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Hey there, I hate to bother you but life is pretty hellish for me right now and praise kink Alex is really keeping me going, any chance we could get a lil bit more?

It’s one of those nights.

One of those nights when Alex is restless, reckless. One of those nights when Alex feels worthless. When Alex wants a drink.

When Alex wants nothing more than to lose herself in Maggie’s bed, underneath Maggie’s body, inside Maggie’s heated breath and even hotter words.

One of those nights when Alex needs to be reminded that she is worth a damn, that she is not just wanted, but fiercely, desperately, desired. Needed.

One of those nights when cuddling and pillow forts and laughing and exchanging stories about Pam from HR and Brian at the bar and their college crushes just won’t cut it.

One of those nights when she needs to be as reckless as she feels, so she can feel more worth it than she thinks she is.

Maggie knows. Maggie always knows.

Knows from the feverish look in Alex’s eyes when she kisses her; knows from the way she surrenders to Maggie taking the lead, the way her strong body goes pliant under Maggie’s touch, the way she whines and whimpers and begs.

“Bedroom?“ Maggie asks, because she knows, but she needs to be as certain as possible, and she is when Alex nods eagerly, desperately, hungrily.

Maggie knows how she wants it when Alex stops next to the bed, tentative and breathless, turning and looking at Maggie, waiting. Waiting for orders.

“I want you to strip for me, Alex,” Maggie tells her, softly, and Alex bites down a whimper.

“Understood,” she breathes, and it’s Maggie’s turn to bite down a groan.

She watches carefully as Alex undresses – never, ever breaking eye contact, even as she bends to slip off her pants, her thong – and when she’s standing naked and open and vulnerable, waiting for Maggie’s next move, Maggie needs to make sure, again.

“Color, Ally?”

“Green,” is her soft reply, and Maggie nods slowly, surveying Alex’s body with nothing short of reverence.

“Be a good girl and lay down for me,” she asks, and Alex complies readily, with another soft understood.

“Spread your legs.”

Alex can’t control her whimpering, now, and she opens her legs for Maggie, trembling with need to be taken, and to be taken care of.

“God, Alex, you’re perfect. You know that?” Maggie kneels at the edge of the bed and kisses her feet, her shins, her knees, her thighs.

She punctuates each kiss, each lick, each soft nip, with praise for the woman who deserves it more than anyone but has always gotten it less than anyone.

“You are so brilliant, Alex.”

“I’ve never seen anyone as gorgeous as the woman laying underneath me right now, babe.”

“I am so lucky to be with you, Ally. You are so damn perfect.”

Alex pants and Alex sighs and tears sting Alex’s eyes and she tangles her fingers in Maggie’s hair and begs for more, begs to be taken completely, please please please, I’m yours Maggie, please make me yours.

And Maggie does.

“God, you taste amazing, you know that, Alex. My amazing woman.”

“Alex Danvers, you are so fucking wet for me. Be a good girl and tell me what you want next.”

“That’s right babe, you’re moving so good for me, my perfect girl.”

“Oh Alex, you like when I stretch you out like this? Yeah? Be a good girl and show me how much you like it, babygirl.”

“I love having your nipples in my mouth, you know that, babe? They get so damn hard under my tongue, it’s so hot, Alex. You’re so hot.”

“Your body is so fucking perfect. Reflects what’s on the inside, huh?”

“You wanna be a good girl and cum all around my fingers, Ally? Let me feel you tight and pulsing for me, there’s my good girl.”

“Mine, Alex Danvers. All mine.”

Alex screams her throat raw on Maggie’s name, on filthy strings of curses she didn’t realize she knew until Maggie started whispering in her ears, started talking her into sweet oblivion, perfect ecstasy.

“I’m yours, Maggie. Yours,” she whispers when she comes down from her high, from her waves, from her thoroughly wrecked release.

“And I’m yours, sweetie. I’m all yours.”

My already not that small collection of japanese Stage Play goods ^_^

New arrival ^__^
● Live Spectacle Naruto ~ Song Of The Akatsuki ~:
- Photosets & Badges:
• Suigetsu Hozuki (Hagio Keishi)
• Karin Uzumaki (Nanaki Kanon)

They are GORGEOUS!!♡_♡
My most beloved babes of the Narutoverse!
And I ship them so damn hard! lol

Other Parts Of My Collection: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

EXO Dirty Reactions: Spanking pt. 1

How the EXO members react when you spank them.

