babby's first

  • hancock right after using the institute teleporter for the first time: AAAAAA oH MY GOD MY SKIN
  • institute scientist: *terrified shocked silence*
  • hancock: *continued screaming and carrying on*
  • institute scientist: *backing away slowly*
  • hancock: AAAAAAA YOU DID THIS TO MEE- Just kidding I already looked like this
  • institute scientist: ok im going now
  • sole survivor: *sighs deeply*

ITS BABBYS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😻💖✨💫💎💕🎉🎆

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>implying jet set radio is anything more than dreamcast shovelware that poorly emulates crazy taxi's award winning formula with mediocre gameplay and babby's first OST because a real soundtrack with actual bands singing actual songs might trigger le gbeard SJWs

Hey, here’s a fun story from my days as a teenage babby pagan.

The first ancient story that really got under my skin and got me going was actually the Tain, believe it or not.  I feel the strongest connection to Germanic stuff, but Celtic stories have got this glammouring quality, this sense of depth and otherness that really resonates with me.  

One of the characters I latched onto in a big, bad way was the Morrigan; she was something of a minor obsession for a while.  So when I first started looking into other religious paths to take, that was where I headed.

Like most of us I’d grown up Christian, but I discovered polytheism by way of occultism on account of I’d been into a lot of Gnostic asceticism; so when I decided to begin a new spiritual journey I started off with some good ol’ fashioned sleeping on the floor and fasting.  Let me tell you, when you’ve gone seven days consuming nothing but water, a handful of blackberries, and an acorn pie, it produces some remarkably vivid dreams.

On the last night, I had one of those dreams.  I saw myself standing on a wide green field, all shrouded in mist.  Through the mist, I could see that I was surrounded by corpses in varying states of decomposition, all holding long swords and wearing golden crowns.  I couldn’t see very far in any direction, but the air was filled with the sounds of crows.

A human figure started to approach out of the mist, and when it drew near enough I saw that it was a  ♫ ♫ giant woman  ♫ ♫ about three times my height with wild black hair and blood flowing out of her mouth.  She looked down at me, cocked her head to one side, put her hands on her hips, and in the most unnerving and blood-curdling voice I’ve ever heard she said:

“Your interest is very much appreciated, but I’m afraid we’re not taking applications at this time.”

And then I woke up.