babby's first

  • hancock right after using the institute teleporter for the first time: AAAAAA oH MY GOD MY SKIN
  • institute scientist: *terrified shocked silence*
  • hancock: *continued screaming and carrying on*
  • institute scientist: *backing away slowly*
  • hancock: AAAAAAA YOU DID THIS TO MEE- Just kidding I already looked like this
  • institute scientist: ok im going now
  • sole survivor: *sighs deeply*
The Chosen One | Dhani & Dominick


“Yay.” Said Dominick without any kind of enthusiasm. “I’m glad you came onto your senses and decided for the best. Get inside.” He said, pushing the door open and showing the kid around his house. “Put your stuff.. ehm.. whenever. Nobody is gonna steal anything from you here. A drink? You drink?” He asked, pouring himself another glass of scotch and pouring one for Dhani, offering him the glass. “It’s like this… This.. is a glass that’s half full.. You chose to see it half full and it’s a good attitude to face things here. I’m not a vampire, I’m not gonna feed off of you I just wanna have a good time and by choosing option A you… You decided to have fun as well..” He said, with a grin on his face. “So… What do you like?” He asked.

Dhani followed him in, clutching white-knuckled to his bag before being told to put it down. He didn’t want to. He wanted to leave, really, but that wasn’t really an option either. After a few deep breathes, he shrugged his bag off, setting it on the coffee table and found a glass of scotch being offered to him. He took it, though it didn’t smell very good. It smelled strong. Maybe that was just what he needed.

Dominick would have been awfully handsome and terribly charismatic if he hadn’t put Dhani in a position felt he couldn’t say no to. Well, technically he hadn’t really tried. Dhani didn’t think Dominick would appreciate Dhani changing his mind.

“I don’t know,” Dhani said, speaking quietly again, words difficult to find at all. He took a gulp of the scotch, wincing from the flavor and burn in his throat. He cleared his throat, trying again. “I don’t… I don’t want to get hurt, but I– I don’t think I want to do what– what it is you might have in mind… either.”