babe drumming

Cost of being in the 5sosfam

•Emotionally attached to piercings and tattoos

•Luke Hemmings

•"What color is his hair now????“

•Michael Clifford

•Bass lines that cut into your soul

•Calum Hood


•Ashton Irwin

You woke up to Calum shaking you slightly his sleepy raspy voice flooded your ear drums .

“Babe your phones ringing” sighing you roll your eyes and turn over gabbing your phone you notice you missed three calls from your mother.

“Ugh” standing to your feet and lazily walk towards the door so you won’t disturb Calum trying to sleep you phone your mother again. After a few rings she finally answers.

“Hey sweetie pie”

“Hey mom you called?”

“Yes I wanted you to go dress shopping with me for your cousins wedding?” Your mother always tried to get you to go dress shopping with her every chance you get but she didn’t under stand that dresses wasn’t your thing.

“Ma I really don’t think I have time for that I got work and-”

“Darling you say that all the time I’m starting to think you don’t want to spend time with me don’t you love your own mother”
And here we go guilt trip.

“What time mom?”

“See you at three” and with that she hung up. Letting out a low sigh you make you way back into the bed room only to find Calum casually scrolling through his phone.

“Who was that babe?”

“My mother” you reply rolling your eyes and crawling on his lap, burying you head into the crook of his neck.

“Aw come on she isn’t that bad”
Simply nodding your head he leans over and kisses your forehead.

“What does she want?”

“She wants to go dress shopping”

“What time are you leaving?”

“Three” he mad and pouty face at the fact you were leaving him so early

“That gives up about 3 hours to do want ever we want” and with that he started kissing you sweetly and passionately

• • • •

Getting out of the car and making your into the department store you could already see your mother standing outside of the store looking for you.

It’s just for a few hours

You said to mentally preparing my self. As You started walking up the pavement.

“Awe look you actually came , you look quite cubby”

“Wow mom way to make me feel welcome” you replied with an eye roll. Entering the department store and headed to the dress section.

Half an hour later you started getting fed up
with your mothers rude and snarky comments.

“You know why cant you be more like your cousin, she getting married and has a nice job and thin I mean you been putting on a lot of weight since you moved in with that boy.”

“Mom please stop okay I get it. I’m not married I’m not working an amazing job and I’m sorry I’m not at your desired weight okay I’m just living my life. And I love Calum so please stop referring him to That boy because that boy is the reason that I’m still here. that boy is the reason I smile every day and night. that boy is the only person who has showed me true happiness accepted me for who I am and loves me for who I am because clearly I don’t even get that from my own damn mother”

There your mother was left standing there with a blank face her mouth gaped. Turning on your heel you run out of the store and race to the car while calling Calum. Once seated inside the car Calum picks up

“Hey babe how’s it going”

“Horrible okay I couldn’t take her Nasty comments any more, because I’m weak I thought that I could handed it but I couldn’t.” You tell him with tears running down your eyes. The face of your phone was wet with tears.

“Babe calm down, and come home okay”

Agreeing you hang up and start driving home.

Once you got home you jetted up the stairs and barged into her apartment. Only to be face to face with Roses and the TV on Netflix there was sweets every where. Calum stood by the door was holding a fluffy blanket walking towards you your lips meet with his. He leads to over to the couch and Netflix.

“Babe I’m sorry you mom can be such an ass wipe sometimes.”

“Yeah I know but she is post to support me and love me but she doesn’t”

“For so People is hard for them to appreciate what they got, they don’t relieve that what that have is the best.”


“There is no maybe, babe you are beautiful smart talented. You are the light of my life so please believe me when I tell you forget about with you mom says I know that you beautiful inside and out and that is all that maters” and with that he leans over and kisses you sweet and tenderly and whispers into your ear ever so slightly.

“I love you gorgeous”

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