“...wait, if Babby Velma’s legs are so are we gonna have her match the gang’s walking speeds?”

Ted the Animator: “Well, we… oh. I hadn’t thought of that.”

Carl the Animator: “We cooouuuld, like, do the oldschool ‘blurring million legs’ thing.”

Ted the Animator: “…wouldn’t that make her look some some kind of demonic spider creature?”

Carl the Animator: “Yes.”

Ted the Animator: “Hey, works for me.”

  • Betty: When you’re gay in your house with nobody else you’re homolone
  • Veronica: When you’re bi and there’s nobody else around, you’re biyourself
  • Jughead: When you’re asexual and nobody is present in your vicinity, you’re aceolated
  • Archie: When you’re pansexual and everyone else already left you’ve been apandoned