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Fight for Me - Gabriel Landeskog

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“Alrighty, babe. I should get going so you can finish getting ready. I don’t want to keep you and make people mad. You’ve got to focus and keep your head in the game tonight. Only a few minutes to show time and you need to play well out there.”

Your blond boyfriend looked down at you, smiled, and brought up his hand to ruffle your (HC) hair. “Alright, okay. I’ll go. But can I get one last kiss?”

You jokingly rolled your eyes and smiled before tiptoeing back up and pecking his lips. “There. Now go. I worry for you enough. Stay safe out there, okay?”

“I will do my best.” he grinned. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.” you replied before walking off, putting your hat back on over your head and leaving the lower halls of the Pepsi Center. You made you way back up through a passage and into the actual arena where the fans and spectators were just stumbling in after roaming the halls and trying to find the proper sections for their seats or find a friend or maybe something of another category. 

You grinned and carefully walked up to your section and your seat, trying not to bump into anyone before you sat down and tweeted out a picture of the ice from where you sat before relaxing and waiting for the game.

Gabe had been your boyfriend for about six months now. He was a sweet guy with a ridiculously big heart who loved to share it with a lot of people. Strong, tall, handsome, sweet, and he could be such a dork sometimes. It was incredible that he was one person. It felt like you hit the jackpot with him.

Dating wasn’t easy at first mostly due to comments about you “being in it for the money” or just because he was attractive, but that’s not it. You didn’t care about the cash he had. It was just him and him alone. You didn’t need anything else. It all was just there, too. It was his heart that caught you. His heart and his eyes. All it took was one accidental run in at a coffee shop in the city, a spilled coffee, and a stained jacket for the past 6 months to happen.

You grinned as the lights dimmed around you and people hurried to their seats as the scoreboard lit up for the pre-game video they always played and the light show. It was always so exciting to go to a game. You never got to go to one in college because you never seemed to find the time or money to go to a game. Now, you were newly graduated and had a boyfriend on the team- nevermind who was the captain. So, you could go to one if you wanted to if you asked for and got the night off from your boss and told your boyfriend in time to get tickets.

Tonight’s match-up was Stars vs. Avalanche. It likely was not going to end well for your boyfriend’s team which was… struggling to say the very least. They had heart, but unfortunately in the NHL, that’s not enough. There’ve been a lot of nights this season where you had to snuggle in bed and hold him or comfort him through your laptop’s screen and remind him that it’s not his fault that things are how they are. That the sport’s a team effort and, even if he’s the captain, the other people need to work too. Not just him. Frankly, it felt like a miracle that he hadn’t been let go and traded at the deadline. You felt so awful for him and his anxiety was only getting worse. However, the game should still be fun.

You got up and wooped loudly as Gabe and his team hit the ice to skate around, the Stars skating on their own half of the rink until the starting lines and goalies for the night. Duchene, MacKinnon, and your Gabe for the front line with Tyutin and Barrie on opening D and Pickard in net. The Stars with their average starting lines of Benn, Seguin, who you had some odd gut feeling against, and Spezza. Klingberg and Lindell were paired on the D, and Lehtonen protected net.

The lines gathered up in the center circle after the anthem and waited. As soon as puck dropped, all was fair game. This could get interesting.


Well, you weren’t wrong.

“Where is he?” you panted, having just run down and through the lower halls of the Pepsi Center in search of your boyfriend. Instead, you quite near to literally ran into Matt.

“Gabe’s in the trainer’s room. It’s down the hall and over there and hang a left. Door should be open and hear him out before you tear him a new one.”

You groaned a word of thanks and marched down the hall, absolutely fuming. You were pissed. Just when you told Gabe to play it safe out there and not fight, what does he do? Get into a fight in the last literal couple minutes of the game with Seguin which eventually evolved into fighting the beast known as Jamie “Built Like A Fucking Fridge” Benn.

You rounded the corner and nearly walked past the trainer’s room until you saw your boyfriend sitting on one of the beds being tended to by a trainer. A black eye, a scrape on his cheek, and a cut that the trainer just finished applying some kind of solution to to stop the bleeding and help seal it up. “Gabriel.”

He looks at you with a worried look in his eye, holding an ice bag to the blackened flesh of the other one. “(Y/N), baby, I can explain.”

“Gabe, what the hell!?” you sighed. “I specifically asked you to not fight. I worry about you! Do you not understand that?”

“(Y/N), please-”

“I think you need to listen to him-” the trainer tried to speak, but you cut her off before she could finish.

“Gabe, I can’t even believe you!”

“(Y/N), please, I did it for you!” he said, raising his voice enough to be heard over your rambling. You stopped. 


“I did it for you.” he said, calmer. “Babe, you wouldn’t believe some of the things I heard tonight, but that little… That green, pesky little shit kept talking about you. He kept calling me a loser and a waste and how a pretty girl like you is just into me because I’m rich and because I play hockey. Because why else would you be into me, apparently. He kept saying these lewd things and he’d been doing it all night. I know he was trying to mess with me, but he could have done it without bringing up you. Especially about your body and stuff from pictures he’s seen. So, since he hadn’t shut up all game, I decided I’d do it for him. And then Benn got involved a minute later and that’s why I look like shit. Not exactly a model looking like this, am I?”

You were shocked and felt bad about how you’d been only a couple minutes before. “He… You did it for me?”

He nodded. “Why else would I have broken my promise?”

“Oh god, Gabey, I am so so sorry!” you spilled. “I- I didn’t… I’m so sorry, baby!”

“It’s fine.” He mumbled. “You didn’t know. You had a right to be mad.”

You sighed and sat next to him on the bed. “Did I though? Did I really?” He only sighed in response.

You took his hand, looked down into your lap, and sat in silence for a while before trying to break the tension. “I still think you look like a model. All hot an rugged like that. It’s quite a look.”

You looked over to see a small smile on his face. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” you smiled back, carefully bringing his face up to look over to you with your free hand and pecking his lips. “I don’t like it as much as your normal look, though.”

He giggled. “Yeah. I like my normal face too.”

You grinned and got the thumbs up from the trainer to leave before heading home with your brave, beloved boyfriend.