babe drumming

Cost of being in the 5sosfam

•Emotionally attached to piercings and tattoos

•Luke Hemmings

•"What color is his hair now????“

•Michael Clifford

•Bass lines that cut into your soul

•Calum Hood


•Ashton Irwin

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IF YOU had to go on a date with The Magician of the last deck you touched, how would the date go? If The Magician picked the place, where would they have taken you? Details, details! :P

OK! Okokok! So I just filmed a review of the Sun and Moon Tarot and the Magician is an absolute beach babe with a sick drum and raging beach bonfire. I would grab some super tasty takeout - Indian food I think? And take them out to the rocks that form the harbour of my hometown. We’d sit on the rocks and eat and tell secrets to the waves and sing for the birds. Holding hands as we help each other across the uneven footing before heading to the beach to lay in the sand and look at the stars. I’m a married woman though, so no smoochies.

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  • “Bang me like you bang those drums babe.”
  • “No thats inappropriate Y/N!”
  • him being really mature
  • you not really being mature
  • going on adventures together
  • “Babe, I made you coffee.”
  • you telling him to fuck off because its 6am
  • his only response a giggle and forcing you up
  • him being really good with kids 
  • him being really good with everyone 
  • him being really good in bed ;)
  • rough sex
  • rainy day sex
  • you teasing him by saying “daddy”
  • “I do not have a daddy kink Y/N!”
  • him actually having a daddy kink
  • him wanting to teach you to play the drums
  • going to the beach together
  • “Your ass looks really good!”
  • him giggling
  • more giggling
  • that cheeky smile
  • him always wrapping you close to him in the middle of the night to keep you safe :)))

A/N: IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE. Hey guys, a lot of people have been starting to call me by my middle name and Lou or Loui for short. I decided to go with it so its not Hal anymore. Hope there’s no confusion


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