babby rage

Hey Carol Corps! Sorry to clog up the tag but I told a bunch of y'all at GeekGirlCon about my son’s desire to be Princess Iron Man for Halloween but didn’t’ have any pictures then, so sharing for those who wanted to see. :) (Tragically his little BFF who was going to be Sir Hulk lost his Hulk wearing privileges by being too much like the Hulk on Halloween XD But we’re gonna do a photoshoot later still, because obvious reasons.) But here’s Atticus’s costume! He was so freakin proud of it. (Me too)

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Nya and Kai are both very similar angry, cocky babies?

The biggest difference is that Nya cares if she succeeds or not and puts all her effort to making sure she appears competent and awesome 100% of the time, and Kai just doesn’t care as long as he does what he thinks he needs or wants to do. Also Nya will quit before she’s even started and Kai doesn’t know when to stop.

They are the best siblings is all.

“mama i would make a game called dragon age but there would be no demons or bad guys. there would just be playgrounds. and iron bull and solas and viv would play on the playgrounds. also varric. and a lot of nugs. and kitties and they would all cuddle.”

…bioware plz hire my 4 year old son immediately

so if you’re ever like ‘hey my child has been quietly entertaining himself for awhile…ehh i’ll investigate in a minute" you should like, investigate now, because he may have mixed up all the clean laundry with the dirty laundry in an effort to build “snow mountain” and ended up trapped because said mountain was built right in front of the bedroom door and you’re only alerted to this because you overhear him saying “attention attention this is princess iron man, requesting assistance. the mountain is too big" 

atticus has moved onto the magic school bus, which i mean theoretically i’m happy about because it’s more educational, but i maintain that during his brief superhero obsession, my four year was better than 99% of comics fandom i mean have a bullet point list about this

  • one time he asked a kid at the playground if they wanted to play captain marbels and war machine and when the kid said they weren’t real superheroes he yelled I WILL DESTROY YOU
  • “i wanna be strong like she-hulk”
  • [on falcon] “he has a bird and i want to cuddle it!!”
  • [on the winter soldier arc] “sometimes captain america cries because his friends get really cold”
  • “iron man really likes captain america but war machine is his best friend. i wish war machine was MY best friend.”
  • “iron man was in trouble but pepper saved him!!! she’s so nice!!!”
  • “i want to watch an episode of avengers with black widow and black panther because black is my favorite color.”
  • [at bedtime] “mama tell me a story about iron man and captain america hugging”
  • “loki is the horny one, right?" 
  • "i think dr doom is dr strange’s daddy. if i was dr doom i would have a lot of kitties and i would let dr strange pet them too.”
  • “sometimes i like to call batman….buttman.”
  • oh and never forget princess iron man halloween 2013 proudest moment of my parenting life tbh

oh god atti thinks that at the kitty hospital there are little kitty doctors and that they take care of other little kitties and they don’t talk they just meow a lot at eachother and put kitty bandaids on the kitty patients and ahhhh sooo cute

uggh so annoyed with people who don’t have kids vaguebooking or vaguetumbling about how annoying parents are for posting about their kids

idk. i don’t think they are usually talking about me? because i  never do things like liveblog potty training or spam with OMG MY PRESH PERF ANGEL~~~ but 


maybe ill start tagging my posts here. so if you’re following me and the mention of children really irks you, you can tumblr savior “babby rage” and then you won’t have to deal

but if you’re my fb friend just hide me from your feed or something god. 


my kid’s preschool LOST him? they were at the park and left him there without realizing it until they got back. Luckily he was picked up by a lady who runs a small at-home preschool and she walked him back with her kids and called the police/his preschool and by the time I was clued on it on all this, they’d already found him but seriously nothing is worse than getting a call from your son’s school saying you need to get there immediately and then arriving to find the police there but not your kid. I was kind of shocked silent the entire time and the preschool lead was so upset and I’m the kind of person who automatically regains composure if someone else is upset? But now I’m home and I’m just sobbing like. Jesus fucking christ that could have ended so much differently and horribly. D: D:

(Atticus is fine, of course, he was pissed when we had to leave the other preschool because OMG new toys and friends!) 

I’m not filing a report against them or anything (or at least at this point am not planning on it), but I really don’t know what I’m going to say when we go in tomorrow to talk about it/fill out the paperwork? Intellectually I know it was an honest mistake, that they have systems in place to keep this from happening and that it’s never going to happen again, but y'all. Just. My baby :( 

Quick preview of Atticus’s Princess Iron Man costume. I’d like to state for the record that this was entirely his idea that he’s been insistent on for a month, took me completely by surprise, and he thinks he looks “SOOOO COOL.” (I agree)

I spend way too much time thinking about my four year old son and his BFF as a con artist team, but they’d be so good at it.

Eli is very intelligent and possesses more patience and focus than I’ve seen in any kid his age. He listens to everything with a very thoughtful look, quickly hiding a grin once he’s realized something useful or interesting. He’s very sneaky, and manages to do forbidden things without anyone realizing until later. He can be kind of abrasive and quick tempered when things don’t go his way or people don’t agree with him and will sulk and try to get revenge. (He’s a sweet kid I’m focusing on criminal traits here)

Atticus, while not patient or as analytical, is charming and quick on his feet. He’s very good at getting people to like him and talking people into doing things for him or playing roles. He can bluff like nobody’s business. He doesn’t really hold grudges, but revels in the excitement of vengeance.

Basically Eli would be the mastermind, and Atticus would be the manipulator.

I have high hopes for my child.