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newtina thoughts #1
  • first things first, let’s get the fact that they’re already canonically married with at least (1) child and (1) grandchild and (3) kneazles out of the way
    • like legit married for decades in good old true love fashion like
    • y’all we’re gonna get to watch them fall in love and possibly even mARRIED DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH PAIN THAT PUTS ME IN
    • (also finally, luna lovegood is married to rolf scamander. just. family christmases man. newt and luna. just saying. they would be bffs)
  • anyway, newtina
  • what I love about newtina is how different they are as people, but they complement each other splendidly?
    • like newt has his head in the clouds when he’s thinking about his beasts and tina is incredibly level-headed
    • but they both have the same sense of spirit and also can we talk about their sense of righteousness???
    • newt with his ‘i can’t believe you have a law that disallows you from being friends with no-majs’ and tina with her ‘you abused this child i will punch you’
  • tina is a boss lady tbh just wanted to mention that again in case you had forgotten. like. she walked into high-profile macusa meetings. SEVERAL TIMES. it’s a regular habit of hers. Don’t you just love that?
  • she is every inch as tender hearted as newt
  • possibly every inch as trusting, too, since she brought him and jacob into her house and gave them a room to stay in. like tina honey please
  • they have one hell of a ‘how we met’ story
  • i haven’t talked about the ‘jump i’ve got you’ because i am too weak but like. ’I’VE GOT YOU’????? NEWT THAT IS THE SINGLE-HANDED MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU COULD HAVE SAID TO HER YOU DORK
  • finally, a few very important reminders:
    • newt scamander and his hufflepuff scarf
    • newt really not wanting to say goodbye. that last pause? when he’s boarding the boat? and everyone else has already boarded and the docks have gone from crowded to empty? like?
    • tina’s little skip in the end like she can’t quite believe it
    • that skip was such a perfect lil addition like omg they’re so good together
  • widowmaker: When I was a girl, I had a fear of-
  • tracer: hi
  • widowmaker: -spiders. I was told they felt no emotion. That their-
  • tracer: OOooh are you tryna do some dramatic speech close up cuz i think you're doing pretty-
  • widowmaker: HEARTS NEVER BEAT.
  • tracer:
  • widowmaker: But now i know the truth. At the moment-
  • tracer: Whatcha lookin at exactly like are you staring into the sky or like blanking out while speaking to make the ambience more-
  • widowmaker: WILL YOU LET ME FINISH MY LINE!!!11!1
  • tracer: Oh of course go on.
  • widowmaker: *sighs* thank you. At the moment of the kill, they are never more-
  • tracer: Why you purple.
  • widowmaker: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
“Running Away”

A fic I’ve had on the backburner for a long time ever since @thickerthanectoplasm destroyed me with clone angst. 

Valerie doesn’t know how long she lays in bed waiting for her alarm to go off. She didn’t know how much sleep she’d gotten, if any. Last night she’d gotten back from hunting -alone- spoke maybe three words to her dad and locked her door before falling into bed and stayed there until she had to slap her alarm quiet before it could let out a second blare.

Going through the morning routine helped. First she showers with the apartment’s lukewarm water, brushes her hair and teeth, stands in front of her closed closet before deciding to pick out an outfit from her dresser, instead. Breakfast is cereal she eats maybe three entire bites from, then she goes to the roof and suits up so she can ride her glider above the commuters circulating sluggishly through the streets on her way to school.

Danny isn’t in Homeroom. Tucker dutifully raises his hand and explains that he was “really sick” to Lancer, who shakes his head while marking his clipboard.

For the rest of class, Valerie ignores the itch on the back of her neck where Manson is glaring three seats behind her.

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You can’t convince me that Spark doesn’t baby his eggs like the mother hen he is


Braley Appreciation Week
Day 3: Favorite Heart To Heart/Being There For Each Other Moment

“I really need a huge Haley heart-to-heart right now.”


Final Fantasy Type-HD Release: 10 Days Left.


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Your cheating? (Nate Maloley)

Nate said we were gonna have a lazy day but he got a call
From Derek saying he has to go to the studio.
I’m right now watching Huluplus on the Tv and cuddling with our cat Named Mojo.

“Baby I’ll be back Later I have to go to the studio” he says kissing my cheek and getting his keys to leave.

“Alright bye babe see you later, love u” I say focusing on the TV.

I finish watching the movie and start playing with mojo. I decide to go get Catnip for her. I get up and look in the cabinet and look for it. nothing. I sigh and call Nate to
See if he can bring some on his way home from the studio.

“Hey ma” Nate says sounding tired.

“Hey babe can you bring catnip on your way home because mojo has no more”

“Yea yea sure babe I got- Nate are you coming back to bed?” Nate tries saying but a girl cuts him off.

Your heart drops. “Who is that Nate” you say feeling tears start to form in my eyes and a lump form in your throat.

“Baby” Nate says

“Nate don’t even think about coming home to get back in bed with her” I say in full on tears and hanging up.

i run upstairs and starts to ball my eyes out on the bed we shared I have been crying for twenty minutes. I try to stop but the tears keep
Coming and coming. I Hear keys jiggling to open the door I wipe My tears runs down stairs picks up mojo and sits on the couch.

“Y/n let me explain please” Nate says looking into my eyes.

“How long” I say coldly

“4 months” Nate says wiping his eyes.

“Get your stuff and leave” i say letting tears run down your face. “ baby girl please don’t do this” he says now crying.

“Don’t call me that and get out Nate get your shit and leave go get with that bitch you were cheating on me with” I say again.

He stays silent.

“Okay well I’ll get your shit for you” you walk upstairs grab the bags you packed for him and throw them over the stairwell not caring were they land.I made sure I packed all
His stuff and make sure he didn’t leave anything.

He looks at me and opens the door to his car to start loading his things.

It takes him a full 1 hour to get all his things in the car. I take off the necklace he gave me and put it in his hands “give it to a girl you won’t cheat on and you love very much” my voice cracks and the tears starts streaming.

“Leave” I say pointing at the door. He walks away and leaves.. My life, my world, my heart and sadly he walked away on our relationship.

Should there be a part 2?