babby's first

  • hancock right after using the institute teleporter for the first time: AAAAAA oH MY GOD MY SKIN
  • institute scientist: *terrified shocked silence*
  • hancock: *continued screaming and carrying on*
  • institute scientist: *backing away slowly*
  • hancock: AAAAAAA YOU DID THIS TO MEE- Just kidding I already looked like this
  • institute scientist: ok im going now
  • sole survivor: *sighs deeply*

@sweaterkitty-fluff submitted: I felt attacked so I made a shorty squad with my height buddy Shawn, No Mun allowed (Bendy and Norman are allowed tho, honorary shorty club members)

((P F F T. “No Mun Allowed”? That’s fine, I’m too tall for your club anyway ;P Thanks for the laughs, this is great! you both look Adorable))

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request some hophie please? I super love your art!!

Turns out taking over as dean of the school you attend ¾ths of the way through the year is tiring as hell, who woulda thunk it?

Poor kid doesn’t know what to do with his arms in this situation