Baekhyun: “Heyy, what did I do?” *giggles*

Chanyeol: “You little shit… COME HERE!”

Chen: “You can’t get me!” *screams like a little girl*

D.O.: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing??”

Kai: “Harder… I deserve it!”

Kris: “Did I give you permission to do that?”

Lay: “Did something happen just now?”

Luhan: *screams out in pain*

Sehun: “Noona! Have mercy on me…” *acting innocent*

Suho: “Ouch… Why’d you have to hit so hard babe?”

Tao: *in shock*

Xiumin: “Damn… Do that again please?”

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“I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting” for the ask meme, with one of the pairings from the ML infamous love square maybe?? *runs away*

@runa-storm Ah, sorry this is so late! I ended up going a little more ham on it than expected ahahaha. And I wrote Adrinette, ofc. I’m putting most of it under the cut, and I’ll gift it to you over on Ao3 :D

It was a busy day in the shopping district of Paris, everyone eager to get out while the sun was shining. There were tourists and Parisians packed wall to wall, Marinette huddled in a corner as she lifted up on to her tippy toes to try and get a better vantage point. Being short below average height in a courtyard full of people was a struggle, to say the least, and it didn’t help that her shopping buddy was nowhere to be found. Her and Nathanaël had been planning this outing for a while since they hadn’t gotten a chance to spend much time together since the school year ended.

Theirs was a bit of an odd friendship. Though Nath used to have a crush on Marinette back in junior high, he’d gotten over it by the time they were entering the same arts school. The two stuck together, it was just them at the charter school and not anyone else from their old class, and ended up becoming close friends.

That day they were supposed to be hanging out, but it had been fifteen minutes and Marinette hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the boy.

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So I just started reading your smuts and I love them ❤️❤️ can you do a very detailed smut of Taehyung and another one of Jungkook? thank you ily 

~Here you go sweetie I hope you like it~

You were lost in the pages of the book that your boyfriend Jungkook brought for you while on tour. Jungkook sat next to you on the couch and let out a fake lugubrious sigh. You payed no attention to him as you kept reading your book. 

“Can we at least cuddle?” He asked 

You raised an eyebrow knowing that he wasn’t much for skinship. You scooted closer to him so he could put his arm around you anyways. You guys sat in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s presence. 

He kissed you on top of your head while he drew heart patterns on your thigh. His patterns started to get closer and closer to your warmth and everything clicked. He nibbled on your ear before sucking on your neck. You put down your book and tilted your neck so he had more access. He started to whisper into your ear “Damn babe you’re so beautiful it’s hard to hold back.”

He finally reached your lips and gave them a passionate kiss. Without breaking the kiss he pulled you on his lap. You held his face in hopes of deepening this kiss. He ran his hands down your break as you started grind on. He let out a growl that lost in the kiss. He started moving his hips with yours trying to get more friction.

You got lost in the feeling of the kiss, the sweet taste of his lips against yours. He ran his hands down your back to your butt and squeezed it, making you gasp. He took this chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. Your tongues battled but his ended up winning, he left nothing untouched.

He wrapped your legs around his waist as he stood up, still not breaking the kiss. He held you up by your bottom as he walked to the bedroom. He dropped you on the brown bed sheets. 

He help you get rid of your clothes. He threw them somewhere in the room, you didn’t see where they landed but you couldn’t care less. He ran his hands down your bare figure that laid under him. His touch brought shivers that ran down your spine.

He sucked in between your breasts making your breath hitch. He then started to leave tender kisses down your stomach to your warmth, only to skip it.  He started kissing your thighs. The tension became to much for you sex crazed mind. 

“Jungkook please.”

He smirked as he continued to kiss up and down you thighs anyway. He stopped and placed a kiss on your slit, making shivers spread across your body.

He gave your slit one swift lick. He started giving you clit fast flicks with with tongue. You entangled your fingers in his soft black hair.  Without warning he started sucking making you moan his name, you could feel him smirking. With each new suck a waved of euphoria rolled through your whole body.

