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Orangey Orange, got any more firefigher!santana up your sleeve?????

It’s been a long shift on.

You pull into the station in the rig and sigh, you still have a couple of hours left and you don’t really know how you’re going to last. You’re exhausted.

The house has had more calls than usual this month, and it’s starting to get to you guys.

Plus one of the new guys moved to DC to be with his girlfriend so you’re short staffed.

Needless to say you can’t wait to go home and sleep for a couple of days.

You’ll be able to just shut off and sleep because Britt’s out of town with the company. So, you’ve been kind of lucky you’ve been working so much so you haven’t missed time with her over the past ten days.


You still miss her.

You always miss her.

You hop out of the truck as soon as it’s parked and pull your coat off.

Evans mutters something under his breath that you barely hear.

You’re all zombies.

Chief has been boosting morale every chance he can get but sometimes, sometimes it’s just not enough.

And you know you’re not the only house dealing with things.

And when you see Holly, and notice the bags under her eyes, you feel less alone.


It’s starting to wear you thin.

You hang up your helmet and step out of your boots and into your shoes quickly, grabbing your phone out of your cubby.


The screen is your usual screensaver of a professional picture of Britt dancing, and the sight always warms your heart but…

But you’d rather see her name flashing with a message across your screen.

Damn, you really miss her.

“Alright, Lopez, enough pouting over the phone. Let’s go. Chief is going to order pizza and I need to make sure we get some sausage and hot peppers on one.”

You roll your eyes at Puckerman, too tired to even think of a snappy retort.

He notices.

“No comeback? You must really be tired, Lopez.”

“Fuck off.”

“Lame, but… that’s the spirit.” He punches your arm and you swat him back. He dodges it with a sly smile and trots away.

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