think it’s time a bunch of you idiots realized it.