You felt the knot tighten in your stomach as Jungkook started pumping his finger in and out of you. He searched for that spot that you make you throw your head back, that spot that would make you scream his name. When he heard you scream out his name along with a river of cuss words he knew he found it, and he couldn’t help but to smirk at his success. He abused your g-spot, curling his fingers so he could hit it. You felt a knot in stomach, not long after you feel into your orgasm making you scream, but he didn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

He started sucking harder while pushing one more finger into you. He started pushing them in and and out of you at faster pace. Due to over sensitivity you came in a matter of minutes “Oh shit!” You screamed as your second orgasm took over you, but still he showed no signs of stopping. Your orgasm took over you again and again and again. 

Finally he stopped leaving you gasping for breath. Your juices dripped from his chin. He brought you into a kiss so you could taste yourself. You licked your own juices from his lips while you tugged at his clothes. Getting the hint he took of his clothes in a hurried pace. His naked form towered over you.

He lined himself up with your entrance he pushed inside of you. He cursed under his breath “Holy shit, you’re so tight.” he panted. He bite his lips as he started slowing moving in and out of you.

Your eyebrows scrunched together in pleasure as he gained his pace. Your mouth parted letting out soft moans that mixed with his grunts, beads of sweat formed on  your forehead. He opened his eyes to see your face distorted in pleasure “You look so hot right now.” he breathed 

He aimed himself to hit your g-spot. He picked up his pace pounding into it again and again. You tossed your head back, a long stream of curses came out of your mouth “oh fuck Jungkook.” you moaned. Each thrust felt like heaven. You ran your fingers down the crease of his back, feeling his toned muscles. As the pleasure became to much for him he buried his face in the crook of your neck. Letting him hear every little breathing hitch that came out of your mouth, only driving him even closer to his climax.

“Baby.” He breathed “I need you to cum I can’t last much longer.” He nibbled on your ear which pushed you into your orgasm. The feeling of your juices coating his length made him cum inside of inside of you.

He pulled out of you and lied next you pulling the cover over your bare bodies. He kissed you on the nose “I love you so much .”


Attack on Space MMD: JeanKasa Moment 

I am no way with the 14thvoicesquad, i just did a fun thing over one part in episode 6!

AOS is a Au by Kelps on tumblr

Jean voiced by: Johanna/

Mikasa voiced by:  Sahar/

Background Music (i got no clue and im to lazy to go on the vid and look) not mine

Audio taken from Attack on Space episode 6

Cam motion: Mine

Model motions: Mine

AOS Model edit: Mine (edit is mine not the models)

Models belong to their rightful owners.

Now… this was the most fun to do

One: Johanna, when i had to back up on the audio when he was speaking it sounded like at some part he was saying “Im sorry babe” or  "Baby" I busted a gut so hard

Two: Damn you guys talk fast! it was difficult to get those mouth flaps in.

Three:  I hope i got the reactions close enough to the characters! I tried my best here with the animation and everything!

I hope you guys enjoy this! 

Please Come Home
A request: A really sweet Christmas Eve fic
Word Count: 3,280


“Just tell me you’ll be home soon,” I frowned against the phone, sat alone in our big apartment in the living room.  The Christmas tree gave the room a soft glow from the multicolored lights while they cycled through alternating flashes of red and green, the reflection of them making the picture frames twinkle each time they shuffled.

“I wish I could promise you that I would be,” Ed spoke softly, and I could picture his face then, probably with his black rimmed glasses resting low on his nose, eyes lowered and somber. 

It would be the first Christmas Ed wouldn’t be home. He typically made sure he had the time around the holiday off to ensure that he would be home to spend it where he was meant to, but this year he’d agreed to be completely selfless and spend a day at a Children’s Hospital.  It was something he could never turn down and although it was held the day before Christmas Eve, he called me from the airport thousands of miles away, my chest growing heavy when he said something about storms and delays. 

I sat curled up under a blanket, a small goblet of white wine resting in my hand and against my leg while I held the phone to my ear, praying the weather would somehow clear up and get him home. 

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