babe and pal

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Can we get the UF!Bros with the "can I kiss you" ask? :D


Sans.exe has stopped working. For a minute he just goes deadly silent, eye-lights out & everything. It’s terrifying, he looks like he’s about to rip you a new one. You’ve never seen that expression on him before, & it doesn’t get any better when he looks up at you, brow creased & smile strained through red-tinted beads of sweat. His shoulders tremble a little, but he just shrugs. “ha! oh, good one, babe. this is why we’re pals, you always know how to get under my skin.”

That’s all he has to say on the subject. If you try to bring it up again, he’ll just keep dodging the question. You’re one of his closest friends, he doesn’t wanna screw that up by bringing romance into the equation. He doesn’t want you to realize just how pathetic he really is. You deserve better than him.


He’s rambling on about something or other (as he is always is), when you ask the question. & then he just stops talking, like someone glued his jaws closed. He suddenly turns & stares at you. Just, just stares at you, long & hard & disbelieving.

“YOU? WANT THE KISS THE GREAT & TERRIBLE PAPYRUS??” His voice sounds incredulous, like he can’t even fathom the thought. He crosses his arms & just laughs. He laughs for way too long & way too loudly. His skull is bright pink, the color radiating from him like he’s some sort of skeletal light-bulb.


Literally the best part of that video was this. 

The moment Morten hears the interview say that they attract “screaming kids."his foot just stopped shaking and his face turned from "sweet and loving” to “DId you just insult our fans? DID YOU JUST” is perfect. Even Pål’s demeanor changed once he heard that. Pål’s. That does not happen often. You can even see the little bit of anger with Mags. I didn’t think Mags even knew how to be angry. 

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I need a Liam appreciation week soon because I've seen so much negativity on the BSN forum and Reddit on him demanding he be thrown out the airlock or be killed in the second game X___X I understand not liking the character and even find him annoying, but yeesh, the hate that Liam scares me at times. There'd be a topic not related to him at all. Then someone would comment about him. And then there would be a whole chain about "FUCK LIAM". It's disheartening really.

Ah, you understand? Because I don’t. Not with squadmates. I basically just see all of them in all Mass Effect games as my babes, my pals, my best friends, my “I’ll protect you no matter what” characters. So I always get a bit shocked when I hear someone doesn’t like a squadmate. Brain is like: but how???? and why????? It’s not that I judge people who don’t like them, I mean, it’s not a “I’m a better fan because I love them all!!!” type of situation here. I accept that everyone has different tastes and it’s all fine, I just don’t get how you can dislike a squadmate so much. To understand I need a bit of an explanation. 

And with Liam, it just baffles me. Ah well, fandom. 

But okay: who is up to do a Liam Appreciation Week? I wouldn’t want to take it from some hardcore Liam fan. (and that way I can host Suvi Appreciation Week later)

SWR Preference: Their nickname for you.

Hera: Love.

Ahsoka: Sweetheart.

Older!Sabine: Cyar’ika (Darling in Mando’a)

Kanan: Babe.

Older!Ezra: Pal.

Zeb: Partner.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: He uses a shortened version of your [f/n] as a nickname.

Old!Rex: Soldier.

Fenn Rau: Cyare (Beloved in Mando’a)

Ursa Wren: My Lady/Sir

Klance Week Day #4: Free Day

“Dude. You’re not listening; I said two turns to the left, then one turn right.”

“Keith. Babe. Buddy. Pal-o-mine. Save the Lance-Lecture for later, because we have ten minutes to redo this entire thing or else we’re gonna fail class participation–again.”

So I hope “Free Day” meant “do whatever”, so here’s a Hogwarts AU doodle for @klanceweek