babby's first

  • hancock right after using the institute teleporter for the first time: AAAAAA oH MY GOD MY SKIN
  • institute scientist: *terrified shocked silence*
  • hancock: *continued screaming and carrying on*
  • institute scientist: *backing away slowly*
  • hancock: AAAAAAA YOU DID THIS TO MEE- Just kidding I already looked like this
  • institute scientist: ok im going now
  • sole survivor: *sighs deeply*

ITS BABBYS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😻💖✨💫💎💕🎉🎆

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>implying jet set radio is anything more than dreamcast shovelware that poorly emulates crazy taxi's award winning formula with mediocre gameplay and babby's first OST because a real soundtrack with actual bands singing actual songs might trigger le gbeard SJWs

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Hi! Can I request some hophie please? I super love your art!!

Turns out taking over as dean of the school you attend ¾ths of the way through the year is tiring as hell, who woulda thunk it?

Poor kid doesn’t know what to do with his arms in this situation

Sheithy drawings have been given to us by so many artists on VLD, it maybe just maybe could be a canon gay ship considering that plus all their interactions/possible subtext in canon. Yet supposedly it’s only “fujoshi’s” that ship Sheith while it’s totally more valid to constantly beg for k/ance which has little basis in the actual canon show beyond reading too much into things.

Sheith shippers aren’t making every single social media post from official voltron accounts about sheith. Sheith shippers aren’t leaving creepy comments on VAs instagrams that have absolutely nothing to do with voltron trying to shove Sheith down the VA’s throat. Sheith shippers aren’t oversaturating the fandom with Sheith to the point where the main Voltron tag is nothing but sheith. Sheith shippers aren’t only watching VLD for the chance that their ship might be canon and are enjoying the show in its entirety.

Yet somehow sheith shippers are the ones that are obsessive and fetishizing over mlm. For some strange reason constantly demanding k/ance, a pairing mostly based in fanon, from the VLD crew doesn’t count as weird obsessive fetishizing.

What happens if Sheith does become canon? And is shown to be not “problematic” like antis assume? I bet these people wouldn’t even support canon gay rep in the form of Sheith, they would cry and whine and stop watching the show and petition Dreamworks to cancel Voltron. Because they don’t actually care about gay rep, if they did they would see Sheith for the great potential it has. I feel like they’re mostly just entitled “babbys first yaoi ship” kids/extremely immature adults. They just project all that onto sheith shippers in a weak effort to escape a critical look at themselves and what they’ve turned this fandom into.

P.S. Please stop bugging Jeremy Shada if anything you’re making him hate your ship.